2060: The Year Humanity Begins to End

Saw this story about a new study done that shows that the sperm count among human males is rapidly declining.  Over the last 30 years it has dropped off.  At the current rate that it goes, the vast majority of human males are going to be completely infertile by 2060.  The cause of this decline is yet unknown.  So even if we learn what it is tomorrow, the chances that we can fix whatever is wrong with our species is nil.  I am loving this news.  I love the shit out of it.  Because it seems that everything Carlin said about humanity and our effect on this planet was true.

One of my favorite bits by George Carlin was him ragging on this idea that we need to save everything now.  We’ll save the trees, the whales, those particular snails.  Everyone is going to save something.  Now it’s coming out that while we are so busy trying to save the whole goddamn planet, humanity is on the verge of death.

Naturally, the SJW media was all over this.  See, the study where it was found that sperm counts are dropping had the most definitive results in western countries, but not in Asian or African ones.  Which to me isn’t a surprise.  How big a sample size could they have had in a lot of those places?  It’s too easy to show that in Asian countries birth rates are already starting to plummet.  Japan is at a point where they are about to have a year where more people die than are born.  I’ve said before how I think the fact that other western nations are following suit is a good thing.  We need the human race to descend by some.  Too bad I didn’t see that that number is about to go off a fucking cliff.  Though, given the fact that western nations have a much larger exposure to crap than other countries, maybe it is just a First World thing.  As I said, the SJW media was all over how great this is.  Yeah, die, all you westerners!  Let’s let the Africans inherit the world!  Too bad that without modern medicine from the west, even if they are immune from whatever is happening to the rest of the world, they will die off in massive numbers from diseases.  Saw this retarded SJW who actually believes that without white people, Black Panther would be a true story.  Hilarious.  Yeah, read the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” you fucking retard.

For my part, it’s genuinely refreshing to know that humanity’s time is coming to a close.  We find out why this is happening tomorrow, and I guarantee that corporate America would fight against it just as we fight against accepting that climate change is a real thing.  A chunk of ice the side of Rhode Island just broke off Antarctica, but let’s talk about how it’s all bullshit.  Hilarious.  Corporate America will do everything they can.  And the libertarian dumbfucks will sing about how people dying off is a good thing because of the free market.  The SJWs will all get into a big circle and sing about the death of humanity like it’s the best thing ever.  It will be the last gasp of a species with all this promise, who chose to do nothing with it.

I was always hoping that I would get to be one of the last people on the planet as humanity finally brought our time on this world to a close.  Alas, that won’t be the case.  It seems we now have definitive proof that the generation who comes after us is almost-certainly going to be the last.  It’ll be like Children of Men, only with the true heartbreak being that humanity could have done great things.  Instead, we spent all this time making iPhones and other crap when we could have at least colonized Mars.  So for all you people in your 20’s who are thinking about having kids, I say best not to.  What’s the point?  You’d be condemning the generation you breed with the reality that we are doomed and there really is no point in fighting to continue the species.

It’s too funny for words.

Until next time, a quote,

“The planet’s not going anywhere.  We are!  Pack your shit, folks.  We’re going away!” – George Carlin

Peace out,



In Memory, In Ink

I have a friend named Quinn.  Ever since she was ten years old, she lost the ability to speak.  She got incredibly sick.  It was a disease that caused massive inflammation all over her body.  She nearly died.  A fever of 104, death nearly came for her but she came back from it.  Now she no longer has the ability to speak.  It’s been a very hard life for her.  You don’t really think about the value that the ability to speak has until you lose it.  So much of her life was hurt, and she has been trying to come back from it for as long as she could.

Through all of that, there was her incredibly supportive mother.  Even when she found out that her daughter was gay, and her father kicked her out of the house, her mother did everything she could to help her.  To the point that they ended up getting a nasty divorce because the mother hated the father for how he treated their daughter, which in turn translated into how well he treated her sister because she was the child he had always wanted.  Meanwhile, Quinn had her mother.  When she was really little, as I understand it, Quinn was a very talkative little kid.  Her mother called her “Chatty Monkey.”  It was with this in mind that when she died, Quinn had an idea for a tat.  But since she has no artistic talent, it just stayed as an idea, until now.  With the help of my dear friend Kathryn, it has finally come to fruition.  As it will when it is immortalized on Quinn’s skin forever.  One of three tats, all of which have great significance for her.

