I Am Not Against Trump’s “Space Force”

It’s weird to me that the one thing, aside from making peace with North Korea, that I don’t have an issue with Trump on lately is this.  There’s a historical reason why that nobody wants to talk about.  People are so quick to forget history or to pretend it and how life works.  It’s something that never stops bothering me because I have to have my moron now-former friends tell me how it doesn’t matter just so we can be made at the orange monkey in office.

See, when Trump was looking to escalate things in Syria, I was nervous because I didn’t want to see the Cold War restart.  The Cold War was a bad time in history and two major powers being on the verge of nuclear annihilation is a terrifying thought.  But everyone said that he is still Russia’s stooge and my being nervous about restarting the Cold War is stupid because that doesn’t matter anyway.  Not joking, that’s what one of the people said to me.  How quickly everyone forgets that history really did happen.  I know, it’s tough, but it did.

Another thing that everyone seems to forget – one positive thing that came as a DIRECT result of the Cold War was the space program.  After all, Russia had sent a satellite into orbit, so we wanted to make sure that in space, America had the high ground.  That’s why we went to the Moon.  That era and all the technological innovation that came from it was because of a military conflict.

That’s not the only time that the military has been the first pioneer of technology that was then expanded upon by the civilian sector.  Look at the Internet.  Something people don’t realize that the Internet as we understand it began as a program by DARPA.  This wonderful tool that all of you are using right now to read this post began because of a military R&D program with the goal of linking various military organizations together.

Anytime there is new technology, it is almost always first used by the military, and then the private sector finds way to capitalize on it.  So when I hear our President saying that he wants to get us into space, my heart stops.  Finally!  Somebody in our government actually wants to do this!  Kills me that it’s a retarded orange monkey instead of someone smart, but at least someone is saying it!

George Carlin once said something to the effect of – why should we go into space when we got our own problems back home?  I’ll tell you why – because we need to start thinking about our own existence and the cold realities that surround our species.  Earth has had so many ugly cataclysms over the billions of years that it has existed.  Between the geological mass extinctions, to asteroids slamming into this planet, our existence on this world is tenuous.  It could end at any time and there is NOTHING we could to stop it.  Unless, of course, we aren’t just here anymore.

Overpopulation is killing our species.  It’s the number one cause of pollution and overuse of resources.  It is high time we started looking outward.  If, for NO OTHER reason than because space has resources.  Many, many resources.  There are asteroid floating around out there that have thousands of times more metal than Earth ever will.  Saturn’s moon Titan has more oil than Earth could ever use in dozens of lifetimes.  Sounds to me like they could use some FREEDOM!

The idea of expanding and growing our species is one that should be embraced by people.  Back during the race to the Moon, there was a cultural mindset that had people thinking about the future.  Wanting to grow and change and be a better species.  We desperately need this bad.  Now more than ever.  Because we are languishing.  Other nations are doing amazing things, while America sits here, digging its ass into the mud and pretending that nothing’s wrong.

Humanity cannot live this way much longer.  It is our children and our grandchildren who are going to likely pay the final price if we don’t do something NOW!  So let the orange monkey have his space force!  Hell, my girly-mate in the Navy said everyone on her base was joking about how they could apply for that.  For the exact same reason that I would be, if my head injury hadn’t made it so that I can’t serve.  I told her the other day that if she ever got such an opportunity and she didn’t take it, how utterly infuriated I would be with her.  I would give my last 30 years to be part of something like that, to help expand our species and to see this planet from orbit.

The possibilities are limitless.  Wrangle some asteroids and mine them.  Once we’re done with them, we can throw their ashes into the Sun.  Waste-free mining.  Hell, all the waste, we can send into the Sun.  Ain’t gonna hurt it.  Build and orbital elevator and we can start collecting solar energy from a place where we will NEVER have to worry about there not being enough sun.  Make space colonies so humanity can grow and develop even further.  Get to Mars and start terraforming so we aren’t just limited to this one planet.  Go to Europa and see if there is actually life there (I wrote a fiction story about that very concept.  Check it out)  So our species can survive another cataclysm on this world.

