Weird Defense of Rey: Shitting on Anakin

One of the rules of the Internet is that every time you think you’ve seen the stupidest thing ever, you’ll be proven wrong.  It never fails.  I cannot count the number of times when I have seen something so dumb that my brain is like, “this can’t get any dumber.  Humanity has finally reached the bottom of the stupidity hole.”  Then some mother-fucker says, “hold my beer!” and I am giving a shovel all over again.  It’s a rule that goes all the way back to 2006 when YouTube came onto the scene.  Once humanity possessed the ability to upload videos of what it does, we realized that the well of human stupidity really reaches no bottom.  It’s an endless void where it almost appears that people are trying to one-up each other on the stupidity scale.

With that in mind, I just saw a meme with Steven (the moron) Crowder at the table and it has the sign “Rey isn’t a Mary Sue, Anakin from the Phantom Menace is.”  I read that, and my brain had this thought – do people just not remember anymore that the prequel trilogy was hated?  Has the corporate nerd media campaign to make the prequels out to be good actually convinced people that they aren’t still remembered by a vast majority of the community as trash?  Especially The Phantom Menace?  I guess it has, because people are spewing this nonsense about Anakin now, as some weird defense of Rey.  I am so confused.

I mean, I guess the reason they are doing this is because you can’t do with Luke Skywalker.  When we first meet him, he’s getting his ass kicked by Sand People and having this little laser droid blasting him.  His ability to use the Force is incredibly limited, and over the course of the series, we see him train and his abilities grow.  Plus, they take the time in the original film to show that he knows how to pilot, and that his abilities run in the family.  So there is just no opening to make the Mary Sue argument for him the way that it is WIDE OPEN for Rey.

It’s just baffling to me that they decide to go after Anakin.  Yeah, he was a Mary Sue.  A poorly written, poorly acted little altruistic angel.  At least in The Phantom Menace, which is what the meme I saw was alluding to.  He was amazing at stuff that he had never done, and everyone just thought that he was the messiah.  Here’s the thing – people called that out.  People called out how awful that character was 1,000 ways from Sunday all over the Internet, way back in the day.  Still got warm feelings in my heart for Red Letter Media’s takedown of the entire prequel trilogy.  It was savage, to say the least.  Ironically enough, they address the fact that so much nerd media is trying to be nice to the prequels in their takedown of The Force Awakens, where they savage the articles praising them.

Neat fact – people say that no one from the prequels got as much hate as Daisy Ridley did for Rey.  That is just wrong.  That’s ignorant of what happened.  Jake Lloyd, who played Anakin in The Phantom Menace, got so much hate for that film that he now hates the Star Wars franchise and refuses to see anything associated with it ever again.  If Twitter had been a thing back in 1999, I can’t even imagine how ugly his page would have been.  The hate found him all the same.  He won’t talk about Star Wars or anything associated with it.  So yeah, Daisy Ridley has received some ugly stuff online, but she’s not alone in this.  Not by a long-shot.

Something else that’s kinda neat – pretty much everyone who has associated themselves with this franchise now hates it.  Harrison Ford hated doing it so much that part of the reason they had his character frozen at the end of Empire Strikes Back is because they didn’t know if they would be able to get him back for the sequel.  Carrie Fisher has said she wishes she had never done any of those movies.  Alec Guinness, who played the original Obi-Wan Kenobi said that this film was the low point of his career and he could not begin to understand why people liked these movies.  John Boyega has said that Disney will never be able to get him into anything associated with this franchise again.  Daisy Ridley has said that she never wants to do this again.  Hayden Christiansen’s career nose-dived after the prequel trilogy.  This franchise seems to cause a lot of hate.  Funny how that works.

It’s interesting to me how this franchise has become a noose around Disney’s neck.  You almost have to give Kathleen Kennedy a nod to how she could take a franchise that has been printing George Lucas money for the last 30 years and make it a financial black hole.  Disney has outright-lied about how much money they lost on Solo: A Star War Story.  They say roughly $77 million loss, but I don’t buy that for a minute.  Red Letter Media also did a great breakdown of how much Disney had to have lost with that, and I don’t buy that they didn’t lose anything less than $100 million.  The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge was drastically underperforming pretty hard last year.  This year nothing is performing, due to COVID.  The toy sales for the new films are in the tank.  It seems even the cuteness of Baby Yoda couldn’t save the sales where the numbers are losing money and they have stopped trying to make toys of the newer films.

You have to be impressed that the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy was able to take something that printed money and have it losing money.  It’s gotten so bad that there are elements within Lucasfilm who, if the rumors are to be believed, are trying to find ways to underhandedly remove the sequel trilogy from canon.  With Kennedy’s contract up in 2021, and it almost being certain that she will be gone once it is, part of me wonders how Disney is looking to make up lost revenue.  They spent $4.4 billion to buy this franchise, thinking they would get their money back with tons of friends.  Part of me wonders if they actually have even gotten back what they spent.

What was all this about again?  Oh right, the meme I saw.  Trying to cover for Rey by bringing up a universally-despised character from the previous films is just such a fail.  Someone should have told them that.  Everyone hates both those characters.

Until next time, a quote,

“We interrupt this film to apologize for this unwarranted attack by the supporting features.  Luckily, we have been prepared for this eventuality, and are now taking steps to remedy it.” – Narrator, Monty Python and the Meaning of Life

Peace out,


SIONR: Star Wars: The High Republic

Disney can’t just leave well-enough alone, can they?  They can’t just draw from good source material done by creators who have thousands of times more talent than they do and bring some great stories to life.  No, instead they have to shit on everything that great people have made before this.  Because Kathleen Kennedy still has her grubby fingers in this pie, and she is still on a mission to pretend that everything great this franchise ever produced because Disney wants to shit all over everything.  That’s what they do.  “But Lucien, The Mandalorian is good!”  Well that’s just great.  One chunk of gold in a massive pile of shit.  I’m glad you were able to dig your way through and find it.

I hear that Bioware may be put to work remaking one of their hallmark RPGs – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  The idea has my mouth watering.  An updated version of a classic game, with HK-47 and all of his nihilistic humor.  Hopefully this time with a version of the game on console so I can play it.  Yeah, I’m a pleb.  Whatever.  I genuinely don’t care if that bothers you, or if it amuses you.  I do what I do, and I’m happy with that.  You do you, and I do me.  Life moves on.  But I guess that their project will have to be put on ice, so Disney can go back in time and then fuck with the source material we have.  Because why not?  Why not just take the great ideas of creative people and shit all over them.  It’s worked for you so far!

