Lucien’s Take on Death and the Afterlife

I have stared into the abyss of my own mortality more than once.  I was on death’s doorstep once, with my heart having stopped, and my body’s processes in free-fall.  I could have been called right then and there.  But I still continue.  My body still lives.  I still continue to exist in this world, come what may.

Now, I come from a rather divided family on this topic.  Almost my entire family is Christian.  Very much so.  The parents are far more so than they will ever admit, because they didn’t want to jump down anyone’s throat.  Given some of my other family members, on both sides, I get why.  Let’s just say that some of the family members were more than happy to jump down the throats of others.  But they are still very Christian.  I have no doubt that when they die, they believe that they are going to go to Christian Heaven.  Some part of me legitimately wonders if they speculate that I will not be joining them, since I am an atheist, but I don’t care enough to ask.

According to the Christians, there are two levels of death.  There was this third middle level, but I haven’t heard a Christian talk about that in a LONG time, so let’s just forget about it.  The first is Heaven.  Heaven is supposedly this awesome place, where everybody is happy all the time.  I like how Christopher Hitchens put it, when he called it a party that you are told you can never leave, and you have to have a good time.  For me, that sounds awful.  For one thing, I hate parties.  Or I should say, parties that are large and filled with loud, boisterous, drunken people.  I prefer parties where it is a small group of my friends, and we are able to enjoy one-another’s company.  But yeah, being in a place where I am told it is happiness all the time, that sounds like Hell to me.

LimboThen, there is Hell, which is a place of unbelievable torment, all the time.  Where the sky-wizard sends all the people he doesn’t like, because if you read the Bible, he is a vindictive asshole, who wants everything his way.  And if he doesn’t get it, I hope you like it hot.  To me, the idea of Hell is yet-another reason not to believe in God.  Any being who created an entire universe, yet can be so shallow and petty that he punishes good people to torment for all eternity, merely for not believing in him, is not a being who I would want to worship, and who probably isn’t real, because what this being is for or against seems to eerily follow the writer’s prejudices.  But yeah, this Hell place is just so pathetic that I have never bought into it.  The church I grew up in was very PC, so they weren’t really cozy with the idea, but I heard enough about it to know that it’s pure bullshit.

So, what do I think happens after we die?  To be honest, I don’t know.  But here’s the thing about that – neither do you!  None of us have any clue what happens after we die.  Why?  Because we’re not dead!  We can speculate about it till we’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t change a thing!  I have heard all sorts of neat ideas.

Now, I can’t say that I have this exactly right, but a friend of mine has a belief that when we die, the human consciousness gets taken into some kind of greater entity.  Some kind of mother existence, from which all existence has spawned.  This includes multiple universes.  I find this concept actually rather compelling, given what I understand about quantum physics, and the nature of the universe.  But at the same time, it is just her idea.  The reality is that she doesn’t have any more clear of a direction of what happens after life ends than I do.  And when I say that you don’t know, I mean that you have no idea.

I am not afraid to die.  The idea that I am going to die has crossed my mind more than once, and I am not the least bit afraid of it.  Regardless of what happens, I am of the mindset that I am not going to be afraid of it.  Rather than live with a fear of death, I would much prefer to live with a passion for life.  I have a friend who is afraid of death.  She has talked about doing whatever she can to stay in this world.  I want to admire that, because she does take good care of herself, but to be honest, she lives such a controlled life that I honestly find the life that she leads boring beyond reason.  She is so controlled in every aspect that she never loses control.  I will be ending this with a quote that summarizes my thoughts on her views on how to live life.

Morning Sun, IrelandDeath is not something that people should fear.  It is a companion that goes with you constantly.  From the moment you are born, you are dying.  The telomerase at the end of each linear chromosome are beginning to decay, which is the reason for the finite life cycle of higher organisms.  Death is not something that should scare you.  It is a companion to take with you, telling you to make the very most of every single moment you have.  Because I do believe that you only get one chance to do this.  Once your consciousness dies, you are done.  And you don’t get a chance to do this again.

I don’t know where I am going after this journey of mine is over, but I know that the only thing I will ever really regret is if this journey ends and I regret how I have lived it.  I admit to having made mistakes.  I admit that I have gone left when I should have gone right.  I have done stupid shit, but who hasn’t?  But in the end, I am still here, and every single day, I am finding a way to make the most of it.  That means something.