16901932_10155070158909111_1716337255_nThe monkey is to stand for the nickname that her mother had for her all her life.  The gun is because her mother was a crack-shot, most specifically with a revolver.  The smoke is because, the unfortunate truth is that her mother was a chimney.  You can extrapolate how she died based on that.  Woman went through a pack a day.  I try not to judge how people live, but as her coughing got worse, even Quinn felt terrible.  The woman left our state to go be in a warmer climate, and it did help.  But it only went so far.

A wonderful woman has passed away.  She left a legacy of a connection between mother and daughter that is unmatched, from a girl who life has been horribly unkind to.  How people keep their memories close.  Quinn is putting this memory on her hip.  So when you see this image, keep in mind the connection it symbolizes.  Let me know the connections that you have with people who have left your life and how you keep that alive in the Comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“Death is not the greatest loss in life.  The greatest loss in life is what dies inside us while we live.” – Norman Cousins

Peace out,


My Comic Book Idea Coming to Life

To anyone who doesn’t remember, I had an idea for a comic book that I made a post about (linked here).  It tells the story of a man who is murdered and subsequently approached by Death.  It makes an offer to him that he can stay in the world of the living and live a normal life, so long as he acts as the Reaper, going after the souls of the undead who have transgressed in a way that Death finds unacceptable.  He takes the contract and thus is given back his life.  Now he is a being who can travel between the land of the living and that of the dead.  He becomes embroiled in the politics of the undead and the nature of the Unlife currency that all undead want in order to not have to stay in the City of the Dead.

My problem when thinking of this really cool idea is that I can’t draw.  At all.  I can write with all the flair and flourish that I could ask for, but that form of artistic expression is forever beyond me.  However, I recently got a beacon of hope from an unlikely source that has quickly gone from a workplace acquaintance to someone who is very important to me.  She said she wants to do some panels of this comic.  I was emphatically behind that, but didn’t feel the need to crush her creative energy by making what I had in mind very outlined and rigid.  I recognize that sometimes genius happens at moments you do not expect.  She has completed her first initial sketch for the project, and I think it’s awesome.  So let me show all of you.

14937016_10154719305514111_1630433156_nThere are no words for how awesome I think this is.  I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.  And because I want to see where this goes, along with giving her work more exposure, I will be posting what she comes up with on my site.  Let me know what you all think down in the comments.  This is the initial sketch of the Reaper in my comic.  So badass.

Until next time, a quote,

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Peace out,


The Failed Adulthood

Once again, here we are
Luck gone to shit
Don’t even care anymore
Not one little bit

Dreaming of better times
Days gone by it seems
Only there can we see it clear
In the smiles of our dreams

We’re about to lose our place
The apartment we tried to make our home
Another check on our failure board
What good memories do we own?

All we can do is fail
Again and again and again
No matter how hard we try
For it seems that good luck is for better men

We failed as an adult
We failed as a boyfriend
We failed as an employee
Nothing in life could we make bend

It’s all our own fault
Don’t give us any shame
We shot ourselves in the foot, on all counts
Only ourselves there is to blame

Now we sit here
In this darkened room
Our thoughts as lost as our future
We cannot see through this gloom

I don’t like being alive
Wish that accident had taken our life
If nothing good happens
How is it worth going through all this strife

My shitty poems
This terrible rhyme
I don’t care about anything, anymore
Who has the time?

So here’s the thing to take away
From my rambling verse –
Death is a healthy substitute to breathing
Because the alternatives are far worse

Peace out,


The Memory Weaver

Come in to my shop.  I guarantee you’ve never seen another like it before.  For you see, what I have to sell cannot be found in any other place.  Only I know of how this trade works, and I can sell it to you for just the right price.  The work isn’t easy, and requires a certain amount of trust in my associates.  But when it is done right, the products I sell are unlike anything else.  What do I sell?  Memories.  My clients?  The dead.

