You’re Forcing Students to Reveal Their Sex Lives to Register? (A response to USC)

You know something I don’t talk about on this site?  My sex life.  For starters, it’s none of you all’s damn business.  For another point, it would end up not only betraying my privacy, but the privacy of the people I have been intimate with.  I’ve vaguely talked about my personal life, like in a post where I talked about the misconceptions of Dom/sub relationships.  I said that I’ve been on both sides of that dynamic, and it’s true.  But I didn’t say with who, when, or why.  Just that it happened, and that that was that.  I will never say who I have been intimate with, or in what specific ways I have been intimate with those people.  Ever.  That’s none of anyone’s business but me and theirs.

So when I came across an article that talked about a new mandatory course that all prospective students at the University of Southern California (USC) have to take in order to apply for classes, I was more than a little surprised by what I found.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

As I said, there’s a new course at USC that all potential students have to take in order to register.  Failure to do so will result in a hold on their account until it has been taken.  This course is about Title IX, and part of it requires that students disclose not only the number of sex partners they have had, but in what ways they are having sex with said partners. Asking if they have sex under the influence.  Asking how often they do it with their partner(s).  That is the questionnaire these potential students are given, and they are told that they will be denied entry into the university until they fill it out.  That’s what this is.  Check out the link above.  It’s all there.

Following this questionnaire, there is a video that tells students all about sexual assault.  In one part of the video, they say that someone who is under the influence cannot consent to sex, but when two people are blitzed, it’s the man’s fault for drunken sex.  That’s the story that’s being told. So, we have a class that invades potential students privacy and then a video that gives them a biased perspective on sex that blatantly has it out for men over women.  That’s what we’re being asked to accept.  Then there is another part of the video that talks about how kids need to challenge “gender stereotypes.”

In other words – this class is all about indoctrination.  They want to force kids to think like they do, while invading their privacy in the process.  Here’s a question – if someone came up to your 18 year old child and started asking them about their sex life, would you be cool with that?  What if it’s a person in a position of authority?  They come up and ask your child about how much sex they are having, with how many people, and whether or not alcohol is involved.  Parents, do tell me – does that sit right with you?  Do you want someone who you don’t know to have intimate knowledge of your child’s sexual history?  Which is gotten by forced consent?  Because that’s what’s happened here.  These children are being coerced into a reeducation course that both invades their privacy and spread propaganda, under threat of not being able to attend college if they don’t comply.  That is EXACTLY what is happening here.

How on EARTH can people be okay with this?  Who genuinely believes that this is a good thing?  Universities are supposed to be where students learn to challenge authority and question power, but this university wants to teach students to embrace their way of thinking and to give out VERY personal information under threat of being unable to attend their college if they don’t comply.  What the fuck is wrong with these people?!  What the fuck is wrong with the people who support this kind of behavior?  This is disgusting.  It’s unethical.  It’s a violation of civil liberties.  We cannot let this stand!

Universities around this country are becoming meccas for ideological purity, and anyone who challenges the official doctrine is silenced or kicked out, or in this case, forbidden to enter at all.  Is that what we want?  Parents, is that the environment you want your children in?  I cannot believe that rational people asked for this.  And, as always, it’s in the name of “equality.”  Of course it is.  The bludgeon by which the crybully feminists have been strong-arming so much of the left in this country.  It’s absurd.  It’s disgusting.  I won’t stand for it.

Who’s with me?  Who will stand against this kind of activity?  If there is a way we can fight back against this, please let me know.  This course was started by a group called “Campus Clarity.”  I wonder if they have a Twitter or Facebook page.  I wonder if we can send them a piece of our mind, in ADDITION to USC, for their endorsement of this unethical bullshit.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you read someone else’s diary, you get what you deserve.”  – David Sedaris

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Demonizing Gamers in a High School Classroom? Are you Kidding Me?! #GamerGate

It’s come to this.  With all the politicization of gaming, it has finally reached a point where the insanity has gone too far and now it may never be able to come back.  I remember a time that gaming was just about gaming.  Do you?  For real, remember those good ol’ days when education was all about teaching kids what you believe they needed to know to get ahead in the world?  Does anyone?  Since ‘No Child Left Behind,’ I question if anyone remembers actually teaching kids.  It’s just so nuts!  Now, however, education has stooped to a new low.  The politicization of gaming is coming to the classroom.  And not some Women’s Studies class, where you can just assume that they teach the Anita Sarkeesian bullshit line.  No, this may just come to a high school classroom near you!  From an advocacy group that has a LOT of sway.  Let’s talk about it.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has recently put out a publication of a classroom lesson for the Common Core curriculum.  Here’s a link to the PDF, so you can see that I’m not making this shit up.  Let’s take out some choice statements to really highlight how unbelievably crooked this is.