Until next time, a quote,

“You don’t let other people’s problems affect you. You don’t let your own problems affect you, and it’s the screw-ups that make us interesting. You’re never out of control, which is good… and boring. Never losing control means you’re never putting yourself out there, never pushing your limits.”  -Dr. Robert Chase, House M.D.

Peace out,



Hell House: the Funniest Documentary I’ve Seen in a Long Time

I am starting to wonder what the reaction to this documentary was supposed to be.  I heard about this from a YouTube vlogger called Dusty Smith, who has the Cult of Dusty YouTube channel.  His review was brief, and it was very fun.  But as for me, I am going to elaborate a bit more, because I thought this was the funniest piece of Christian propaganda that I have ever seen.  For real, if this is what Christians think is scary, then they are dumb beyond any and all reason.  I haven’t laughed this much in a long time.  I hope you will to.

So, the name of this documentary is “Hell House.”  It tells the story of a haunted house, put on by the Trinity Church, in Cedar Hill, Texas.  And man, these people really got a slick business going on.  See, they sell thousands of tickets to this thing, every year.  Now, I should say, up-front, that the makers of this documentary played it straight with this production.  They took no side here.  There is no narration.  They simply captured this event, and then put it out for us to see.  And mock to death, because it’s the stupidest fucking thing ever.  And of course, like most stupid things in America, it had to come from a Christian organization.  See, Trinity Church is a Pentecostal church, so as you can imagine, they take a very hardcore view of the Bible and sin.  And, like most Christian groups in Texas, they want to “put the fear of god in them sinners!”  Good luck doing that here!

Here’s how it works – they take a bunch of kids, usually about 40 at a time, and they take them through various themed rooms, for them to see what the lives of a bunch of sinners is like.  In one room, there is a fat kid, who isn’t doing too well at a test.  He gets picked on and called retarded.  So, he whips out a gun (and I was wishing he would kill all the kids.  Sigh…) and then blows his brains out.  Naturally, since he committed suicide, he goes to Hell.  How many Christians was it said that Amanda Todd’s death was a tragedy?  Bleeding hypocrites.

Then, there is a skit where a redneck guy, who looks like he would be a wife-beater anyway, reads an email that tells him that his wife is cheating on him.  Naturally, this leads to, instead of asking her if this is true, or having a reaction like being sad (because emoting would be WAY too hard for the people doing these skits.  For real, the emotional levels in this are staggeringly and hilariously bad), he decides to up and choke the bitch.  Naturally, when he dies, he goes to Hell.  Snap, how many Christians were commanded by God to murder, and then take the virgin daughters of their victims as their fuck-slaves?  Well, this is Christianity, after all.  Contradiction is nothing new.  They live and breathe on their religion not making a lick of sense.  That’s how the mind of the dumb works.

Another skit has a girl.  She is at this rave, and gets all kinds of fucked-up on drugs.  This guy comes up and just puts something in her drink and then shoves it down her throat.  Yeah, because girls are totally okay with guys just shoving things down their throat, right?  (I swear to non-existent God, I am going to punch the first guy in the vag who makes a joke about cock) But yeah, after shoving the drink down her throat, she is totally miserable, because she got gang-raped by all these guys, and decides that the next logical solution is to kill herself.  Yes, because no woman ever has survived the experience of rape and come out stronger, right?  No, obviously, ladies, if you get raped, you are going to kill yourself.  You won’t be able to live with it.  Lies.  Anyway, she kills herself, so naturally, she goes to Hell.  Yeah, heaven-forbid that God’s Kevorkian actually show a little mercy on her.  No, instead, since to these people, God is a vengeful piece of shit (as per the Old Testament, where he was just that), he decides that she should pay for being emotionally traumatized.  By the way, this girl’s “breakdown” was hysterical.  This acting was so bad, I’ve seen middle school plays that put this shit to shame.  But to her character’s credit, she was hot.

Then, we go to a hospital, where a man is dying of AIDS.  He got AIDS because he’s gay, and in this “haunted house”‘s universe, all gay men have AIDS.  Yeah, because no straight person has ever contracted HIV from being a dumb mother-fucker and not using a condom, right?  Gee, if that were the case, then what is with that massive epidemic of AIDS in Africa?  Are all the men and women there just deciding not to be gay and lesbians for a night and having sex?  Or maybe it has something to do with the lack of contraception, thanks to all the lovely Catholic and other religious groups’ lies.  Gotta love you people!  Anyway, this guy dies, and then, because he’s gay, and according to God, being gay is a sin, he goes to Hell.

