2060: The Year Humanity Begins to End

Saw this story about a new study done that shows that the sperm count among human males is rapidly declining.  Over the last 30 years it has dropped off.  At the current rate that it goes, the vast majority of human males are going to be completely infertile by 2060.  The cause of this decline is yet unknown.  So even if we learn what it is tomorrow, the chances that we can fix whatever is wrong with our species is nil.  I am loving this news.  I love the shit out of it.  Because it seems that everything Carlin said about humanity and our effect on this planet was true.

One of my favorite bits by George Carlin was him ragging on this idea that we need to save everything now.  We’ll save the trees, the whales, those particular snails.  Everyone is going to save something.  Now it’s coming out that while we are so busy trying to save the whole goddamn planet, humanity is on the verge of death.

Naturally, the SJW media was all over this.  See, the study where it was found that sperm counts are dropping had the most definitive results in western countries, but not in Asian or African ones.  Which to me isn’t a surprise.  How big a sample size could they have had in a lot of those places?  It’s too easy to show that in Asian countries birth rates are already starting to plummet.  Japan is at a point where they are about to have a year where more people die than are born.  I’ve said before how I think the fact that other western nations are following suit is a good thing.  We need the human race to descend by some.  Too bad I didn’t see that that number is about to go off a fucking cliff.  Though, given the fact that western nations have a much larger exposure to crap than other countries, maybe it is just a First World thing.  As I said, the SJW media was all over how great this is.  Yeah, die, all you westerners!  Let’s let the Africans inherit the world!  Too bad that without modern medicine from the west, even if they are immune from whatever is happening to the rest of the world, they will die off in massive numbers from diseases.  Saw this retarded SJW who actually believes that without white people, Black Panther would be a true story.  Hilarious.  Yeah, read the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” you fucking retard.

For my part, it’s genuinely refreshing to know that humanity’s time is coming to a close.  We find out why this is happening tomorrow, and I guarantee that corporate America would fight against it just as we fight against accepting that climate change is a real thing.  A chunk of ice the side of Rhode Island just broke off Antarctica, but let’s talk about how it’s all bullshit.  Hilarious.  Corporate America will do everything they can.  And the libertarian dumbfucks will sing about how people dying off is a good thing because of the free market.  The SJWs will all get into a big circle and sing about the death of humanity like it’s the best thing ever.  It will be the last gasp of a species with all this promise, who chose to do nothing with it.

I was always hoping that I would get to be one of the last people on the planet as humanity finally brought our time on this world to a close.  Alas, that won’t be the case.  It seems we now have definitive proof that the generation who comes after us is almost-certainly going to be the last.  It’ll be like Children of Men, only with the true heartbreak being that humanity could have done great things.  Instead, we spent all this time making iPhones and other crap when we could have at least colonized Mars.  So for all you people in your 20’s who are thinking about having kids, I say best not to.  What’s the point?  You’d be condemning the generation you breed with the reality that we are doomed and there really is no point in fighting to continue the species.

It’s too funny for words.

Until next time, a quote,

“The planet’s not going anywhere.  We are!  Pack your shit, folks.  We’re going away!” – George Carlin

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Comparing Fertility to Down Syndrome (What?!)

Well, it’s been a little bit, and I decided that I would again go after Life Site News.  These people are an endless source of amusement for me, because of how unbelievably stupid they are.  For real, you have to actually TRY and be this stupid.  It can’t just be something that is bred into you.  This level of ignorance is taught, and I kind of feel bad for those it is taught to, but at the same time, it is a lot of fun to pwn to death.  The name of this article is “Is fertility the next Down syndrome?”  No joke.  This is too sweet to miss.  Like usual, I will have clips from their article, and then my response.  Enjoy.

There is little doubt the HHS mandate that requires all insurance polices to provide hormonal contraception, sterilization and abortion-causing drugs with no co-pay is an assault on religious liberty.

Gee, I wasn’t aware that saying that these groups had to have health care coverage that paid for contraception was restricting religious liberty.  How?  How exactly are people not free to practice religion?  This is the first sentence, and it is already stupid.

Along with a diverse array of Catholic leaders and writers, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is more united in forcefully addressing this unjust regulation than they have been on any other issue in recent memory. Cardinal Dolan, president of the USCCB, has declared that the Catholic Church will not back down in the fight for religious liberty.

The church is fighting to be able to deny women the rights to their own body, and having equal access to contraception.  You might be asking – why do these people not want that?  Well, you’re going to love the answer.