This advanced high school lesson provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the world of video games, understand how sexism and misogyny are perpetuated in gaming and express their own thoughts about the issue.
Oh, is that so?  And what evidence are you going to present about where all this misogyny comes from?  Are you going to address the other side of this?  How about talking about the utter lack of evidence that video games cause real-world misogyny.  What are your sources in all of this, anyway?
Play this 10 minute video TEDxWomen Talk About Online Harassment & Cyber Mobs with Anita Sarkeesian, who speaks about her experiences with sexism and online harassment. Explain that Anita Sarkeesian is a media critic, blogger and author of the video blog “Feminist Frequency,” in which she examines the depiction of women in popular culture.
Well would you look at that!  It’s our favorite con artist!  I had a feeling that she would show up here.  I find it interesting that she is the primary source here, since NONE of her videos, have had any evidence of video games cause real-world violence or real-world misogyny.  You have another source that has a PEW Research Poll about online harassment, but that just ties in to my previous statement about how it’s online trolls being online trolls.  (obligatory statement that I, in no way support online trolling.  Getting real tired of having to deflect criticism of Twitter and Tumblr snowflakes, because if you don’t, they jump on you.  Fucking idiots)  So yeah, Anita has no credentials worth talking about, and not a single one of her videos has had a scrap of evidence.  That talk that you have from her is just her complaining about her getting trolled.  I swear, it’s like you people are trying to push an agenda to make people think a certain way.  How Orwellian.
Distribute a copy of the article “It’s Game Over for ‘Gamers’” to each student. Explain that Anita Sarkeesian, and other women critical of sexism in video games, has been in the news lately because she was going to give a speech at Utah State University and received threats that there
would be a shooting massacre if she came. The campus police reportedly told her they could not search people entering the talk for weapons and therefore could not guarantee her safety, so she cancelled.
Wow.  You can’t argue that this isn’t Orwellian.  A narrative is being painted, on whole cloth.  The narrative is – video games make men awful!  You want this taught in a high school classroom?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Does nobody here find this as terrifying as me that a group that advocates for education can just come in and try and subvert a balanced education by having a lesson plan that wants people to believe a certain way?  Our education is fucked up enough already!  Want to have a two-minute hate there too?  This education plan has pretty much raised Sarkeesian up to be Jesus already.  Why not have posters with her and praising words beneath?  Not to mention – you are still crafting a narrative!  The police at Utah State University released a statement that they did not take the threat seriously.  What is you people’s deal with ignoring facts?  Oh, right – they don’t support the narrative.  But hey, the truth has never been a big hindrance to anyone associated with Anita Sarkeesian, including the woman herself.
Explain to students that now that they have more information after watching the video and reading the article, they are going to get more specific about how sexism and misogyny are perpetuated in the gaming world. Also, explain that Anita Sarkeesian is one of the most well – known women who was targeted for her views about women and gaming but she is not alone.
That’s true.  She has people like Brianna Wu at her back.  A woman who exploited the death of a woman not remotely associated with anything in gaming to sell her victimhood.  Yeah, real winner there.  Or hey, there’s Zoe Quinn too.  She is STILL trying to be relevant, even though GamerGate forgot about her months ago.  Yeah, let’s talk about how she says she was run out of her house, which she talks about while being on vacation in Europe.  A vacation she talked about months beforehand.  Gee, there’s something we can mention.  There is lots to talk about!  Oh, wait, this isn’t an open and free discussion.  This is propaganda that you want taught as fact to high school students.
You know, I am getting sick and fucking tired of seeing shit like this coming up.  I really am.  The Anti-Defamation League is nothing but a two-bit advocacy group who is looking to sell propaganda.  But while I can overlook it in a college setting, I will NOT sit idly by and let this not be talked about, when the goal is to get to high school students.
Now, where does this fit in to GamerGate?  This movement has been about ethics in journalism.  How do you think sites like Gawker and Kotaku are going to talk about this?  Yeah, I thought so.
Until next time, a quote,
“What does anyone care?  After all, it’s just video games!  Nobody cares about that, right?!”  -Internet Aristocrat
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Suspended for Playing Pretend?! Really?! (A response to Kermit Elementary School)

I have made no secret of my disdain for PC culture.  It is getting absolutely out of control.  And the psycho-parents haven’t helped.  You got dodgeball banned, or if it exists, they got rid of the rubber balls.  There was that story about a six year old boy who was almost put on the sex offender list for playing “doctor” with a five year old girl.  There are so many stories about how pathetically scared and worthless people in this country are, and now I got another to add to the pile.  This one actually does annoy me, because it tells me that this country is doing everything it can to take away children’s childhood.  Let’s get down to it.

So, there is this kid in west Texas whose dad took him to see the latest Hobbit movie.  He shouldn’t have bothered, because the movie is melodramatic in a way that the Lord of the Rings films never were (not to mention the whole thing with Smaug, which was retarded).  But whatever.  So, the kid loves the movie, and he has a ring that looks like the One Ring, and he tells his friend that the ring can make the friend disappear.  Then, the kid got suspended.  Not even kidding.  Why?  Because, according to the principal, he was making “terroristic threats.”

