Islam’s at it Again

I genuinely don’t like to do these posts, because I get all the classic bigotry that is associated with Islam comes with it.  But to be honest, I have to talk about this.  I have to talk about this because there is a thought that occurred to me that had to be addressed.

Here’s the situation: a film was made mocking the Islam prophet, Muhammad, as a violent douchebag, and so a bunch of Muslims decide to respond to this video by being violent douchebags.  There is the usual stuff, like rioting and protests about how evil people are for making a video that has one simple demand of Muslims – have a sense of humor.  Of course, let’s all remember that this is the stupidest of creations.  This movie sucks.  This movie is worthless.

However, in addition to burning cars and burning homes and destroying property, a group of Muslims decided that they wanted to go the extra mile, so they stormed the embassy in Libya, killing three people, and an American ambassador.

That’s right, the Muslims have decided that they are going to kill people, actual people, over a piece of shit movie.  Yeah, see why this needs to be talked about?  This piece of shit movie has set off a crisis of international proportions.

Before you go off on me –

But Lucien, this isn’t ALL Muslims, just some of them!

My response is – so fucking what?!  I mean, really, who cares?  This is the stupidest thing, and the fact that this movie, which if you have actually watched it, is so awful that it ranks among The Room is bad films that have gotten a lot of notoriety, got the Muslim community so butt-hurt is simply amazing.

These Muslims killed a man, an ambassador, very brutally, because they were butt-hurt about a video that is a piece of shit.  I don’t want to connect this to the religion, but aside from this man being killed, all over the world, there were large demonstrations were huge crowds gathered and rioted over this stupid film!  Oh my god!  What is wrong with you people?!?!

What’s ironic is that the Muslim massive overreaction to this kind of funny because before all of this, nobody in America had ever heard of this video.  Nobody even knew what it was.  We didn’t care.  I know that our love of movies like Twilight and Transformers might not make you think so, but we actually do have standards.  The bad acting in the movie (which I am not linking to in this post.  You want to see it you’re on your own) is simply amazing, and you’ll find that few Americas were interested, until the aforementioned butt-hurt Muslims decided to murder a man in cold blood over it.

Muslims, if you don’t stand with these people, you need to have a serious look at how seriously you take your religion.  This was an awful film.  This movie was profoundly stupid.  But because some of your religion can’t take even the slightest amount of criticism, or free speech against you of any kind, they decided to commit lots of property damage and murder a man in cold blood.  Chill the fuck out!  Seriously, you aren’t that important.  Your dumb-shit religion is just as pointless and useless and Christianity, Hindu or the fucking Jehovah’s Witness.  Not one of you matters, because all of your religious groups have something in common – you are all full of shit!

There are not two words of truth to any of what you say.  The Christians say that God or Yahweh or Jehovah created the world.  You say that Allah created the world.  Neither of you have a single scrap of evidence backing this up.

But you wanna know what else – American politicians are condemning this piece of shit movie too!  What the FUCK?!  I just don’t get this!  This was a stupid movie!  Not one of these people would have ever seen it, were it not for the massive international reaction.  People like Hillary Clinton are reacting to it, condemning it for being cynical of Islam.  Yeah, what’s the problem with that?  For real, what is wrong with calling out Islam for some of the stupid and crazy bullshit they believe?  I do the same thing with Christians all the time.  How is this any different?  What is the difference from when South Park bashes the stupidity of the Mormon church to when these people bash Islam?  For real, draw me the line.

Oh, and she called Islam “a great religion.”  Yeah, this coming from a Christian woman.  A religion that has slaughtered tens of thousands of Muslims in multiple crusades.  I gotta love how the hypocrisy of that doesn’t just kill her.

Here’s the reality, people – some people made a shitty movie.  Because Islam seems incapable of taking a joke, there were riots and four people killed brutally and in cold blood.  The US government has come out in solidarity against this shitty movie, because they don’t want to piss of Islam (yet we still are continuing the Bush Doctrine over in the Middle East.  Love that hypocrisy), blaming the people who made the movie for the deaths instead of the bat-shit crazy Muslims who murdered people.

That is what we have come to, America.  That is who we are.  America is a nation that stands against people who are making a joke.  Even if it was a bad joke, that’s all it was.  It was just a piece of shit movie that only exists in the media today because it got international attention.  I wouldn’t be surprised if more butt-hurt Muslims killed the people who made this film.  Because, as we have seen, they can’t take a joke.

Calm the fuck down, Muslims.  You’re starting to look bad.

Until next time, a quote,

“My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I’m happy. I can’t figure it out. What am I doing right?”  -Charles Schultz

Peace out,