It’s Okay to Admit You Were Wrong

A while back, a popular YouTube channel called Extra Credits made a video where they made the argument (and then tried to say in the Comments that this wasn’t the argument they made) that putting Nazis and terrorists in video games can lead to embracing those ideologies.  It was a video full of terrible logical fallacies, most notably the slippery-slope.  The video was just awful, but their response to people rightfully ripping their argument to pieces was just the best.  Being sarcastic, of course.  It was so stupid.

There’s something to be said when you can just admit that you were wrong.  To just say that you had a video you made, and the argument you made was bad.  However, as it seems Extra Credits has now embrace politically correct culture, they now have to embrace the part of that culture where they can’t just admit that they were wrong.  Instead, they have to double-down on their argument and make sure that they demonize everyone who disagrees with them.  Because so long as you can say that the opposition was wrong, that makes you correct!  Right?

The communication director for the channel decided to go to Twitter (where it seems like every person in the politically correct sphere goes) to tell the world just how wrong everyone who disagrees with them.  Their argument?  “We love losing all the bigoted subscribers.  Are you kidding me?  Less bigotry is great!”  The kid who is their communications director looks like he’s fucking 12, so I’m gonna talk down to him.  Kid, come onto my website and find me something to prove I’m a bigot.  Go for it.  Have whatever flunkies you probably don’t have (because no flunky would respect this dude enough to do what he wants) come on here and find where I have EVER supported Nazism or radical Islam (which is where the vast majority of modern terrorism comes from).

For that matter, find me proof that the people who made videos destroying your bad argument are bigots.  Like Upper Echelon Gaming or TLDR.  Show me how they are bigots.  They made reasonable arguments about how your points were bad, going through your video and citing sources to prove their points.  Couldn’t help but notice there wasn’t a SINGLE citation in any of what you did.  Everyone who thinks that your video was dumb is just a bigot.  You all have a real gift at being declarative.  Wouldn’t you agree?

You can’t just admit that your video was stupid.  You can’t just admit that you were wrong, that your argumentation was flawed, that you made huge logical fallacies to make a point that you provided ZERO evidence for.  It was the Anita Sarkeesian method of argumentation – make declarative statements without evidence, and when you are called out on it, demonize those who respond negatively.  The video even said in it that those who are cool with playing as the Axis forces in a World War II game are fascists.  Gee, another word whose meaning has been utterly destroyed by sheer overuse from a political ideology that just LOVES to beat a word into oblivion.

There’s something to be said for admitting that you’re wrong.  It’s a mature thing to do.  Admitting that you made bad arguments based on biased opinions and that you didn’t think through what you were actually saying.  These things happen.  But we live in an age where nobody wants to admit that they were wrong.  That they made something bad and to own that.  It’s why so many great content creators are a laughingstock.  Or went so far overboard that they became a meme and were forgotten about.  You can come back from just a simple admission of wrongness.  However, those who decide to double-down and stupid arguments just come off looked horrifically biased and unwilling to see the bigger picture.

I’ve admitted when I’m wrong in my life.  It’s happened a lot.  When I make bad mistakes and then have to own it and do better.  Now I’ve grown at my job and have become a very knowledgeable and thorough employee.  A pity no one told Extra Credits how this works.

Until next time, a quote,

“The word ‘fascism’ has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’.” – George Orwell

Peace out,


This is the Most Ethnocentric Anime Critique Ever (A response to Michelle Villanueva)

I saw this article around, but I told myself that I wasn’t going to go down the rabbit hole here.  That I was just going to brush this off and be like “okay…” to it and that was it.  But when I finally got around to reading this article, I was amazed at the most ethnocentric thing I have read in a VERY long time.  It genuinely blew my mind.  How a person who claims to be part of the “tolerant” culture immediately applies her own ethnic values in judging an entire nation.  This was amazing.  I’m in awe of how stupid this.  The article talks about the supposed link between “anime and fascism.”  Of which there is none.  At first it just goes on about making light of anime it feels falls into this category, before going on a huge tirade attacking Japan and the Japanese for not being the way she wants them to be.  It’s amazing.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

Before we get too far, know that this article is pretty long, and there is a lot that I don’t wanna talk about, so we’re gonna be jumping around here.  Read that link of you want to get the full context.

