Using Nazis to Sell Your Political Ideology Needs to Stop!

I’ve already gone after the left at length for their usage of the term “Nazi” to describe people, and how that basically robs the term of any meaning, because as Chris Ray Gun pointed out in a really fantastic song he did, the regressive left has this belief that if you don’t constantly bitch about President Trump, then you are a white supremacist/Nazi/fascist/insert bad group here.  Nazi has joined the pantheon of terms that mean nothing now thanks to their rampant overuse by them, such as sexism, misogyny, and given the usage of terms like stare rape and birth rape, rape isn’t too far behind.  Thankfully that last term has gotten a lot less used over the years.  I’m not hearing it bandied about as much.

But last night, I was scrolling on Facebook, as I am prone to do, and I saw a post by someone that just pissed me off.  See, I have friends of all political stripes.  I don’t believe that a person should just have one ideology in their lives.  I don’t want to live in an echo chamber.  Unfortunately, it means that my Facebook page runs the gamut of far-left to far-right opinions.  People like myself who try and see nuance appear to be in short supply.

What I saw was a meme where it had a pile of shoes from a concentration camp, with the tagline underneath that the Jews died because they gave up their guns to Hitler.  The instant I saw that, I was pissed.  Really, really pissed.  What a way to not learn from history.  What a way to have the memories of the dead insulted to help your political ideology.  Where do I get started on how stupid this is?

For starters, yes, because if the Jews had guns, then they totally would have fucked up the Nazis and they never would have been taken to concentration camps.  I’m totally sure that’s how it would have worked.  A community that has ALWAYS been an extreme minority would have stepped to the Nazis and won.  Yeah, that’s how it would have gone down.  It would have been a one-sided massacre.  Nope, just like the gun-toting, ‘Murica-loving patriots, they would have stepped up to the fascist government and thrown down the tyrants!

Except, you know, in the real world.  Outside of the Clint Eastwood delusion that these gun nuts have thinking that they are Dirty fucking Harry.  A world where, in battles between David and Goliath, Goliath wins.  Because Goliath has an army, and better weapons, and combat vehicles, and the infrastructure to be able to support a conflict.  This wasn’t Vietnam, where skilled guerilla fighters were able to use the jungle and trenches to their benefit.  This wasn’t the Middle East, where the fighters there have a vast community to repel foreign invaders along with the support of the local populace.  This was Nazi Germany, and this fucking retard is saying that if the Jews had had their guns, then they would have been able to stop what happened to them.  They would have fought very bravely, and just like these “patriots” who think they are going to step to tyrant, they would have died very quickly.  That’s how it would have gone in the real world.

But you can’t tell these people that.  They live in their fucking delusional land where they role-play as righteous warriors who have Gawd on their side and will bring freedom to the land.  That’s the mindset of these fucking idiots.  Their political platform and their worldview is that the good guy with the gun stops the bad guy with the gun.  I’m sorry, who am I supposed to be afraid of again?  The government who has NEVER called for the banning of all guns, or the people who all seem to think that the Confederacy really won the Civil War?

I fucking hate that we have reached a point where the victims of the Holocaust are nothing more than a prop to be used to sell some retard’s propaganda.  I hate that, instead of them being a lesson about the nature of dogma and what it can do to a country that is already angry, they are now just a tool for selling a viewpoint.  That’s what that conservative meme was.  It pisses me off so much that that is the country I live in.  I live in a nation where I have to suffer the slings and arrows of fucking IDIOTS who refuse to even court the notion of sensible gun control.  Because it steps on the Second Amendment!  No, you fucking retard, it does not.  It has people like me just wanting to have it so that you have to have a license to buy a gun, and guns have to be registered before you can buy them.  It means trying to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong person, when I can go to someone’s house a buy a gun off their porch and nobody would ever know.  Hell, they could give me the damn thing.

And to anyone who actually believes the way the person who shared that meme does, fuck you.  You’re fucking stupid.  You are among the stupidest people who have EVER lived.  You are a worthless hunk of skin and I hope you end up on the business end of a mass shooter.  Hopefully you have your gun.  Let’s see how many innocent people die so you can be Dirty Harry.  And can we PLEASE stop using the Nazis and especially the victims of the fucking Holocaust as props to sell political points?!  Is there a chance that we can do that?  It not only shows that you can only lean on emotion to make your argument instead of rationality, but it also shows that you are fucking stupid and haven’t learned a single thing from history.