Are you in the Necropolis, and you want to experience memories of being alive?  If you are rich in Unlife, you can just pop back to the surface.  But that is expensive.  What’s more, if you are a member of the undead who requires a Glamour, then you have to pay even more Unlife for that.  It’s a vicious cycle.  For those who cannot afford a trip to the land of the living, it is me that they come to.  I am the man who is here for the poorest and neediest among the ranks of the dead.  Why I am looked upon so poorly is beyond me.
But I know what you are most interested to know – how does one sell memories?  Come into my shop, and you’ll see.  Along each shelving unit and every wall, there are vials.  They glow different colors, depending on the type of memory.  How intense they glow means how fresh the memory was when I obtained it.  Like fruit in your world, fresher is most definitely better.  If I can get a memory from when it was happening, I can sell those for a small fortune.  Undead will pay so much of their little Unlife in order to experience those memories.  Granted, it’s rare.  Obtaining that level of freshness is tricky.  My associates have to be there and experience it themselves.  It’s a lot harder than you’d think.  After all, I don’t sell memories such as cleaning one’s nails or sitting down for dinner.  Or at least, not much.  There is a market for that.  Memories of when a person can just feel like they are living a typical life.
If you are new to my shop and don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, fear not!  I can help you.  I can take you to my catalog and we can find the perfect memory, for the perfect price.  Because all customers should get a discount…the first time.  After that, I figure you’ll pay me whatever I ask.  Why?  Because when I tell you that I sell memories, I’m not being metaphoric.  You can see and perceive these memories as if they are your own.  Do you want to experience sexual bliss again?  I have an enormous catalog for that.  Do you want to know what it’s like to feel your adrenaline flow during some violent instance, or by some daring deed?  I got that too.  Be an insane sports star?  I can give you that.  Being in a movie?  I can give you that.  Experience a violent crime, either as the perpetrator or the victim?  I got you covered.  There is nothing I don’t have.  For a price.

And now I hear your next question – how does one come into possession of such things?  After all, if these are coming from the land of the living, how can they be obtained?  Glad you asked.  All I have to do is find a mortal.  Some poor bastard who’s down on his or her luck.  Then, I go to them and I make them an offer.  I tell them that if they get memories for me, I can make their lives better.  It’s quite simple – a favor for a favor.  For each memory they get for me, I do things for them.  Whether it be put a spell on someone they want, help them get that dream job, or just take away their sexual performance problems.  Using magick, I can easily make things happen for them.  It costs Unlife, but I’m swimming in that.  Hell, I almost never get asked for something difficult.  And if I do, I make them a deal that it will cost me more than one memory.  It really shouldn’t.  For what I sell these memories for, I could almost do this for free.  I have such a catalog that I barely even need associates anymore.
But you gotta keep a fresh stock.  I have Victorian housemaids who come to me, wanting to know how the world has changed since their Master or Mistress died.  My long-time customers want new things, so they can experience the best that life for the living has to offer.  But I learn what memories are my customers’ favorites, and keep a stash of them.  So when they want to relive something, I can pretend like it’s in very low stock, or potentially phased out.  I go to the back, poke around for a few minutes, then come out with a vial of their memory.  That look on their face, it is worth all the trouble it takes to put on the performance.  I do it several dozen times a day.  Whether it be old nobility who lost all their Unlife in the Casino, or just people who could never hope to get enough to go top-side, all kinds come to my shop.
So I get my associates to harvest memories for me.  It’s pretty easy.  All they have to do is talk to people.  They get them to tell them a memory.  They have to call it by name.  You’d think that would sound weird, in conversation.  However, each of them is wearing a necklace.  It’s the method of transferring memories to me.  There’s a spell on that which makes it so that by asking for memories, a person is compelled to give it.  Brilliant, no?  What’s that?  You think that because I collect in memories that can be violent, I might be traumatizing people?  That’s a living concern.  Not mine.  The memory concludes, and flows into my shop.  I have other associates who spend their days putting memories in vials, and making extras.  I pay them in memories.  Isn’t that beautiful?  The best kind of labor is the cheap kind, I say.
The final question – how you take the memories?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  Like medicine of days gone by – you open up and swallow.  Then, the magic takes its hold and you get to go into a memory.  You are in that place for the duration of the memory.  Makes for some weird exchanges when you go down an alley and see undead seemingly talking to themselves.  They can’t move very well when they’re under the effect, but they are still talking.  Talking to no one.  It’s amusing to watch those who are in the throes of passion talking to themselves.  Always puts a smile on my face.  Not that you’d ever know.  My body no longer exists.  I often don’t even use Glamour to go top-side.  It’s better if I can scare the mortals with my lack of a body, wearing fine clothes and with my cane, top-hat, and mask.  The people get so frightened, but when they learn I mean them no harm and can make all their dreams come true, it’s a parlor trick.