The ad for this talked about how they had wrapped up the Skywalker Saga and were looking to move on to other things.  Yeah, wrapped it up.  Took a shit on it, on the fans of it, and then left its charred carcass to be picked at by the few scavengers who are left.  Now it feels like this ad is just to tell us that even more crap is coming.  Corporate crap, done in a board room, where the suits at Disney can think of all the ways they can make this processed and unoffensive.  There was even a picture of their brainstorming, where you could clearly see how all about diversity these new films will be.  Well I’m so glad!  I’m so glad that we have a studio who will keep playing at diversity.  You know, up to what they will accept in China.

Did you hear that Bob Iger is out at Disney?  Get some new suit.  Part of me hopes that that means that Kathleen Kennedy’s days helming this franchise are numbered, but what does it matter?  This franchise should have died 40 fucking years ago!  Ugh!  I’m just done.  What more can they do?  A new trilogy where they go super far back in time so they can just shit out whatever mythology they want?  Why can’t they just let it die?  Why can’t it just be left to be viewed as the nostalgic creation it is?  Why the fuck does everything have to be milked to death now?!

Anthony Mackie did this great breakdown of why modern film sucks.  Everything has to be packaged.  Everything has to be marketable, mostly to the Chinese.  They are becoming a bigger film audience.  But there are signs that maybe something is changing.  After all, Marvel creations are tanking.  After Endgame, it’s clear that the steam in the MCU locomotive is gone.  They’re going to desperately try and sell the various components of it, but at the end of the day, it’s all just gone.  Their latest project is a film about a great character that came out WAY too late.  Then there is the Disney Plus project with Vision and Wanda that nobody cares about, and the Falcon and Winter Solder show that nobody wants.  So this great experiment they did which became a cultural landmark gets to pass along until Disney has successfully milked it dry.

I can’t remember so much about hardly any movies these days.  They’re all so safe and marketable.  They’re all the product of boardrooms and suits making sure the smallest details are tested and made sure they can appeal to the largest demographic possible and take no risks.  Granted, taking risks isn’t always good.  A lesson that the creators of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie learned, and when they listened to the fans, it became one of the largest turnarounds in film history.  How a movie went from being so hard to look at that it was frightening, to being probably the best video game film to date.

Maybe that’s what the Star Wars brand needs.  Something that takes risks.  Big risks.  Make a film that does something new and daring.  But who am I kidding?  That won’t happen.  Something different might not sell in China.  Better to make something with flashy colors that can fill seats.  The law of diminishing returns will hit, but so what?  Disney is already making money hand over fist with their streaming service because for whatever reason, people are stupid enough to actually pay to see their shitty content now.  Baffling.  Just baffling.  What about anything they make currently is worth a regular monthly fee?

But Lucien, you can see all their older stuff too!

All the stuff of theirs that I actually want to see, I already own.  So yeah, I’m good.  Film is a decaying medium.  The films that will stand the test of time are so few and far between now.  I talked about it before with the Star Wars sequels.  None of them will be remembered in the long term.  Ten years from now, what will people remember about The Force Awakens?  I suppose the next two numbered films will be remembered for being terrible in every conceivable way.  What about Solo?  What do you remember about it?  Did you even watch it?  I can’t remember any of the plot of that film.  Only thing I remember about Rogue One was the Battle of Scarif.  That was it.  Release a cut of that film with only the third act and I’d be fine.  The first two acts are so tedious and boring that they might as well not exist.

So we will see this franchise keep going, being driven into the ground.  And Disney will desperately try and find something else to buy so they can drive it into the ground.  Some other form of nostalgia to milk, because if they could make original content, what a world it would be.

Until next time, a quote,

“Can hear all that, can you?”
“Damn right I can!”
“Get help.” – Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII Remake

Peace out,


The Warner Brothers Movie AI, To Murder Art

During breaks at my job, I tend to be on my phone, like a normal person.  Saw this thing on Twitter about how Warner Brothers has decided that instead of looking at scripts and stuff to see if a movie gonna be any good, they could outsource this issue to an AI.  It would do an analysis of what demographics a movie is going to appeal to and how much money it would be projected to make, thus maximizing profit potential and minimizing risk of a film not being profitable enough.  Will save movie executives a LOT of time in taking a look at the projects of young filmmakers or those with brave new ideas that could be the next big cultural landmark and weed out all ideas that aren’t able to generate the most money possible.

In other words, Warner Brothers is being pretty open about not caring about a movie’s artistic integrity or willingness to take risks.  Instead, they are gonna ONLY make movies that are made for absolute profitability.  A new IP headed by a filmmaker willing to take risks?  Can’t do that.  The AI has deemed it to not be cost-effective.  Instead, let’s make yet-another movie in an established franchise that will be guaranteed to make money off name recognition.

Though, to be fair, there may be signs that this is trending down.  After all, both the new Terminator and Predator films were massive box office fails.  Not to mention that when it was announced that there were going to be four sequels to that CG borefest Avatar, everyone’s reaction seemed to be – why?  The ONLY thing that movie had going for it was the fact that it is very pretty.  Got into an argument with a coworker over what a piece of shit that film is and that was their only counterargument – it’s pretty.  Makes sense that this argument came from a woman.  Pretty is a valid counterargument to plenty of women I know.  What were we talking about?

So maybe there is hope that Hollywood will be willing to take some kind of risks.  Or at least there was, until we got to see that creativity in films is being outsourced to AI.  Because of course it is.  Respecting filmmaking for art?  Fuck that!  There’s money to be made.  As much as possible?  A film that could appeal to a niche audience and not make as much money as its overly produced blockbuster contemporaries?  Nope!  Any investment in a film must have a guarantee of coming back with billions of dollars.

I’m kind of curious by what criteria this mythical AI is going to judge that a film can make money.  After all, if franchises with name recognition can fail, how can they be certain that this AI system is gonna work?  What is the metric that this soulless machine is gonna be able to establish that a movie has a high probability of being good?  How does a machine judge potential audience appeal?

