The Purge Has Begun With Alex Jones

I’m not a conservative, nor do I enjoy Alex Jones’ or Info Wars’ content.  It is necessary to put that out there before I go too deeply into this, because the classic deflection by people who are in support of what has happened to what I am about to say is that I’m just a conservative so fuck me.  It’s a childish defense, void of looking at a person, but whatever.  I think that Alex Jones is a huckster and charlatan.  He pretends to be informing people, yet goes out of his way to sell supplements to people.  Where once he was a loud, if not excessive, voice for the counterculture, now he is a demagogue for the right and has sold out to whoever he can shill for.  The man has no redemptive qualities.  And yet, when I see that social media all over is purging his content, a chill goes down my spine.

We live in this world where freedom of speech is a buzzword.  It bums me out that that is what we have come to.  That the true nature of it and what it is supposed to represent is lost to people.  That should bother everyone, but I know it doesn’t.  Conservative, liberal, everyone thinks that freedom of speech only stands for them and what they want to say.  I’ve heard snowflakes on both sides pining for the fact that the other side gets a platform.  There was something that Milo Yiannopoulos (another person I have little respect for, but agree with on this point) said – that freedom of speech was something that every generation needed to come to understand and respect.  To be shown why it is valuable.  We may be at that point.

The common refrain I hear is that Alex Jones deliberately lied.  True.  So has EVERY media outlet that you can think of, to one extent or another.  Where is the honesty in big corporate media?  Them, who sucked Hillary Clinton’s cock because she had them in her pocket.  As we saw with the WikiLeaks and the Donna Brazile info drops.  The 5th Estate is supposed to be the vanguards of democracy, instead they were in the pockets of those who wished to be in power.

But Lucien, Alex Jones said horrible things about the families of Sandy Hook victims!  How can you support his right to say that?!

And the entire corporate media was complicit in Bush’s lies about Iraq having WMDs.  They were the yes-men for the government while we invaded a part of the world, killing countless innocent people.  Quagmire wars that we have yet to extricate ourselves from to this day.  Alex Jones said inflammatory and downright ugly things about people whose lives had been touched by a school shooting.  The rest of the media was too gutless to do their due diligence after 9/11 and tell those in power that what we were doing in the Middle East was wrong.  I don’t really see a huge amount of difference.

The next argument is that these social media platforms have a right to kick anyone off at any time.  They have that right.  Here’s the thing – we now have the networks that link our world together becoming the censor.  Telling us what is right for our eyes to see and our ears to hear.  Instead of being bulwarks against the tide of nuance-lacking idiots on the left and the right and letting the public eye pass judgement over those who speak and giving them a platform to speak back, they have chosen to tell YOU what is right for you to see and hear.

Don’t for one second believe that this ends here.  It doesn’t.  Everyone will cheer and look on in smug, righteous zeal the deplatforming of Alex Jones.  Well, who will it be next?  Which voice will be the next one to be snuffed out by the platforms that claim to be for everyone?  So long as it’s conservatives, the left will cheer and fawn.  What happens when it starts being voices on the left who don’t agree with the social justice or modern feminism narrative?  What happens when it’s people who are critical of the social media?  We’ve already seen that YouTube immediately demonetizes videos that are critical of their platform.  “You have criticisms of us?!  Well fuck that video getting monetized!  Take that, you ungrateful ass-hat!”

I believe that Alex Jones is a demagogue, a charlatan, a crude and disgusting person.  But his right to have a platform for his speech is something I will defend.  Because I want everyone, regardless of how toxic their ideas to have a voice in the public eye.  It’s better to have more ideas in the world that are propagated.  Because we can argue with those ideas.  We can debate and people can have new thoughts.  When we start stripping away different perspectives, homogenizing the world, censoring speech that powerful people on high tell us is wrong, the world ALWAYS becomes a worse place.  There is too much history here to think otherwise.

But I don’t think I’m reaching anyone saying that.  After all, freedom of speech is a meme, a buzzword, a thing to sling at the people you don’t like now.  Aren’t you proud?

Until next time, a quote,

“I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

Peace out,


Count Dankula, the UK, Free Speech, and the Regressive Left’s Embrace of Fascistic Ideals

That title is a mouthful, but there’s a lot I want to talk about in this post.  Recently, a YouTuber named Count Dankula made a video where he taught his pug to raise his paw like a Nazi salute when he says “Seig Heil.”  It’s the most basic low-brow comedy.  He taught a cute doggy how to do something offensive.  It’s basic bitch comedy.  But the UK disagreed.  They found it offensive, and now this man is being convicted of a crime for being offensive.  An actual crime that faces actual jail time.  That’s what this man is facing right now.  A baffling state of affairs that truly does shock me to my core.