Was my reaction petty? Should I have just powered through the series even if the uniforms offended me? Other anime fans were able to watch this without getting upset, so why couldn’t I? Perhaps most importantly, why do a considerable number of anime series have Nazi expys?

Oh boy.  How much do you wanna bet that this is the kind of chick who watches a superhero film with a big scowl on her face thinking about how offensive it is?  Or watches anything, really.  I hope that these “Nazi expys” are pretty good, because you are going to have a REALLY hard time selling me on it.

One of the most popular anime series in recent years, Attack on Titan, takes place within a walled city whose citizens are dominated by a militaristic government. The main character, Eren Jaeger, joins the elite army corps tasked with the destruction of gigantic, ravenous, human-like creatures called Titans. The government controls every aspect of life within the city and spreads propaganda praising the military. Eren, seeking vengeance for losing his mother to the Titans, completely buys into the corps’ “kill ’em all” rhetoric. Attack on Titan takes place in a fascist state.

No, boo.  It takes place in a military state.  Sure, there is propaganda, but that’s partly because they want people being willing to join their military.  The survival of their entire way of life depends on it, and there is a very high probability that people will die.  Like, a lot of people.  Mainly because they have no choice but to be a military state.  Outside the walls are giant monsters that eat people.  That cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with in any capacity.  They will only kill and consume, for reasons unknown.  So the military exists to stop that violence.  Within the context of the series (a thing that SJWs like this hate to no end), it makes sense.  How do you know it’s fascistic?  Are the people being oppressed?  What has informed this in you?

Fullmetal Alchemist, one of the most beloved anime series of all time, is set in Amestris, a vaguely Germany-esque nation with, you guessed it, a militaristic government. To add to the fun, Amestris’ leader is even called Fuhrer Bradley. This connection is made more overt in the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, Conquerer of Shambala, where the plot reveals that Amestris is an alternate reality Germany. Even Hitler makes an appearance, in full-on anime form.

What a way to look at the forest without seeing the trees.  Yeah, it is an oppressive government.  One of the main plot points is that the alchemists who are supposed to serve the state are attack dogs.  Edward joins their ranks as a way to help his brother, but quickly comes to the realization that their nation is not the good guys.  He sees that they are being led by shadow forces to do unspeakably horrible things.  The nation’s evil is being guided by the villains in the series.  That’s what makes it interesting.  Plus, you have character who are working to overcome the bad things the country does to make things better.  Seems like you might have missed that.  Seems like you miss a lot of things.

The long-running series Mobile Suit Gundam, known for constantly reinventing itself since the late 1970s, almost always features an antagonistic sovereign state based on a jingoistic, WWII-era Germany.

Um, oh boy.  There is so much wrong with this statement.  For starters, the Principality of Zeon started as a revolution against the oppressive Earth government.  Spacenoids hated the Earth for controlling them and stealing their resources.  Zeon rose against that.  But it became a warlike group after Zeon was killed and the corrupt Zabi family took over.  That’s what led to the One Year War.  They used the imagery of Nazis, and did horrible things, but Earth was not the victim in this.  They were a part of the problem.  Do you even watch the anime that you’re criticizing?

On the surface, Japan seems to adore its own history. Samurai dramas are perennially popular, but there’s one era which has never really received much attention: WWII. The Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies does depict the horrors of post-war Tokyo in graphic detail, but Japan still has a tremendously difficult time accepting its role in conflicts from the 1930s and 1940s.

And here we go!  Let the ethnocentrism begin!  You are so uninformed about the culture that you are about to start attacking.  Japan after World War II was a very harsh place.  They did learn their lesson.  It’s why they are only now allowed to start having an official military again, and America is right there to make sure they don’t push too far on that.  It’s why their entire culture had a massive shift after they were so humbled.  Not to mention the fact that the war did such a massive number on the culture.  So many people dead, so much resources lost, not to mention that almost 10% of the entire Japanese population had a meth problem.