But after this skit, there is the most hilariously bad bit of misinformation in this entire place.  There has been a lot of bullshit spewed here, but this was simply amazing.  After the scene with the gay guy’s death, a girl is brought into the hospital.  See, her vag exploded after she took the morning-after pill.  Let me say that again – her VAG exploded because she took the morning-after pill!  According to this haunted house, if you take the morning-after pill, your vagina will explode.  I have a challenge to any Christians stupid enough to buy this – provide me one, ONE, piece of evidence to support this.  This is the stupidest thing ever!  The morning-after pill works by preventing sperm from fertilizing the egg.  It doesn’t make an abortion happen, you stupid Christian zealots!  And the acting of this girl was just awesome.  I really bought how pained she was by this.  After all, it was so accurate, right?  Naturally, she bleeds to death and goes to Hell.

This little train-wreck of a performance then decides to finally take us all to Hell, and show us what horrible tortures these kids are going through.  They have this guy, who looks like an even more emo (and not nearly as cool) version of The Crow.  He talks about how all these people are in Hell for a good reason, and how, if you don’t follow God, and choose to live a sinful (and awesome) life, you will end up there yourself.  And these people spew lots of lines about how what they did wasn’t so bad, like the gay guy is shouting “I was born this way!”  Yeah, very open-minded, eh Christians?

After they make their way through the most boring haunted house in existence (with the worst actors and actresses of all time), they are then taken into this room.  They are all lined up against a wall, unable to leave.  A big guy then comes in and talks to these kids, telling them that if they don’t straighten up, believe in God, and fly right, they are going to follow suit of the people they just say.  They then sit them down and tell them to pray, asking them to join their church and follow Jesus.  According to them, one in five kids do.  Yeah, because that was so scary, right? (Rolls eyes)

This documentary is hilarious.  The acting is awful.  The message is so phoned-in from half a dozen Christian zealots that you see all the time on TV or wherever.  It is an exploitative piece of bullshit that is being used by this church to scare people.  See, that seems to be the new tactic of Christians.  They know that they can’t reason with the atheists, and those who are skeptical.  The reality is that the Christian position has no basis in logic.  None.  The bible is awash with contradiction, illogical and ridiculous bullshit.  There aren’t five words of truth in any of it.  So, instead, they decide that they are going to try and scare kids.  They are going to make them too afraid not too.  I have had plenty of Christians try to do that to me.

But here’s the kicker, Christians – that won’t work for long!  With information being so readily available, there are sources after sources that debunk your complete and utter bullshit, like the Bible.  Here’s the Skeptics Annotated Bible, which goes into great lengths how utterly absurd this book is.

You are losing, Christians, because your lies are so much easier to debunk, and we can show this much easier.  Meanwhile, when you try and fight it out with reason, it was over before it began.  Ha-ha!

Until next time, a quote,

“And they do this, year after year, in state after state, and try to con and scare these people into becoming members of this cult. Just like utter and complete shit-heads would.”  -Dusty Smith, World’s Worst Haunted House – In Under 3 Minutes

Peace out,


Real Catholic TV vs. Liberals (Apparently, we’re all going to Hell!)

Well, I figure that I haven’t gone after these people in a while, so I will do my usual kind of post.  I will put the original video, and then do a hit for hit from the video I am attacking.  For those of you who don’t know, there is a group called Real Catholic TV.  They are made up exclusively by bigots.  Their channel on YouTube is hosted by the bigot/not journalist, Michael (Mike) Voris.  The video we are attacking today is called “Liberals, Democrats And Hell.”  Oh is this going to be fun.  All of that said, here we go.

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex, where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed.

(Jerk-off motion)

I’m Michael Voris.

Hi Mike.  How’s it going?  You’ve got me and my readers here.  What have you got to say?

So, here’s an interesting question – do people who vote liberal believe in Hell?

Right out of the gates, this is stupid.  Alright, I’ll answer your question – for the most part, yes, they do.  Most people in this country are Christian, and I haven’t met many Christians who don’t believe in Hell.  I don’t, but then, I don’t believe in your Middle-Eastern desert fairytale God, either.  So, I think you can figure out where you stand from there.

