An Economy for Evil People

It’s hard to escape all the talk about the coronavirus right now, isn’t it?  I myself am concerned, mostly because I am being forced to go to work when it is spreading rapidly in my city because the governor of my state is a complete ass-clown who seems to be just perfect for a growing chorus of people on the right.  As more cases are spreading rapidly across America due to either the public being willfully ignorant of the danger, or a situation having reached critical mass in a given area, hospitals are being taxed and fear of having enough medical supplies and how to triage who lives and dies becomes a growing issue.

In the midst of this, there is a growing chorus of people who have a rather, shall we say, “controversial” take on the situation.  It’s one of the most absurd and insane things I’ve ever heard.  It harkens back to a belief I have about those who lead this country – that a vast majority of them are pure evil.  See, the economy is hurting on this.  It’s looking absolutely inevitable that another Great Depression is coming.  The COVID-19 pandemic is going to be a defining moment not just for my generation, but in American history.  In global history, really.  But the economic destruction has not gone unnoticed by the rich and powerful.  Indeed, more and more of them are demanding that the government pay them money to keep their businesses afloat.  Then, when the government gives them money, none of it goes to the workers.  And that’s not even to speak about the companies who have tried to make the most of this situation.  Glad that GameStop finally got theirs.  Too long coming, if you ask me.

There are some, however, who are opining the economic collapse so much that they have a solution to keep their precious economy intact that is equal parts evil and crazy.  They have reasoned that there’s really no reason to go through all these hoops to protect people from the coronavirus.  Instead, why not just do nothing?  That’s right, do absolutely nothing to stop the spread.  After all, how many people could it possibly kill?  What’s that?  Roughly 161 million worldwide?  Well that isn’t so bad.  With a global population of 7.7 billion, 161 million isn’t that huge a loss, is it?  Any less is acceptable to keep their magical economy from hurting.  Why should their care if some of the least among us die?  Their fortunes might suffer!

For a long time, I’ve believed that people like Ray Comfort and Kenneth Copeland and anyone in the Vatican are just as much of an atheist as I am.  They pay lip service to belief in God, but at the end of the day, all they really care about is money.  It seems we can add a ton of Republicans to the list as well.  That’s the god that they worship.  And so long as their god pays them in great amounts, they will sing his praises.  But then you see what they are really afraid of losing.  The thing that genuinely frightens them.  These are the people who were worshipping the golden calf when Moses came down from the mountain.  The people in Dogma at the fast food restaurant that Loki killed.  All they care about is money, and if a few hundred million people die to make sure their funds don’t dry up, is that really so bad?

I just love how much lip service Republican politicians do to their belief in God.  It’s adorable.  But deep down, I know it’s all bullshit.  Their God is money.  Green pieces of paper, and lots of them.  After all, who are they looking to save in this economic disaster?  Why the corporations, of course!  The people who pay them huge amounts so they can do whatever makes them happy.  So they can stay in office.  Because that’s all that matters.  Staying in office so they can enact more legislation to give their corporate masters even more money.  Granted, the Democrats are no better in this regard.  At least not the establishment ones.  They are all just as big of whores for the military-industrial complex, the private healthcare industry, and the same companies begging to be bailed out because of the current crisis.  Multi-billion dollar corporations.  The poor dears.  Don’t you feel bad for them?  I sure do.

I think about all the people I know, the low-information conservative voters who see all the lip service that Republicans give to religion, and I think to myself – do ANY of them see through this?  Does anybody realize that all of this is just a dog and pony show, and that their real God is dollar bills?  Tens of millions of dollar bills.  This country makes me sick sometimes.  It’s a time when the better angels of people’s nature should be coming out, and what is?  Greed.  Finding ways they can screw over the common man to make more money.  That’s the country I live in right now.  In this awful crisis, there are actual real human being arguing that we should just let people die because keeping them alive is hurting their precious economy.

Where does it end?  From where I’m sitting, the only way it can end is if the poor actually do rise up and murder the rich.  But Americans don’t have the stomach for that.  We have no politicians who stand for the people.  Well, we do, but they are shouted down and the entire party is weaponized against them.  Look at how the establishment has destroyed Bernie Sanders.  A man who isn’t just paying lip service to helping people.  He’s a believer.  The kind of politician who comes ever 200 years, and now the whole system is so corrupt that he’s basically powerless against it.  We live in a perfect economy for evil people.  Because being anything else means you get nothing done.

But at least now I can demonstrably prove that Republicans are full of shit when they talk about their religious beliefs.  Too bad their voting base is too indoctrinated into the party to ever see them for what they are.  Though, I could say the same thing about party Democrats too…

Until next time, a quote,

“Everybody complains about politicians.  Everybody says they suck.  Well, where do people think these politicians come from?  They don’t fall out of the sky.  They don’t pass through a membrane from another reality.  They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American universities, and they are elected by American citizens.  This is the best we can do, folks!  This is what we have to offer.  It’s what our system produces.  Garbage in, garbage out.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Christian Greed is Amusing

Perhaps you’ve been at a family event and you’ve heard relatives of yours talking about politics or whatever, and something along the lines of this gets said – “Why should my money help those losers who don’t wanna work?  If they’re so poor, they should get a job!  I don’t want my money going to healthcare for these people!”  It’s a line I’ve heard versions of for a very long time.  See, my extended family is conservative as fuck.  I come from a state that is red to the bone.  A girly-mate of mine described it as Texas, but with snow.  So as one might imagine, being the liberal at these events can be a little tiresome.  Not just the liberal, but the liberal atheist.  Oh yes, the heathen who is gonna be taking me a one-way trip to Hell when I die.  I’ve heard it all.

But when they go off about not wanting their money to go to the poor, it always does tickle me a bit inside.  Why?  Because there seems to be this shield that they all have to irony that just blows my mind.  With all their devotion to God, you’d think some of his son’s (who is also him) teachings would have stuck with them a little.  I’m sure that Jesus wouldn’t want you to help the poor.  Yeah, he definitely wouldn’t have wanted your money to help anyone in need.  The poor should just get a job, right?  What’s that?  He didn’t say that?  Well, what did he say?

Gospel of Luke 21:1-4 – Jesus looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the offering box, and he saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. And he said, “Truly, I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

1 John 3:17 – But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?

Gospel of Luke 12:33 – Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys.

Well shit.  I guess that it is commanded by God that you give all of what you have to those in need.  That the rich can give of plenty, but when the poorest give of what little they have, it’s seen as so much more because they gave out of their poverty.  Jesus even talks about how you should give all of what you possess away.  That wealth in this world is worth nothing, and by giving it all away, you achieve wealth in the next life.  Oh hey, about being rich and being godly, I’m sure he had a couple quotes about that as well.

Gospel of Matthew 6:1-4 – “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Gospel of Matthew 19:24 – “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Oh dear.  So all the conservative rich pricks who preach about their godliness to everyone who will hear it, then ask for donations from everyone who will pay?  They sure did fit that first passage to a fault.

Now, for those who will come back at a liberal heathen atheist asking what I do for the poor, I’m glad you ask.  I have a list of charities I give to every year.  I’m very finicky about which ones I do, because I have seen charities that squander their donations.  So, here is my list of charities and non-profits that I give to regularly: Planned Parenthood, Wounded Warriors (hooyah), Doctors Without Borders, PBS, World Wildlife Fund, Oceana, The Nature Conservancy, and the International Women’s Health Coalition.  Admittedly a lot of those charities are nature focused. But since humanity is awful and does nothing to try and help itself, I figure a group trying to help cute animals whose only crime is humanity’s existence on this planet might as well get a hand.