This whole thing makes me think of a documentary that if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.  It’s called Jodorowsky’s Dune, and it tells the story of the greatest science fiction film never made.  A film that if it had gotten funding from the studio would have been a masterpiece.  If I ever get a chance to get my hands on a copy of that book Jodorowsky made for the production, I would pay all my money for it.  To see the last work that H.R. Giger did to design the Harkinnen family design, along with the incredible ship designs by one of the biggest cover designers of the time.  You really do owe it to yourself to see that documentary.  Hearing the lengths that Jodorowsky went to in order to get this film to work and the people involved makes you realize that if it had been done, it’s almost a guarantee that this film would have been alongside Blade Runner in having a place in science fiction history.

Now we have an AI that is making decisions on movies to make, with the only goal of maximizing profits for the company.  How long before other studios take this up?  Assuming they already haven’t.  Now that I know that it’s possible, I figure that Disney has been doing this shit for years.  Though to be fair, they make money like gangbusters because the drooling nostalgia idiots will eat whatever gruel Disney feeds them.  Those people are in large part to blame for the situation modern film finds itself in.

Where does this end?  That’s my question.  Where does the corporatization of filmmaking end and people actually making unique and thoughtful things begin?  It’s not like it doesn’t happen anymore.  You have films like Arrival, Annihilation, Overlord, and a whole bunch of others that I like to call – great movies that nobody ever saw.  At least nobody in the US, where everyone wants the next bombastic Marvel film or something to tickle that nostalgia button for the 1000th time.  I can’t wait for when we actually get a trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s take on Dune.  Everything I hear about the film is that it’s ambitious, unique, and that it’s in good hands.  Not surprising, since he made Arrival, Sicario, and Blade Runner 2049.  This guy has a real appreciation for the craft and sounds like he is pretty damn driven to make sure the cinematography and visual style of his movies is at the top of their class.

But I guess we can exclude Warner Brothers from the studios who are going to be making quality films that push boundaries in the near future, since they have their fancy new AI who can tell them what people want to see.  Disney has already said that they cancelled everything 20th Century Fox was doing now that they own it, and already working on a reboot of Alien and other nostalgic properties.  Unique movies with their own qualities?  What the fuck is that?

I love good movies.  Just got Blade Runner on blu-ray, and holy shit!  It looks amazing!  There are some incredible movies that have stood the test of time.  Nothing in Disney’s modern catalog will join the ranks of that.  NONE of their god-awful live-action remakes will.  Not one.  Every last one is going to be quickly dated because of their effects that the original films were able to avoid by being 2D animated, with the animation still holding up today.  Fuck modern Disney.  I seem to take every opportunity I can to shit on them, but for good reason.  They suck.

Film as an art medium is in danger of slipping away.  That fact fucking depresses me.

Until next time, a quote,

“Finally made obsolete, the concept of art passed away.” – The Parking Lot is Full

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

What an absolute marvel this game is.  To think that game in this franchise with EA’s name on it is so fucking good!  It blows my mind how this game feels more like Star Wars to me than anything since Revenge of the Sith.  So much of what has been missing from Disney’s absolute abortion of this franchise was in this game, and it’s amazing.  The story simple, with likeable characters, good gameplay, fun set-pieces, and that visceral feeling that I have been so missing from this franchise’s films.  I have so much to talk about with this game, so let’s not keep you all waiting.

The plot goes that Cal Cestus is a lone Jedi hiding after the purge following Revenge of the Sith.  Burdened by guilt he feels, and fear of those hunting him, he makes a living as a scrapper.  However, after using the Force to save a friend, the Inquisitors are on to him and a new potential ally emerges to help him.  It’s a plot that actually feels like something from Star Wars, and that’s only the beginning.

Most of what I have to talk about is how much I love how great this story is and how well it’s told.  But to talk about some other stuff before I gush, the gameplay here is challenging.  This game is basically Dark Souls mixed with Star Wars.  It’s challenging, to say the least.  But for those who like that style of gameplay, it’s good stuff.  Mixed in with that is a lot of puzzle seeking.  This is a metroidvania style game, in the purest sense.  Back-tracking and revisiting world with new powers to find secrets is fun.

It’s worth mentioning that this game has NONE of the EA bullshit staples.  NO microtransactions.  None.  Nothing blocked off behind paywalls.  It’s a complete game, from start to finish with no nonsense.  What a magical thing.  To say that about an EA game just blows my mind.

Another fantastic thing is the visuals.  Every world in this game is unique, and they all have their own visual style.  Sometimes you just sit back and take in the scenery.  It was a wise decision for them to use the Unreal Engine.  Plus, for some truly fantastic boss fights, you can get sucked into the set-pieces.  My favorite was with the AT-AT walker.  It was in the E3 demo, but so what?  Fantastic stuff even without it.

Then there’s the music.  At times, it can seem a little standard for a video game, but then there is some of the FANTASTIC uses of original film score, and set-piece music that makes everything pop.  Which is where we get into the gushing.

Where has this kind of story been in this franchise?!  Oh my Groj!  A simple premise about a tortured hero being called to adventure, with companions who all have their flaws.  The group of them gradually overcoming them over the course of the adventure.  This is what a good Star Wars film should have. And it’s something that ALL of Disney’s films have lacked!  Rogue One came the closest, and what do you know, it’s my favorite of the Disneyverse films.  This feels like it belongs in this franchise so much.  I’ve missed having a story that hits this close to home in the Star Wars universe.  Cal is a likeable protagonist who grows over the course of his journey.  Cere is a tortured companion who overcomes her pain in a believable and likeable way.  She doesn’t feel like some token black character the way Finn does.  Mirrin is a cute and likeable obvious love interest for future games, but you are okay with that because her and Cal have good chemistry.  Greez is kind of an asshole but you like him because of it.  And BD-1 is fun and cute.

But one thing that this game has that the films have been missing for so long is the visceral feeling!  When you are fighting some of the bosses, like the Second Sister or a secret boss that I won’t DARE spoil if you haven’t played it, and you see these character attacking each other, you can feel the emotion.  Sure, the pacing is fast, but it doesn’t have the cheap choreographed feel the prequel trilogy had so much.  When characters are going at it, you feel their passion.  When they are afraid, you can see it.  Where was that in ANY of the fights in the Disneyverse trilogy?  No-fucking-where!  Those movies suck.

I remember when this game was first announced, how skeptical everyone was.  The SJWs being all butthurt that the protagonist is a white guy.  Well, having played the game, I can say that they can all shut the fuck up.  This was a great game.  If there was something I’d say as a detraction, it’s that it’s a little short, and there could have been some more enemy variety.  Still, those are nit-picks.