There’s a buzzkill you can toss out there at your next social function where you find yourself.  You know, as in, ‘Hey Bob, you said you’re voting liberal!  I was curious, do you believe in Hell?’

Well, we can first say that you have no social tact whatsoever.  You’re an asshole.  You aren’t nice to anybody, from the sounds of things (except other bigots like you).  If I was at this party, my response would be – “No, Mike, I don’t.  Do you believe in courtesy, decency, or kindness?  Oh, you don’t?  I’m sorry, my mistake.  I thought you were something other than a complete piece of shit.”

It’s an interesting question because the answer uncovers much and reveals the person’s world view.  And to be perfectly fair (yeah, I’m sure), a person’s worldview is their core.  It’s the place where all their motivations and actions spring forth.

What?!  That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!  Or at least heard today.  Your worldview is shaped by your motivations and values.  It is the byproduct of what you believe, how you act.  It doesn’t shape anything, or cause anything to “spring forth.”  It is something that is sprung, or shaped.

So, it’s no surprise, as you look over polls, and discover that those who support OBAMA (note capitalization), for example, self-identify as much less religious than those who want him out of here.

Oh non-existent God you’re dumb.  First off, I know plenty of people who have some pretty hardcore religious views who support Obama.  I have a friend who is a hardcore evangelical Christian who fervantly supported Obama.  Now neither of us do since he revealed himself to be a two-faced turncoat to true liberal ideas, along with human decency.  But I will give, the people who vote conservative do generally tend to be some of the most religious people there are.  But you can’t make the claim that people who support Obama as much less religious.  In a country where 6 out of 10 people don’t believe in the Theory of Evolution, which has mountains of evidence, you just can’t be that dumb.

Now, it’s true that not everyone who identifies as religious believes in Hell.  But you’ll be much more likely to find the fire and the brimstone believes among the self-identified religious, than among the secularist humanist party crowd.

Wow, he’s got a point.  But, here’s my counter – so what?  There is no Hell, because there is no God.  Or at least, no God that is talked about in any religion.  I can’t disprove a deist God, but I sure as hell can disprove the Christian God.  So, why does that matter?

In fact, it would be fair and reasonable (two things Mike isn’t) to say that a central issue, a measuring rod, a predictor of how this election might turn out is this very question – Do you believe in Hell, yes or no?

No, dumb-dumb, a fair and reasonable assumption about this election is that none of the Republican candidates hold a candle against Obama.  The liberal crowd is disillusioned with him, but the Republican voters hate ALL of the candidates that they’ve got.  The two front-runners, Romney and Santorum, are loathed by the bulk of the Republican electorate, because the bulk of their electorate is moderate-right.  The Tea Party ousted the moderate politicians, but not the moderate voters, either moderate-left or moderate-right.  You are dumb.

 And here’s the reason –

This should be good.

if someone does not believe in Hell, there’s a lot of silly reasons that people reject the idea,

Like science, logic, reason, intelligence, free-thinking.  Lots of REALLY stupid reasons.  Damn right!

then they don’t really hold Heaven in all that high regard here.  If everyone gets to go to Heaven, then how is Heaven really that much different than Earth?

What I love most about this is the point that he is making that he needs to feel superior.  I have this feeling that Catholics have a huge superiority complex.  They believe that their religion is the right one, and if you don’t believe like they do, you’re going to burn.  Such a pathetic fail.

It’s not that the more-religious minded want people to go to Hell, belief in Hell is not only rooted in ‘Devine Revelation,’ (bullshit) but also in intuition, and internal voice that says that justice demands a Hell.

Wow, that’s powerful stupid.  No, we don’t have an inner voice that says that people should be tortured for all eternity.  Not unless we are sick fucks like you, apparently.  We want justice, but we want measured justice.  Justice that actuall fits the crime, not this pathetic ego-trip that your God desperately wants us to believe in so much.

Something inside us just says, ‘Wow, Mother Teresa, really, hanging out with unrepentant serial killers, child molesters, and parents and spouses who cheated on each other and rationalized everything as they ruined their kids childhood, just so they could have sex with someone other than their spouse.  They get to hang out with Mother Teresa for eternity?