Are you kidding me?  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Yes, he was making “terroristic threats” because he was playing pretend with his friend, he gets suspended.  Here’s a great quote that should really put it all into perspective for you how stupid this is.

Any kind of threat, whether it be magical or pretend, is considered a terrorist threat, and therefore the boy had to be suspended.

That was from the Principal of Kermit Elementary, and – are you fucking kidding me?!  You admit that it was pretend!  It wasn’t a real threat!  I was a kid playing pretend with his friend.  How can you be that stupid?!  The father’s response to this was priceless.

I assure you that my son lacks the magical powers to threaten his friend’s existence.  If he did, I’m sure he would bring him back.

Way to put all of this stupidity in its place.  I mean, come on!  But this kid seems to have a history of suspension.  Man, he must be a problem kid!  What did he do?!  Well, in one instance – he called a black kid black.  The other time, he brought a book to school that had a drawing of a pregnant woman.  Not porn or anything like that.  Just a drawing of a woman that happened to be pregnant.

I don’t honestly know how this country can get any dumber.  For real, I don’t.  I mean, this is so stupid!  I’m sure that the kid didn’t mean anything racist when he referred to a black kid as black.  He didn’t call the kid any racial epithets.  Just stated that the kid was black.  And that was worth suspending him over?!  Then – are you all afraid of pregnant women?!  Do you just have an aversion to talking about them?!  Now, he’s been suspended for playing pretend.  Un-fucking-real.  Oh, and here’s something to note – the family of this kid moved into this area six months ago.  In six months, he has been suspended three times – for nothing!  For absolutely nothing!

I continually tell people that America is turning into a police state.  Hell, we’re already there.  The evidence is undeniable.  It’s a weird police state where everyone is guilty, all the time.  You want to express your imagination with your friends?  Guilty!  You want to describe a kid to another kid?  Guilty!  You want to have a book that you like at school?  Guilty!  I remember when I was in school.  We used to beat the shit out of each other in dodgeball.  I was always tall, so I was a clear target, but when I did hit someone, they were feeling it the rest of the day.

Oh, this brings me to another story.  There was a woman who was charged with child neglect.  Why?  Because she let her kid walk home from school.  What the fuck is wrong with this country?!  I walked home from the bus, almost a mile from my stop to where I lived, every single day since I was in middle school.  For real, I could have gotten trampled by a moose, eaten by a black bear or kidnapped by some creepy pedophile, every single weekday for years.  And that’s fine!

We have this scary thing happening in this country where everyone is constantly worried about letting the children be who they are, or developing normally.  Oh no, my kid played ‘doctor’ with another kid!  Does that mean that they are developing as a young person in a way that I will have to actually be a parent and talk to them about?!  I don’t want that!  Oh no, a kid played pretend with his friend and said something mildly threatening that anyone with more than ten brain cells would recognize isn’t serious.  We’d better clamp down on that behavior!

I have a friend who used to be a substitute teacher.  She told me about how kids at the middle school I went to are now forced to sit in their seats at lunch, never get up, never raise their voice, and stay in that place until lunch ends.  If they break the rules, they are immediately in trouble.  That idea scares the hell out of me.  We are forcing children to behave like machines, at the age when they are forming who they are.  I can’t be the only one who sees how bad that could get.  For real, who sees that too?  Anyone?

Let me know down in the comments section.  You know, I don’t remember thinking that 1984 was supposed to be a guide or the future.  I guess schools didn’t get the memo.

Until next time, a quote,

“Stupid is as stupid does.”  -Forrest Gump

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The 10 People You’ll Meet in College

You’re out of high school.  You’re headed to college!  A bright new path lays ahead of you to meet people of class, sophistication and with whom you can have real, deep conversations!  But then, a year later, you realize something – these people are nuts!  This isn’t at all the world you were promised.  Instead, it’s crazy and kind of like high school.  For real, it has eerie similarities to it.  And these are the ten people that you are going to meet when you go there.

10. The Pious Angels
It was bad enough having to deal with these people in high school.  They would write essays that they would read to the class about how godless America was and how we all needed to turn to Jesus.  Thank god you’re done with that! (pun intended) Now you’re at college, where people aren’t as crazy as that, right?  Wrong!  You look on the message board to see what’s going on, and one of the first things you notice is – Bible study, meetings every week at the same time.  You learn to recognize them quickly.  They aren’t like you.  Their clothes are always exceedingly clean.  For the women, they often wear t-shirts with a cross or something like that on it.  For the guys, they are dressed in button-up shirts or a t-shirt that was custom-made by their church.  Dating one is a nightmare!  Underneath that devotion to Jesus, it turns out that repressing their sexuality made them grow a few kinks.  You wake up with whip marks on your back and a very sore ass.  If you’re into that, good for you.  If not, was it worth it?