Let me put this into perspective for you – a First World country has actually made hurting people’s feelings offensive.  And it’s not the first.  Belgium is the first.  This is the second.  Now Spain is also getting in on the fun.  More and more First World countries are making it illegal to say things that hurt people’s feelings.  The fact that this doesn’t terrify people is utterly gut-wrenching.  Why?  Because people don’t seem to really understand what is going to happen with this.  Where all of this is going.  It will sound like I am making a slippery slope fallacy with where this is going, but there is real historical evidence for my contentions.

I don’t agree with virtually any of Milo Yiannopoulos’ politics, save one.  It baffles me that free speech is a right-wing issue now instead of a left-wing one.  That wasn’t always the case.  Hell, back in the age of McCarthy, it was a left-wing issue as the right crushed people’s freedom of expression.  But then the tables turned and it became the right who championed it, because all the “progressive” fuckers had to come out of the woodwork and decide that if what you say makes people sad, then you lose the right to say it.

Another thing that Milo has said that I genuinely agree with is this –

Freedom of speech is something that has to be fought for in every generation, so people can appreciate what it means.

It really does, because people truly don’t appreciate it now.  Because now you have people saying things like –

Just because you have freedom of speech doesn’t mean you have the freedom to offend people!

People who think this way need to fall into a volcano and rid the world of their stupidity.  Why?  Because the people who believe that my right to speech ends at your feelings are not understanding how this sort of thinking is most-certainly going to be used by the very worst sorts of people.

It’s funny that you have people on the far-left saying that Nazis are so bad, when they seem very comfortable with embracing the ideals of fascism.  Do these people just not realize that once we make speech a right that can be taken away, and start legislating which speech can be illegal and which is not, that someone in power is eventually going to use that to crush dissent?  We’ve seen it before.  There are countless historical stories of figures using legislation against speech to destroy all opposition.

A lot of people can make the argument that the SJWs already do this.  I think there is something to this argument.  We’ve seen how those in power within the movement exploit their authority for their own gains, and anyone who speaks out against them, they sic their little mobs of sycophants on them.  These people have no sense of decency.  They will exploit whatever power they can get their grubby mits on in order to gain more power and take power away from people they don’t like.  They do it on YouTube, they do it in the media, and now they are doing it from positions of authority.

The far-left likes to fancy themselves the proletariat fighting against the bourgeois, but they’re not.  They’re the useful idiots of the bourgeois, fighting in favor of the very fascism that they claim to be so against.  And make no mistake, the powerful are going to utilize them to their own benefit.  Now that it is acceptable to criminalize speech, where does it end?  It ends where a dictator in power says it does.  With more and more First World countries adopting the SJW logic as a cultural mindset, it’s a fact that dictators will rise.  And once they have enough power, they will come for everyone who they are against.  Who will speak up?  Nobody.  Because the public is already brainwashed by these idiots.

In closing, the UK has done a decidedly horrible thing, and by the time they realize just how bad this is, it will be too late, and the ACTUAL fascists will be in power, and all dissent will be met with fervent applause.  Chris Ray Gun did a fantastic music number about this, so that’s what I’m going to close this out with.

Until next time, a quote,

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Peace out,


Planned Parenthood Protest and Freedom of Speech

To anyone who doesn’t know, I am very pro-choice.  I have this position for a number of reasons.  For starters, since there are seven billion people on this planet and overpopulation is the biggest threat to our planet’s future, it just seems ridiculous to me to force a woman to go through with a pregnancy that she doesn’t want.  Second, whose right is it for the government to tell a woman what to do with her body?  I find it amazing that all these “small government” conservatives want to be able to legislate what women will do with their bodies.  Third, making abortion illegal will do nothing to stop them from happening.  This point has been brought up a thousand times, and it is still on point.  It just makes it so that abortions happen in back alleys by doctors who can’t be trusted, rather than in a clean, sterile environment where women can get care from licensed physicians who have years of practice under their belt.  There is no rational reason for me to be pro-life.

Anyone who has been following this blog for a long time knows that I am very much in support of Planned Parenthood as well.  I’ve told this story before (anecdotal evidence!) about a former friend of mine who hates my guts.  When she was a teenager, the guy she was with used her as a living sex toy and she ended up getting knocked up because this guy also wasn’t the best about protection.  What a shock.  Alone, unable to talk to anyone, she made what she has described as the hardest decision of her entire life and went to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion.  It was something she dealt with alone, and it helped shape all of her relationships since that point.