Well, I think that would be fair.  Given how this woman was a crook, took money from the worst scum of the Earth, like the Duvalier family, had fortunes that never went into her hospitals, deliberately kept the patients there in poverty and living like beggers, advocated for no condoms or birth control in places like Africa, yeah, I think she is in appropriate company.  Of course, I don’t believe in the after-life, but still, she is a scum.  I get that.  But a Catholic surely wouldn’t.  They love this woman because she espoused their bigotry as much as they do.

It’s not that the sinner’s beyond the mercy of God, of course they aren’t.  But they have to WANT that mercy.  They have to admit their evil to themselves, and God all those other people they’ve deliberately injured.

Yeah, let’s never-mind that this God must be a real piece of shit since he allows evil to exist at all, created man to do what he doesn’t want, and will send them to a place to burn for all eternity, even though they don’t have any free will.  If you believe in fate, there cannot be free will.  It isn’t possible.  Logic, people, that’s where its at.

In the absence of this, does it seems JUST that they should get to receive eternal joy right alongside Saint Francis, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Stevens, Saint Isaac, etc.

Since most of those people were murderers or worse, then yeah, I think they would fit in well.

Who lived, and not to mention died, exactly they opposite.

They killed people, spread lies, often were involved in torture and mutilation.  Yeah, they fit right in.  Actually, wait, most liberals wouldn’t want to demean ourselvs by hanging out with these kinds of scum.

So, see, if everyone is in Heaven (a place that also doesn’t exist), and with the repentant and the un-repentant, what’s the big deal about Heaven?

Good question.  It sounds dull.

That wouldn’t be all that different from life that we know here on Earth.

You know, I could have swore there was a bible verse in Luke about that –

Luke 17:21 – Nor will people be able to say, “it is here,” or “it is there.”  For the Kingdom of God is within you.

Apparently, Mike also cannot read.  I’m glad we’re getting so much proof that he’s stupid.

And this becomes the kind of default position of those who dismiss the reality of Hell.

One question, Mike – where is your proof for Hell?  If you quote the Bible, you’re an even bigger idiot.  Offer me proof, and I will accept something as real.  Though even with proof, there is always something that could disprove it, so you can never truly know that something is an absolute reality.

They take a kind of ‘pass’ on Heaven as well.  At least, in a meaninful manner.

O-kay.  That’s really dumb.

Not really into the Heaven thing in the next life, they expend a great deal of effort trying to have Heaven in THIS LIFE.

We try to make life better here.  Oh the humanity!  We are such monsters!

They use drugs and booze, engage in wanton sex, attach themselves to material wealth, adopt a view that the Earth is the upper-most of concerns, in regard to the climate, saving every species they ever heard of, while enlisting every government program to achieve every goal that can be imagined.

Uh, I’m not seeing the problem.  I am actually with Carlin on my view of climate change, and don’t think its the biggest problem there is, I don’t do drugs or drink booze.  I know most people don’t just go out and get shit-faced and trip out every day of the week.  As for wanton sex, I wish.  I miss getting that.

In short, they want to bring about a utopia!  This is exactly why Karl Marx said, ‘religion is the opium of the people.’  And why the Marquis de Sade said of religion that it is, ‘this opium that you feed your people.’

Okay, first, if you are a truly informed liberal, you realize that a perfect utopia isn’t possible.  Human nature naturally goes away from that.  We keep improving the quality of life, and we get as close as possible, trying to help everyone.  And for the second bit there, this was a very clever attempt to sound smart and use Marx and de Sade as a proof of how bad our ideas are, because according to them, they are bad people.  Marquis de Sade, yeah, he was bad, but Marx, he wasn’t a bad guy at all, he was just a dude who ripped of the book “Utopia.”

No big surprise here.  Some people strive for Heaven in eternity, others wish to initiate it here on Earth, because they don’t believe it exists in the next life.

No, we believe in looking out for our fellow man.  I’m surprised you don’t, since Jesus doled out free healthcare, even to non-believers or those who believed in other faiths, commanded his people to give to the poor and help them without condition or restraint, and told us to look out for each other.  Why don’t you work with us, if you follow this guy as the son of God?

It would be ridiculous to think that these two opposing views, and they are in opposition to each other, don’t get translated, at least in part, to the ballot box.

What?  What views?  Liberalism and conservatism?  Well, duh!  We already knew that.  Also, there are plenty of liberals who believe in Heaven and plan on going there, they just still want to make things better, for everybody.  You clearly hate Jesus, since you don’t buy into that.