9. The Engineering Majors
You’ll know them as the ones that have Sharpie on their arms.  You see the notes they have taken from class and you think to yourself – my god!  What evil math is this?!  When the hell did the letters and numbers do this?!  What evil being concocted this madness?!  These ones travel in packs.  They are always with other engineering majors.  It is almost all men.  If there is a woman, you shall see the other men following the woman around like a pack of sad dogs begging for scraps.  They always look like they are about to keel over.  They are unkempt, have bags under their eyes and a large percentage of their conversation is about how they are always busy.  Good thing you don’t go in with that crowd.  You remember the F you got in Algebra.

8. The Rich Kids
It must be so nice to have mommy and daddy paying your tuition.  You get to walk out with over $40,000 in debt!  You’ll notice this brood by the shades they’re wearing inside when it isn’t even a little bright outside.  Seriously, what are they trying to block?  The poorness?  Does it work like that?  They wear baggy shirts over their tighter shirts that show off their abs that they got working at the gym.  Naturally, only the most attractive females or males for these ones.  After all, if they aren’t wearing designer jeans that are in a size that compliments their tiny waist and big ass, are they really worth it?  Yes, people are quick to try and whore themselves out to these ones, with all their money and their dirt-free floormats inside their Jag that they got for the Sweet 16 birthday.  Did you see that on MTV?  It was sick?!  Yeah, it makes you sick.  Fucking bastard will have a free ride.  I mean, it’s not like they will eventually have to do real work.

7. The Sports Enthusiasts
That’s the nice term for these people.  They live sports.  They breathe sports.  If you are not up-to-date on who the latest players of the team that their group likes are, then you are a fucking dumbass who isn’t worth talking to.  They wear jerseys and usually have a hat with their favorite team’s logo on it.  When there’s a big game, you can see them gathered in common areas.  They are screaming loudly and high-fiving each time there is a goal.  What is so great about sports, anyway?  You wouldn’t know.  The burritos you got at Taco Bell certainly don’t know.  When’s the last time you were even in a place where exercise and sports happen?  But hey, don’t feel too bad.  Given some of the beer guts that you’ve seen on this lot, you don’t have to feel bad.

6. The Vampires
These are the kinds of people who you’ve only heard about in tales of old and bad cinema.  You think to yourself – there aren’t REALLY people who haunt the dark and never come out into the sunlight, right?  That’s just a negative stereotype.  Then you see them!  Dressed in black, skin like a corpse in Law and Order, sunken in red eyes, and oh my god – it hissed at me!  And yet, you never see them in class!  Do they come out of the darkness to feed and then return!  Now that you think about it, when was the last time you saw them in sunlight?  Just don’t ask, and pretend you saw nothing.  You’ll live longer that way.

5. The Party Girl
You know the one I’m talking about.  All of her shirts are cut in a way that you wonder if the boobs would fall out if she leaned over.  Her skirts barely come to her thigh.  Wait, she seriously wears that to class?  Wow, that’s kind of weird.  She has the same sunken in eyes as the vampire, but the club stamp on her hand leaves you not having to wonder where she is going.  You’ve lived in the dorms before.  You have heard this girl upstairs with the guy on the university’s basketball team.  Then there was the guy who you knew was in this band that played at bars, thinking they were going to hit it big someday.  The next night, she’s wandering the halls of the dorm when there is a party going on.  She’s drunk as a skunk and in her underwear.  On the one hand, you want to think she’s hot, but on the other, you get the feeling that she was the girl who ate the M&Ms during your abstinence-only sex ed that used them to explain what STDs you can get by multiple partners with different colors.

4. The Fangirls/Boys
We all have things we love.  That’s a normal part of life.  It’s cool when you can rally with your friends about how awesome the trailer for Final Fantasy XV was, or how awesome the new Assassin’s Creed looks.  But there are some people for whom restraint and moderation of what you love is just a dirty word that means you don’t love it enough.  They don’t just like things, they LOVE them!  You see them with the Attack on Titan theme as their ringtone.  They have the Doctor Who theme as the background on their laptop or phone.  They yell at each other about how much they agree that JK Rowling is a fucking bitch for saying that Harry Potter should have gotten with Hermoine!  They talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones and how George R. Martin is the most awesome man who has ever lived.  Tolkien can suck it!  But wait, who the fuck said that?!  J.R.R. Tolkien is the most awesome writer of all time!  I speak Elvish!  Man, fuck Elvish!  That’s not even a real-sounding language!  I know Klingon and Romulan!  So fuck that fantasy crap!  Dude, fucking Trekkies!  Star Wars is where it’s at!  But only the original movies.  The prequels were pieces of shit that totally spit in the face of the spirit of the originals!
Whoa, kind of lost my mind there.  Whew, so yeah, these people are a real class act.