I say let Trump have his space force.  Let him have it and we can see if maybe, FINALLY, our dumb-fuck species can actually start working for its own betterment.  It’s a novel concept, I know, but it could happen.  The potential is there.  All it takes is someone crazy enough to actually take that next step and fucking do it.  If that means that President orangutan is the one to get it done, so fucking be it!  Dammit, at least someone wants to!  Everyone else just wants to latest iPhone.  Everyone else just want to bitch about whatever stupid issue they have, like pronouns or snowflakes or “post-modernists” or whatever!

Being able to see this world from orbit is the top thing on my bucket list.  We have the technology now to make commercial flights to space a reality.  Why are we stuck here?  Tell me why.  We can even help the overpopulation problem by giving people new opportunities to work in space.  Can’t find a job on this ball of shit?  Well take an insane level of risk that would pay like you can’t believe and mop the floor on a space colony.  Why not?!  What have you got to lose?

Meanwhile, everywhere I look, liberal page after liberal page says how stupid this is and makes fun of the idea ten ways to Sunday.  Because they would rather make fun of Trump than actually support a good idea.  This is why I refuse to let myself live in an echo chamber!  Because sometimes, even the dumbest President I have seen who doesn’t seem to have a heart has a good idea.  Go fucking figure!  I don’t care where good ideas come from.  Conservative, liberal, if it’s a good idea and I can see their point of view, I am all for it!  But no, they’d rather hate on this just because Trump said it.  Then it’s all a big joke.  Shit like this makes it hard for me to call myself liberal, sometimes, even though I am.

Let’s make the most of our species potential.  Why the fuck not?!  Legitimately, what do we have to lose?  Nothing.  But we can gain a future for our species.  Someone else said it better than I, so I’ll let him finish this up.

Until next time, a quote,

“How much would you pay for the universe?” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Peace out,



2060: The Year Humanity Begins to End

Saw this story about a new study done that shows that the sperm count among human males is rapidly declining.  Over the last 30 years it has dropped off.  At the current rate that it goes, the vast majority of human males are going to be completely infertile by 2060.  The cause of this decline is yet unknown.  So even if we learn what it is tomorrow, the chances that we can fix whatever is wrong with our species is nil.  I am loving this news.  I love the shit out of it.  Because it seems that everything Carlin said about humanity and our effect on this planet was true.

One of my favorite bits by George Carlin was him ragging on this idea that we need to save everything now.  We’ll save the trees, the whales, those particular snails.  Everyone is going to save something.  Now it’s coming out that while we are so busy trying to save the whole goddamn planet, humanity is on the verge of death.

Naturally, the SJW media was all over this.  See, the study where it was found that sperm counts are dropping had the most definitive results in western countries, but not in Asian or African ones.  Which to me isn’t a surprise.  How big a sample size could they have had in a lot of those places?  It’s too easy to show that in Asian countries birth rates are already starting to plummet.  Japan is at a point where they are about to have a year where more people die than are born.  I’ve said before how I think the fact that other western nations are following suit is a good thing.  We need the human race to descend by some.  Too bad I didn’t see that that number is about to go off a fucking cliff.  Though, given the fact that western nations have a much larger exposure to crap than other countries, maybe it is just a First World thing.  As I said, the SJW media was all over how great this is.  Yeah, die, all you westerners!  Let’s let the Africans inherit the world!  Too bad that without modern medicine from the west, even if they are immune from whatever is happening to the rest of the world, they will die off in massive numbers from diseases.  Saw this retarded SJW who actually believes that without white people, Black Panther would be a true story.  Hilarious.  Yeah, read the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” you fucking retard.

For my part, it’s genuinely refreshing to know that humanity’s time is coming to a close.  We find out why this is happening tomorrow, and I guarantee that corporate America would fight against it just as we fight against accepting that climate change is a real thing.  A chunk of ice the side of Rhode Island just broke off Antarctica, but let’s talk about how it’s all bullshit.  Hilarious.  Corporate America will do everything they can.  And the libertarian dumbfucks will sing about how people dying off is a good thing because of the free market.  The SJWs will all get into a big circle and sing about the death of humanity like it’s the best thing ever.  It will be the last gasp of a species with all this promise, who chose to do nothing with it.