Overall, this is a fantastic game.  It is the first time, in years, that I’ve felt like I’m playing an actual Star Wars game and seeing a real story in this franchise play out in front of me.  If you are like me, and so dejected by this franchise’s films, you owe it to yourself to pick this title up.  I really did feel like a Jedi Knight.

Final Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,


The Ultimate Legacy of Disney’s Star Wars Trilogy

It’s finally done.  Only a few years since The Force Awakens, and now the saga is done.  The final end to a series of films started 40 years ago.  I myself refused and still do refuse to spend my money to go to theaters and see Rise of Skywalker.  The reviews have told me all I need to know.  The first half is a massive exposition dump to fill in the plot for two films, broken up by boring and wrote action set-pieces that have no bearing on anything because you don’t care about any of the characters at all.  And the second half is a plot so stupid that it reads like horrifically bad fan-fiction.  All to bring the Skywalker saga to an unceremonious ending that was a bitter taste in everyone who I’ve heard talk about it’s mouth.

Years later, all of the fighting, fracturing of the fanbase because this new franchise saw fit to inject current year political dynamics into a franchise that was once timeless.  The last two entries of which were so bad that they actually made the prequels look good by comparison.  One criticism I’ve heard is that, as bad as the prequels are, at the very least they had a consistent vision that they stuck to.  A cohesive narrative that started from point A and ended at Point C.  This trilogy had no such luck.

It genuinely blows my mind that Disney genuinely did not have any sort of direction to this.  They spent $4 billion to acquire this IP, and then just let fly with whatever director being able to do whatever they want.  No planned direction, no narrative they made.  No expanded universe that they were looking to sort out.  Just Kathleen Kennedy sitting back and letting people go nuts.  Well, at least the ones who injected enough current year politics into their films.  Word is that the reason that Rian Johnson was given so much more freedom to create the film narrative he wanted is because he did so much social justice integration into his film.  Other films that had directors who were unwilling or just didn’t see the purpose typically got axed.  Not to mention Disney’s corporate office getting involved.

To be a fly on the wall when Kathleen Kennedy is or was told by Bob Iger that her time helming this franchise is being unceremoniously ended.  I cannot imagine how utterly furious Disney is with this woman.  This IP was believed to generate money by virtue of its existence.  Plenty of people still think it does.  But the reality is that Disney’s plan to make films that were guaranteed to rake in billions of dollars along with having a ton of merchandise that would go along with it and a theme park attraction have all gone to shit.  The merch for The Last Jedi was on clearance before the first couple weeks of the film’s opening.  It’s a virtual guarantee that the same thing will happen again.  The Star Wars Experience has been a ghost town, if the Bloomberg article is to be believed.  Disney lost hundreds of millions of dollars on Solo: A Star Wars Story.  This was supposed to be a cash cow, and they are losing money on it.  I cannot imagine the reaming that Kennedy has gotten from the Disney executives.  Word is that she’s basically being sidelined in the extreme while Jon Favreau and some other guy are basically stepping in.

Rise of Skywalker was sent out to die.  If the leaks are to be believed (and given how many of them the film proved right, I’m comfortable doing that), Disney was constantly pushing to have this film be the one that got everyone back into the franchise.  To have people demanding more films, more merch.  Instead, it whimpers and dies.  It’s apparently clear where the reshoots are, as every time there is a plotline that involves some major character dying, it never leads anywhere as they are always just fine.  Every chance they have to give Rey depth, it’s taken away.  No character has depth.  Lots of people blame JJ Abrams for this disaster, but it’s not his fault.  What else could it have been?  Disney had no possible way of making this franchise work.  After how poorly The Last Jedi was received, and how fractured the fanbase has become because of the new franchise as a whole, the idea that they were going to please everyone was a pipe dream.  They should have just chosen a group to please and said “fuck it” to the rest.  Might have made things less awful.

So that begs the question – where does this leave us?  What happens to the franchise now that Disney has effectively shit on it and everything it stood for.  The timeless story of good and evil?  Shit on by unnecessary and forced injections of current year politics.  A tale of Luke Skywalker and his hero’s journey?  Definitely shit on when The Last Jedi turned him into an unpleasant turd.  Making a new generation of characters who would be remembered by a generation of children?  Definitely shit on because not ONE of the characters was memorable.  Who is going to remember Rey, Finn, Po, or Kylo Ren, 40 years from now?  Hell, 20?  10?  5?  I keep forgetting Po’s name until I see something that reminds me.  That’s how little an impact he leaves.  No character leaves any impact, other than Kylo Ren for being the blandest and most uninteresting villain in the franchise.  Not to mention the massive Dumbo ears.  Just like the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters, in five years, the name Star Wars will only refer to the originals.

What happens now?  Disney has said that they’re done with numbered films.  For the moment, I believe them.  This franchise has lost them a ton of money.  Just like The Last Jedi, this movie looks to be setting up for a quick drop-off in viewership attendance.  Hell, it already hasn’t reached the last film’s numbers in terms of an opening weekend.  So yeah, Disney is probably gonna try and make films that are independent of a numbered sequel with directors who can make them money.  They’ll probably model them after shows like The Mandalorian, which I hear is pretty good but will never see because I refuse to give Disney my money for their shitty streaming service.  Fuck modern Disney.

Part of me wonders if it was worth it for Disney.  If they feel that it was worth it.  Spending so much money, only for the cash cow to be giving them nothing back.  Or at least not nearly the amount they were expecting.  Not even close.  All the political battles, dividing the fanbase, making movies that are bland or terrible, losing an entire generation of kids who bonded with Marvel but haven’t bonded with Star Wars.  Was that worth all this?  To have a final act of a saga that just burns like that promotional holiday video for The Last of Us: Part II that is the burning car.  I suspect no one will ever know.  Disney is too proud to admit fault.  Too proud to admit that they screwed this potential franchise so hard by not having anything approaching a guiding hand on the wheel.  Would be neat to find out.

What it tells me is that I have to give it to George Lucas for this much – 40 years ago, on a much more primitive level of filmmaking, he was able to create a franchise that has a legacy that Disney’s trash EVER will.  I bet George is pleased with himself right about now.  I would be.