I ain’t claiming that I am giving a massive chunk of my income.  But I do donate annually, and I am poor as fuck.  I don’t give out of plenty, but I give all the same.  More than some do.  Hell, more than most do.  But there’s more.  See, I’m really tired of my tax dollars going to help America bomb people in the Middle East with drones, which we have proof kills vastly more innocence than it does named targets.  Now, I hear these same conservative good Christian types talking all about how they don’t want their money going to help losers, but at the same time are all about the military.  Personally, I support the military by wanting to bring our men and women home, getting them out of harm’s way.  The VA could also use some reform.  I know a dear girly-mate in the Navy who was screwed so hard by them that it nearly cost her her career in the service.  It’s funny how the military bitches about not enough people enlisting, then works so hard to fuck over those who serve.

As you might imagine, I support a candidate like Bernie Sanders.  He supports a lot of the points I am for.  He wants to make it so that a person who works a 40-hour work week doesn’t have to go on public assistance to survive, regardless of their profession.  Hey, there’s a way we can make it so that we don’t have to have public money going to the poor!  Have these big corporations pay their employees a living wage.  That’s a thought.  Oh, and I’m also a big proponent of universal healthcare in America.  This idea that the wealthiest nation in the world is the ONLY first-world nation without it is just baffling to me.  So many argue it couldn’t be done here.  I point to the ENTIRE FIRST WORLD and ask what about America is different than them, and it works everywhere.  Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it works.

You know, I think there’s some quotes from Jesus about healing the sick and tending to the needy.

Gospel of Matthew 14:14 – When He went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them and healed their sick

Gospel of Matthew 15:30 – And large crowds came to Him, bringing with them those who were lame, crippled, blind, mute, and many others, and they laid them down at His feet; and He healed them.

Gospel of Matthew 9:35 – Jesus was going through all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness.

Huh, I wonder how much he asked of them?  What was the price of Jesus’ healing?  What’s that?  He never asked for anything?  Ever?!  Holy shit!  It’s almost like he was a decent person and used the power he had to do good for as many people as he could.  He would even go into the towns of his enemies and heal all those who were brought before him.  Because all were welcome in his presence.  He would even go with those who asked him to come to where the sick were.  A pretty good guy.

It makes you wonder what he would think of the people who preach his name, yet have so much greed in their hearts.  Doesn’t it?  I wonder what he would think of those on Fox News who argue that their money shouldn’t go to the least among us, but in the same breath will talk about America being a Christian nation.  Hell, given how Christianity has taken his preaching and basically uses it as a shield for the various party’s personal bigotry, you realize that Jesus is as much of a token to the church as Col. Sanders is to KFC.  The only difference is that Sanders was bought out.  Jesus was sold out.  If he were to ever come back, he should sue to the damn churches for illegal usage of his likeness.  Well, the western version.  In reality, Jesus would have been a brown-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew.  The kind of people that our precious military kills in drone strikes.  I bet he’d have something to say about that too.

The longer I’m alive, the more I realize that religious belief in this country, on a very large scale, is just a cover for personal prejudice.  Don’t like gays?  Jesus doesn’t either!  Don’t wanna help the poor?  Jesus wouldn’t be one of these socialist commies!  Don’t like abortion?  Oh you better believe that Jesus had opinions on that!  Whatever you personal belief structure is that you can cherry-pick out of the Bible while ignoring everything else, you bet that Jesus is totally behind it!  It’s a-okay to him!  It’s almost like he can read your mind!  You know, which is where he lives.  In your head.  Like an imaginary friend.

I’m an atheist.  I think it’s all bullshit.  But if Jesus were to come back tomorrow, I’m dead positive he would a higher opinion of me than he would the vast majority of viewers of Fox News.

Until next time, a quote,

“Truth,” said a traveler,
“Is a rock, a mighty fortress;
“Often have I been to it;
“Even to its highest tower,
“From whence the world looks black.”

“Truth,” said a traveler,
“Is a breath, a wind,
“A shadow, a phantom;
“Long have I pursued it,
“But never have I touched
“The hem of its garments.” – Stephen Crane

Peace out,


So Your Feelings Prove There’s An Afterlife? (A response to Dennis Prager)

One of the big modern conservative talking points is that they are “facts before feelings.”  They don’t need pathos, they have logic and reason on their side.  All those leftist (a term I still hate) snowflakes just appeal to emotions and attack people they don’t like!  So the mantra goes.  You know, until you say something that Ben Shapiro doesn’t like.  Then he immediately runs to “anti-semite!”  Or if you say something Jordan Peterson doesn’t like, and then he talks about how he wants to assault you.  And don’t even get me started on what a thin-skinned little bitch Trump is.  The story with the USS John McCain was fucking hilarious.  This guy is the Napoleon of little bitches.

So it doesn’t surprise me that Dennis Prager decided to make a video about the existence of the afterlife, and rather than making any kind of rational argument, he immediately runs to the emotional appeal.  Same as he did when making his perfectly logical defense of the death penalty.  I’m sure he considers himself “pro-life” too.  Conservative America is big on being full of shit in that department.  Let’s watch the video, then we’ll talk about it.

He begins by asking – is there and afterlife?  Nope.  Glad we got that out of the way.  All of your existence is tied in to the brain, which has your personality, emotions, actions, and ability to feel anything.  Without that, you’d die.  So yeah, the idea that life continues after that is gone is ludicrous.  His answer is just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard – if there is a god, there is an afterlife.  How could you possibly know that?  Assuming that a deist god of unknown properties exists, how does that immediately correlate to there being an afterlife?  There could be a deist god and still be no afterlife.  Or after you die, you could become part of some greater subconscious, a la Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.  What happens after death is something that no one really knows, but the possibilities are potentially limitless if a deist god does exist.  However, since none has been proven, the reality is that it is almost certain that after you die, you blink out of existence.  Not the most comforting thought, but there it is.

Then we get into the emotional appeal.  Prager argues that the world is filled with injustice, and since those guilty of injustice aren’t punished in this life, the only way they get punishment is in the next one, from some kind of Hell concept.  So not only are we going to stipulate that a deist god has to be involved, but there has to be a concept of Hell too.  How do you know that’s a thing?  How do you know the deist God doesn’t just sent everyone to the same place?  You make so many assertions, without proving any of them.  This is all just emotional bullshit.

We then get to him acknowledging that this afterlife pathos he argues for only exists if the deist god is “good and just.”  Well then, that rules out the god you believe in.  He sent bears to maul children for making fun of his prophet being bald.  He commanded his armies to kill pregnant women and smash the heads of babies against rocks, along with taking the virgin girls as sex slaves.  His only son said that he wasn’t here to bring peace but a sword.  Makes me wonder who you’re talking about.  Oh wait, you’re not gonna defend this position.  It’s just a postulation you’re making to be able to justify your point of view.  Brilliant.