I was always hoping that I would get to be one of the last people on the planet as humanity finally brought our time on this world to a close.  Alas, that won’t be the case.  It seems we now have definitive proof that the generation who comes after us is almost-certainly going to be the last.  It’ll be like Children of Men, only with the true heartbreak being that humanity could have done great things.  Instead, we spent all this time making iPhones and other crap when we could have at least colonized Mars.  So for all you people in your 20’s who are thinking about having kids, I say best not to.  What’s the point?  You’d be condemning the generation you breed with the reality that we are doomed and there really is no point in fighting to continue the species.

It’s too funny for words.

Until next time, a quote,

“The planet’s not going anywhere.  We are!  Pack your shit, folks.  We’re going away!” – George Carlin

Peace out,


The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church Get Away with Sex Crimes?

There is a bitter and tragic reality that is being brought forward more and more in this country.  The reality that behind the veils of a good, wholesome and supposedly more organization, there is organized corruption, along with vile and disgusting people who are getting away with sex crimes.  What makes this worse is that these crimes are against children.  Young children who are putting their trust in these people.  They think that these adults are there to look after them.  To protect them from the ugliness of the world.  They are trusting these people more than any others, and what is happening to them?  They are being violated in ways that are beyond sick.

First, there is the Catholic church.  This is an organization that simply astounds me in how it gets away with what it does and never, ever feel any major repercussion.  The crimes of the Catholic church and the Vatican are well known.  You don’t need me to tell you about it.  Among those like me, it is well-known that the Vatican openly protects these pedophile priests and deacons who have molested thousands of children.  They keep files on every single incident that happens, stating that the files cannot come out until ten years after the person becomes an adult.  As if to stick its nose up at the rest of us because we can’t do anything to them anymore.  They pay off the families who are the victims of this molestation, and threaten anyone who wants to talk with excommunication from the church.  They are corrupt thugs who use their power over people and government to keep the law from ever touching them in any significant way.

And they have a massive following.  These enablers of pedophilia are getting away with this, and they still have a massive following.  I mean, how else do they continue funding their opulent palaces that spit in the face of everything their savior preached about embracing poverty and being humble?  These people are totally okay with the fact that the Pope, their head person, is openly part of a system that is protecting child molesters and rapists.  Yes, there are incidents where these priests have gone that far, yet they still have millions upon millions of supporters.

But, in a recent article by the LA Times, another group has come to light that is responsible for the molestation of thousands of young boys.  Exclusively boys.  The Boy Scouts.  That’s right, an organization that is supposed to stand up for duty and country and honor has a very elaborate system that is protecting Scout Leaders who are responsible for molesting young boys.  After a review of over a thousand secret files, the LA Times has found out about the intricate network of corruption that is keeping these people from feeling the law.

You see, it breaks down like this – when an incident of molestation is reported, the Scouts put the person who did the crime on a secret blacklist.  The blacklist is called the “perversion files.”  These files are kept from seeing the light of day, reportedly, in the interest of protecting those involved.  This was supposed to protect people.  But, as the story shows, this blacklist was repeatedly gotten around by these sexual predators, and some of them went on to continue molesting young boys for over two decades.  Meanwhile, when the hammer of the law should have been felt, instead, the Boy Scouts kept this all under wraps, choosing to cloak themselves in ignorance.  What a bunch of fucking heroes, aren’t they?

In some cases, these predators weren’t even stopped after it was first reported that they molested one of the scouts.  The larger organization behind the Boy Scouts of America chose to wait for other instances to surface before doing anything.

The tales of these instances are heart-breaking.  One boy wrote about his experience, saying he was “going to quit the troop and tell my daddy.”  But, just like the Catholic church, these people are hardly feeling the hammer come down on them.  But maybe now, with the release of these files, there is some hope of justice for the boys who were violated by these people who they put their trust in.