Neat historical fact – meth as we understand it today began in Japan.  They used to give it to pilots before missions.  That’s why you had kamikaze work as a strategy.  Those people were tweaking out.  It spread among the populace and like I said, almost 10% of the entire population of Japan had a drug problem at the end of the war.  This idiot’s statement that Japan doesn’t “accept” its role in what happened is asinine.

Japan, unfortunately, is still a very xenophobic nation and it has a difficult time accepting immigrants even if it sorely needs them. The country struggles to maintain a workforce with a dwindling population. More women are focusing on their careers instead of on family, which will eventually result in no new workers to replace the retiring ones. The country needs immigrants, which could cause resentment among Japanese citizens. This conservative, reactionary environment is ripe for creating and supporting media which fears foreigners, supports an all-reaching, totalitarian government, and celebrates the military.

Wow.  This bitch is so close to having a decent point when she just loses it.  Yeah, the Japanese population is dropping precipitously.  A trend that is growing in the rest of the First World, not that she will tell you.  Which is a good thing, by the way.  Overpopulation is killing this planet.  But Japan does have a xenophobic attitude.  This is true.  What will happen next is interesting.

Then she decides to take the actual facts about it and go all Yoda in Episode I with it and make a causal chain to a fascist military state.  What evidence do you have for this?  It wasn’t just fear of immigrants that led to Nazi Germany, after all.  It was the Burning of the Reichstag, the destroyed German economy because the Treaty of Versailles was an egregious document, and a charismatic leader who put the blame on a group of people that historically has been popular to hate – the Jews.  Not justifying that, but from a historical perspective, hating Jews has been pretty common.

Japanese society elevates and praises women who are submissive, delicate, and willing to acquiesce to men in all things. It’s no wonder that some alt-righters gravitate towards “moe” girls as avatars, to depict the sort of girl they want instead of those uppity feminists. Anime girls don’t talk back, after all, and many “moe” characters aren’t shown in relationships unless the show is specifically a romance anime, freeing them for waifu status.

You’re making a political judgment call about an entire nation based on one form of anime.  Never mind the plethora of anime out there with interesting female characters, like Black Lagoon, Baccano, FLCL, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Rahxephon, Darker than Black, Psycho-Pass, I could be here all fucking day.  This is so racist.  How can you make this broad a statement about Japan and the people who live there based on one form of anime?  By the way, what evidence do you have that “moe” anime is connected to the “alt-right”?  Another term that has been used to that point of having no meaning outside of using it.

While acknowledging that lots of anime can appeal to fascists, what can be done to make sure that these shows aren’t idealizing it?

Ah, another SJW who wants all the media that she doesn’t like to fit with what SHE wants.  I’m so glad that we have these people out there.  Not understanding context and feeling that if someone else doesn’t make things the way that they want them, it has to change because it offends them.  Can they just not watch it?  Nope!  They have to get YOU to change it for them.  The entitlement of these people never ceases to amaze.  At least the creator of Steven Universe stuck to their guns and made an SJW show of their own.  I have more respect for them than you, bitch.

Fascism in anime becomes a problem when fans glorify and emulate these clearly evil characters. After all, there are tons of stormtrooper cosplayers among Star Wars fans, but do any of them actually believe that the Empire was right?

We also have another SJW who hates fun.  For fuck’s sake, people aren’t trying to emulate them!  People are just liking the look and getting into the fandom!  Why is that a bad thing?  Yeah, I think that Lord Darcia in Wolf’s Rain is cool, but do I want to find a group of wolves trying to get to Paradise and kill them horribly?  No, I don’t.  Because I recognize that what’s cool in fiction is not cool in reality.  Why are these people so concerned about what other people do with their time?  I just don’t fucking get this.  Let them live their lives, bitch!  It isn’t hurting you at all.

So, is there any need for the ACCA characters to be in those uniforms? No, the uniforms don’t seem to be involved in any plot points. But why have it at all? Why even attempt to evoke it when the imagery might (as it did with me) conjure up negative connotations? It only seemed as if the manga creator just liked the aesthetic, and perhaps, like in those memes, there’s a fun sense of irony in the dissonance between sympathetic characters and SS-esque uniforms.