Until next time, a quote,

“Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.  Yet those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it.” – Anonymous

Peace out,



Shooting in Las Vegas, Let the Political Bickering Begin!

There was a horrific shooting in Las Vegas today, where a 64 year old man opened fire on a crowd at a concert from his 32nd story window.  At least 50 confirmed dead and over 200 wounded at the time of writing this post.  Another horrible tragedy that shouldn’t have happened, but did.  Got to see a video where a guy stayed standing while everyone was ducking for cover, shouting at the shooter to aim for him.  That takes balls of absolute steel.  No idea if that guy was one of the victims, but if so, you did a service to try and save people by having the gunman go after you.

The moment the story broke, I got to see the left and the right immediately lining up to get their political views heard.  From the social justice retards who say that this was a problem of white privilege, and male privilege, and it was a racial crime.  To the right who refuse to call this guy a terrorist even though he most likely is.  I get the feeling a crime like this was motivate by political ideology.  If he killed for political ideals, he’s a terrorist.  If he just felt like opening fire on a crowd, he’s a fucking psychopath who decided to kill and injure a ton of people because he could.

Then we got other right-wing posts deciding to go after the left for some of the violent rhetoric they said about wanting to kill Trump.  I suppose I could go after the likes of Riley E Dennis, if I wanted to get on that bandwagon, but I don’t.  Even though she has her own beliefs about attacking people.  The left wants to use this opportunity to come out and defend Islam.  Because Groj forbid anyone say that Muslim has even committed terrorism before.  Nope, not once *cough*bullshit!*cough*

Christians in America had to make their voices heard and talk about how Gawd would have fixed all this.  I’m sure all the people who are dead right now didn’t have Jeebus at all in their hearts.  Nope, not one.  In a nation that is 80% Christian, I’m sure not one of those people wasn’t a practicing Christian.  Maybe Jim Bakker can come out and say that this shooting was Gawd’s response to men doing each other in the ass.

So what about me?  What is my stance on all this?  What political viewpoint am I going to espouse right now?  Here is what I have done – donate to a GoFundMe account someone set up to help the victims.  Here’s the link, go donate.  That’s something to do. Something more valuable than any of the arguing idiots on Twitter.  What else am I going to do?  Be saddened by this.  Be saddened by the fact that this kind of wanton killing is becoming so commonplace.  Feel so ashamed of the fact that I share a species with a fucking animal who got out on balcony or an open window and opened fire with a fucking automatic weapon at a crowd of people just listening to music.

It’s beyond clear something needs to happen.  With stricter gun laws help.  Not this kind of situation.  I still believe that gun control does need to be tightened, but I am still aware enough of the way things work to realize that even if all the guns were strictly controlled, the crazed lone gunman will still be a threat.  Help America’s failing mental health system.  Maybe that would help some of the problem, but as we have seen with people like Timothy McVeigh, not all of the people who do this sort of shit are outright insane.  For as evil as what McVeigh did, he had very firm and rationalized (not rational, rationalized) reasons for what he did.  This shooter may have as well.  We may never know.

I don’t know what the right thing is to do.  I donated to a fund set up to help victims.  After all the hurricane destruction down in the Florida and Texas I donated to the Red Cross.  It’s as much as I can think to do in this situation.  Because here’s the thing which has blown my fucking mind – as soon as the story broke, the fighting started.  The political bickering began before we even knew how many are dead and injured.  Remember when national tragedies brought people together?  Remember when we would set aside personal differences to try and help those in need when the situation called for it?  Where the fuck has that mentality gone?!  Are we just so eager to hate each other than we’ll use any excuse we can?  Fuck the victims, I have to make my point known!  Yeah, fuck white people!  Fuck gun control!  Fuck calling him a terrorist!  Let’s all just bicker over whatever stupid bullshit while the blood flows in the streets.

Sister-diddler Lena Dunham said that this has to be political, and supposedly-recovering SJW Laci Green agreed.  Yeah, let’s talk about white privilege!  Why the fuck not?!  Instead of deciding to set all that bullshit aside and actually coming together as a community and as a species, we look for any reason to drive the wedges of division further in.  I am so fucking ashamed of my species when I see us all do everything we can to hate each other and not even try and care, while people literally die. The left and the right stand on mountains of bodies in order to scream at each other over who is correct.