With all this in mind, you’d think that my wares would be more respected in the Necropolis.  You’d think that I would be the talk of the town.  But no!  Everywhere I go in proper society, I get looks of disdain.  For those with glands, I occasionally get spit at.  Even Reapers seem to see me as some pusher.  I take offense to that.  I sell an honest product to the least fortunate!  If I wasn’t selling it, I guarantee you someone would be.  And what’s the alternative?  Try and find something worth living for in that city of the dead?  Hardly.  All that is there is death.  Endless death.  The only thing you can do is escape.  Or, failing that, find a way to make your mark in that community.
And that’s exactly what I did!  I found a product, found a market, and I am the best in the business.  Others try and do what I do.  But none of them have my finesse.  None have my quality.  I learned my craft from a master before me.  But he left the job after he got endlessly attacked by the horde of people demanding more of his product.  No way I’m going to let that happen to me.  He made his product too strong.  I have to dilute the memories just enough so that it isn’t so perfect that it truly feels like living.  I need my product just addicting enough to get them coming back, not so good that they are desperate for more in a way that denotes violence.  I shan’t be victim to that nonsense.  It’s worked for me so far.

I am the Memory Weaver.  I sell a product to help the lowest among us.  Hate me and what I do all you want.  When you are among the dead, and desperate to feel alive again, you’ll come to me all the same.  They always do…

Until next time, a quote,

“Kid, let me explain something to ya.  There are two kinds of people in this world – Players and Chumps.”  – Hustler Kid, Recess

Peace out,


I’m Not Afraid of Death

The terror attacks in Brussels have gotten a lot of people scared out of their wits about the idea of a terrorist coming into their lives and fucking up their day.  But that’s not me.  Make no mistake, I am not afraid of the idea of being killed by a terrorist.  That doesn’t frighten me one bit.  The fact that it is unlikely in the extreme is not even part of that.  Though it is true that you are more likely to get bitten by a shark than you are to be killed in a terrorist attack.  At least in the First World.  In the First World, you are more likely to be crushed by a vending machine.  You are more likely to be stomped to death by a moose.  There are lots of things you are more likely to be a victim of than terrorism.  Thus, I am not afraid of death by terrorism.  But the reality is that I’m not afraid to die at all.  Not one tiny bit.

My mortality is a companion, to me.  It’s something that I know will come to an end one day, as it will for everyone.  I don’t get why people are so frightened of the idea of dying.  I don’t believe there’s an afterlife waiting for me.  I like the concept, but I don’t actively believe it.  Besides, if I were going to believe in an afterlife, I would believe in the one from Beyond: Two Souls.  An infinite existence where you can go anywhere and see anything.  Time and space mean nothing, and you can explore at your whim.  That sounds cool to me.  But that’s just wishful thinking.  I realize that the fact is that when I die, I am likely going to just blink out of existence and that’s that.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and he told me about how he carries a gun wherever he goes because he is afraid of being accosted by a criminal.  It apparently happens quite a bit where he is.  Someone nearly got shot out there.  I don’t get his need to have a gun.  Never mind the fact that a would-be criminal would likely get the jump on him, and his gun wouldn’t protect him at all.  I just don’t get why he is so eager to defend his life.

This ties in to my absolute abyss of depression and how I don’t really like this mortality bit all that much.  What is so great in life that it’s worth being constantly afraid for.  You die, and that’s it.  Whatever happens to us after we die, the fact is that all of your problems are over.  It’s the ultimate release from all the stupid BS that we have to deal with in the mortal plane.  There’s a book called the Hagakure, which I read because it has this great passage about life, which I have emulated in everything I do.

It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream. When you have something like a nightmare, you will wake up and tell yourself that it was only a dream. It is said that the world we live in is not a bit different from this.