Again, seeing the forest but missing the trees!  Hell, you even touch on it!  Maybe the person just likes the aesthetic!  Did ya think of that?!  And so what if you don’t like that aesthetic?  They should make a show for your sensibilities?!  Entitled bitch!  Ugh!  This is so dumb!  This is like SJW jingoism, I swear.

I can’t keep up with this.  This woman is so stupid.  It blows my mind how stupid this is.  The fact that SYFY calls this “journalism” blows my mind.

Until next time, a quote,

“Judging all species as if they are one’s own is racist.  A kind of benign anthropomorphism.  All species should be judged individually.” – Legion, Mass Effect 2

Peace out,


Count Dankula, the UK, Free Speech, and the Regressive Left’s Embrace of Fascistic Ideals

That title is a mouthful, but there’s a lot I want to talk about in this post.  Recently, a YouTuber named Count Dankula made a video where he taught his pug to raise his paw like a Nazi salute when he says “Seig Heil.”  It’s the most basic low-brow comedy.  He taught a cute doggy how to do something offensive.  It’s basic bitch comedy.  But the UK disagreed.  They found it offensive, and now this man is being convicted of a crime for being offensive.  An actual crime that faces actual jail time.  That’s what this man is facing right now.  A baffling state of affairs that truly does shock me to my core.

Let me put this into perspective for you – a First World country has actually made hurting people’s feelings offensive.  And it’s not the first.  Belgium is the first.  This is the second.  Now Spain is also getting in on the fun.  More and more First World countries are making it illegal to say things that hurt people’s feelings.  The fact that this doesn’t terrify people is utterly gut-wrenching.  Why?  Because people don’t seem to really understand what is going to happen with this.  Where all of this is going.  It will sound like I am making a slippery slope fallacy with where this is going, but there is real historical evidence for my contentions.

I don’t agree with virtually any of Milo Yiannopoulos’ politics, save one.  It baffles me that free speech is a right-wing issue now instead of a left-wing one.  That wasn’t always the case.  Hell, back in the age of McCarthy, it was a left-wing issue as the right crushed people’s freedom of expression.  But then the tables turned and it became the right who championed it, because all the “progressive” fuckers had to come out of the woodwork and decide that if what you say makes people sad, then you lose the right to say it.

Another thing that Milo has said that I genuinely agree with is this –

Freedom of speech is something that has to be fought for in every generation, so people can appreciate what it means.

It really does, because people truly don’t appreciate it now.  Because now you have people saying things like –

Just because you have freedom of speech doesn’t mean you have the freedom to offend people!

People who think this way need to fall into a volcano and rid the world of their stupidity.  Why?  Because the people who believe that my right to speech ends at your feelings are not understanding how this sort of thinking is most-certainly going to be used by the very worst sorts of people.

It’s funny that you have people on the far-left saying that Nazis are so bad, when they seem very comfortable with embracing the ideals of fascism.  Do these people just not realize that once we make speech a right that can be taken away, and start legislating which speech can be illegal and which is not, that someone in power is eventually going to use that to crush dissent?  We’ve seen it before.  There are countless historical stories of figures using legislation against speech to destroy all opposition.

A lot of people can make the argument that the SJWs already do this.  I think there is something to this argument.  We’ve seen how those in power within the movement exploit their authority for their own gains, and anyone who speaks out against them, they sic their little mobs of sycophants on them.  These people have no sense of decency.  They will exploit whatever power they can get their grubby mits on in order to gain more power and take power away from people they don’t like.  They do it on YouTube, they do it in the media, and now they are doing it from positions of authority.

The far-left likes to fancy themselves the proletariat fighting against the bourgeois, but they’re not.  They’re the useful idiots of the bourgeois, fighting in favor of the very fascism that they claim to be so against.  And make no mistake, the powerful are going to utilize them to their own benefit.  Now that it is acceptable to criminalize speech, where does it end?  It ends where a dictator in power says it does.  With more and more First World countries adopting the SJW logic as a cultural mindset, it’s a fact that dictators will rise.  And once they have enough power, they will come for everyone who they are against.  Who will speak up?  Nobody.  Because the public is already brainwashed by these idiots.