There are a lot of days when people tell me that my hatred of this species is uncalled for.  That people are generally good, and do good things.  But then I read stuff like this.  Thousands cases of molestation have come up in the Boy Scouts since 1970, and the knowledge that this corrupt organization was helping keep this under wraps.

Many people will say that the kids should have come forward.  Those who say stupid shit like that don’t get what it’s like.  A boy is supposed to be tough.  When most boys are a kid, and they get hurt and cry, their dad tells them to “suck it up.”  The shame and humiliation in this are powerful weapons.  It is awful, and it is the exact same thing that the Catholic church does.  Both organizations are helping sexual predators get away with sexual crimes.  That is who these people are.

I have a friend.  She and I have gotten quite distant lately.  She told me of an instance when she was a lot younger.  She was a figure skater (and she still is damn good at it, even though she can’t skate professionally anymore), and was also a skater as a kid.  One of her coaches molested her.  She didn’t tell anybody.  Hearing stories like that, and then hearing about these people, it reminds me that not only is my hatred of humanity justified, it is outright true.

People are monsters.  We are disgusting animals, who can occasionally rise above the status of pure evil.  And that is only the best of us.  I am with TJ on this one.  Humanity is overrated.  And anybody, ANYBODY, who can defend either the Catholic church or the Boy Scouts of America in this should feel ashamed of themselves!  This is revolting, and this is what America has to put up with.

Until next time, a quote,

“And I’m not unsympathetic to those who cling to hope.  I too have seen extraordinary acts of kindness and love from this species.  Many people try to do good.  Both on a large and a small scale.  But here’s the problem – to create something, it takes cooperation, understanding, compassion, drive.  To destroy something, all it takes is one little action.”  -TJ Kincaid, HUMANITY IS OVERRATED 

Peace out,


My Idea of Paradise

Listening to the soundtrack of one of the greatest shows ever made, I got to thinking about a concept.  Now, I am not a religious person.  All of that is just desert fairytales to me, which are believed by ignorant people who want the world to be a far more simple place than it actually is.  But, even though I don’t buy into that, I got to thinking – what would paradise be, to me?  One of the reasons that I hate the end of Wolf’s Rain (the series whose soundtrack I am listening to) so much is that you never see Paradise, which is where the wolves were trying to go.  It was hinted in a dream sequence what it is, but I didn’t get to see it, and I wanted to.  But I am just nit-picking about that.

The idea behind this series is that a group of wolves (who are unofficially a pack) are trying to do what all wolves instinctively know to do in this series – look for Paradise.  What Paradise is, as I said before, is never fully explained, and you never see it.  It is hinted at, but you never are fully aware of what it is.  So, this got me to thinking – is Paradise whatever one wants it to be?  If that is the case, then what is my image of Paradise?  What would Paradise be to me?  Well, I have sat down and really thought about what my image of Paradise would be.  Here is the best explanation I can offer.

For one thing, I would have there be a sense of flowing time.  I wouldn’t want just one season.  Stagnation bores me to tears.  I like change, when the change is fun.  Specifically, I want the seasons to change.  I acknowledge the beauty of all seasons.  My only problem with winter is that the snow gets on the road and makes driving rather dangerous.  Take that away, and I am happy as a squirrel with its acorns.  But yeah, there would be seasons, and the seasons would turn as seasons do.  I want to be able to feel the cool autumn breeze blowing leaves in my face.  I want to be able to feel the gentle touch of a snowflake on my face as it comes down in the winter.  I want to run through the fields of summer and hear the gravel under my feet.  I want the beauty of all the seasons.

Nature would be the thing I surround myself with.  The human world has ruined nature in such a large way.  There would still be a place of technology and humanity, but it would be defined and separate from this place of nature.  Unspoiled beauty, where the wind blows free, and there are no chemicals which have made the world poisonous.  No poisons of man, no pain of death that comes with human activity.  The world of man would be content with what it had, not wanting to constantly destroy in order to make more for themselves.  Such a mature outlook, and one that humanity will never embrace, because greed has consumed this culture.