So when I see a rather sizeable crowd gathered outside of Planned Parenthood tonight with signs all about how abortion is evil and how Planned Parenthood is basically an abortion factory, you can imagine how annoyed I was.  Not only is the idea that all they do being abortions been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be complete bullshit, but it only accounts for 3% of all the services they provide.  The rest is helping girls like a former girl I ran with whose periods were so painful that they caused her to be in agony for hours get birth control that she doesn’t take for sexual assistance purposes (though that is a fringe benefit) but to help her manage something that is excruciating.  Or there are women who don’t have the money for breast scans or other things to help detect cancer early.  Then there are just the people who use them to help get easy medical care that they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for.

These people are motivated by ignorance.  They use pathos to get their point.  It’s easy to have some grotesque photo of a deceased embryo and believe that that is all abortion is.  Some murder factory for the fetus where all the youth are taken to be slaughtered.  It’s disgusting, to say the least.  Not to mention disingenuous.  That is not what abortion is.  Never even close.  Most abortions happen in the first few weeks of a pregnancy, when the fetus is nothing but a cluster of cells.  This image of abortion doctors being Nazi scientists harvesting baby organs is both laughable and insulting.  However, for those who are easily swayed by pathos and whose critical faculties lack in almost every discernible way, that’s all they need to hear to conclude that their path is right.  It helps that they are almost-exclusively guided by a religious belief that says that all life is sacred.  You know, except when God is commanding his armies to kill children and rip open the bellies of pregnant women.  Then murder is A-okay.  But let’s not get into the hypocrisy of Christianity.  That conversation would never end.

However, this is where something that I strongly believe in comes into play.  See, mama didn’t raise no hypocrite.  I find it funny that free speech has gone from being a liberal issue like back during the Red Scare when people were fighting against McCarthy and his witch-hunts, who argued that free speech and a free press was the cornerstone of a functioning democracy and should be cherished.  Because free speech isn’t designed to protect the majority opinion.  That doesn’t need protecting.  It is designed to protect the minority opinion.  And here’s where I am going to annoy some of my more liberal-minded contemporaries – the opinion that God hates abortion and it is evil and should be outlawed is a minority opinion in the US.  Overall, society in this country is cool with abortion and thinks that it should be legal for those who want to partake.  They believe that women should have dominion over their own bodies.  That’s good.  No joke, I’m glad that that’s the case.  So the demonstration I saw tonight is a minority opinion (dumb as it is) that is being exercised by people who have it.

So when someone came to me on the phone tonight and said, “dude, I wish I could blow those fuckers up,” I decided to stand tall to that person and say that that is a really stupid way to view things.  The reality is that I vehemently disagree with everything those idiots with the signs were saying.  However, I would fight another person who wanted to take away that right to the death for their right to speak their ridiculous bullshit.  I refuse to be a hypocrite.  I refuse to join a group of people who want to suppress another group’s opinion, even if I believe that they are completely wrong and it says a lot about their character for having that opinion.

I stopped believing in God because I stopped seeing things as us vs. them.  I got rid of this dogmatic part of me that wants to follow an ideology blindly.  Now I see my brethren on the left seeing it as totally cool to demonize people on the right and shut down their speech.  After all, their speech might hurt people’s feelings!  Or spread “dangerous ideas!”  We can’t have that!  If something offends something that the Supreme Leader says, then that thing must be stopped!  We must take to the streets!  Burn their books!  Shut down their speech because we don’t approve!  If they don’t conform to our way of thinking, put them in camps!  Some gross hyperbole mixed in with things that these people think.  But here’s something that really gets to me when thinking about it –

For some of these, can you honestly tell which is which?

Until next time, a quote,

“We think we’ve come so far.  Heretics, the burning of witches, all ancient history.  Then, before you can blink an eye, suddenly it threatens to start all over again.” – Capt. Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Peace out,


JezuzFreek and Kirk Cameron – a Gay Couple

Well, there are two people that I am going after with this post.  The first is Kirk Cameron.  I’m not going to link his video, because I don’t want this bigoted twat-faced loser associated with my channel.  I much prefer going after JezuzFreek777.  You see, he came out and defended this man for talking about why homosexuality is unnatural.  Cameron was on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN and said bigoted crap about how being gay is wrong.  But he’s got people defending him!  Well, JezuzFreek, let’s hear what you have to say.