That quote is the personal view that I live to.  I don’t actively care about most anything that happens in life.  I have to care about my finances and whatnot, but I have no existential crises that I fear on a daily basis.  Death just seems like the end to all the nonsense that I have to deal with every day.  When I die, I won’t have to care about my bills.  I won’t have to care about my lonely apartment.  I won’t have to care about my nigh-dead friend life or my utterly-dead personal life.  Death is the ultimate liberation from those concerns.

So why does my friend worry so much?  He never answered when I brought this thought up.  Is it just something that is accepted that life is supposed to be cherished.  Why?  You die, and that’s it.  All of your problems are done.  Nothing else matters.  In that last moment, you get to slip away and let it all go.  That sounds like the most freeing thing in the world.  The reality is that our existence in this plane is the thing that is so much ugliness.  Childhood is the greatest time you will ever have, and all of us neglect to see how good it is.

I guess this rambling post was just to tell you that you all and your attachment to this world interests me.  I want to know what is so important for you to fear for it.  If you believe in God, then doesn’t the idea of dying seem appealing to you.  You get to go to God.  If you don’t, then all of your problems are about to end.  Eternal rest.  It’s interesting.  But I guess that’s it.  Let me know what you all think about mortality in the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“When I was younger, I wasn’t afraid of anything.  I didn’t have the slightest fear of dying.  No reason for it.  I thought that if I die, it was fine with me.  Anytime at all.”  -Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

Peace out,


My Comic Book Idea

I’ve talked about if I were to make a movie, what I would do.  I also talked about a video game idea.  There is another thing that I wanted to tell all of you about.  I can’t draw, so I will never be able to realize this idea either.  I have thought about this extensively, and the only thing I could do with this idea is turn it into a comic book.  This wouldn’t work in any other medium.  The visual style would be dark as fuck.  At least for all the stuff with the protagonist when he’s on the job.  Let me tell you about my comic idea.  Really wish I could draw.

The name of the comic is “Reaper.”  It tells the story of a man who dies.  When he is killed, he ends up in a kind of limbo space.  There, the physical manifestation of Death comes before him.  It tells him that he lived a typical life, so he would be going to the Necropolis.  It’s a gothic, vibrant city of the dead.  The only way to the Beyond is to accept that your life is over before you die.  To not have any remaining attachment to the mortal realm when you leave.  For the bulk of people, there is the endless city of the dead.  The bulk of those there never leave.  However, there are forms of Unlife that wander the living world.  Most of the time, Death lets them be.  So long as they aren’t hurting anyone.  But there are times when those who are part of or channel Unlife have to be brought to heel.  For this purpose, there is a being that is employed.  It is chosen by Death, based on categories unknown.  Only Death knows why it picks people.

The young man, Steven Bordeaux, was chosen after he is the victim of murder.  Death takes his soul and makes him an offer.  It wants him to become the next Reaper.  He is free to live life as he sees fit up on Earth, while also fetching the creatures of Unlife that go too far.  Simple as that.  The trade-off is that if he becomes a Reaper, he will not be able to go to the Beyond.  When his time is up, and his soul finally passes the mortal realm, he will be in the Necropolis.  Given the fact that he wants revenge against the person who killed him, and that he isn’t ready to die, he makes the deal.  Little does he know that this deal is something that is from a person’s nightmares, and the strings attached are more than anyone can bear.


If you have a comic book hero, you need some powers for him, right?  Well, the Reaper comes with an interesting assortment of abilities.  This can vary from Reaper to Reaper, so it isn’t set in stone.  The first thing is the fact that this entity can change from its true undead form to a living facade.  But it is undead.  Make no mistake.  The mortal form can eat, sleep, fuck, and do all that stuff, but it still is something that is living dead.  Its native form is shrouded in a black cloak.  The body become skeletal.  It makes how the clothing stays up a matter of contention.  Chalk it up to undead powers.

In mortal form, this being can also be injured like a person.  But there is a catch – all mortal injury can be fixed by going into undead form.  However, this uses up the pool of Unlife that the Reaper has.  Like fixing injury when it is in its natural state.  But as previously stated, all the mortal functions work.  All of them.  Even though it’s a facade of magic, it has to be convincing to the people in the living world.  A neat trick that Steven discovers is that he is able to look at a crime scene or old photos and see memories.  The Whispers of the Dead, is the name of that trick.  A room where a person dies has whispers there.  He can see them, and it all becomes clear to him.  Steven first finds this out when looking at old photos, which he then puts to use at the office, to help solve old crimes.  He works as a records keeper, so he has plenty of time to go through stuff.