3. The Gamers
Ah, now here is some people you have some kinship with!  Finally!  You play video games.  You’re more of a story person, but I’m sure that they’ll be down with that.  I bet there are a lot of things you can discuss.  Wait, did you say you like story?  That must mean that you only are into RPGs, right?  What’s that?  You like some shooters too?  When has there ever been a story in those?  Well, at least you aren’t one of those Call of Duty jarhead-wannabes.  Right?  Dammit, these people are just like the fandom nerds!  Is there nobody with a level-headed opinion?!  What the fuck?!

2. The Sleepers
We’re not talking about spy thrillers and cool things like that.  No, you know what this group is.  You see them in the back of class every single class, face-down in their notebook or textbook.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t occasionally erupt in snoring.  For real, why even come to class if you’re just going to pass out?  Why not just stay in bed?  I mean, half of the class doesn’t even show up unless there’s a test.  So why don’t they just stay home?  And if they’re not sleeping in class, they’re on one of the benches or a really comfy chair sleeping.  It’s noisy as fuck in here!  How do they sleep with all that noise?  That almost seems like a talent.  And when they wake up, you have seen more life from the living dead.  You keep expecting them to shout “brains!” half the time.  And given how much they want to copy other people’s notes, that’s not a total stretch.

And the top person you’ll meet in college is…

1. The Overachievers
You know this kind.  They’re always in the library with the entire table taken up by multiple textbooks, their laptop (with the Internet up on the database of your college library), a really expensive calculator and a dozen notebooks that are full of notes that have been taken in print so tiny that you can’t believe that it’s real!  You’ve tried to socialize with these people, but that has very negative results.  Their eyes are as sunken in as the vampire and party-girl’s, and they almost always have a couple of cups of coffee.  They are unkempt and look like they haven’t been properly nourished in ages.  You see one of them break out into sobbing tears when the library’s printer doesn’t print her project, which means that now they have to go somewhere else, which means they won’t be able to get the other things they have to get done done.  I have four other projects to do, dammit!  Why the fuck does life hate me so much?!  Wow, good thing that you are kind of a slacker.  I mean, it’s not like the debt you have is going to follow you around forever.  Right?

Until next time, a quote,

“She came back with people she said were family, but if they were family, then they clearly were doing some illegal and dubious shit!”  -My roommate on one of her roommates

Peace out,


Facebook, “Ban Bossy” and Cognitive Dissonance (A Response to Hadley Freeman)

So, if you’re like me and like to keep up-to-date on current events, so you can actually know why the world is going to shit, then you have been seeing the story about the Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg and her mission to “ban bossy.”  A campaign that is about as backwards and filled with cognitive dissonance as is possible.  I haven’t really commented on that, because I didn’t have an angle that I wanted to talk about it with.  However, after reading an article in the print version of The Guardian by a very feminist author, Hadley Freeman, I’ve found the angle I want to attack this with.  Here’s a link to her article, so you can see that I’m not just pulling this out of the ether.  Context matters, though don’t tell that to the Tumblr feminist crowd.

Freeman seems to believe that this whole “ban bossy” campaign is a “good start.”  I guess she has the same cognitive dissonance that the people who thought up this flawed idea have.  For starters, it isn’t bossy that they want to ban.  For real, that means nothing.  Not one tiny thing.  The word they really want to ban, and I know this will damage people’s comfort zone, is “bitch.”  They’re tired of girls being called bitches, but are rephrasing it so they can have a clever ad for their new campaign.  Because, after all, it’s hard to advertise not calling girls and women bitches.  Especially since some actually are.  And before you go off on me, it isn’t guys who go after women the hardest.  For real, in all the “patriarchy” and “rape culture” that these women talk about, the people who go after women the hardest and the most viciously are other women.  Neat little fact, there.

However, there is a lot of cognitive dissonance with this idea.  Sandberg is quoted as saying that girls want less leadership positions than boys by the time they reach middle school.  Uh, who cares?  For real, are we supposed to force girls to want to do something they don’t want to do?  Do you believe that enforcing your ideas on to young girls is the correct way to go about this, rather than letting them find their own preferences?  I mean, if the argument is that modern education is flawed in that regard, I’m with you.  Though, not for the reasons you think.  I’m with you in that we are forcing children to take drugs, constantly think about adulthood and don’t teach empathy and critical thinking in the way we teach tests.  We are stripping away the childhoods of the modern youth, because parents think that their little boy or girl staring out the window and dreaming of better things requires ritalin.  By the way, that’s not without context.  One of the biggest drugs selling right now is ritalin.  Sad, but true.  But I will save the best piece of cognitive dissonance for the end, so you all can understand just how flawed this is.  We have another fish to fry first.

As if to make my point, Freeman’s article kind of drives it home.  She has a point-by-point list of things she wants to have in schools.  I’ll keep to her style and debunk them individually.