Fuck all of us.  We clearly are beyond redemption as a species.  Can Trump and Un just start dropping the nukes so World War III can start and another species can have a fucking shot?  Please?!  But hey, let’s at least be glad of one thing – there was at least one person in all of this who didn’t take a side and choose to be picky.

The shooter.

Until next time, a quote,

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,


Banning Guns Won’t Stop Anything!

I am getting so annoyed by the liberal position on what is happening with gun violence in this country.  I am on the left.  I am a far-left progressive.  I consider myself more of a socialist than a liberal.  However, I am one of those people who looks at things critically, and wants to actually make a difference.  I want to change things for the better.  I am all about realistic changes that need to be made.

To that end, I am not with the rest of the PC liberal community in thinking that total environmentalism is what we need, because reality isn’t as kind to us in that regard.  We should be looking to make alternative energy a bigger market, and there is room that America is falling low on.  But at the same time, I recognize that we are dependent on fossil fuels, so we should look for cleaner ways to utilize them.  I also am not against nuclear power, if the oversight is taut as a model’s ass.

By the same metric, I am nowhere near my side of the fence’s current stance on guns in this country.  For people who are so understanding of how Prohibition didn’t work, and that banning things doesn’t stop it, but only creates a black market, the position that banning guns is going to solve things is so fucking dumb that it is getting on my nerves.  It’s like the left thinks that if we deal with the symptoms hard enough, the disease will go away.

What is the disease, you ask?  The disease that is causing this rampant problem of gun violence in this country is the very reason that banning guns wouldn’t solve anything – the war on drugs, or for the purposes of this discussion, a black market.  See, here’s the thing – banning things doesn’t work!  It didn’t work with alcohol.  It hasn’t worked with online piracy.  And it most certainly isn’t working with drugs.

In fact, if you look at the rate of violent crimes through America’s history, you see a rapid decline both during Prohibition, and since they have begun the war on drugs.  Most of the gun violence that liberals are so against is directly associated with gang violence.  And guess where the gang culture comes from?  The war on drugs.

For real, if we ended the war on drugs, the crimes associated with guns in this country would plummet.  This is because if we legalized and taxed all drugs, controlling their sale to licensed businesses, the legal market would completely and utterly crush the illegal market.  We would see the rate of violent crimes in this country turn to almost nothing.

But what do I hear, on every news network, from every politician and even from our own President – ban the guns!  Yes, let’s solve the problem of one black market by creating another black market.  This is so fucking annoying!  Have learned nothing?!  Did we learn nothing from Prohibition?  This is really getting on my nerves because it appears, more and more, that my fellow lefties seem to think that if we throw enough at the symptoms, the disease will go away.

Violence is a part of human nature.  Getting rid of guns isn’t going to change that.  Before guns, they killed people with swords.  I’m all for looking at the violence of human culture.  I’m all for smart regulation on guns.  But banning them isn’t going to work.  And how many politicians have I heard make an argument for the true source of the problem, the war on drugs?  None!  Not one!  Hell, the news doesn’t even bring it up.  What the fuck, people?!

We need to grow the fuck up as a nation, or we are going to become another 3rd world cesspool.  America is getting left behind by the rest of the developed world.  We need to fix things, but who is demanding that things get fixed?  Not many, that’s for damn sure…

Until next time, a quote,

“We don’t need no gun control.  You know what you need?  We need some bullet control!  Man, we need to control the bullets!  That’s right!  I think all bullets should cost $5,000!  $5,000 for a bullet.  You know why?  Because if a bullet cost $5,000, there’d be no more innocent bystanders.  Every time somebody gets shot, you’d be like, “damn, he must of done something.  Shit, they put $50,000 worth of bullets in his ass!’  And people would think before they killed somebody if a bullet cost $5,000!  Like, ‘man, I would blow your fucking head off, if I could afford it!'”  -Chris Rock

Peace out,


My Position on the Gun Debate and the Death Penalty

So, I was kind of having a hard time figuring out what to write about, so I thought I would just ramble for a while about these two topics, since they are both on my mind lately.  The first is the idea of gun control.  Everybody thought that after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, this would come up in a big way, like it did after the Columbine shooting.  The second one that I want to talk about is the death penalty.  This is something that I have been thinking about lately, along with my position on these issues.  Both of them are very controversial, so I think I’ll get the ball rolling.