The primary weapon of a Reaper is the iconic Scythe.  It is a weapon that cannot be touched by any mortal.  If a mortal lays hands on it, it will suck the life out of them.  This also happens with gloves.  If their actual hand wraps around it, the Scythe will react and suck their life out.  A Reaper’s Scythe is a malleable weapon.  It can change shape, depending on the Reaper’s preference.  This has limits, of course.  It can’t become a gun.  However, any bladed weapon that could theoretically exist, it can become.  The shape changes based on the will of the Reaper.  However, at the end of the Scythe is something very important.

See, a Reaper can be injured.  To repair injury in either mortal or Reaper form takes Unlife energy.  With typical undead, Unlife is a resource that can be traded.  They keep it in banks in the Necropolis.  So long as they have enough Unlife, they can exist in the mortal realm.  Reapers are different.  Their Unlife regenerates over time.  If their standing pool runs out, they can be killed.  But there is another thing.  Their Unlife comes from a lantern that is at the end of the Scythe.  If the lantern is destroyed, a Reaper will instantly die.  But this is MUCH easier said than done.  Only certain kinds of devices can destroy a Reaper’s lantern.  Or it would take unimaginable brute strength.  The lantern is also where a Reaper stores the souls of the undead that he claims for Death.

When a Reaper travels, it can do so on foot, though they often don’t walk like normal people.  A Reaper’s body can swiftly travel as a kind of mist.  This trick can only be done in bursts, because if it is used too much it will drain their Unlife.  But using it too much would have to be something constant.  Like a sustained mist form.

Another weakness worth mentioning is the fact that a Reaper is just as susceptible to necromancy as any other undead.  However, this has a trick.  See, if they are in mortal form, they are immune.  So long as a part of them is in their mortal form, they cannot be totally controlled.  But any part of them that is in their natural state is able to be manipulated by necromancy.

However, a Reaper’s biggest weakness is weapons that are blessed with the Beyond’s light.  Such weapons can make injuries that are not able to be fixed until the affected area is given a spell that removes the light’s power.  Or, if the Reaper is desperate, they can use their Unlife to heal it.  But healing injuries from Beyond weapons takes extreme amounts of Unlife.  They are also susceptible to control by Necromancers, if they are in their native form.  If their body is completely destroyed, it can be repaired, but doing so will deplete their Unlife to a level where any injury past that will destroy them.  So they typically run from fights that get that bad.  Also, repeated sustained injury can deplete their Unlife fairly quickly.  Like hitting them with an unrelenting hail of bullets.  However, keeping a Reaper in one place for such an attack is nigh-impossible.


The major settings of this are the mortal realm (particularly the city of Anchor Haven), and the Necropolis.  While the guardians of Beyond do make an appearance, what is Beyond is never seen.  Anchor Haven is a coastal city.  The recession hit it hard, and now there is growing poverty.  His apartment is in a part of the town right next to the college.  It’s not a great place, but it could be worse.  He shares it with one roommate.  The office he works at is used by law enforcement.  He does clerical work for them, along with sending unknown “gifts” to help them solve cases when he uses his talents to see the past of the dead.  One of the places that Steven frequents is a dark building in a run-down part of town, that is used by the Bone King as a conduit for the living and dead.  It’s the entrance to the Necropolis.  He also frequents an apartment complex that houses all kinds of types who do magic, along with a brothel which caters to the undead.  It is here that he goes for information, along with a casual sexual relationship with a vampire there.

The Necropolis is something unlike anything you have ever seen.  As a Reaper, Steven is able to go between worlds.  In the city of the dead, you look as you desire to be.  Souls that were corrupted by Unlife look as they were.  It’s part of the punishment from Death for transgressing.  The architecture of the city is gothic in the extreme.  It’s a very damp place, with mist and water almost always covering the place.  There is no daylight there.  It is a city that goes on without end.  It cannot get crowded.  There is no end to the place.  Outside of the city is the Forest of the Dead and other such things.  However, the city is always alive.  Everything is congregated around a central hub.  It’s the link between worlds.  Those of the dead who get enough Unlife to return.  Or can make a deal with the Bone King.  New arrivals also show up there.  The people of the Necropolis are a pretty outgoing bunch.  Death really does level the playing field.  Neon signs and twisted architecture are everywhere.  The place that Steven visits the most is Handsome Duke’s bar inside of the Moonlight Casino.  Here, he can get all kinds of information.