Your next postulation is that the physical reality we exist in isn’t the only reality.  Wow.  I’m sure he’s not talking about alternate universes, which is an easy thing to believe in.  After all, nothing in this universe exists in ones, so why is there only one universe?  No, he’s talking about some ethereal plane of existence that just exists.  In addition, part of this postulation is that the soul is real and it exists there.  Just…wow.  So many things without one lick of evidence.  It’s all just a thought he has.  None of this has any basis in fact.  None of this has any amount of proof.  It’s just him talking.

He briefly acknowledges atheists like me who think all of this is bullshit, but his counter-argument is – if you believe the stuff I do, there is an afterlife!  O-kay.  I guess so.  To you.  But reality doesn’t just conform to the way you want it to be.  He says that if there is a god, but no afterlife, then that god is cruel.  Um…are you really opening this can of worms, Prager?  I mean, the deity you believed in condones murder, has a punishment for rape that is a bad joke, doesn’t like women, has no real compunction against abortion since there is a passage where he talks about forcing women accused of adultery to drink “bitter water” that causes a miscarriage, and is unfathomably petty.  Not to mention, he created a realm of existence where you are tortured forever and ever until the end of time, but claims that he loves you.  The existence of a mythical heaven doesn’t negate these traits, dude.

Again acknowledging the other side of the argument, he says that those who don’t believe say that immortality is gained through the good works that people do, and the memories of those who loved them.  Yeah, that makes perfect sense.  The great writers and painters and intellectuals and those who made a mark of society are remembered through those works.  I read Michael Crichton’s books, and he lives on in me loving them.  But naturally, Prager doesn’t accept this.  He said “that’s what they want to believe.”  How is it untrue?  His argument is that it’s “meaningless.”  Um, no, dumbass.  It’s meaning that the individual has for their own life.  Meaning is something unique to everybody.  Some people find meaning through making lots of offspring and furthering the overpopulation of this planet.  Some people find meaning through travel, or making works of art, or leaving their mark in a career.  Every person has their own sense of meaning.  You are spitting on all of those people’s beliefs because they don’t have your sense of belief about the nature of reality.  Fuck you.

Then he goes on to make one of the most insulting arguments that I’ve ever heard – dead children and dead babies cannot leave behind good works.  What a fucking asshole.  I have a cousin who had a Down Syndrome baby who didn’t live to see their first birthday.  But that child lives on in the heart of the parents who had him.  You spit on that child’s memory because it was too young to accomplish great things.  Maybe you missed that bit about living on in people’s hearts, you unsympathetic pile of shit.

His next argument is that bad works usually live longer than good ones.  I mean…I guess?  It depends on who it is.  Bad things are happening all over the world right now that nobody outside of those they are happening to will ever remember.  I can’t tell you what warlord is slaughtering people in some African nation right now, but I can tell you what I read about in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s latest book.  Part of the problem is that in modern society, where we have click-bait Internet news that loves a good bad story is that it makes it harder to see the bright side.  That is a problem and I do think it needs to be addressed.  But that’s a problem society has to deal with.  We have an issue with nihilism and the despair that comes with it encroaching on society and causing suicide rates to spike.  We have a lot of work to do.  Not that you care, you unrepentant prick.

Then he goes after people who don’t have children.  Because I guess only children can have someone live on in their memories?  Yeah, because fuck extended family, friends, loved ones of all stripes, the occasional fur-baby.  This idea that we need children to have meaning in such bullshit.  This is part of the problem.  We venerate parenthood.  Especially motherhood.  It needs to stop.  Overpopulation is killing our species.  It’s an unpopular opinion, but it’s true.  He goes on to say that living on in anyone’s memory isn’t immortality.  Well yeah, Prager.  It’s not.  Immortality in the strictest sense isn’t real.  At least not with the current scientific knowledge.  I’m sure the day will come that people live forever.  That sounds awful, to me.  The idea of being stuck having to work a job and do this same shit that I do now, over and over for all time, that sounds like my personal definition of Hell.  Screw the lake of fire.  At least there I’d talk to some unique people.  Being stuck in the cubicle I’m in now sounds like real Hell.

So all of this culminates with him saying that without an afterlife, we don’t live on.  Period.  He decided that his “brilliant” refutation of this is so profound that he destroyed the counter-arguments one could make.  Gee, seems like I broke down his positions pretty handily.  So no, it isn’t “period”, Prager.  Maybe to you, but not me.  We then go back to the emotional appeal – you won’t see your family again!  Your murderer won’t get punished!  He describes it as a roll of the dice.  Not entirely, moron.  Half of the things in life will be things you have no control over.  Half will be things you do.  It’s up to you to know the difference.  That’s part of the human experience.  One that you get to wall yourself off from, waiting for that day you die and then get to go to your sky-daddy and be told how awesome you are.  Though, I believe there was some religious figure you confirmed that there is no sex in Heaven.  Fuck that.  I’m not getting any in this life.  Why would I want to go to an afterlife where I still get none?

It ends with him recapping his emotional appeal, and saying that his belief in God and the afterlife keeps him sane.  Well, buddy, you do you.  If it weren’t for the fact that you are part of a conservative think that that shits on science and reality, I wouldn’t care.  You’re an idiot with stupid ideas.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

Until next time, a quote,

“The worst thing about war is the effect on children. If they’re lucky, they’re raised believing the galaxy is a good place.  Some rough spots here and there, but overall, life makes sense.  Now they find out that everything they were told is a lie.  That there are monsters in the shadows that want to destroy them and everyone they care about.  If we succeed, there are going to be a lot of angry orphans, looking for answers.” – Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,


Let’s Answer a Question You Should Ask Your Non-Christian Friends

For those who didn’t know, in addition to being a filthy liberal, I’m also a heathen atheist.  I have heard all the arguments for the existence of God, and I find them all to be lacking.  I don’t go into this all that much anymore, because my days of being the anti-religion shit-kicker are long behind me.  Not to mention, I haven’t heard an original argument.  However, I was made aware of this video, that has a Christian speaker who has a question that can seal the deal on turning a non-believer into a believer.  Okay, let’s hope this is an original argument.  Let’s watch this video, and then we’ll talk about it.

We start off with a very timid girl asking a question while chewing gum (that is so annoying.  Don’t be one of those people) wanting to know how to get through to her non-believer friends.  This dude’s answer should be good.

He begins by saying that this is the question he has when he goes “back and forth” with non-believers and feels there is “some resistance.”  Yeah, resistance to his religious nonsense that I genuinely don’t understand how people can believe.  It is so ludicrous on the face of it.  The idea that there is a magic man in the sky who created everything.  How can anyone buy that?  Not a rhetorical question.  Feel free to try your shot at giving me an original argument.

Then he says the question – if Christianity were true, would you become a Christian?  What?!  That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!  For starters, you have to not only prove that God is real, but that the God that’s real is the one you believe in.  The ego of this assertion is mind-boggling.  I’m supposed to be unable to answer this?  Really?  Because my answer is easy – assuming you could prove that not only does a deity exist, but it’s the one that you believe in, my answer is – no.  I wouldn’t.  Why?  Because this deity of yours is sitting back and doing fuck-all while humanity is both fucking and polluting ourselves into extinction.  While children are getting limbs blown off by landmines.  While there are parasites designed to eat brains.  That’s all they do.  This world is a festering pile of shit, and if you can prove to me that your God exists, I would point to that and then ask the holier-than-thou fuck why he expects me to be cool with that.  I’d ask where he gets off think that that is okay.