  • Make feminism part of the national curriculum

Um, how about no?  For real, how about we don’t force an ideological idea on to children.  Here’s what we should do – teach and encourage children to think for themselves.  Get rid of these stupid fucking tests (or at least stop teaching them) and instead focus on actual discussion about topics.  Get English classes to talk about what they are learning and let the kids actually have a voice.  One of the biggest problems in modern education is that children don’t have a voice, in this country and in others in the First World.  Though I am focusing on here in the States.

Bringing in this ideological discussion will do nothing to help your cause.  It’s no better than if we bring religion into the classroom.  If you want a class in high school for women’s studies or feminism, that’s fine, but make it the children’s choice, instead of foisting it on them.  Isn’t that a better idea than having a teacher get up at the beginning of class and saying,

Alright, students.  Today we’re going to be talking about feminism, because we are requiring you to learn it.

Don’t you see how telling kids that we want them to learn something, instead of letting them find their own preferences, is going to be a turn-off.  Now, there are some things that a kid has to know, like history, mathematics, science and the like.  With math, I have met two children in my entire time growing up who liked it.  You can’t do much about that.  But even with history and science, there is room for discussion and to let kids find their own thing to enjoy.  We shouldn’t have this blank-statement of “you must learn feminism!” for the modern youth.

  • Get impressive kickass women to talk to them.

Yeah, I got no problem with that.  So long as we get impressive guys to do so too.  A balance should exist.  Though, and this is speaking from my experience growing up, I hated people just talking to us, unless what they were talking about something that interested me.  I don’t care if they had so much success and were great leaders, unless they did something that I find impressive.  I guarantee you that other kids think the same way.  So yeah, bring people in to talk, but make sure that they have something neat to say, other than “be a leader!”  I mean to end this showing you why that doesn’t work.

  • Nutrition should be a part of the national curriculum

I don’t even get how that ties in.  And once again, how about no?  How about we teach kids about nutrition in science classes and health classes in middle and high school?  Don’t just foist knowledge on little kids.  Trust me, unless you ritalin the shit out of them, it won’t stick.

  • Ban all magazines and newspapers from the school that talk about diets, celebrity body shapes and sex lives, and Kate Middleton

Back in high school, there was this ban on soda and candy, which made a lot of kids angry.  We like our unhealthy things.  A kid who is at school at 7 in the morning wants their caffeine.  Nothing wrong with that.  However, for me and my friends, this started a new market for us – underground candy and soda.  Since my high school was a closed campus, students couldn’t walk down the road at lunch and get some from Carr’s.  We made a killing.  It started an amusing series of candy and soda wars between the various sellers.  The Girl Scouts were a tough opponent who held their own in the wars.  The band was a bunch of little pussies who couldn’t do anything and we let them know where their place was.  I made a very hefty profit from my business and it made my junior and senior years much more interesting.

The point of this story is – don’t ban things!  It doesn’t work!  Just like banning alcohol and drugs doesn’t work, trying to ban students from getting publications about what is popular won’t work.  While your ban won’t create the same kind of black market that the one in my school did (which I understand they lifted a couple years after I left, due to the candy and soda wars), it is just another sad and pathetic means of mind control that students aren’t so dumb that they will miss.

  • Feed them a healthy diet of feminist films and books

Wow, how very 1984 of you.  In fact, this whole “ban bossy” campaign is very 1984.  They want to teach the children what they want them to know and to make it so they can’t say the words that they don’t like.  Big Brother would be proud.  I’ve already covered my refutation of this on the first of her little points.  We shouldn’t force kids to watch things, we should give them options and let them find preferences for themselves.  If you want to have a class for this sort of things, by all means.  Let them decide for themselves if they want to adopt your ideology or not.  But don’t force it on them and think that you did the right thing.  I guarantee you that more than one dictator throughout history has thought the same thing.

I said earlier that I would point out the biggest level of cognitive dissonance about all this at the end, and I am going to do that now.  The biggest level of cognitive dissonance is – this is a campaign that is done in solidarity of young women and girls, yet it is making it sound like they are so fragile that they can’t handle being called a word.  I mean, really?  Are we really making that argument?  Cause if we are, then you are tacitly admitting that they shouldn’t be holding positions of power.  Reason – because they can’t take criticism.

I guarantee you, man or woman, workers will poke fun at their boss.  It’s what employees do.  There is almost no boss who exists who is tight with their people.  There is a good reason for this – they have to tell them what to do.  When you have to be an authority figure, it’s a guarantee that you aren’t going to be liked by many or any of the people under you.  You will have people talking behind your back and making jokes about you.  Trust me, gender means jack-diddle.  John the asshole or Jane the bitch are just little names that will follow a boss around.  It’s a way that employees deal with workplace stress.  It’s a coping mechanism.  If you don’t like that, fine, but don’t go pretending that you have a high-ground position here.

And to Freeman’s article, I am going to close out this post with a quote that kind of puts what she wants in its place from a character who I would think she would like.