The Reaper himself, Steven, is a man who lived a pretty ordinary life, up to the day he was murdered.  Unlike some characters, his murder wasn’t the result of a seedy corruption.  The reason he was killed was because of an angry suitor of his ex-girlfriend.  The girl was dating him, and the man got enraged after an argument.  He sought Steven out and shot him in the chest.  He got a Bachelor’s in Business Communication and was living a pretty ordinary life before becoming a Reaper.  He deals with hardcore depression, following a head injury.  Becoming a Reaper changed his outlook on life.  He is sarcastic by nature, and not eager to get involved in the politics that his job entails.

The next person is Steven’s roommate, Chloe.  She’s more than a bit of a punk, but she uses this as a cover.  All the assurance and confidence she gives off is a smoke-screen for the fact that she suffers from near-crippling self-doubt.  This is tied in to the fact that she is a closeted lesbian, who can’t come out due to the fact that her family would disown her.  As such, she has all kinds of tats and other rebellious things, but she cannot openly show who she is due to not wanting to be alone in the world.  She eventually starts a relationship with Steven’s younger sister, which he is openly critical of, due to the fact that she indulges in a lot of unhealthy habits, smokes habitually, and has been known to do drugs.

At the office space of the police, there are Detective Laura Holland and Marcus Cortez.  They in the homicide department, and often get tasked with looking into murders.  Every so often, they are given envelopes from an unknown source (Steven) detailing things about a case, and what they missed.  This, along with a series of murders committed by an unknown assailant in black robes, leads them to start investigating the Reaper.  Laura is brash and cocky, eager to prove that she’s the best.  There are some deep-seated feelings that she is being looked down upon by the other cops, even though she has almost never been mistreated by her fellow officers.  Her partner, on the other hand, is an old dog.  He’s settled in to the fact that he is not going to be doing the big cases anymore.  Before the envelopes started arriving, he was content clearing boring cases, or filing away the ones that he could tell they would never find a culprit for.  When they start investigating the envelopes and the mysterious figure in black, he regains some of the old spark in him that made him a great cop.

At The Witches Brew, there are a couple people that Steven has contact with.  The first is a young witch named Elma.  She was abandoned there by her mother, who was a prostitute in another part of town (that catered to the living.  She had no knowledge of the undead).  The girl has extreme talent, and the witches there took to educating her.  She’s a quirky girl, often with her long black hair in her face.  Steven often comes to her for spells and advice on how to take on certain opponents.  The room she lives in is almost full from top to bottom with books and spell stuff.  It’s a mess, in every sense of the word.  The next person is a vampire prostitute whose working name is Karamel.  Steven goes to her for sexual release, finding himself incapable of romantically bonding with living people anymore.  His issues with his Unlife grow as the series goes on.  There is solace with this vampire, who was turned against her will.  The girl was from Ukraine, originally.  She was brought to America with promises that she would find work.  Instead, her ferryman sold her and the girls she came over with to a brothel controlled by the Russian mob.  One of her johns was a vampire, and he wanted her so much that he turned her and kidnapped her.  It was a choice he would regret, after she tore his testicles off.  The former Reaper then killed the vampire, and set the slaves he had free.  With nowhere else to go, and the unending hunger, she went to The Witches Brew and asked for a job.  She hooks for them, in exchange for free blood.  The girl is miserable, but has stated that she has no better options.

There is also a person named Matt.  When Steven first met him, he was entranced by how different the young man was.  Given that he is bi himself, he saw no reason not to pursue the boy.  But when they got romantic, it is then that he discovered something – Matt is not a boy at all.  He’s a girl.  A girl with a very confused gender identity.  She doesn’t want to be a girl, but doesn’t have the will to go all the way with a sex change.  So she keeps her hair short, and wears entirely masculine clothing.  She’s gotten so good at her facade that she has convinced almost everyone.  But the masculine and feminine side of this person have been clashing, and it has led to some very strange hangups.  Both emotional and sexual.  He does start sleeping with Steven, and the two form a kind of weird bond.  One that leads most people to suspect that Steven is gay.  The two’s relationship is very violent, as Matt likes it very rough.  It feeds into Steven’s growing disconnect from the human condition, with him growing to love this person who is hurting and wants to be hurt at the same time.