Now of course, you’d say “then I guess you aren’t going to Heaven.”  Fine by me.  I want no part of a Heaven that the God this man worships is involved with.  A God who is small.  Who created this massive, incredible universe, but for some reason actually cares where a man sticks his penis.  A God who was able to create the countless worlds in the ever-expanding vastness of our universe, yet decided to send a bear to maul children to death for making fun of one of his prophets.  A God who is able to create life from absolutely nothing, as it says in Genesis, yet is also very concerned if a youth is bad-mouthing their parents.  Yeah, I want NOTHING to do with that God.  Not one damn thing.

The dude decides to make my point for me and say that other atheists have had the same answer I have.  Okay.  Curious to see what his rebuttal is to this position.  He begins by saying that because atheists claim to be reasonable, but then says that if something is proven to be true, would we believe it, and says we don’t.  Wait a minute!  That ain’t what you asked, dude.  You asked that if Christianity were proven to be true, would we become Christian.  Asking that and then asking if I believe it are two very different things.  I would not become a Christian because the God you worship is either malevolent, incapable, or not a deity at all.  Your God is pathetic, yet demands that we all think that he’s all-knowing, all-loving, and completely omnipotent.  Why would I want to become part of you?  Believing in something that has been proven and accepting that and following it are two very different things.  As if your beliefs being proven would be so powerful that I would have to instantly become a Christian on the spot.  No.

I love when Christians do this.  They try and make a point but then turn it into something else.  The reason they do this is because they know that they can’t win a straight argument with someone who is an educated non-believer.  Their beliefs don’t hold up to scrutiny.  So instead they have to make it about something else.  They have to take their points and then stealthfully tweak them to an argument that works for them.  Kirk Cameron was cited pointing this out by telling people to get around atheist’s logic and appeal directly to their emotions.  This dude is dealing with a strawman who is really stupid and wouldn’t see what he did there.  Idiot.

We then get into “they just want to be God of their own lives.”  Ugh.  I was really hoping for an original argument.  I really, really was.  I hoped this dude had something I haven’t heard before.  Armoured Skeptic once said he’d give up his left nipple for an original religious argument, and part of me wants to go in on him with that, before he moved on to other things.  Dude, you are the God of your own life.  Why?  Because God follows all the same values and prejudices that you do.  Find any Christian, and they will tell you that God and Jesus think all the same things they do.  It’s quite something.  Don’t like gay people?  Neither does God.  Don’t like openly sexual people?  Neither does God.  Don’t like the idea of your money going to help people you don’t like?  Well, you can make it so your God doesn’t like that either.  It’s really amazing.  It’s almost like the fucker can read your mind.  Isn’t that amazing?

Oh, we got another question!  Wait, never mind.  It’s him asking the audience if the non-believer they want to convert is someone who is “actively seeking truth” or just someone who is openly hostile to religion.  Wow.  Strawman Atheist strikes again!  Dude, I do look for truth.  The difference is, your world has no truth.  You believe in a magic man who has properties that could not be real if not for magic.  It’s a fact.  He flooded the Earth and had two of every animal in a boat and then had all those animals spread across the world without leaving any trace of themselves.  Magic!  He had a dude with Hulk strength all because of his hair.  Magic!  He created a man by forming dirt and then breathing into it.  Magic!  He turned a woman into a pillar of salt.  Well, that one could be the Crimson Alchemist.  Oh wait, it’s magic!  There is no truth in what you have to say.  I’m not openly hostile to your religion.  I’ve just heard all the arguments and found it wanting.

And what do you know, his audience agrees with him!  When he asks if the person the audience is thinking of is seeking truth, none of them raise their hands.  It’s all just hostility towards God and the idea of God.  This argument is so fucking dumb.  I’ve heard it all a thousand times in a thousands different forms.  “You just want the freedom to sin!”  “You just don’t wanna believe in God!  The evidence is everywhere!”  And naturally this dude sits in a room full of people who agree with him and they can all have their confirmation bias safely stoked without any fear of contradiction.  Because that’s how the Christian world works.  A magical echo chamber, just like pretty much every other group in this country.

He concludes saying to just pray for the person who doesn’t believe in God and that will do the trick, because they’ll have some tribulation in their lives that will bring them to Jesus.  Bullshit.  I’ve had a TON of tribulation, never once did I think Jesus could do anything for me.  It’s all a crock.  But whatever.  That’s the world we live in.

So, this was stupid.  I beat that argument to death fairly easily.  Always hoping for that one person who asks me a question that really gets me thinking.  A man can dream, after all.

Until next time, a quote,

“But in the bullshit department, a businessman can’t hold a candle to a clergyman.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Let’s Answer 10 Questions Atheists CANNOT Answer

Another day, another religious person who has a video they’ve made asking ten questions that they claim no atheist can answer.  None.  We’re all stumped by these ten questions.  Alright, Christian.  You’ve got my attention.  Here’s a link to the video in question (pun intended), now let’s get started.

Do you believe science answers everything?

No, I don’t.  There are plenty of things that science doesn’t know.  The difference is that the science is willing to admit the things it doesn’t know.  It is the pursuit of knowledge.  And that knowledge has to be tested, because sometimes it is wrong.  When was the last time that your religious book was updated?

Why do atheists care if people worship God?

You know, if everyone was civil to one-another, and didn’t try and use their religious beliefs as justification for violence and hate, I wouldn’t.  No joke, I would think that you are misguided, but live and let live.  The problem is, I know too many people like my girly-mate who was kicked out of her home because she’s gay.  It’s a sin and God hates it.  That’s why she lost her home at the tender age of 15.  So many religious people claim that religion isn’t hurting anyone, but between the violence that Islam inspires, to the hate that conservative believers of the Bible do, you cannot argue that it doesn’t.

Can nothing create something?

How do you know there was nothing?  How do you know that the universe hasn’t always existed in one form or another?  How do you know that our universe wasn’t birthed into existence because of another universe?  Not to mention, since this is the cosmological argument, and the argument is that you needed a God to create the universe, what created your god?  Why does that have to come from nothing?  Man, these questions aren’t stumping me the way the title of this video suggests.

How do you know God doesn’t exist?

I’m not a nostic atheist.  I don’t know for certain.  The existence of a God with unknown properties is an unfalsifiable hypothesis.  You can’t prove he does exist, just like I can’t prove he doesn’t.  However, atheism isn’t a claim on that.  It’s a claim that, given what I’ve learned and the lack of evidence of this Christian God out there, I do not believe that he does exist.  Christians love to argue that atheists just think – God not real!  But in reality, there are some who do, and some who don’t.  However, your evidence for the existence of God does not hold up to scrutiny.  Especially your god.  Like I said, a God whose properties are up the air, I cannot disprove.  But your God, who is wrathful, prejudiced, ignorant of the world as if he was created by desert primitives, that part I can disprove.

What is the origin of life?

I don’t know.  It’s one of the big questions that science is trying to answer.  There is the prevailing theory of abiogenesis, but it hasn’t been proven.  Science is the perspective of cosmic humility.  It doesn’t say “I have a book of desert fairytales!  Therefore I know everything!”  It says “that’s an intriguing question.  Let’s find an answer.”  The thing that a lot of religious people take for granted is that one day, science will be able to create life in a laboratory setting.  It will be basic life, sure, but we will be able to create it based on the tools that exist in the real world.  No spiritual powers required.  On that day, religion is going to be pushed up against a wall because one of the last bastions it has will be gone.