But speaking of the world of humans, it would be a place of endless growth.  People there would want to expand the potential, and make the world better, for everyone.  They would want to better themselves.  The drive to constantly outdo each other in the expanding of human consciousness and technology would drive great change.  Mankind would have reached the stars by that point, wanting to leave the bonds of this world and let it be nature once more, and to expand beyond here, to see just how far this species can go from this world.  There would be a sea of lights in this place.  To see it from the air, it would be a large lake of stars.  Water would flow freely through the streets, since the people here don’t want to intrude on land.  It is a giant metropolis built over the water, so that the land doesn’t have to be hurt, and the creatures there can live free.  Though people do often go there, and explore it, wanting to learn the secrets of its beauty as much as they can.

They have made their own artificial forest in their vast metropolis.  The never-ending pursuit of knowledge has led the people of this place to try and find better ways to grow things, and to interact better with the world.  In this forest, artificially-made animals roam.  They are allowed to grow and to flourish here, as if it were a real forest.  The pursuit of science and knowledge makes everyone curious to see how they interact.  People travel this forest where the trees glow with artificial light and bridges span it, letting mankind have a part of nature they made, where they can control it, and not hurt the outside world.

Back to that place of nature, there are forests of trees where the light can only get through as beams, and the creatures run free, living out their days as animals are want to do.  There are Wolves who run through.  I am among them.  Like the wolves of Wolf’s Rain, I go from human to Wolf whenever I want to go to the human world.  I have a pack that I have started.  It is made up of the people closest to me.  We all go running through the fields.  We lie out in the sun, playing and letting our cares float away.  In the winter, we run through the snow, chasing down our prey and while things are harder, we still are able to find those good moments.  Standing on high cliffs, watching the sun rise above a valley, painting the white land in gorgeous golden colors.  We would make the most of all our days, never wanting any more.  When we get bored, we mingle among the human world, taking in their endless creations, watching how far they have come.  It is truly amazing.

My pack-mates and I will sometimes sit out in the beach, listening to the waves as the moonlight shines over the water, and the boats which the people use to explore the world are coming in.  Their lights turn the calm ocean’s surface into a sea of stars.

There are storms, of course.  When those come, my pack and I hide inside of a cave.  We wait out the storm, tending to one-another.  My mate and I lie at the entrance, making sure that all is well, and so we can tell the others when the storm is over.  My pack-mates play, waiting out the storm.

Can you see it?  I know I can.  I can see it all as if I was really there.  If only I could go.  If only I could show it to you.  Would you go there, with me?  I think you would.

Alas, ’tis never to be. It is not but a dream.  The dream of a man who wishes that the world were a better place, so what he sees in this dream could be real.  Oh, and by the way, check out Wolf’s Rain.  It is an amazing show.  It is so thematically heavy, that I guarantee that you have never seen anything like it before.

Until next time, a quote,

“They say there’s no such place as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there’s nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it’s always the same road. It just goes on and on. But, in spite of that, why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me.  It says, ‘Search for Paradise.'”  -Kiba, Wolf’s Rain

Peace out,


My Relationship with the Human Race

I have recently gotten to thinking about what I feel toward the human race.  I did a post the other day about what I believe about family, now I thought that I would talk about the human race on the whole.  I wanted to talk about this now because honestly, I have been thinking about it a lot.  Quite recently, I have been trying to put into perspective how I feel toward this species, and what I believe about the things that are connected to my relationship with my species.  I know that this sounds really random, but I am going to try and make sense of it as we go along.  I am kind of making this as I go.

I am very particular about the people that I let into my inner circle.  Since I am very tall, I meet people all the time.  And the fact is that most of the people that I meet are people that I could care less about.  I have no intrinsic love of the human race.  In fact, when I look around, I actually have a very profound hatred of most of the species.

But then there are people who are above all of that.  People that I meet in my travels who really make me wish that this species wasn’t totally and completely fucked.  I agree with George Carlin that we are.  Humanity was doomed when we all decided to let a series of books dictate to us what our morals are, and when those with the green or whatever color pieces of paper control all of our destinies’.