Until next time, a quote,

“That boy is our last hope.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Peace out,


The Cheap “Woke” Ploy

Hey, did you know that the latest Star Wars film has the first same-sex kiss in any film ever?!  The Hollywood Reporter said as much in their click-bait-y headline says as much, along with other equally-stupid media outlets.  Much like how Star Trek: Discovery had the first black Captain.  Or the first black female Captain.  Both of which were equally wrong, and bless the Internet for being the most potent fact-checker in the universe.  To the Rise of Skywalker, what is the context they’re talking about?  Definitely not the first film to have a same-sex kiss.  Not the first film this year, or this decade, or certainly ever.  Maybe the first science fiction film?  Oh man, not even close.  The first big blockbuster?  Nope, I’ve seen it in those too.  Not often, mind you, but there’s a reason for that which we’ll come to.  So why is this such a huge deal?

I’ll tell you why – because it gets cheap points for a film that is being panned so hard right now.  It makes it so that Disney can try and re-frame this terrible movie as being pro-LGBT, so if you don’t like it, you hate gays!  Or lesbians, in the case of this film, as it’s two women kissing.  This happens all the fucking time, and every time it does, I roll my eyes because I see stuff like this for EXACTLY what it is – a cheap ploy to get “woke” points.  And the big thing that gets to me when I think about this is – why does no one in the media see it too?

On the one hand, it’s obvious – because they are being paid not to.  Disney owns a massive chunk of entertainment media, and the Hollywood machine in general owns pretty much all the rest, and they all have a vested interest in this stuff.  But on the other hand, with how every media outlet that isn’t some conservative gossip rag like Ben the prolapsed donkey anus Shaprio’s site is so about the social justice narrative, part of me wonders if they all have this huge blindness to stuff.

Whatever the case, the simple truth is that it’s a play.  One that always makes my eyes roll every time I see it.  After Blizzard was rightfully being brutalized for what they did to a Hearthstone player who championed the Hong Kong protests, and you saw them in full damage control mode, there was this popular talking point online – which Overwatch character are they going to have be gay next?  It’s an easy dodge.  “What’s that?  You’re mad at us for basically kowtowing to the Chinese government and making ourselves look like their bitch?  Look over here, this character’s gay now!”  Easy dodge, and they’ve done it before.

Now we have a Star Wars film that has two women kissing for two whole seconds of screen-time.  Two characters who we don’t know or care even the slightest bit about.  For a kiss that will be easily edited out of China’s version because Disney wouldn’t DARE risk losing out on that sweet China cheddar.  It all reeks of bullshit to me.  It all reeks of trying to find an easy way to dodge this film’s criticism.  To try and get people arguing about something inconsequential in order to detract from the fact that every major reviewer I’ve watched has done nothing but shit all over the film for being worse than The Last Jedi.  The review I’m waiting for most is Red Letter Media.  That should be amazing.  Jay and Mike having a cynical tear-down of a film that is nothing but massive exposition bombs, no character development, no atmosphere, horrific pacing, an an ending that is absolute bullshit.  It will be nothing short of incredible.

How much longer can films do this, I wonder?  I mean, you can’t argue that this is female empowerment, or lesbian empowerment.  Two women we don’t know or care about kissing!  Yay…feminism?  Remember when they were talking about Po and Finn being the first gay couple in a Star Wars film?  Yeah, I get the feeling that Bob Iger came down personally and said that’s out.  Can’t have two central characters in a franchise be gay together, otherwise you couldn’t edit it out for China.  It has to be characters who have absolutely no significance to the plot at all.

Are there any detractors for my point of view on this?  Who can defend this and not see it for what it is?  Do you like getting cheap points?  Do you think that your side is winning by having two women kiss for two seconds at the end of a film?  Two characters we known nothing about and care even less?  That’s just dandy for you?  Doesn’t it bother you that a major company who claims up and down to be all about the rainbow flag represents you in a way where they take no actual risk doing so?  Not to mention, let’s have two dudes kiss.  Why?  Because then people might actually get upset.  See, two girls kissing is seen as hot by the culture at large.  Two dudes kissing is seen as awkward.  Oh wait, that’s also a risk.  Disney can’t do that.  Modern Disney isn’t about risk at all.

I’ve talked about this quite a bit over the last couple years or so.  It just bugs me every time I see stuff like this and the news just fawning all over what seems to me to be the most obvious feeding of a line thing ever.  I suppose it probably is just corporate media parroting a narrative because they are told to.  But they have dumbass readers who buy into their narrative.  Who don’t think for themselves.  And so they are looking at the forest and missing the trees.  That leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.  Maybe it’s my old journalism passion flaring up again and making me hate that all modern news is just infotainment.

Kind of a bummer, really.

Until next time, a quote,

“They fly now!” – Terrible line from Rise of Skywalker that they felt the need to repeat three times

Peace out,


I am DONE With Nostalgia Culture

I was originally planning to come on here and do a post about the new Ghostbusters film trailer that just dropped and how fucking terrible that looks, but as I looked at the ratings of that video and the comments, I realized something – I am in some kind of minority here and it boggles my mind as to why.  A few months back, I was invited to a birthday party for a dear Navy friend.  The event was being hosted on base, so we had to carpool because I don’t have a pass to get on base.  It was a great time, but on the way there I remember talking about the trailer for Disney’s latest soulless “live-action” cash-grab Lion King remake.  The person in the car was so excited to see it.  That was when I said this line – I am so done with nostalgia culture!  At the time, that was just me registering my thoughts, but the longer this goes on, the more I am really feeling like there is something worth talking about in respect to this.

Do you like Stranger Things?  Well, yeah.  At least the first season.  Before its head went up its own navel with awful meta humor that leaned SO heavily on the nostalgia for the 80’s.  There was a great review by Red Letter Media for some film that was big on the nostalgia, and they said it best – this was cool for a while, but now it’s played out.  For a bit the nostalgia was a good angle, but now they’ve driven it into the ground.  For the latest Ghostbusters film, it seems like they decided to just riff on nostalgia, and who better to cast for such a thing than one of the Stranger Things actors?  Ugh.

Why is that trailer so liked?  Is it because the 2016 Ghostbusters film was so terrible that they are trying to latch on to something?  Speaking of that terrible movie, it seems that Hollywood didn’t learn the right lesson from that movie, and instead of making an actually funny comedy, they decided that they are going to take this film entirely seriously and make it all dark.  Instead of it being a deadpan comedy about shlubby exterminators who catch ghosts, it’s a story about a kid moving to small town America.  What…?  But it has the Ecto-1!  Doesn’t that get you going?!