Where does morality come from?

From those in power.  People in power give moral systems to those under them.  This idea that religious people have of “objective morality” doesn’t exist.  The closest we will come to seeing that is with empathy.  But some people have more empathy than others, so it’s not a perfect system.  But every culture throughout history has had a different sense of morality.  Hell, your own book has differing sets of morality from the Old Testament to the New.  So yeah, it’s not holy.  It’s human.

If you were given evidence of God, would you become a Christian?

Assuming it stands up to scientific scrutiny, I’d believe that God exists.  Though, given how many horrible things this all-powerful being sits back and does NOTHING about, I don’t think I’d want to follow him.  As Stephen Fry put it, I’d have some words for the guy if we met.  Heaven be damned.

Why are there no transitional forms in the present?

Human perspective has this really dumb thing where it doesn’t understand how long it takes for speciation to occur.  We live short lives.  On the grand scale of the growth of life in the universe, our time has been unfathomably short.  Shorten down the growth of life on Earth to a day, and humanity as we know it today wouldn’t have existed until literally one second ago.  It takes hundreds of generations for complete speciation to occur.  Though, we can see smaller versions of it.  Like when a species that can breed together is suddenly separated by a seismic event or something of that nature.  Then they evolve in different paths, and when they find each other again, they can’t breed.  That is one example

Do you live according to what you believe, or your lack of belief?

I live based on my own sense of integrity that has been informed by years of being alive.  It has been informed by my sense of empathy, and my experiences of over 30 years of being alive on this world.  It isn’t a belief that guides my life.  It’s values I have culminated over my entire life.  And yeah, part of that is not believing in God, but that is just a small pieces of a much larger tapestry that is myself.  Ya dig?

If God exists, will you not lose your soul when you die?

What?  I don’t even get the written question.  However, I think the question he speaks out loud is more toward what he is talking about.  He basically puts out Pascal’s Wager.  The idea that if I die and don’t believe in God, I risk more than the Christian.  Well, let me put it to you – what if you religion is wrong?  What if you end up in the same Hell as me?  What if the real God sees your faith in this fake God and sends you to Hell, but rewards me for not believing in it and welcomes me to Heaven?  There are an infinite number of permutations of this thought process where either we both lose, or you lose and I win.

But to put it another way – I would rather not sacrifice my intellect to a belief that makes no fucking sense because I am afraid of a mythical place that doesn’t even make scientific sense.  After all, only our bodies can feel pain.  That’s where the nerve endings are.  Do souls have the ability to feel pain?  Since a soul has NEVER been demonstrated to exist, how do you prove that they can feel pain?  This whole wager makes no sense on any level, and thus I have never bought into it.

And that’s all the questions that an atheist CANNOT answer.  I answered all of them pretty handily.  Yay!  This guy is another stupid creationist.  Wow…

Until next time, a quote,

“I’d say, ‘bone cancer in children?  What’s that about?  How dare you!  How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault.  It’s not right.  It’s utterly, utterly evil.  Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God, who creates a world that is so filled with injustice and?’ That’s what I’d say” – Stephen Fry

Peace out,


Our Government Cares More About Votes Than Protecting Children

As hopefully most of you are, I am absolutely disgusted by what has been coming out recently about the Catholic Church and the allegations of sexual abuse that goes even to the highest level.  Pope Jorge hasn’t denied knowing about the abuse from the most recent figure, so that must mean he is in on the scam.  All the people who talked about how THIS Pope was going to be the big change for the Catholic Church – where the fuck are you now?!  Huh?!  All that change?  Bullshit.  Smoke and mirrors.  And that is why he is Jorge, in my eyes.  That’s his given name, and he has NOT earned his fictional Pope name.  Not by a long-shot.

It is long past time that the American government cracked down on this.  It is LONG past time that the Catholic Church started to feel afraid of the long arm of the law.  If not vigilante justice.  I don’t say that idly.  The fact that it has come to that is only due to the government not doing a fucking thing.  Not in a big way.  You have a few states doing a few things, but in reality, it’s all bullshit.  Hell, there was a story I read about how the Church itself allowed a judge in one state to review the matter.  The Church allowed it?!  Since when do these child-fucking pieces of shit get the freedom to deny our government anything?!  Since when do we need their fucking permission?!

Over the years, I’ve been looking at how our government conducts itself, and something truly horrible had come to me.  See, the real question is – why hasn’t the government done anything sooner?  It’s not even a public secret at this point that members of the clergy are abusing children.  It’s outright public knowledge.  Yet nothing still happens.  Why is this?  It’s simple – political calculus.  See, the government does a simple thing. They know that there are a ton of Catholics in this country.  For reasons I will never understand.  How someone can be attached to an organization that protects pedophiles and still feel morally superior is beyond me.  If you are an average citizen and you support the Church, I want you to accept that you support pedophiles.  It’s a fact.  But I digress.

The government does a calculus asking if it’s better to lose the votes of Catholics than to actually step up and protect the children.  And their math has come down to the fact that it’s better to let the pedophiles and their pedophile protection racket continue their dirty business of what amounts to sex trafficking (no joke, that’s part of it.  Look at the report out of Philadelphia.  That reads like what should be every parent’s nightmare), because they don’t want to lose the votes of the retards who fill their pews.  The useful idiots of a corrupt aristocracy who is perfectly content moving sexual predators around so they can abuse more children.

How can I properly explain how much I LOATHE the Catholic Church?  I need more descriptive terms.  They are hucksters.  They are charlatans.  They are enablers.  They are mafia wives.  They are predators.  They are pedophiles.  They are child-fuckers.  They are pretty much psychopathic with their utter lack of empathy in the face of what happens.  They are an aristocracy who is worse than the cops in how they protect their own from ACTUAL justice.  They are salesmen of lies, using the fear of Hell to instill their faith into the very children who are at risk from the pedophiles in their ranks that they couldn’t care less to protect.  They tell people to pray for the victims than demand justice!  They are assholes, intellectual-slaveholders, aristocrats, unsympathetic, uncaring, can’t-be-bothered to do the right thing, arrogant, privileged, scum-sucking, cock-sucking, gay-bashing, woman-hating (pro-life is anti-woman.  Fact), corrupt, narrative-spinning pieces of shit!  Fuck Catholicism and all who support it!

But lest we forget that our government doesn’t just not care about children from pedophiles.  They don’t care about them from murderers, either.  I wonder how many school shootings there will be there year.  More and more bodies that you could lay at the feet of our elected officials and all they would do is say how sorry they are for what happened.  All while the NRA pays them huge sums of money to do fuck-all.  Even the most basic tightening of gun regulations?  Nope!  Because that would violate our freedom!  They’re gonna take our guns!  What’s that?  They aren’t?  They just want some basic legislation like having to register all firearms and have a license before you own one?  Making it so you can’t just sell a gun to a person, but have to go through a process like selling a car?  That hurts our freedom!  For…reasons!

It blows my mind how sociopathic everyone in power in this country is.  They will let pedophiles philander, and arm murderers, all so they don’t have to risk any fucking votes.  I swear, there will be a politician who does nothing but vote on their conscience someday, and every media outlet and government official will malign them until Hell freezes over.  Because we can’t have a government that actually gives one dusty fuck about the people it is supposed to represent.  It doesn’t.  They don’t care about ANY of you!  Don’t believe me?!  Take a look at who actually runs this government.  The corporations who feed astronomical sums of money into their coffers.  See what kinds of people they are, and then you realize who our government is.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t vote.  Because humanity fucking sucks, and there isn’t a single person who is actually gonna do a goddamn thing to make it better!  Fuck the morons who say otherwise.