Until next time, a quote,

“My goal is not to wake up at 40 with the bitter realization that I’ve wasted my life at a job I hate because I was forced to decide on a career in my teens.”  -Daria Morgendorffer, Daria

Peace out,



Miley Cyrus Has Butt-Sex with an Emu!

So, you clicked on this link.  You clicked on this, and if you did, then you fall into one of two categories – 1. the people who read my blog regularly and are probably annoyed that I’m not adding on to the story that I have been so faithfully working on (don’t worry, that’s not going anywhere.  I just needed to get this off my chest), or 2. people who actually believe that this post is going to be about Miley Cyrus having sex with an emu (I bet half the dumb-shits who read that are like “what’s an emu?”)

If you are in group 2, now that I have you here, let’s talk about something – something important!  I know, this will be new territory for you, since you have probably never given a shit about anything important in your entire life.  But hey, here’s trying, right?  Anyway, while you decided to click on this crap, I just thought that I would tell you that right now, as you read this, the government of the United States has shut down!  Did you know that?  I know, this will be news for you.  After all, you are in the group that has absolutely saturated every single news outlet with crap like the latest boring and pointless thing that Miley fucking Cyrus does.  Since you have nothing of actual value to contribute to the world, I thought I would let you know.

And this is important to know because this is going to get people killed!  That’s right, this shutdown is going to get people killed.  The reason for this is because it affects a lot of different programs in pretty serious ways.  The CDC won’t be able to do their annual flu-shot program, right as flu season starts up.  So yeah, a lot of old and young people (who you obviously don’t give a shit about) are going to die.  Oh yeah, and the FDA won’t be able to do a lot of their food safety programs, so we will have unsafe food coming to store shelves (I can already hear the Paulites being like “yay!  It’s an Ayn Rand utopia!”).  Soldiers with disabilities won’t be able to get their medical needs taken care of if this goes on longer than 2 weeks.  So all the Republican schtick about saying that they love soldiers, it’s crap.  They don’t give a shit.  Hell, they’re holding the country hostage until their demands are met!  I believe we have a word for people like that.  It’s one of those “isms.”  And it involves terror.  Terror, ism.  Oh, right – terrorism!  The GOP is filled with terrorists!  I bet you didn’t know that.

Oh hey, now that we’ve got you here, why don’t we talk about some other stuff of relevance.  I mean, this is probably the only time that you are going to be given stuff like this to think about (because you have no brain), so we might as well make it worth something.

Student loan defaults are starting to get pretty damn big.  Since we have massive degree inflation in our culture and full-time jobs are going the way of the dodo, it is looking like this is going to be a repeat of the housing foreclosures, when people defaulted on that.  Only this time we will have millions of students with nowhere to go and no way out of being wage-slaves to the government.  Maybe if we had Miley Cyrus sitting in a place, butt-naked and talking about it, you might actually pay attention.  A small dream, huh?

Oh, and there is a story about a girl who was 18, who was arrested and charged with rape for being in a relationship with 14 year old girl.  Four years age difference, and the parents of the girl she was with decided to throw the book at her.  Maybe if we had Miley Cyrus twerking with the girl who plead guilty to a lesser count, getting three years in jail and a few more in house-arrest, then you would care.  She’s 19, now, and these people have ruined her life.  So yeah, there’s that.

Another thing that comes to me – you all are idiots!  I mean, we have had countless bits of proof about how stupid the human race is.  There were the “beliebers” who thought that Anne Frank, who has been dead for a LONG time, was hating on their worthless idol.  Then there was the fact that old people are so in love with the Republican Party that they don’t care that they are holding their government hostage until they get their way.  Now, we have a look at the common American, who is so stupid that they think that a story about how Miley Cyrus does anything now is worth reading about, drowning out all the news that is actually important.

You know what, I better have a sexy picture of this idiot, so that those who do image searches can find this post and can be educated for a few seconds too.  Here you go –

Miley Cyrus, Rolling Stone coverIf you are in Group 2, you’re stupid, you are making the generations that come after you stupid and I hope you all never get any real power, because you aren’t worthy of it.

Fuck you.

Until next time, a quote,

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”  -H.L. Mencken

Peace out,



I saw a video by my favorite YouTube vlogger, The Amazing Atheist.  He talked about the Amanda Todd tragedy, and his take was actually rather poignant.  He got me to think, and I have some responses to questions he asked in the video.

He pointed out that while Amanda Todd’s death is tragic, she isn’t the only one.  Kids all over this country are killing themselves after being bullied, and they don’t get the national stage that she has.  And people die all over the world from hunger every day.  Where are their voices?  Well, before we get to that, let’s answer TJ’s questions.

1. What makes Amanda Todd more important than Joel, Kenneth, Rachel and all of the other kids who have been pressured into of taking their own lives because of being bullied?  And if she’s not more important — Then why are you focusing on her to the exclusion of all the other victims of bullying?