Why am I the only one who sees how played out nostalgia is?!  I can’t be.  There must be others out there who are as sick of watching Hollywood desperately trot out every single franchise that they can find, no matter how much it’s faded into obscurity and make a worse version of it.  They just did that with Predator, and it won’t die there.  They are remaking the original Alien, and since 20th Century Fox is owned by Disney now, not only will the film not have ANY of the trademark visceral violence of the original, but it also will have a female lead who is faux-strong, played by a woman who is expressionless and cannot act her way out of a paper bag.  The tragic irony is that the original portrayal of Ripley was genuinely strong, without the need to pat themselves on the back for it.  They just wrote a good character.  No mainstream film company knows how to do that anymore.  After all, can’t be too “woke.”  Then the film might not play in China.

Bob Iger recently said something that confirms my suspicions.  He said that if you don’t keep a franchise going, no matter how bad it is, it will disappear from the public consciousness.  Meaning that you can’t make money off it.  That’s why they are ending everything to do with the original Star Wars films with this next one.  No matter how bad the ending is, they already know they are alienating the fanbase and they want to try and find a new one.  For the first time in forever, Disney isn’t feeding us shtick.  That was a genuine thing.  Run a fanbase into the ground, then dump them and try to find a new one.  I’d call it ambitious, but in reality, it’s because Disney realizes that Star Wars isn’t connecting with kids they way Marvel did, so they want to make something new with none of the original fanbase connected.  Red Letter Media did a great breakdown of this too in a video where Scientist Man explains how to save the franchise.  Except, instead of trying to appeal to the die-hard fans, Disney now wants to completely divorce them and try and get the average moviegoer back.  That’s kind of impressive in how stupid it is.

Which means that mainstream Hollywood, which is pretty much just Disney at this point, is just gonna take every old franchise that they have in their license and stuff it down the dumb-shit public’s throat until they won’t go see it anymore.  Which, given how people keep shelling out money for this crap, will never happen.  After all, parents with their stupid kids will never not exist, and as such there will be some other fanbase that they can shit on with them being thankful for it.  The trailer for the new Ghostbusters film is proof.  It looks like shit.  That looks like a bland, mediocre sequel riffing on nostalgia.

Does it end?  That’s my question.  What has to be done for it to end?  I suppose the simplest solution would be for people to stop seeing this crap.  But that won’t happen.  Even if the ENTIRE American theater-going audience fell out, Disney and the other companies will still have China, who is arguably a bigger market because they pack cinemas for mediocre action films.  When you see the later Transformers sequels, you realize that Michael Bay wasn’t making those films for us.  They were made for Chinese audiences.  That’s why they all have a huge part of the plot take place in China.  It’s so blatant that it’s kind of funny.

Meanwhile, Disney has a new streaming service, so they can market their cheap crap to people with a format that they can pay money for every month.  A simple scam to get people who eat this crap up to give them a non-stop drip feed of money.  Sure, there’s The Mandalorian, which is now the most meme-d series ever, but meanwhile you have a terrible “live-action” Lady and the Tramp series.  What’s more, Disney is aware of the scam, because they aren’t releasing these series as a season that people can digest.  Because they know what would happen – people would just do a trial for their service and then discontinue it once they had binged the entire season.

I can’t do it.  I’m so disenfrachised with pretty much everything that comes out of Hollywood.  Gaming has had this problem for a while, but then you see companies like Sony take some huge risks and make back massive profits from people who wanted something new.  Why do people want more of the same nostalgia-pandering shit?!  Does their life suck so much that they would rather cloak themselves in the happy childhood feels until they can’t hide behind it anymore?  Until they are forced out from their pillow fort to face reality?  I guess I shouldn’t be so down on people who want to do that.  Life does suck, after all.  But to me, I see the great screenplays for interesting concepts that are not being made.  There could be another greatest science fiction film that was never made, like Jodorowsky’s Dune.  Great documentary, which makes me hate the studios more than I already do.

Until next time, a quote,

“Fact: Wearily on I go, pain and misery my only companions. And vast intelligence, of course. And infinite sorrow. I despise you all.” – HK-47, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Peace out,


RAB: Star Wars Stars Leaving the Franchise, and the Death of Film as a Medium

Because I have absolutely no life, and spend an inordinate amount of time on the Internet, I have been seeing some really interesting stories lately making the rounds.  For starters, did you know that none of the major stars in Disney’s new Star Wars films are ever coming back for any sequels or spin-offs or anything else?  I saw that article, and here was my thought – don’t let the door hit you on the way out!  Good fucking riddance!  Your movies were either bland or terrible.  I’m more than happy to see you go away.

I did a First Take of the trailer for The Rise of Skywalker.  It’s resoundingly clear that Abrams is just trying to pump in as much nostalgia as possible to try and break even with the franchise now that the fan base is pretty much incensed.  Or at least that’s what I would think, if there wasn’t another article I read where someone interviewed the head of Disney, Bob Iger.  Iger outright said that the goal of this film is to completely lay to rest the entire concept of the original trilogy so they can basically divorce themselves from the expectations they can have with it.  The goal being with a new trilogy to find some new audience to ensnare into this franchise which should have been led out to pasture 30 fucking years ago.

Speaking of the final nail in the coffin for a once great franchise, did you hear that the next film is gonna have LGBTQ representation!  Wow!  J.J. Abrams said so.  Except, people like me with any kind of perspective on all this realize what kind of “representation” we are talking about – the kind that you can easily edit out.  The kind that isn’t plot-significant.  The kind where it’s tacked-on, just so they can get them some of those sweet brownie points.  Because they still want to market this film in China, after all.  And China has themselves a big rule – no ghosts, no gays.  You wanna put that gay shit in a movie you are going to market overseas, it’s going to be something that can be easily edited out because the last thing you want is to offend the precious Chinese censors who might not let you get that sweet China cheddar.  Just like Blizzard, they care so much about the precious LGBTQ community, except where it could actually dip into their profits.  These companies are so full of shit, and yet people think Disney is “progressive.”  What a fucking joke.

But back to what Iger said, that really got me to thinking.  He went on in the article to talk about how what they are doing with Star Wars ties into what they are doing with 20th Century Fox, and how they basically want to not make anything new, but instead just take old concepts and remake them.  Dude actually said that it should be expected that if you don’t do that regularly with every franchise you can, the concept will just die.  You know, like that’s a bad thing.  When I read shit like that, it really does make me fear for the medium of film.