Yet lost in this critical fight to safeguard our freedom of religion is the assault on womanhood that is intrinsic to this mandate.

Oh boy.  Here it comes.  One of the dumbest statements to ever be put into the public eye.  There are words to describe how dumb it is.  No, wait, there aren’t.  Just, trust me.  It doesn’t get any stupider.

By accepting the seriously flawed recommendation of the Institute of Medicine that contraception, sterilization and abortion-causing drugs are preventive care, our federal government has essentially declared that a woman’s fertility is an unnatural condition, and a disease to be eradicated

If only there was a meme that could say it.  Normally, this would be the point where Handel’s Messiah would come on, and a great nirvana of stupidity would open up.  There is not a word for how dumb this is.  We need a new word.  I know – stupiditarded.  This is stupiditarded.  How exactly is anybody saying that a woman’s fertility is an unnatural disease?  In what way is anybody even remotely talking about the idea that women are being encouraged not to have kids?  I guess they didn’t get the memo that this is about women’s health, and that contraception can have many positive impacts for women, like for ovarian cysts.

Where will such thinking lead? Perhaps it is instructive to look at another modern case in which the modern medical community, rather than addressing the root problem, has sadly come to accept an assault on life – the abortion of children with Down syndrome.

What?!  It’s unbelievable!  Where did Down Syndrome (which they never captalize Syndrome, even though it is a proper noun) come from?  First off, how is it a bad thing for a woman not to be able to choose to abort a baby with Down Syndrome?  It is a very hard life.  Giving women the option to screen for birth defects isn’t a bad thing.  This article is just another piece of anti-choice fear-mongering.  Next, when has the medical community ever come out in favor of any kind of abortion?  They have come out in favor of women’s rights.  The real irony is that with modern medicine, women don’t even have to get an abortion.  Things like the morning-after pill prevent a woman from getting pregnant.  This is all so stupid!

The option to abort has become an expectation to abort.

No.  No it hasn’t.  This article has literally pulled that out of its ass.  You cannot find me a single doctor who has said that a woman should be strapped down to a table and forced to abort.  Choice is what it is about.  Absolute freedom of choice.  Of course, this is something that religion has never liked.  Look at the bible.

In a March 2005 study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, mothers reported that upon receiving the diagnosis of Down syndrome in their unborn child, they were put under extreme pressure by their medical providers to terminate their pregnancy. They received little positive information about Down syndrome and were offered little support.

I refer you to the knowledge that if you click that link, while such a study exists, there is no article.  It just tells you about it, and there is an option to purchase it.  Any decent news outlet would have called and asked for this, or done some research, but I guess that would be too much to ask this group of fear-peddlers.

It is completely reasonable to expect that once fertility is enshrined in law as an abnormality to be corrected, a similar disdain for women who choose to bear children will become mainstream.

Where?!  Where has this government ever said that women having kids was abnormal?  This whole Down Syndrome tangent is just pointless, and leads us back to this bit right here – that having kids is somehow treated as abnormal by the government at large.

So much for respecting others’ reproductive choices. Just as women who bear a child with Down syndrome are now often asked, “Didn’t you get tested?” pregnant women in a post-HHS-mandate world will soon be asked, ”Why didn’t you make use of your insurance?” The standard for women who want to enter the professional world will be for them to be childless.

Of all people, the Catholic church has NO room to ever lecture of reproductive choices.  Ever!  These people have been trying to strip women away of their choices since the beginning of time.  Not two words of this article are true.  I almost enjoy how easily these people can lie.  Their lies are just great.  Professional women have kids all the time.  This article is not only trying to fear-monger, but its really bad at it.  Of course, this makes a lot of sense, when you take it apart critically.  The intelligence level of the people who read this kind of shit is down in the two-digit levels, if that.  Not one of their dedicated readers will question any of this crap.

Catholic women must courageously – and without apology – defend both religious freedom and the dignity of authentic womanhood.  Fertility is not a disorder to be conquered, but rather a gift to be cherished.

And that’s the big and small of it.  It’s not about contraception, abortion, Down Syndrome, or fetility.  It’s about God.  God is all that really matters to these people.  And the Catholic church is desperately trying to sound pro-woman, even though it has repeatedly shown itself to be the complete opposite.

And this article is – stupiditarded.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t get high, but sometimes I wish I did. That way, when I messed up in life I would have an excuse. But right now there’s no rehab for stupidity.” -Chris rock

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