I am for and against gun control.  I like the quote Lawrence O’Donnell had on his show about the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, and the idea of gun control in this country –

I blame the individual for the first ten bullets.  I blame the law for the next 21 bullets he fired.”

That is my position.  The idea that taking away a person’s gun is going to make a real difference to me is absolutely insane.  If a person is bent on killing another human being, they are going to find a way to kill them.  Granted, the argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people is getting kind of stale, I just don’t see a good reason why we are going to be taking away a person’s right to have a weapon.  Nicholas Cage’s character in Lord of War had the right idea.  Death is always going to be a business.  The killing of people is never going away.  Humans are a violent species.  People will jump up and blame the media, or video games, or whatever, but the fact remains that it is not a decent person who kills another person.  I don’t take the moral ground on this issue.  Mostly because my conscience is virtually non-existant.  The death of another human being who I didn’t know doesn’t pain me in any substantial way.  I look at this issue from a purely ethical standpoint.  Rather than take guns, it is better if we have more services to get help to those who are mentally unbalanced enough to kill somebody.

It was the same thought that Marilyn Manson had about the shooting at Columbine.  During an interview with Michael Moore in the film “Bowling for Columbine,” he had a really great quote about this, that I think I’ll share with you.  First I’ll give you Moore’s question –

If you were to talk directly to the kids at Columbine, and to the people of that community, what you say if they were here right now?”

And Manson’s answer was absolutely perfect –

 I wouldn’t say a single word to ’em.  I would listen to what they have to say, and that’s what no one did.”

Nobody listened to these kids who were crying out for somebody to listen.  Those who are disturbed are often looking for help, people just don’t seem to want to pay attention to those who are out there, and who need the help that can be given.  Don’t take away a person’s guns, help people.  A disturbed mind will kill if it wants to.  It is up to us as Americans and as human beings to do the responsible thing, and look for the problem and work on that.  The problem isn’t the weapons, in my opinion, it is the fact that people will turn a blind eye to disturbed behavior and even canonize it in the media.  America, like with almost every grievance I have in this country, the root problem is you and your lack of a desire to get involved.

Now, my second topic is the death penalty.  This is something that I have been introspectively thinking about for a long time.  My favorite comedian, Bill Maher, had a bit about it during on of his stand-up specials, talking about how he is pro-death penalty, but believes there should be a moratorium until they get the DNA testing right.  For a long time, I basically just thought to myself – who cares?  These people decided to kill other people, and they obviously didn’t care about what happened, so why should I?  That seemed to make a lot of sense, for a time.

But then the ethical part of my mind kicked on, and I was watching my favorite vlogger, The Amazing Atheist, and he said something that actually got me to thinking.  It was a pretty smart thought, and I will share it for all of you –

To me, it’s never made sense to kill killers to demonstrate that killing is wrong.  To me, all that says is that killing is wrong if you’re a person, but it’s okay if you’re a giant bureaucracy which derives its authority from…I don’t know, bacon.”

So yeah, that actually put it in perspective for me.  As an ethical person, why exactly should a government have the right to kill people?  TJ made another great point in the video that this came from where he said that if a person says that they are conservative, ask them where they stand on the death penalty.  They are for small government but they believe that the government should have the right to kill people?!  I’ve met a lot of Libertarians who had no problem with it either, but I have believed them to be bleeding hypocrits ever since I took notice of the cultish following that Ron Paul has gotten.

The fact is that the penalty of death has never done anything to reduce crime.  People who are going to kill other people, as I said above, are already mentally unbalanced.  I don’t blame the guns, books, or whatever they use to justify their actions, I blame them.  And the idea that death is going to stop them, or the threat of death, has always been complete nonsense.  Really, why would a person who lives in poverty care if they are going to be killed for doing something wrong?  A big problem with America’s prison system is that if often makes people not rehabilitated, but worse for the experience.  Death has never been a good argument, and getting rid of people because they broke a law seems more like fascism to me than anything else.

State sanctioned murder has never seemed all that smart to me.  Never mind the problems our legal system already has, but I would have thought that this was a no-brainer.  Oh, right, like so many other areas of government, it is incompetant.  I forgot for a few there.

Until next time, a quote,

“There’s always some emotional angle to look at the issues from, but we don’t look at issues from emotional angles.  At least, we’re not supposed to!  We’re supposed to be intelligent!  Emotions are a factor, but you’ve got to put them in context.”  -TJ Kincaid, Death Penalty for Abusive Cops?

Peace out,