People who are motivated by ‘authentic’ faith in God will overwhelmingly vote one way, and those that don’t have that motivation will vote another way.

Yeah, I call bullshit.  Apparently the name S.E. Cupp means nothing to you.  She is one of the biggest conservatives there is, and she doesn’t believe in God.  She is against gay rights and abortion as much as you are, and she has no belief in God.  Likewise, there are plenty of ‘authentic’ Christians who don’t follow your bigotries, Mike.

People who do not think that Hell actually exists, or if it does and nobody actually really goes there, or goes there for eternity, are simply not going to give a hoot, about objectively moral issues like abortion, same-sex ‘marriage’ (he put the quotes there, not me), euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, because they don’t believe in objective morality.

Because there is no objective morality.  You Christians are against murder, right?  Except when the government does it, or soldiers do it overseas for no good reason.  Morality is a system created by those in power and given to those without it.  That’s how this works.  I believe in living with empathy, because empathy guides you to behaving like a better person, without all the smoke and mirrors of your desert fairytale God.

They will be much more likely to cast their vote for parties or laws or candidates who share their view, that the only Heaven you’re ever gonna get a crack at is here on Earth.  A kind of political version of ‘you better get while the gettin’s good.’

What?  No, we believe in helping as many people as possible, with the resources we have available.  This man is an imbecile.

If morality is rooted in what each individual person wants, then why should anyone case their vote for anything other than their own narrow interests?

They shouldn’t, and they don’t.  People cast their vote for their own interests.  This has been established.  You do it too, like voting for bigots like Rick Santorum, who you have said is the Catholic poster-boy.  Oh non-existent God, the Catholic church is starting to look stupider and stupider every day.

Sometimes, shared in by others for their equally and purely selfish reasons, but often-times not.  Not exactly a good understanding of the COMMON GOOD is it now?!

Actually, yeah, it is.  There is no common good.  The idea of common good is that there are universally things that are good for everybody.  Since all cultures are different and everybody has their own values system, that is ridiculous.  So you are totally pulling this out of your ass.

Make no mistake – who a people elect and how they vote says everything about whether they believe in Hell, Heaven, or God.

I’ve all pwned that to death.  I don’t want to beat a dead horse.

Absolutely it does.  God love you, I’m Michael Voris.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we can’t afford to ignore religion.  This video has over 9,000 views, by the making of this post.  There are potentially 9,000 people who actually believe in this horseshit at comes spewing from the anus that this man calls a mouth.  This man is an imbecile, and he needs to be gotten rid of.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s no secret that a lot of Christians want mandatory prayer back in our schools.  And its no secret that the major obstacle to gay rights is Christian fundamentalism.  It’s no secret that the people protesting outside of abortion clinics, calling women ‘whores’ just because they’re making a choice about their own bodies, those people are all Christians.”  -TJ Kincaid, CHRISTIANITY, SERIOUSLY? (Deleted By YouTube)  

Peace out,


The Wager of Turning To God

Well, I got to see another rather compelling video by a favorite YouTuber of mine- Pat Condell.  While I sometimes disagree with his opinions, this video that I was saw was spot-on.  In the video he talked about the fact that when religious people can tell that they are not going to get you to believe with their terrible arguments and hopelessly false factual evidence, there are a number of them that often say- “you’ll turn to God.  Before you die, you’ll turn to God.”  This is an interesting habit that I myself have noticed in the past.  It is also another proof of how religion works- it preys on fear to make itself work.

And what an incredible gimmick they have produced.  The concept of Hell is the most absolute bogus piece of shit contention that I have ever seen.  Religion uses it so many times.  I have heard so many people say to me, “what’s the harm in believing?  What do you have to lose?”  Or I have heard it put to me, “you have nothing to lose by believing, but non-belief means you have everything to lose!”  They say these things in such cataclysmic tones that I often find myself amusing to myself about how pathetically obvious it is that their God is not some devine begin, but a machination of human design.  I’ll get to that contention in a second.

But the fact is that religion has never, and will never appeal to a person’s intellect.  It always appeals to fear, or to some other emotional need that people cannot fulfill in their lives, and therefore are unable to resist the temptation.  On the surface, the argument for believing could sound very psychologically tempting.  Honestly, for the average idiot, it is.  There is a reason that so much of the intellectually sound and scientific community are agnostic or atheist. 