In closing, the UK has done a decidedly horrible thing, and by the time they realize just how bad this is, it will be too late, and the ACTUAL fascists will be in power, and all dissent will be met with fervent applause.  Chris Ray Gun did a fantastic music number about this, so that’s what I’m going to close this out with.

Until next time, a quote,

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Peace out,


America and England: Who Can Reach Fascism First?!

Hopefully you used a faux-excited voice for that, because that was how it was meant to be read.  I read something today which made me ask this question in a very honest way.  See, there is this new filter that the UK is going to be using soon.  See, it bans what they call “Esoteric Content.”  I have a link over the term, so you can see for yourself.

If you look at what this blocks, it is REALLY vague.  In other words, it gives the UK carte blanche to block whatever they want.  For real, this new filter could literally block anything.  The reason is, by definition, esoteric means –

Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

See what I mean?  That could literally account for absolutely anything that is anywhere on the Internet.  Any content that is niche is, by definition, esoteric.  One large theory right now is that the primary focus is going to be on smaller religious groups.  But regardless, this is a filter that will step on people’s rights.  Once the filters are in place, at the end of this year, they will be affecting roughly 95% of all Internet users in the UK.

But it doesn’t end there.  See, these new filters also allow them to block content on forums.  The places where people go to exchange ideas.  Forums, by their nature, are not a bad thing.  But this legislation can block whatever they want on those as well.  Meaning that they have carte blanche to block what people say, whenever they say something that the government of the UK doesn’t like.  And they aren’t very specific of that as well.

Now, the stated goal of this filtering is to block child pornography.  But, it is plain as day that that is not the only thing that this will block.  No, it can block whatever the government wants to block.  Even this blog.  Of course, UK government apologists will come on and say that they will use it ethically.  That’s bullshit.  History has shown us, time and time again, that when the government has huge amounts of power, they will abuse it.  They will use it to their own ends.

Which brings me to America.  Here in this country, we have a spy network in place, working in conjunction with ALL the major email and social networks to give the NSA the info they want on anybody.  Naturally, they say that they aren’t gathering the content of people’s Facebook pages and email, just the “meta-data,” but this has been proven to be bullshit too.  Without ANYONE’S consent, our government took it upon themselves to have vast amounts power over us, and they are already abusing it.

And the filtration that the UK wants to do isn’t limited to them.  No, China, Russia, Australia and France are eager to jump on this bandwagon as well.  They want to stomp on the rights of their people, all in the name of good intentions.  How ALL abuses of rights have started.  For real, when was the last time that a leader (dictator) just got up and say “hi there!  So, I was thinking, I am going to stomp on your rights because I think it’s right.  You all cool with that?”  No, they blanket it in good intentions, so the rest of us like it too.

As we read stories like this, we can’t help but wonder – are America and England having a race to see who can get to fascism first?  America sure does have a lead.  We have the NSA who has access to anything they want at anytime.  We have the NDAA of 2012 that lets the government detain ANY American citizen they want without trial or charge, indefinitely.  We have these drones that can spy on every single one of us and you would never even see them.  The UK sure does have some catching up to do, but they are well on their way.

Of course, the apologists will scream that this will be done ethically, like human nature just flies out the window the moment those in positions of power can do stuff like this.  But whenever I read story like this, I think back to that story that broke earlier this year about the cop in New York.  This cop had used police resources to get the personal information of several women.  Women that he wanted to rape, cook and then subsequently eat.  He even got information on how to get an oven big enough to cook a human being in.  He also did some research into how long he could keep a person alive so that he could take every moment relishing hearing them scream.  This was a police officer, in this country, who wanted to do this.  If it weren’t for his plan getting busted, who knows how far it would have gone.  Naturally, he pleaded that he would NEVER do something like that, and that what he had written down, his written plan, was just fantasizing, but they had proof of what he had looked up and what he was planning.