You see, with my, friendship is sacrosanct.  I have said that a lot recently, but it is a good word.  It is above everything else.  It is just so important to me.  I care about each of the people that I have allowed to get really close to me.  Since I do not hold family above friendship on any form of subjective merits, I can say with confidence that my friends, my true friends, are in the category of people who matter most to me.  Once somebody has earned my trust and my friendship, it is almost impossible for them to be able to lose it.

And for each of these people, I would do most anything for them, if it is within my power.  If they need a lift, I’m there.  If they need to escape, I open my space for them to crash in, to get away from their problems.  If they need help with schoolwork, or with life-stuff, I am there.  All they have to do is ask.  It’s done.  Of course, if it is beyond my ken or beyond my ability, I will try and find another way, or somebody who can help them.  That is who I am, naturally.  Part of the thing that has been so hard for me lately has been the abuse of that trust, by the person who was once my best friend.  The brother that I never had.

And another thing about these people is that I want this world to be a better place for them.  I want the whole world to just work so that they can live a happy life.  I would honestly throw my own happiness away if I could permanently make the lives of these people better.  I would accept living a miserable life if I could make the lives of everybody who I have in my inner circle a better place.

Part of the ideal has grown from my newest and now best friend Emily.  I haven’t known her for more than a couple years, but she quickly rose up the ranks for two reasons – 1. because she was kind to me, and made an effort to connect with me when nobody else seemed to care, and 2. I have seen how hard she tries, and how much she does.  She is the most worthy person of my friendship that I have ever met.  She gives happiness to everybody, to the point of not keeping any to herself sometimes.  She is getting better about that, but it is still so admirable and so respectable that in the brief time that I have known her, she is among the people I care about most.  She has earned this placement, in ways I can’t even begin to express my gratitude.

The thing about Emily is that her and her family live in the grip of hardcore poverty.  It breaks my heart when I listen to how hard things are for her, and I realize that there is nothing that I can do to help.  I can be there, I can listen, I can try and say kind things, but that all feels like something that is so trifling, because I don’t live that life.  I can’t imagine how hard it is.

This kind of came back to me one night when I was talking with her.  I was bitching about how awful the food here at the dorms is.  I made a remark that one can only take this bad food for so long, and she replied that she was never that particular.  In that moment, I felt very bad, because I realized that she sometimes had to be very sparse with her eating.  She hasn’t ever had to starve, her family has had to go to the food pantry before.  I can be here, at the college, bitching about how bad the food is here, when I am being fed.

You see, one of the reasons that I am so dedicated to keeping with politics, and trying to change things is that I want to be able to help people like her.  I want to be able to change this world so that people like her can have a better life.  I am a champion of universal healthcare for that very reason.  I am a warrior for a cause for that reason.  I want to make life better for her, and for all those like her who I don’t know.  People who bust their ass, have to suffer, and then don’t get to have the life that they deserve for no reason.

And this ties into my relationship with my species because people like her, and all those who I have in my circle, they are the best of what I believe humanity has to offer.  I want this world to be a better place for each and every single one of them!  But then I turn around and I have to deal with all the stupid fucking bullshit that the rest of this society throws at me.  I have to listen to them bitch and moan about how somebody wore the same dress to a party, or how they don’t have the car they want.  I mean, I try and talk to these people, but you can’t communicate with them.  You can’t talk about a single idea with these dim-witted mother fuckers!

These people are all people who deserve a better world, but the rest of the human race is content to just not care.  They are content not to give a flying fuck about them and all those like them.  The rest of the world is busy stuffing it’s face on food-court sludge and watching Fast Five while talking about how the latest football game was so cool, while these people are trying to make the world a better place, and they can’t have it.

So I guess my relationship with my species is this – I love, to death, certain people within my species.  But the species, as a whole, I hate.  I hate how selfish and greedy we all are.  I hate how almost nobody is willing to sacrifice, almost nobody is willing to set aside their personal bullshit or step out of their fucking comfort zone because that would be asking too fucking much for them!  No, it is much easier to just close our eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist.