A common theme that religion uses to draw people in is the fear of death.  Religion has it that religion is something that we must all be completely terrified of and must all fear.  And because we are supposed to fear it, the religious prey on this by saying that if you believe in their holy being, you don’t have to be afraid to die anymore.  What a pathetic lie.  Condell makes the point that the idea that before a person dies, they will turn to God is saying that as you age, you will become more and more afraid to die that you will have an absolute terror fit with the idea, and therefore, will turn to God. 

That is so hopelessly pathetic.  I have never been afraid of death.  I am 22 years old, and I am not afraid to die.  In my 22 years, I have been through more than most people go through in a lifetime in the way of pain and suffering.  But I have also had some truly amazing moments with people that I care about more than religion could possibly tell me otherwise. 

And that is the contention that God is a man-made machination.  He is!  Man’s fingerprints are all over God.  Condell asserted the same thing, but I want to get my view in.  The fact is that God is so much like a person that it is just impossible to believe that he is real.  He is prejudiced, sexist.  He is vengeful and petty.  He has limitations that no real supreme being would have.  And when you bring up how pathetically weak the Christian God has to be, or how pathetically corrupt he must be if he isn’t that weak, people just basically stick their fingers in their ears and say “I’m not listening!”  The fact is that the Christian God was a creation by people in the desert a very long time ago.

When Christianity began, the God of the bible was simply the leader of all the Roman gods.  He ruled over them, but there were others.  Even today, it doesn’t seem like the monotheistic religion that people make it out to be.  When you hear about the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, the angels, arcangels, super-duper angels, and all the other symbols, it’s hard to believe that this is truly a monotheistic groups.

There was a famous mathematician named Blaise Pascal.  He proposed the theory that since the existence of lack of existence of a god (the burden of proof is wholly on you, religious people, so don’t get on me to prove there isn’t a god), it is safer just to believe, because you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.  I find this interesting.  Do you know what the Christian faith demands?  It demands obedience.  Blind obedience without your right to choose.  A common argument that I hear from people of faith is that you are choosing with Christianity.  Not if you are an avid follower you’re not!  You are obeying the word of a person you cannot see, touch, hear, speak to in any way.  And don’t sit there and tell me you can!  If nobody else has the mental capacity to speak with an invisible and omniscient God, what makes you so special?

The fact is that the fear of Hell is what keeps probably the bulk of religious people in line.  Tell people that if they don’t do what you tell them, they will burn forever in a place of total torment, then of course they are going to want to follow you!  That is how the weak work.  They will obey to avoid pain and suffering.  There was a woman on YouTube who said that it isn’t God who puts you in Hell, it is you who does it.  Well who created Hell in the first place?  Who lets people go there?  Who allows this to happen, and doesn’t give people a chance to rectify the situation?  Your God sounds like a real piece of shit. 

And I don’t fear.  I don’t fear hell.  I’m with Pat when I believe that it is the lesser of two evils.  A God who kills millions upon millions of people, ignores his people, and will punish somebody for all eternity is not a guy I want to follow.  Maybe Satan was just a guy who got the raw end of a dude who is clearly not all that mentally stable.  Maybe Hell is a refuge from the insanity of God, and not some firey nightmare like the Bible paints it to be.

Don’t tell me that I will believe, religious people.  You are killing your own cause.

Until next time, a quote,

“Somebody once said that religion was deemed by the commoners as true, by the wise as false, and by those in power as useful.”  -Jonathan Priest, Franklyn 

Peace out,


The Concept of Hell is Just Plain Dumb

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been talking to my atheist friends, or I get comments about my blog, and it is from somebody who is a Christian apologetic who tells me that I am going to roast in hell if I don’t “come back to God.”  They all scream about how I know that God is real, and that I am wasting my earthly life trying to disprove him (something I’m not trying to do, I just don’t believe in the guy).  Then of course, they detail how I am going to burn in hell.  After listening to all of their bullshit, let me just say this- SHUT UP!

I don’t know if you all knew this, but I am not a little kid.  I am a grown man!  I don’t believe in fairytales and the boogieman anymore.  I don’t believe that there is some special place where I am going to be sent where I will burn for eternity.  I mean, for one thing, I am going to be going there without a body.  How is that going to work?  Am I going to have spirit burning?  Is my spirit going to have the ability to feel pain?  It is just plain stupid.  But it is one of the many areas of stupidity that I have to hear about on a daily basis.