Hello everyone, I wanted to talk to you about hate speech.

Oh boy, this is gonna be fun.  Alright, Freek, what have you got to say?

It’s one of those terms that kind of flippantly tossed around nowadays.

Uh, no, no it isn’t.  I don’t get where you are coming from.

As soon as someone hears somebody say that they don’t like, ‘Oh, it’s hate speech!  Hate speech I tell ya!  It needs to be stopped!’

Well gee, people call hate speech for what it is.  By the way, I rarely hear people say that it has to be stopped.  You have a right to say whatever stupid-ass thing you want to say.  You have a right to be as bigoted as you please.  We also have a right to call you out.  Don’t like that, Freek?

Kirk Cameron (his lover) recently, during a television interview, was asked his opinions concerning homosexuality.  And, he answered.

Just wait, you’re gonna love this!

I believe he kind of soft-sold it.  He kind of toned it down.  He wanted to be as least-offensive as possible.

Thank you for acknowledging that what he said was indeed offensive.  That kills a lot of the credibility of your argument, but hey, let’s keep going.

I don’t think his message was offensive, but I think that he knew that people would be riled by his answer.

He says that being gay is a sin and unnatural, and people are just supposed to accept that?  What kind of backwards world do you live in?

So instead of him taking the direct approach, that I would have prefered,

Because you’re a bigot.

and saying, ‘yes, I believe homosexuality is sinful.  Acting upon homosexual urges is indeed sin.’  Instead of saying that, he decided to offer that homosexuality is unnatural, and detrimental.  And destructive to the foundations that our society is built on.

How?!  How the hell is it destructive to the entire world if some guy or girl wants to snuggled up with the same sex?  What the fuck is it doing to the rest of the world?  What could it possibly do to these “foundations” of society that you so treasure?  Honestly, you numb-nutted imbecile, how could it hurt anybody?  Oh, right, it DOESN’T!  It doesn’t hurt anybody!  These are just people trying to live their lives, and you, you queer-eye-for-the-Cameron guy, don’t want to accept that you are not being hurt in any way by these people living out their private lives.  What an imbecile.

And I’m not even going to get into the fact that you buy into this shit because of your fictional sky-daddy.  And since sky-daddy doesn’t like what humans do (even though he’s powerful enough to create the universe, he has our prejudices).  That’s just too retarded for words.

Now, that being said,

It only gets stupider from here.

even though he tried to soft-sell it.  Even though he tried to make his answer as gentle as possible.

Calling a group of people unnatural.  Real fucking gentle.

People were still screaming from the rafters.  They have their dander up.  They’re upset.

Gee, I wonder why?

They’re screaming that this is hate-speech and it should be stopped.  And, I just think that’s absolute ridiculous.

Again, this is America.  He can say his bigoted bullshit, and we can say that he is retarded and shouldn’t be allowed to speak.  However, I do believe that he has the right to say his bigoted bullshit.  If people were actually suggesting that this kind of thing not be allowed on television, I would have an issue, because this is freedom of speech.  But while he has the freedom to say stupid shit, we can say it right back at him, with fervor and passion.

A lot of people say that Rush Limbaugh should have been taken off the air.  I don’t agree.  I don’t mind that advertisers are leaving, because they made that choice.  I am against people just removing what offends somebody from the airwaves.

We live in America, if you’re an American.

Oh non-existent God.  He’s going there!

 Under the rights to have free speech.  And that right is being eroded, unfortunately.

Umm…no, no it isn’t.  You can say whatever you want, and I can disagree with you as much as I want.  People bring up what happened with Rush Limbaugh.  Hey, he said something stupid, there was a category 5 shitstorm, and his advertisers backed off.   They didn’t have to.  They could have stuck to their guns.  He’s weathered storms like that before.  This is the other freedom – the freedom of choice.  So yeah, you are an idiot.  People may claim that this stuff should be taken off the air, but so long as it isn’t inciting violence against another person, I say that they have their right to say whatever, and I say that they are bigoted morons back to them.

We were never offered the right to never be offended.  You’re not guaranteed, in any place, in any time, in any writing (?), the right that you won’t be offended.

Again, you have the right to say your stupid shit, I have the right to call a spade a spade.

But it seems that the liberal left nowadays wants to try to strike free speech from Christians?

And your proof is…?

They don’t want Christians to be able to say what they want.  And they use the argument that it is ‘hate speech.’  I think its ludicrous.