Until next time, a quote,

“This is the best we can do, folks!  Garbage in, garbage out!” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Your Pro-Gun Fantasies are Delusional (A response to Josh Feuerstein)

Man, I haven’t gone after a super-religious idiot in a very long time.  In my early days on this site, I had a lot of posts ripping on religion and some of the idiots who follow it.  I am firmly an atheist and think that people who need religion in their lives are people who are afraid of reality.  But the topic got old and it was basically beating a dead horse while playing a broken record.  It got pretty stale.  But I have always had at least a passing eye on the insanity that is Josh Feuerstein.  For those who don’t know, he’s an insanely religious man who is absurdly popular on Facebook.  His page has millions of likes.  It’s bananas.

The guy is also something of a scam artist.  Not just because of the beliefs that he touts, though there is that.  But he was able to crowd-fund over $60,000 for a special camera, but clearly still does video on his phone.  Yeah, money I’m sure well spent, given how obesity is clearly the biggest problem he has.  That and an inflated ego.  Many years ago he went after the biggest YouTube atheist, The Amazing Atheist, because TJ had responded to his most popular video – where he “disproves” evolution.  It was sad, to say the least.

Over the years, Josh has become something of a marvel of Christian stupidity.  This guy is not only a firm fundamentalist Christian, but he also is a radical conservative as well.  So naturally, when the Supreme Court cast its ruling that allowed gay marriage to be legal in all 50 states, Josh was against it.  Yet he took great umbrage when people called him a bigot because of that.  Funny how that works.  Oh, and he also in the videos where he said “Obama done did it” about gay marriage, he said that it was the beginning of the “Christian Holocaust” and held up a gun to say that he would fight the government.

Josh fancies himself one of these people who would start some kind of civil war against the government if they ever step out of line.  The reality is that he is one of a plethora of fat-ass conservatives who would fight the government for all of 20 minutes, until they blast him and his little obese army of “patriots” with a drone.  Any war against the government in the 21st century would very, very short-lived.  He is one of these people who says that if they come for his guns, they can have the bullets.  No, Josh, you’d open fire, and they blast you to bits.  Hell, I guarantee that the moment they blast open your door, you will piss your fat britches and surrender on the spot.  Because it’s easy to be tough when you are not facing down any real resistance.  Just the imagined kind in your head.

When I say he’s a radical conservative who is something of a class act in paranoia, I’m not kidding.  He had his wife driving around a Wal-Mart for ten minutes talking about how them closing it is a conspiracy and they are stockpiling weapons and tanks inside.  This guy is really something.

But now it seems that Josh has a new take on the idea of guns – that they’re in the Bible.  That the 2nd Amendment is in the Bible.  Oh boy, this is gonna be a hard sell.  Let’s take a look at what this moron has to say.

Oh my Groj, you delusional fuck.  So, let me see if I got this right.  You keep a loaded gun in your car, on the unlikely off-chance that somebody is going to come at you with a firearm.  And if this person in your fantasy world comes at you, you are going to let loose with .45 “freedom seeds.”  That is the funniest name for bullets I have ever seen.  Especially given the long history in this world of dictators using those “freedom seeds” to kill people they don’t like.  Guns have a long, sordid history of one thing – violence.  I’m not against people owning them, though I do believe there should be some regulation in that regard, but to call bullets fired “freedom seeds” is so utterly ignorant of history.  But why should I be surprised.  This guy is an obese “patriot” who is looking to be Dirty Harry in his fantasy world.

Here’s my question to you, Josh – if you should come upon some fantasy shooting where you get your .45 out of your car and open fire, what if there are lots of kids around?  You say you are against school shootings, so what happens if you there are lots of little civilians around you?  Acceptable risk?  Killing kids?  You want their potential blood on your hands?  Not to mention, it ain’t like the guy is jut gonna stand there and let you shoot him.  Life isn’t a video game, Josh.  This person will move and then shoot back.  And say there’s armed security.  They come into things, not knowing who is who, so they start shooting at you too.  Are you just so convinced that they are going to know that you are the good guy?  If I saw your fat ass with a loaded gun shooting, I would assume you are the shooter.  You look the type.  You certainly have the attitude.

Then he says probably the most delusional thing I’ve ever heard – that the 2nd Amendment is in the Bible.  This is a dude who sees that painting of Jesus giving America the Constitution and cums all over it, isn’t he?  I believe it.  His evidence?  Because God armed angels.  I need scriptural evidence of this, Josh.  Because as I remember, angels in the Bible were pretty much just God’s messengers and heralds.  They had no form unless they took on the form of a human.  But in reality the angels of the Bible had more in common with those from Neon Genesis Evangelion than they do with your imagination of them being Dirty Harry with wings.  This man is so insane.  I don’t get how someone can be this delusional.

Guns did not exist in the Bible.  Nowhere.  There was nothing about guns in the Bible.  Not to mention, people having rights to own guns is also absurd in the Bible, because in that time period, people only had the rights that the king, Caesar, or other leader provided them.  It was a Feudal, primitive society.  Even Jesus said “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, give unto God that which is God’s.”  A reference to taxes, neat fact.  So your weird belief that democracy and democratic republics with their legal perspective was a thing in the Bible is equal parts funny and ridiculous.

Then we get the conservative schtick about guns being the heroes always and the good guy prevailing.  His metaphor is that a bully only backs down when the little person has a bigger person.  He doesn’t see the irony in that statement.  The idea that the little person has a bigger person to basically go to bat for them.  Kind of like, in principal, how cops are supposed to work.  Because that big guy can’t be with the little guy all the time.  But the little guy knows that he can call on them and they will sort out the person hurting them.  It blows my mind how you are so dumb with the shit you say, and nobody calls you out on it.

Lastly, he says that we need vets in schools, armed with guns.  You know, Josh, I have this growing perspective on the military since a girly-mate who is quite important to me joined the Navy, and she tells me about life with that.  She took the oath of service, to protect her country.  And it’s weird that Josh of all people is saying that vets needs to be in the schools, because he has said that he would fight the government.  In his “Christian Holocaust” series, he outright says that he will fight the government because of the perceived attack on his religious freedom.

This fat ass has never once served his country.  He hasn’t done shit.  He champions a President who said he couldn’t serve his country because his foot hurt.  Just like all the stupid-ass conservatives who believe that underneath it all, they are Dirty Harry, he just lets the delusions talk.  Not to mention, why veterans?  Why not cops?  Could it be because we now have documented proof that cops have a bad habit of being gutless cowards who run from danger or shoot it in the back?  Or in the case of Scot Peterson, do nothing while a shooter is inside a school killing kids and ACTUAL heroes who gave his life to protect children from bullets.

I have said it so many times, these people believe that life is an action movie, and the villains are just gonna stand there and get shot, while not being able to hit the broadside of a barn.  But we know in reality that life isn’t like that.  That shootings are messy.  We saw that with the armed guards at Columbine, at Virginia Tech, and other schools.  Now, am I against armed security?  Of course not.  But this idea that we need to get random people who served in the military to do this, instead of people who are trained for the task of protecting kids, is absurd.