I love those I am close to.  I hate almost all of the rest.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s a big fucking cluster-fuck of distraction and decay.  And you think I like it?!  You think I walk outside and look at this world and say ‘yeah!’  Well yeah, sometimes I do.  Because it’s all I can do anymore.  It’s all I can do to fucking deal with it.  If I looked at it, and was honest with myself about it, then I don’t know how I could live here.  I don’t know how I could exist in this world, if I took it seriously.”  -TJ Kincaid, Atheist Answers: Fate Of The World

Peace out,


My Stance on Humanity

Here is a joke from my favorite YouTuber.  I am with him thinking that this joke is just about perfect in its message about all of humanity –

There is a man who is jogging in San Fransisco.  He is jogging down a trail, when he falls into some quicksand.  He is up to his waist, but not freaking out.  He knows that this is a trail, and somebody will be along.  Sure enough, somebody does come up.
He calls out to the guy, “Hey, I really need help!”
The guys stops, “Yeah, I’ll help you, but you have to suck my dick.”
The man shouts, “get out of here, you faggot!”
The other guy leaves.

The man is now up to his chest, and he is getting pretty scared.  Another man comes jogging down the road.
He screams to him.  “Please, you have to help me!”
The man looks down at him and says, “sure, but you have to suck my dick.”
He screams back, “Get out of here, you faggot!”
The man leaves.

Now the man is trapped up to his neck.  A third man comes along.
He says to the third man, “if you help me out of here, I’ll suck your dick.”
The man puts his boot on top of the guy’s head, and pushes him the rest of the way in.
He snarls, “faggot.”  He goes about his way.

This joke, and I and the source that I got it from (the video is linked here – http://youtu.be/zn8M3C90qRw) realize that it is a very homophobic joke, is a very telling joke.  Here are his reasons, which mirror my own –

He has two chances to save his life.  All he has to do is remove himself from his comfort zone and suck a dick.  That’s all he would have to do.  And his life could have been saved.  His bigotry destroys him.  What else destroys him?  He’s destroyed by a human being’s inability to help someone without getting something in return.  No one is willing to help him unless they can get their dick sucked.  What else destroys him?  He’s destroyed by the fact that when they say that they won’t help him unless he sucks their dick, he can’t come up with a counter-offer.  He doesn’t even try to barter or bargain with them.  He doesn’t say, ‘I’m not gonna suck your dick, but I’ve got a thousand dollars in my bank account!  I could give it to ya!  I could give you my car!  I could owe you a favor!’  Something.  Doesn’t this guy have anything else he could repay this person with?  And finally, when he finds himself in a situation so bad, that he comes to the realization that he has to compromise, he ends up being destroyed by another bigot, a mirror image of himself.”

That’s it, right there.  His inability to compromise in a crisis situation (the Tea Party), the callousness of others (Libertarians, anyone?), by his inability to bargain (that could go anywhere in politics), by his own bigotry, and the bigotry of others.  I’m with TJ, if that isn’t a statement about the human race, I don’t know what is.

Part of the reason that I have no faith in this country being able to pull itself out of where it is going is because no side is willing to compromise.  The Tea Party will cut off their nose to spite their face.  The Libertarians won’t negotiate either.  The Democrats are a mix of the problems.  The Corporations are the bigot putting his boot on the person’s head and pushing them under.  The rest of the Republicans, are the people who won’t bargain.  This is America.  We are a country of people who are all too stuck-up and greedy to do the right thing.

And guess what, that goes for the rest of humanity.  The rest of the human race is no different.  This joke, while homophobic and rude, is the greatest statement on all of humanity that I have seen in a while, and I am glad that I got to hear it tonight.  It is the greatest joke ever.  Not the funniest, but greatest.

Humanity is starting to make me sick, because I have a friend who is probably going to lose her house at the end of the month, and the rest of this country doesn’t give a shit!  Libertarians, fuck you!  Republicans, fuck you!  Democrats, fuck you!  All of America, fuck you too!  We are all scum, but at least I am willing to do something to try and compromise!  At least I want to.  What the fuck did most (there are a few diamonds in this rough, but the percentage is tiny) of you do?!

Until next time, a quote,

“This isn’t the funniest joke of all time, but it might be the best, and it summarizes my view of the entire human race.”  -TJ Kincaid, Greatest Joke Ever

Peace out,