So now, here in America, we have people who, at the click of a button, can get onto any Facebook page they want, any email they want, anywhere they want to go.  Before Snowden leaked this, we didn’t know how far down the rabbit hole this went.  We didn’t know the extent of what they had.  So how much oversight was there to this?  Congress hardly ever saw anything from it.  And what they did see, often was when the NSA would over-step its bounds.  People want to tell me that human nature – sick, twisted human nature – is going to just fly out the window the moment we give people this kind of power?!  Really?!

Part of me doesn’t know which is worse – a government that can actively censor whatever the fuck they want, or a government that can track anyone, anywhere at anytime.  I leave it to you to decide.  Who is reaching fascism first?

Until next time, a quote,

“As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression.  In both instances, there is a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged.  And it is in such twilight that we must all be aware of changes in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”  – Justice William O. Douglas

Peace out,


Fascism: Coming soon to a country near you!

It is always fun to watch how the leaders of this country can be completely gridlocked on things that help Americans, but when it comes to things that hurt us, they are able to come together and be totally on-board with anything that is said.  Recent actions of Congress have shown as much.

The Stop Online Piracy Act was the first big point that was made about this.  It would allow the government to censor any site they wanted, under the guise of “preventing piracy.”  That means that sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and really any other major social network would be completely at risk, and the sites would start massivel self-policing that would kill us.  But we all know that the risk of abuse is so huge that nobody would be surprised when the government just put a damper on any site that they don’t like.  For as long as I have been aware, I have seen that they hate the First Amendment, so this isn’t a surprise to me at all.

But now, there is a new Bill which just passed the Senate 93-7.  It would effectively give this government the power to extend the same courtesy that we have to those overseas when we take them from their homes and imprison them without trial, for the rest of their lives, and give it to Americans.  That’s right, this new bill, the National Defense Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year of 2012 has a stipulation that says –

1031, the statement of authority to detain, does apply to American citizens, and it designates the world as the battlefield, including the homeland.

That was read on the Senate floor by a Republican senator from South Carolina.   He is absolutely right.  An amendment to this bill would allow for the indefinte detention of American citizens.  This should terrify people, outright terrify them.  Americans should be sitting at home scared, because if this passes the House, then it will be sent to Obama’s desk.  He has said that he will veto it, but since he has shown himself to be a spineless coward, that seems very unlikely.

This is the first real example of how this government is trying to legalize fascism.  There cannot be any other viewpoint on this topic.  That’s what this is.  No trial, no jury, no charge, no nothing.  They can take you from your home and put you in a military detention facility for the rest of your life, all while not having to say anything to you, and being allowed to torture you, like we do other inmates.

Fear should be in the air.  For the first time in a long time, the government has made very clear that it wishes to have all of us under their thumb.  It has been becoming more and more clear with the Occupy movement, but now, it is just becoming the sad twisted version of a bad joke.  The joke that we all have control of our democracy, and that we are able to change things.  Here is proof, beyond any doubt, that not only doesn’t this government care about its citizenry, but it will do whatever it takes to make them behave.

Imagine the terror when you see your friends and neighbors getting hauled off by military police and you never seeing them again.  The idea gives me chills, and it should scare a lot of you.  I wish I was fear-mongering here, but that is the stakes that are at play, if our House is just as insane as the Senate, and Obama once-again fails to deliver on a promise.

This is how it works, America.  We are given a piece of legislation that is beyond horrible, and the people never get angry, never get upset, never bat an eyelash.  They just don’t care.  There is no huge amount of outrage.  Just blind submission.  Me, I’m scared.  Look through the bill, and you all will be too.  Hopefully, anyway.

Until next time, a quote,

“Obama has said that he’s gonna veto the Bill.  He’s gonna come in and save the day.  That’s an Obama-promise, so you know that it’s worth, you know, nothing.  And hey, if he does, good.  But if he doesn’t, that’s also good, because this bill commemorates the day that America stops being like the drunken dad that comes home and beats the wife and the kids, and the day that he instead just gets the shotgun and kills his whole family and himself.  Which is good because it relieves such narrative tension for the past ten, twenty years.”  -TJ Kincaid, FASCIST AMERICA: Coming Soon? 

Peace out,