By the way, Josh, I guarantee that if you went into a school shooting to go pump some of your “freedom seeds” at the bad guys, your ass would get arrested too.  Probably because you’d have killed other kids instead of the bad guy.  But hey, maybe I’m wrong.  You are Dirty Harry in the flesh, after all, right?

Until next time, a quote,

“Most people are drowning in delusional ignorance, without knowing that their suffering was created by themselves.” – Jakushoa Kwong Roshi

Peace out,


You Don’t Believe in God! You’re Just in Denial!

I haven’t done a post about atheism on this site in a VERY long time.  Years, by my reckoning.  But recently I saw something that just got me rolling my eyes enough to make a post.  See, I’ve watched the Drunken Peasants back when they were a big thing, and one of my favorite of their crazy people was The Vigilant Christian (I almost wrote in The Vigilant Christina.  I should just run with that) Mario.  A religious idiot whose worldview is impossible to stand up to the least amount of criticism.  Because when he went on The Drunken Peasants and Paul decided to throw in his face some of the contradictions of his values system and the religious text it’s based on, his go-to defense was always “I’m just hear to give you my worldview!”  Yeah, and they were criticizing it with you having no rebuttal.  Mario is at his best in an echo chamber.

One of Mario’s biggest argument about atheists like myself is that we actually do know that God is real, we just choose to be in denial.  He says that the Bible talks about this and brings up passages claiming that there will be doubters.  Yeah, a book about a desert sky wizard is going to have doubters.  That’s a shock.  That would be like if the Harry Potter books said that there will be people who doubt magic’s existence and we should have faith that it does exist.  On both counts it’s wrong.

See, I have family who thinks this way too.  They think that I am in blatant denial of what is so absolutely evident.  Except, it’s not.  Where is the evidence for it?  Where is the evidence for God?  I’m sure that Mario will bring up things about the perfection of creation.  That’s a bullshit argument.  There are plenty of things about creation that are downright wrong.  Like birth defects, the fact that humans eat and breathe through the same tube, and the fact that our reproductive organs are right next to our bowels.  As Neil DeGrasse Tyson put it – it’s like having an amusement park next to a sewage plant.

Not to mention the fact that there are so many bad things in this world.  Mario is a subscriber to the belief in presuppositional apologetics.  This  idea that if we just assume that the answer is God that all the questions then fall into place.  A belief so unfathomably stupid that is defies reason.  Let me tell you why.  See, I got a friend who was the victim of years of sexual violence by a family member.  Here is my question, Mario – why would an all-powerful, all-loving, all-kind and all-seeing God allow that to happen?  Mario’s argument is the same that an uncle I have is – that it’s all part of a plan.  What was the plan?  What’s the plan there?

Or maybe you’ll get the response – it was Satan that did it.  I hate this argument.  Why is Satan allowed to do his thing?  God is supposed to be all-powerful.  That means that he can wiggle his nose, and Satan and his followers are destroyed.  So why doesn’t he?  If I had the ability to destroy all the bad things in the world and cause the world to be a great place for everyone, I would.  Anyone would.  Unless you completely devoid of empathy, you would help if you saw something being raped by a family member.  Anyone would, Mario.  Anyone.  So if us imperfect humans would use this power to step in and do the right thing, why is the all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful God not?  It’s basically the Epicurus argument, but I have yet to hear a compelling answer to that question.

Mario likes to say that us atheists refuse to tackle the arguments that he is so sure are going to DESTROY our atheism.  I just destroyed the fine-tuning argument, so that’s already done.  I presented the Epicurus argument for evil’s existence, for which I have yet to see a single Christian give me an answer that doesn’t come in the form of “God has a plan,” which is bullshit, or “mankind has free will,” which doesn’t answer why God doesn’t destroy evil if he has the power.  So there’s that.  I’ve destroyed the Cosmological Argument (link here).  I have yet to hear an argument from Christians about God’s existence that doesn’t ring hollow to me.

I look at this universe and I see there being no real perfection.  This universe is about chaos.  Did you know that there is a black hole zooming around the cosmos?  It could be anywhere, right now.  There probably are more than one.  This universe is about chaos, and then order coming, only for new chaos to disrupt that order and then order to be found from that chaos.  Give and take.  Push and pull.  Yin and yang.  This idea that all of that was created just for us dumb little humans is so unbelievably arrogant.

Here’s the thing – I get where people like Mario get their beliefs from.  In Mario’s case, it’s because the man is a Section 8 who bawls on camera saying that God will cure him of his crippling anxiety problems, along with bawling at a pool when he is being baptized.  This man has mental problems that have gone untreated for a very long time.  Now they manifest in insane conspiracy theories and hyper-religious beliefs.  And if his beliefs ever faltered, his mental health would die instantly.

For people like my hyper-religious family, they each have their own reasons.  For one of them, it’s that life REALLY gave him the shaft and he has to believe that it was all for some greater purpose.  For another it’s the fear of death and the idea that once we die, that’s it.  That our existence blinks out and we are done.  Such is the case for a lot of people.

But I am not in denial of the existence of God that I believe deep down in my heart.  If I actually believed that God existence, and that Heaven and Hell are real, then why would I choose to not follow that belief structure?  Oh, right, so I am free to sin.  Oh wait, that’s bullshit.  What sins am I looking to do?  I’ve never killed anyone.  I have never raped anyone.  I have no desire to do these things.  What sin am I looking to do?  Well, I do like kinky sex, but I like it with people who are consenting, because I like my partner to be satisfied as well.  It’s kind of a big deal for me.  Is that the sin?  Maybe my predilection toward smoking pot?  Yeah, I like that.  But that’s hurting no one.  Not even myself.  It’s the safest drug in the world.  What exactly am I looking to do with this desire to sin?

Mario, on the off-chance you see this, there has NEVER been a religious argument put to me that I have bought into.  I have refuted all of them pretty handily.  You start with the view that God is the answer, so now you have to craft the questions to fit that.  I start with the belief that I have a question, look at the evidence, and if the evidence proves to one thing, then I will go in that direction.  To date, your belief in God has not met my burden of proof.  And since you have the belief, it’s up to you to convince me of that.  You’re the one making a positive statement.

Oh right, you have the belief that God is so absolutely evident that not believing in him is tomfoolery.  I forgot.  My bad.

Until next time, a quote,

“Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told.” – George Carlin

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The Effect “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” Had on Me

When I was a kid, some of my favorite books to read were the Scary Stories series.  The cover designs were captivating.  Some truly amazing artwork.  The fact that the company who produces those books redid the covers because some soccer moms said it’s too scary for their pussy kids pisses me off.  But here’s the thing about those books – despite their scary imagery, one of the things about each of the stories was that it usually wasn’t that scary.  It was just something that wasn’t understood.  And very few of the stories had endings truly as dark as the visuals you had in your mind.  They had happy endings but with the surreal nature being something for the reader to contemplate.  Or to show that sometimes what you fear is just what you don’t understand.

For little kids, that’s actually a really good lesson.  Kids need to know that not everything they’re afraid of is bad.  Sometimes it’s just something they don’t know.  The sense of fear compels kids to know what happens.  They’re short stories where the author has to build suspense quickly, and the best way to do it is with fear of the unknown.