Another problem that I have with religious people getting in my face- the arguments are always completely unintelligible.  For real, they always are!  And every time they realize that I have the logical high-ground, they respond with the statement, “I’ll pray for you.”  Yes, don’t try to use logic and make sense.  Instead, just appeal to the fear part of the brain.  And that’s what hell is- an appeal to fear.  It’s kind of ironic that Hell is hardly mentioned in the Old Testament.  It is a New Testament invention.  Apparently, heaven wasn’t enough.  Positive reinforcement isn’t enough.  No, they needed some pretty negative reinforcement.

I remember being a kid, and when I heard that I would roast in hell for all eternity, I laughed.  For real, I did.  The only time that I was ever really into religion was when Mary was alive.  She was my grandmother, and one of my favorite people, it was a given that I be into what she was into, since I was a little kid too.  It was only natural that I follow suit.  That’s little kid logic.  But when I heard the preacher going on about Hell, I just tuned out.  Even as a kid, the skeptic in me didn’t buy into it.

It helps that religion never meant much to my family.  Well, it does mean a lot to the parental units, but they never made a point of making it mean something to me.  Not like my aunt Kathy or my uncle Bill.  No, in our house, religion was there, but never reinforced like that.  I am glad of this.  It made my journey to atheism that much easier, and without as much hassles.  I find it interesting that Sally doesn’t believe in Hell.  If one doesn’t believe that there is a hell, and all paths lead to the same end, why worship?  It seems kind of counterproductive to me.

But Hell is still just a weapon that the church uses to scare the shit out of little kids.  That’s really all that it is.  You tell a child that if they don’t believe in Jesus, that they will suffer for all eternity.  And when I bring up the fact that hell is dumb, and how the God who would send people there is not a particularly loving character, they counter with the fact that he is a father, and a father has to punish his children if they do wrong.  The power and twistedness of that statement is just alarming.

I put this to all of you Christians- what kind of parent would punish their child for all eternity?  It’s a simple question, yet one I never get a remotely good answer to.  Every time I ask, the religious crowd dodges the question.  Want to know the answer?  The answer is an evil one.  Biblical evidence shows that God is infinitely more nefarious than this red-horned counterpart.  God himself has done more evil than any of the psychotic dictators of Earth combined (if you buy any of the biblical bullshit).  He destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gamorrah, killing every single man, woman, and child.  He killed all the first-born sons of Egypt.  He killed Lot’s wife back at the aforementioned cities just for watching him do the deed.  He sent a bear to kill children for bad-mouthing one of his prophets.  He killed the ENTIRE population of Earth in a FLOOD!  This man has more blood on his hands than is possibly imaginable.

It confounds me, how the truly intelligent are able to be religious.  A person who truly thinks, and truly believes.  But then, I remember- it is a charming story.  If you only focus on the New Testament, God sounds like a pretty decent guy.  He really does.  But then there is that old one, where he is a complete prick.  Not only is he that, but he’s just plain evil!  I’m sorry, but the Old Testament god is a vengeful, evil bastard!  he is not the kind of character that I could ever see myself following, no matter the circumstances.  I just couldn’t do it.  My sense of decency as a human being could never allow myself to be held down by a character who can do that kind of evil, and then demand blind obedience!

I could never worship or even respect a character, who in the name of fatherly love, can send billion upon billions of his children to a  place of eternal torment.  I couldn’t do that.  How you all can is truly beyond me.  I don’t believe there is a God.  Or if there is, I know for a fact that he wouldn’t be anything like the Christian God.  The Christian God is an inefficient monster.  A real creator of the universe would not be that petty.  I genuinely refuse to believe that a being powerful enough to create all matter and all life in this universe would give two shits if people believe in it, or worship it.  It’s such a petty form of ego-stroking, and it honestly just makes me shake my head and laugh.

So, to all you religious people who want to get in my face about me going to hell- shut up.  Save your crummy sales pitch, and that’s what hell really is a sales pitch, for somebody else.  I don’t need your product.  Society doesn’t need your product.

Until next time, a quote,

“Hell, to me, is just more proof that the Christian religion is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.”  -TJ Kincaid, I’M GOING TO HELL 

Peace out,