After all, how many great films could be made right now if it wasn’t for studios deciding that instead of taking actual risks, it’s better to just feed people more of the same shit?  Which in turn does mean I have to look down my nose at the dumb fuck public who pays money for this stuff.  After all, it’s not like great films are never made.  They happen all the time.  It’s just that they go onto a list I keep that I call – great movies that no one has ever seen.  Because why pay money for something that might not be your cup of tea, when you can pay money to see the latest Marvel film.  Did you see the new Black Widow trailer?  Yeah, that looked like shit.  If only it was made before Kevin Feige had left the MCU.  Then maybe it would have actually had a chance to be good.  A film about a good character, that came out too late to be interesting.

I’ve reached the point that I don’t go see films in theaters anymore.  After all, the only stuff that gets released there anymore is just the big budget shit that we’ve all seen before.  Meanwhile, I stick at home and get Netflix DVD and Blu-rays that come to my place, with me able to watch on my nice TV where it’s quiet and I don’t have to bother with annoying people.  Where I can eat pizza and pause to use the john.  It’s 1000X better than going to the theaters will ever be.  So Disney will keep buying studios and reprocessing great films into shit ones, all so they don’t have to worry about a franchise heading into obscurity and actually do something different.  Because that’s scary!  It might not make back a ton of money!  What if it doesn’t sell in China?!  Holy shit!

Film as a medium and the potential it had is dying, and the public has NO ONE to blame but themselves.

Until next time, a quote,

“Conjecture: why should I make anything up? Life is bad enough without trying to make more of it.” – HK-47, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Peace out,


Lucien’s First Take: Star Wars IX: Rise of Skywalker l Final Trailer

I can’t believe how bad this look.  I’ve been seeing some reactions around, and people who think this is gonna be some tour de force for the trilogy that will bring it back after Rian Johnson shit all over it, and I genuinely don’t get where these reactions are coming from.  Did we watch the same trailer?!  Because all I saw there was just blatant pandering to what fandom is left and a desperate attempt to try and bring some of the die-hards back with desperate nostalgia grabs.  John Williams makes good music!  Did you all hear that?!  And the Emperor is back!  Doesn’t that excite you?  Oh, and old-school star destroyers!  You gotta be excited about that!  Let’s watch this insufferable pile of shit.

Our first shot and I hate it.  Look, the helmet from the Endor mission!  And a lightsaber!  If only it was being used by someone who isn’t a fucking Wheat Thin.  It’s been said by everyone on the Internet, but can we all address the fact that Rey is a fucking Mary Sue?  She is perfect at everything.  You can describe her personality with a fart sound.  Daisy Ridley can’t act.  Although, you know, part of me wonders if this is really on her or if it’s the writing of the character that is just so bland that no one could make this role memorable.  I hear she was in some Shakespeare shit.  Maybe she does better.  I doubt I’ll ever know.

And look, Finn is back!  Because he’s SO much more interesting, right?  You know, J.J. Abrams had a plan for this trilogy.  It makes me wonder what could have been.  But as it stands, Finn is the equivalent of an chocolate graham cracker.  His personality is equally bland, much less interesting.  Rich Evans once hypothesized that he was going to be the Ron Stoppable to Rey’s Kim Possible.  That could have been an interesting take.  And Jar Jar Rose is back!  You know, the most insufferable character from the last film.  I’m so glad to see her.  Not to body shame, but it’s really noticeable that she’s put on a lot of weight.  Genuinely not trying to shame her, it’s just something that caught my eye.  Given her lack of personality from the last film, all I knew about her is that she’s Asian, and chunky.

From there we get some pretty nifty CG shots.  Because if we can’t have an engaging plot, we might as well have beautiful visuals!  Rey does some terrible narration, and then…oh fuck.  Kylo Ren is back.  I hate this guy so much.  He’s so bland and non-threatening.  There’s nothing about him as a villain that even remotely engages me.  In the first film they played it up like he’s playing at being Darth Vader, and how it was kinda sad, because he most assuredly isn’t.  But after the last film and what a little bitch he was, now I just wish they would kill him off and be done with it.  He says that he knows Rey.  Really?  Can you tell the audience about her, because we don’t have anything approaching a personality to lock down on this broad.

Then…oh no.  We have the Emperor narrating.  Oh fuck me.  So, because Rian Johnson is a moron and killed off Snoke, now Abrams is stuck in the position of having to find some kind of villain to actually make this plot engaging.  So now we get to have some kind of Deus Ex Machina to explain why the Emperor isn’t dead and was somehow manipulating things behind the scenes.  Jesus Christ.  This is so stupid.  Now, I get it.  Disney put themselves into a corner with this.  After all, they had to make SOMETHING to put out there and end this trilogy.  They couldn’t just leave it hanging.  But this is just sad.  This level of plot contrivance is just the worst.

Then there’s a montage of shots of cool scenery and an endless marasse of CG effects.  Rey and Dumbo (because of his giant-ass ears) having a really boring lightsaber fight.  A ship on CG water and a CG fleet coming together.  We then cut to probably the weirdest line in the film.  You have C-3PO getting a little actual puppet character to fuck with his system and hook him into something.  Then he stops and says that he wants to have one last look at his friends.  Um…what?!  When has it been established that any of these people are your friends?!  What scenes have you shared with any of these characters?!  All of your friends are dead!  Han, Luke, Leia, all dead!  Who are these fuckers to you?

We then move on to the final montage to get you revved up.  Do you remember John Williams’ great score?  Yeah, I do.  A pity it’s being waste on this shit.  And look, Billy Dee Williams!  What mansion did they haul your octogenarian ass out of to have you in this desperate attempt to cash in on nostalgia?  It’s a shame too, because I like Lando.  We then have…a horseback charge on a star destroyer.  I’m sorry, what the fuck is this?!  This is the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever seen.  Yes, because in the future all the people with lasers are going to be SO undone by morons on horseback, right?

So, according to the scuttlebutt around Hollywood, Rise of Skywalker isn’t actually finished yet.  Like, as in they’re still shooting scenes with the actors.  It’s in production.  Not post-production, but production.  With two months until release, it’s still being shot.  The reason is (allegedly) that Abrams went to the Disney executives and told them he had it ready, but that not everyone is going to like the ending.  At which point, Disney flat-out told him “um, what?  You better fucking do it again then, because we want the audience cheering for more Star Wars!”  After the massive financial black hole that was Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Star Wars Experience being a ghost town that they sunk an astronomical amount of money into, Disney is desperate to get people cheering for the new trilogy that the now-disgraced writers of Game of Thrones are supposedly doing.