Two things, 1. No we are not trying to stop you from voicing your opinions.  Its a free country, and you can say what you want.  You offer no evidence of your position, and the real opinion of this video is that you don’t like people calling your lover, Kirk Cameron, out for who he is – a hateful bigot.

2. I am actually against the PC culture that has consumed several parts of the media.  Everybody on the left seems to be the ones worried about offending someone.  I do believe that groups like the MPAA have watered down a lot of our media so that nobody is offended.  Offense can be a tool for good.  When a person wants to make a point, they usually try to be offensive.  It gets people thinking about the issues, and that is a good thing.  However, at the same time, somebody says something, we can say something back.  That’s how this works!  The sad fact is that when atheists like me say our two-cents, you scream about how it is hate-speech, like with the recent campaign of getting videos removed from YouTube by flagging them for “hate speech,” when they were not inciting violence or any harm against anyone.

 I personally think a person should be as hateful as they want to be.

As do I, Freek, hence why I hate people like you, and Natalia (the bigot I have talked about before), and many others.  Of course, I do limit it to inciting violence against another person.  But we are allowed to be just as hateful back to you.  And what you really don’t like.  You don’t like people have their opinions about what you say.  So, when we insulted your lover, you charge in like Prince fucking Charming and try and defend him.  Well, guess what, that doesn’t work.

I think its disgusting to be hateful.

While you’re being hateful, go figure.

And its wrong, from my moral perspective.

Yet you defend your lover’s comments about how being gay is unnatural and destructive to society.  (*facepalm*)

But, if a person wants to say ‘I hate this’ or ‘I hate that.’  ‘I hate these people’ or ‘I hate those people.’ ‘I hate this action.’ ‘I hate that.’  While I may totally disagree with everything you say, I believe it is your fundamental right to say those things.

And you can!  What the fuck are you bitching about?!  From where I sit, you are bitching about the fact that your lover was disagreed with, in the most visceral of ways, and you don’t like people disagreeing.  You want everyone to agree with your point of view, or if they don’t agree, not to say anything.  Well, guess what, you ignorant twat, you don’t get that luxury.  By the same token as Cameron being able to come on the air and say his bullshit, we can come on the air and viciously attack him.  That is OUR fundamental right.  Moron…

It seems like a lot of people were upset with what Kirk Cameron said, and I wanted to be one of the few that will speak up and say – I’m proud of Kirk Cameron!

And we come back to your bigotry.  You have the right to say what you said, we have the right to disagree.  You are an idiot.

You know, it’s a tough time we live in.  If you dare to stand at the pulpit in some countries, and you read the bible, you can be charged with hate speech, and criminally prosecuted!

Stop!  Stop right there!  You just said that it is a tough time, then went on to talk about how other people have it worse.  There are no words.  What a dumbass!  I mean, that is powerful stupid!  That’s the kind of stupid you only see in movies!  You never think its real!  That’s Jersey Shore stupid!

 We live in a society where hate speech laws are being thrust upon us, left and right.

These laws came into being to protect people, from speech that could incite harm or danger to a person.  Now, Bionic Dance says that this was hate speech, and should be removed.  I respectfully disagree.  I don’t think that anybody was in danger, this was just an idiot being a bigot, and his lover defending him.  But every time that somebody says something stupid and there is a backlash against them, they will cite these hate speech laws as the enemy.  It’s shameful.  Really.

I believe that homosexuality is indeed a sin.  I believe that it is destructive.  And detrimental to society.  I have no problem with what Kirk Cameron said.  And if you don’t like that, I’m sorry.

I’m so sure.  We come right back to his bigotry.  Loads of fun.

Those are my thoughts.  What do you guys think?

What do I think?  I think you are a worthless piece of shit.  I think that you do nothing but destroy the fabric of society every time you open your stupid mouth and words come out.  I think that you are the enemy of kindness and compassion.  However, unless you are openly inciting harm against another person, I believe you have the right to say your stupid shit, and the right to be the bigot that you are, while I will come back and say that you are obviously gay for Kirk Cameron, because he says something dumb, and you charge in like Galahad to defend him.

I hope you two can eventually come out of the closet, and be happy.  Maybe then you will get to see what it’s like for a typical gay couple in this bigoted country.

Fucking asshole.

Until next time, a quote,

“What do I think?  I think you are a nasty, hateful, bigoted individual, who desperately needs a clue.”  – Bionic Dance, Yes, JezuzFreek, It’s Hate Speech! 

Peace out,