Well, to be honest, she isn’t more important.  I freely admit that Amanda Todd is just one of the many victims.  But to the second question, I am not focusing on her to the exclusion of all other victims.  I am with Mr. Repzion on this.  We need to use her as an example for how this can and is happening to all sorts of other kids right now.  I am definitely trying to figure out how to deal with this on a larger scale.  Amanda Todd, to me, isn’t so much a martyr, as much as a reminder.  She is a reminder that this kind of thing happens all the time, and it goes unchecked, until the shallow society does as many have done with Amanda, and raise her on a pedestal and ignore everything else.

2. Why do you only care about bullying victims after they’ve killed themselves?

Again, I don’t.  This happens all the time, and I hate that.  I have seen it all the time where I grew up.  Back in my hometown, a good 80% of the girls in my school were vicious snakes, and the rest were their victims.  I always stood against that.  Being a titan of a man, I was able to bring those who were outcast into my fold, and give them a place and a home.  But there are many more who I couldn’t help back then, and who I realistically can’t help now.  If we are going to use Amanda Todd’s death for anything, it should be to remind people of that.

3. Why isn’t anyone talking about what REALLY needs to be done about bullying?

That’s a good question.  TJ brings up a lot of good points.  The American education system is broken.  That can’t be argued against.  I have railed against the broken education system in this country time and time again.  TJ’s solutions were pretty simple.  1. We need smaller classroom sizes.  Kids are being crammed into these rooms because the government won’t put any real money in education, because clearly, going overseas and killing people is much more important.  2. We need more teachers, and better pay to incentivise teachers to stay.  The average turnover rate of teachers is five years.  After five years, most teachers give up on the profession because the pay is miniscule, and the work is mind-numbing.  No teacher works an 8 hour day.  They work a 10, 12, 14 hour day.  If they didn’t, there would be no homework graded, no tests corrected, no tutoring, no coaching, no extra-curricular activities of any kind.  A teacher has to work their ass off, and they are chipping away at their student loans with pay that is downright pathetic.  It is shameful that we pay trained gorilla millions of dollars to throw a football, but we can’t pay the people in charge of the future generations a decent wage.  3. Children shouldn’t be left unsupervised on social networking sites before they can handle what comes with that.  4. We need to teach kids about how to fight against bullying.

TJ makes an especially good point there.  You think bullying stops the moment you get out of school?  Fuck no!  There are a metric ton of adult bullies who use their power over other people to make their lives miserable.  Kids should be taught to rely on nobody.  Remember that video where these boys were picking on a fat kid, and the fat kid got up and beat the shit out of them?  I remember that went viral.  Good on the kid who beat them.  We should teach kids to be strong, and not to take shit from anybody.  It will serve them well in the real world, away from school.  5. Exploration into the root causes of bullying.  Yeah, that makes sense.  I am with TJ.  Anybody who is against bullying should be for that.

4. Hundreds of thousands of people die every day from causes far worse than bullying.  Where are their stories?

Yeah, that’s a good point.  It is worth pointing out that America love a victim.  An American victim who they can latch onto and make into a poster-boy/girl for their cause.  And the reality is far more ugly than any of us can hope to believe.  My retort, though, would be that one has to pick their battles.  If my time being informed and seeing the world go to shit has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t take on the world.  One can only charge at windmills for so long before they are broken against it.  Now, this issue itself might be too big, but for those like me, who actually do want to do some good, this is far less of a windmill to climb than some of the others.  At least, that’s what I  think.

TJ pointed out at the end that if the story of Amanda Todd turns things around, he will admit that he is wrong in having contempt for those who have made this girl into a martyr.  I would like it noted that I have contempt for them as well, despite how passionate my post about her was.  This girl is a victim, and a tragic reminder of how our system has, and is failing.  But, like TJ, I don’t think that that will happen.  The news cycle will move on.  Amanda Todd will be forgotten,  Or, as he pointed out, we will pass some pathetic law, probably in her name, that doesn’t even try and solve the root cause of bullying.  It merely looks at the symptoms, and thinks that if we patch it up, that’s enough.  Because that is how America does.  America does what they think is just enough, and won’t cost a lot of money, because non-existent God-forbid that we actually work and make things better.  No, that would be just too much of a pain in the ass.  Instead, we will do the bare minimum, and that’s it.  Because America is the land of the lazy, and the home of the cost-effective.

Accomplishing real progress just isn’t in the fiscal plan for the year.

Until next time, a quote,

“And if you don’t like what I had to say in this video, then I urge you to prove me wrong.  Not with words.  Not with name-calling.  It makes no sense to bully me in the name of anti-bullying.  Prove it to me with your actions.  Show me that I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about by showing me how really and truly dedicated you are to this issue.”  -TJ Kincaid, THE AMANDA TODD SQUAD

Peace out,