I know that this movie is gonna make a fuck-ton of money, because Star Wars fanboys/girls are almost as die-hard as Nintendo fanboys/girls, but deep down I really hope it fails.  I want this franchise to die with its legacy intact.  With some level of dignity.  Not be driven into the ground until there’s nothing recognizable left.  Please, for the love of Groj just let this franchise go gracefully.

Initial Verdict
3 out of 10

Peace out,


RIP, MCU (and Spider-Man)

For those who didn’t know, the MCU is quietly going to die.  Disney will keep pumping money into it for as long as they possibly can, on their new Disney streaming service that I have zero intention of paying money to.  The actually good Disney films are ones I can buy, and already have.  The best days of this absolute whore of a company are behind them.  Good riddance, if you ask me.  Naturally, their latest live-action remake abortions Aladdin and The Lion King made a shitload of money, because the dumb-shit audiences who just want their nostalgia boners stroked will flock to theaters to watch these movies with their dumb-ass kids that they couldn’t just show the originals to.  Because why show them timeless films when you can show them ones that will be dated in a couple years?  Lots of questions.  Man was this a digression.

It seems that the door to Spider-Man continuing to be part of the MCU moving forward has officially closed.  Initially, everyone blamed Sony, when it turns out it was Disney getting greedy and demanding more money from the proceeds, when Sony has to foot the bill for the production costs.  Essentially making these movies a financial black hole for them.  I guess the long term goal was to get Sony to just sell the rights to Disney and be done with it, but they stuck to their guns.  What a horrible mistake that was.

So now we can say goodbye to this franchise having any potential whatsoever.  Sony has already announced that they have six Spider-Man TV shows in the works.  Let me repeat that – six!  Six television shows for one character.  Groj-dammit.  I guess Sony’s latest plan is to just drive this IP into the ground.  After all, they want to make movies for all of Spider-Man’s villains.  Because that worked so well with Venom, right?  A movie so poorly reviewed that even Tom Hardy hated it.  You know, because Sony slashed all the stuff that was actually violent.  Guess he won’t be back for a sequel, which you know they will make because the film made enough money for it to break even, which means – gotta make a sequel!  I feel so bad for Tom Holland.  All of that notoriety, which will go to waste on progressively-worse movies, because it’s abundantly clear that Sony can’t manage this franchise for shit.  Sony Pictures is the bastard stepchild of the film industry.

Back to Disney, did you know they plan to have over 20 MCU productions in just two years?  There will be the big blockbusters, like Chick Thor and Doctor Strange Lovecraftian Nightmare (that one might be interesting) and Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Where The Last Remnants of the Good MCU Go to Die.  Oh yeah, and a Black Widow film.  Which I guess will take place sometime before she died.  Meanwhile, they plan to have a TON of shows on their Disney streaming service.  Like Captain Falcon and Woefully Poorly Used Winter Soldier, Hawkeye: The Lost MCU Veteran, and New Blade.  And that isn’t even close to the end of it.  Thing after thing after thing, each more creatively bankrupt than the last.

See, Disney didn’t do the smart thing after the end of the Avengers saga.  Instead of taking a break from the MCU, getting some creative ideas going and flushing out a new saga to go with, they instead decided to just shove as much MCU trash at you as they possibly could.  Just drown the audience in MCU.  Pimp out Disney’s new streaming service, that is just gonna have a bunch of corporate filtered crap.  And probably not the films for the best days in Disney’s tragic history.  The complete cynic inside me thinks that what’s going on with the MCU is that Disney is trying to make as much bank as they possibly can before this franchise goes under.  They can see the financial numbers about to go down since everyone’s favorite characters are gone.  Robert Downy Jr. is out.  Samuel L. Jackson is out.  The cast of Guardians is gonna be out soon.  Tom Holland is out.  So now they have to just capitalize on the nostalgia for something that’s not even old enough to be nostalgic.  Because that’s what Disney does now.  They are nothing but a complete whore who is so desperate for your dollar that they will shove whatever they think will get you into the theaters or onto their crap streaming service out the door.  Who cares if it’s creatively bankrupt.  The brain-dead American audiences will go see it, so fuck the haters, am I right?

Part of me wonders if things wouldn’t have gone a different way if Captain Marvel had been more of a success.  But since they hired a woman who couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag and gave writers that couldn’t write a “strong” female character to save their lives, she ended up being despised.  It’s why they wisely chose to limit her role in Endgame.  Thing is, it was pretty clear they wanted her character to head up a new Avengers style saga.  With her film being a bomb, though, they had to go back to the drawing board.  The corporate boardroom one, not the kind where actual creative people do great things.  I wonder if Disney has vague memories of what that is like.

So the MCU is going to pump out as much crap as they can, making as much bank as they possible can, before superhero fatigue finally goes full burn and the audience dies just like they did for Pixar.  At which point Disney is going to move on to whatever else they can.  Like how they have gutted 20th Century Fox’s original ideas and are only pumping out movies that are nostalgic.  Like did you know they are rebooting the Alien franchise?  You know, the one where it had two of the best science fiction films of all time with a female character who was actually strong and memorable?  Yup, Disney wants to capitalize on that drama, by giving us a bland cookie-cutter remake that will basically do nothing but suck nostalgia’s cock so the brain-dead morons who give this company their money will go see it.  Fuck modern Disney.  I hate these people so much.

All of this while they are going to be running Star Wars into the ground.  Disney seems to have taken a new tack with this franchise in how they run it into the ground.  Instead of a bunch of films that could be financial black holes like Solo, or absolute dumpster fires like The Last Jedi, they are making their non-numbered films into TV shows for their streaming service.  Which are going to mostly suck, but because they are on a streaming service, the reviews won’t crucify them.  Because that stuff never gets a lot of press, unless it’s the first season of Stranger Things.

What was all this about again?  Oh yeah, how the MCU is going to die.  In conclusion, the MCU is going to die the slow, painful death of a thousand cuts.  If my audience is smart (which I assume you are), don’t contribute to the financial “success” of these movies.  Don’t give Disney your money.  Deny them that bank.  Vote with your wallet.  Tell them we don’t want processed crap and want actual creativity.  You know what, never mind.  Nobody listens to me, and if people didn’t want this trash, they wouldn’t go see it.  So I’m just wasting my time.

Until next time, a quote,

“Sometimes, the American news is like a tired old whore who only tells you what you wanna hear.” – Doug Stanhope

Peace out,