When I got a little older, I got into Stephen King.  But as interesting as some of his books were, I didn’t get into many of them.  It always built to a point when the source of the fear is explained, and that bored me.  That and that guy has a real problem knowing when to end a book.  Too often he just sucks the premise dry to the point that you don’t even care anymore and just want it to be done.  King has admitted several times that he has written himself into a corner more than once.

Then I happened across a little book by an author I had heard of, but never really read – H.P Lovecraft.  The book was called “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.”  It told the story of a narrator who ends up in a small European fishing town, and learns about the secret cult that governs this community.  As he delves further and further into it, he learns a horrifying truth – that the beings that this cult worships are real.  The Deep Ones (or Old Ones, depending) are massive, unknowable, supreme being, ancient in a way that we cannot understand.  The people of this community are trying to cross-breed with them in order to rise to a higher plane of being.  The deeper the narrator gets into this nightmare, the more he is driven to madness because the truth nature of these beings is beyond his comprehension.  It’s beyond anyone’s.  You as a reader are having to realize that you are stuck with this guy, and you can’t tell if his narration is on the level the further it goes.

All of my life, I had questioned religion.  I mean, a story about a wizard in the sky who creates a guy from dirt and then makes a woman from his rib, who gets all pissed because said woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat fruit from a magic tree?  Who wouldn’t be a little bit skeptical of that?  Over 1 billion people in this world, apparently.  Will never get that.  But this book helped solidify what I found the entire concept of a supreme being fucking terrifying.

The Deep Ones are ancient, all-powerful, unknowable, and probably evil, if their motives made sense to us.  But they don’t.  Those who get too close are driven to madness.  Another thing about this is that they see us as less than insignificant.  We mean nothing to them.  That’s because we are nothing to them.  We are ants on this planet, whose petty efforts mean nothing.  As we live and die, they go on.  Generation after generation will perish, but they will remain.  The existence of humanity is just something that happens, and being this ancient, who have seen all the life of this world come and go, is just a small diversion that has no meaning at all.

And in my eyes, that’s what a true God would be.  Why would it care about us?  What would we mean to it?  The Abrahamic faiths wants to believe that this being created us and cares for us.  That makes no sense.  For starters, let’s just get rid of one of the arguments right off the bat.  This universe was not made for us.  We have scientific proof that this universe is billions of years old.  Humanity is just a species that came about after a planet that has existed for billions of years.  All the young-Earth creationists are blithering idiots who have not a single piece of scientific evidence to bolster their claims.  Everything we know about the universe tells us that it is billions of years old.

So why would a supreme being, who has seen countless species that we can’t imagine rise and fall on this lonely speck of dust in this one galaxy, give any amount of a shit about us?  It wouldn’t.  Objectively, there is NO reason why it would.  It’s ridiculous.  If you existed outside of time and space, seeing countless creatures and even countless sentient civilizations come and go, why would you care about this one?  Here’s a fact – it is a mathematic impossibility that this planet is the only one with life.

When I see people who say that they have a hotline to God and that they understand his will, I see two types of people.  The first are shysters like Ray Comfort and Joel Osteen.  They are just as much of an atheist as I am, only concerned about the money.  The second are the lunatics who are using religion to bolster their madness.  Only difference is that their supreme being is nowhere to be seen.  Can you only imagine what kind of madness this world would devolve into if a cult like the one in “Shadow Over Innsmouth” was real and was known to the rest of the world?  It horrifies me.

That books shaped a lot of my beliefs about the world.  Lovecraft had a firm belief that what you couldn’t see or understand was where fear comes from.  When I hear people say they fear God, it strikes me that they choose to believe because they are afraid of displeasing this entity that can destroy them.

As for me, I choose to believe there is nothing.  Because if one day the clouds are ever pulled back and this deity actually reveals itself, that’s when the real nightmare begins.  Just read how that books ends.

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“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is of the unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft

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The Book That Sparked My Atheism

While I have contended that I never really believed in God as a kid, and still hold true to that, there was a book that really got to me when I was thinking about what it meant to believe in a deity.  A lot of atheists have books by Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris or people like that, but to me there was one book that truly took my thoughts about a religious being and calcified them into a perfect blend of terror.  That book is what I believe to be the best work by H.P. Lovecraft “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.”  A story that tells of a man who goes into an isolated community and learns things that slowly distort his mind until he doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore.

Can you think of a perfect metaphor for religion?  A values system that those who follow it believe in whole-heartedly and never have even a moment’s worth of criticism.  A belief structure that gets people so wrapped up in its narrative that they eventually cannot tell what is real unless it is the reality that they are told to believe in.  And any threat to that reality is actively attacked by its members.  Yup, religion in a nutshell.

But here’s the difference – in “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” the narrator finds out that the deity that this cult believes in is real.  He realizes that they are worshiping, communing, and even trying to cross-breed with being who are ancient and powerful.  Beings who are massive and beyond comprehension.  The Deep Ones are found to be real, but this knowledge destroy the minds of everyone who comes into contact with them.  See, the gods of this story and the Cthulhu Mythos surrounding it are not beings who care about if you stick your dick in another man’s butt.  They are creatures who are ageless, unknowable and see humans as so far beneath their concern that they act as they see fit without any input from those in the cult surrounding them.

When I think about a being that is capable of creating the entire universe, do you know what comes to mind – the Deep Ones.  I mean, why on Earth would a God give five shits about us?  What would be to it?  In the span of time that this universe has existed, with all the countless civilizations in the stars who have risen and fallen in the billions of years that this cosmos has existed, this idea that a divine being actually created us and watches us close enough to the point that they care if a man has sex with another man just makes me laugh.  It’s the pinnacle of absurd.

Something the book was very good at was portraying the narrators as small, and their lives as meaningless.  In the scope of the universe, that’s true.  We are insignificantly tiny.  We aren’t even a pixel in the massive image of the cosmos.  Given the size of the cosmos, we aren’t even an atom in it.  We are a subatomic particle.  If the size of the universe is our model, humanity isn’t even that.  We are NOTHING in the face of reality.  So when my religious friends tell me all about how God has our backs and cares deeply about us, it strikes me as complete hubris.  After all, since there is no possible way that countless civilizations better than us haven’t risen and fallen, then how exactly is it that a being with the power to create all of this finds us so fascinating?  What quality does humanity have that the rest of the universe does not?

And as the book points out, the answer to that question is – nothing.  We are NOTHING in the face of that kind of power.  The Deep Ones see us as meaningless, and so would any kind of god that could conceivably exist.  That reality shook my young mind up when I read the book, but then it made a lot of sense.

Here’s the truth – God is a fairytale that is created because the universe is a scary place.  It’s scary to think that we are so pathetic that we are one cosmic disaster away from not existing anymore.  One asteroid away from letting the octopus have its chance at sentience and living in the world we leave behind.  When people are faced with that kind of helplessness, it’s easy to just reach out to whatever source of moral comfort you can find in order to not feel so small and meaningless anymore.

Just like at the end of the book, however, we all must realize that religion is a delusion, and the God that you worship wouldn’t give a single fuck about you anymore than the Deep Ones did about that community.  Unknowable, infinite.  And when you think about the fact that infinite realities probably exist with infinite possibilities, then God would probably end up like Rick from Rick and Morty.  The only reason he is so cold and cruel is because he realized how meaningless his own life is because of the sheer amount of existences that he has been able to see.

But that’s just me.

Until next time, a quote,

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft

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