Not far down the road from where The Witches Brew is, there is another building where a voodoo master called Kingston Laveau lives.  He’s an odd duck.  Originally from Africa, he moved to the US and changed his name.  The man is cryptic in the extreme, and the advice he gives even moreso.  Unlike Elma, the magic he does is almost always dark.  Anyone who has extensive dealings with him knows that trusting him is a terrible idea.  But his advice isn’t totally worthless.

The last person to mention in the land of the living is the Bone King.  This is a creature that is ancient.  It has existed as the steward of one of several gates to the Necropolis.  This one happens to be in Anchor Haven.  He is a very grim character, with a sense of humor to match.  Given the state of some of the undead who come through his part of the world, perhaps it comes with the territory.  This entity doesn’t have a mortal form, so it can’t wander the streets.  But its home can only be entered by the undead.  If a mortal comes upon it, the place looks like a broken down old building.  The Bone King has no issue doing business with a Reaper, but it makes clear that it takes no sides in any conflict.  As such, the creature is not the best to go to for information.  It is more of a cryptic mystic that occasionally gives Steven information.  Over the course of the series, the creature does grow to have a kind of begrudging appreciation for Steven, as he is not the most grim Reaper he has ever met (pun intended).  Eventually he becomes more of an ally than less.

In the Necropolis, the biggest character that Steven does business with is Handsome Duke.  The Moonlight Casino is a place where the dead can gamble with Unlife.  There is a bar inside where all kinds of lost souls congregate to drink.  All kinds of stories go through there as well.  Duke is willing to trade information for favors.  This forms the basis of his somewhat-favorable relationship between him and Steven.  A very amicable sort, Duke is known as someone that no one outright trusts, but who is fun enough to talk to.

We also have a young reporter named Naomi Cross.  At least, she appears young.  She is part of a multi-national corporation that is a front by Beyond for their own exploits into the land of the living.  The Knights are a group who is dedicated to keeping the balance.  However, there are rules.  The undead solve their own problems.  If a problem gets too large, the Knights come in and take charge.  This usually ends with a ton of bloodshed.  As such, there is a huge superiority complex with the members of this group.  Naomi is a member of this organization.  Her family all harbored a deep hatred for the Reapers, and the world they represent.  She is trying to overcome her own prejudice, while being part of an organization that is in charge of huge news outlets and some very lucrative charity work.  All of which is a front.  Naomi wants to be free of all of this, but she isn’t human in the strictest sense either.  When the new Reaper steps on to the scene, she is working to track him down.  It begins a very antagonistic relationship between her and Steven.  While not an outright villain, they do occasionally have confrontations of ideals, along with fights over who is supposed to deal with a situation when her organization gets involved.

Finally, we come to Death.  Death is a being as old as time itself.  It has been the guardian of the other side.  It can take whatever physical form it desires.  When it interacts with Steven in the world of the living, it takes the form of a tattooed blind woman.  Well, blind to everyone but those who know better.  It can go anywhere and do anything it likes.  But Death does keep to its realm.  Partly because it isn’t a fan of mortals, and partly because there are rules that were put in place by the original Compact between the Necropolis and Beyond, back at the end of the Great War.  The thing about Death is that it first appears like it has rather pure motives.  But as the series carries on, Steven begins to realize that it has a darker purpose behind what it’s doing.

Of course, that is just a small list of the most major characters.  I got a list going on of tons of smaller ones.  Like a ghoul who owns a music shop, or a beat cop who gets tied up with the undead due to her being one.  The thing about this comic is that there wouldn’t be too many recurring villains.  Must like Punisher, most villains are slain when they are confronted by the Reaper..  The true villain of the series would be the continuing disconnect between Steven and the human condition as he slowly descends further and further into his role, and his constant fight to maintain his humanity.

So yeah, there’s my idea.  Let me know what you think down in the Comments.  Wish I had the ability to draw.  This could look fucking sick!  Oh well.  Things are what they are.

Until next time, a quote,

“The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.”  – Norman Cousins

Peace out,