Bad PR 112: #CNNBlackmail and Journalistic Ethics Going to Die

Listening to the news anymore can be an exercise in patience.  Trust me, I get it.  I got my degree in journalism.  Which I am not using in any productive way now, getting yelled at in a call center.  Doesn’t my life sound great?  However, as I watch this field that I once wanted to pursue as a career deteriorate around me, I can’t help but see some of the most recent incidents as sad reminders of what a shallow grave this profession is digging.  If you want to see why, look no further than the most recent fuck-up by CNN.  This is bad PR nirvana.  I could go on for hours about how bad this looks.

Some kid on Reddit, and it has been verified to be a kid of 15 years of age, decided to do a little trolling on The Donald subreddit and create a video image from WWF when Donald Trump kicked Vince McMahon’s ass, putting a CNN logo over McMahon’s face.  Is it immature?  Sure.  Do I care?  Nope.  Not even a little.  It is kinda funny.  I don’t even like Trump and I find it funny.  A stupid, intentionally-juvenile video clip made to troll CNN.  To normal people online it would have begun and ended there.  Except Trump found it as it was getting shared around and liked it.  So he shared it.  Well, as you can imagine, in the world of professional outrage, this act had to have some deliberately-stupid consequences.  Because a professional organization like CNN couldn’t show that they are the bigger people and display a little maturity.  No, that’s asking WAY too much.

Like CNN finding out about this and getting their dander up.  They claimed that Trump was threatening them with violence, and how that is completely inappropriate.  Then, when the kid who made the GIF came forward to them, they, in no uncertain terms, made very clear that if he does anything that they don’t like, they are going to publish all his personal information online.  Don’t believe me?  Here, see for yourself.

CNN just came out and said that if this underage kid does anything that they don’t like in the future, they are going to dox him.  They are fucking threatening a teenager with destroying his life if he does anything that they disapprove of now or in the future.  That’s…unbelievably stupid.  This is a crime.  A news outlet that claims to be about journalism has just published a story where they outright say that this kid could have all his personal information put online by them.  Maybe Ben Kuchera and Jim Sterling should work for this company.  Both of them support doxing too.  Maybe get Anita Sarkeesian and Rebecca Watson in on the fun.  Why not?  After all, if you can’t destroy the life of someone who made a GIF mocking your ethically-vapid news outlet, what can you do?

This is such a step in the wrong direction for this news outlet.  In a time when the regular news is going the way of Myspace, for this company to choose to get all butthurt and go at CNN this hard just blows my goddamn mind.  This kid did NOTHING wrong, CNN!  Not one goddamn thing!  But because he made you look kind of silly in a GIF that signifies absolutely nothing (but they will swear up and down in a secret threat), you had to go at him this hard?!  What the fuck is wrong with you!?

And hey, let’s not have CNN have all the fun.  Another intellectually-void publication decided that they wanted to get in the spirit of things too – Salon.  Take a look.

No, Salon, CNN is not the good guy here.  They are forcing someone to do what they want, and if that person doesn’t do that, then they will use something they are holding over their head against them.  That’s called “blackmail.”  Huh, I wonder if that’s a crime.  Well, it turns out there is a rather fascinating debate on the matter.  Here’s a link to that debate.  Makes me wonder what would happen if that kid decided to take CNN to court.  I sure as hell would.  Or that kid’s parents.  If someone threatens my child with doxing if he doesn’t do what they want, and it’s a professional organization like CNN, all for making a GIF, I would have my lawyer on the phone that day and the filing of a lawsuit the next.  After all, thanks to the wonderful people of the Internet, this action is never going to leave.  Ever.  For the rest of their time as a “news” outlet, CNN will have this sort of press following them around.

Here’s the PR lesson I have to teach – I cannot possibly imagine a worse look than this.  Their entire professional image is destroyed.  They got so butthurt about someone mocking them that they went out of their way to find out who it was and now holds their identity hostage unless this kid does what they want.  How do you spin that to look good?!  I honestly am trying to think of a way.  Nothing’s coming to me.  All their talk about how they are the good guys, and Trump is the bad guy for attacking them and making them look bad, now they do shit like this.  They might as well just put Jerry Springer on their network and flush all their ethical integrity down the fucking toilet.  Hey, Anderson Cooper, are you proud of the network that has your name associated with it?  Hey, Wolf Blitzer, what about you?  Jack Cafferty?  Any of the talking heads on that station?

When you reach a point that your image is synonymous with this level of incompetence, when you have reporters being fired because they got busted faking a story about Russia hacking the election, when the first thing that people see when they look you up is this tire fire that you started, it might be time to throw in the towel as a news network.  Just put on some trash programming about women fighting in Wal-Mart’s parking lot and you can join UPN in the garbage bin of networks that had potential and flushed it all away.

How pathetic.  How utterly, unbelievably, unethically pathetic.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no better test of a man’s integrity than his behavior when he’s wrong.” – Marvin Williams

Peace out,


Onision the Pedophile

I genuinely thought that today’s person to hate was going to be Lena the Sister-Fucker Dunham.  What she said about wishing she had had an abortion was pretty fucked up.  But nope!  That isn’t the person that I will be talking about.  Instead, I am going to share one of the most morally reprehensible stories that I have ever read, about a YouTuber who everyone already knew to be a scum-fuck, but now we get to see that he is also a pedophile.  At least, if you examine the fact that he runs a forum where he asks teenage girls to submit their underwear pics for him to judge on his YouTube channel.  I am, of course, talking about Onision.  Onision the pedophile.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a fantastic article by Heatstreet.  Read for yourself.  It will blow your fucking mind.

As I said, I already knew that Onision was a scum-fuck.  He’s been using his Internet fame to troll for 18 year old pussy for years.  That’s been pretty common knowledge.  A man on the cusp of 30 is trolling for barely legal pussy.  The guy has also been implicated in some ugly shit that involved an 18 year old girl who he was with for a time, got pregnant, and then broke up with because of some insane drama involving her and a musician that she was talking to on Twitter.  Check out that shit for some drama madness.  But that article just blew my mind.

Think about this, for a moment.  If some 40 year old man was asking for girls to send him pics of them in their underwear on a forum, would you think that that is anything other than morally disgusting?  Would you see that person as anything other than a pedophile?  Of course you wouldn’t.  And the worst thing of all – these girls want this.  They want to give a sexual predator pics of their nearly-naked bodies for him to judge in front of the entire Internet.  I cannot begin to comprehend the fucked-up mentality that goes along with this kind of behavior.  Teen girls will defend the actions of this guy, when if it was anyone not seen as attractive by their crowd, they would see him for the pervert that he is.

But here’s the thing that really gets to me – since Onision is riding the SJW train now, I wonder of he can get some of the support that Butts got.  Remember Butts?  Sarah Nyberg?  A wonderful trans pedophile that got all kinds of Internet support because she is part of a community who died on the hill defending that piece of shit.  There was one person who actually sent that immoral sack of shit a pic of their child to help cheer her up.  Yeah, that’s not disgusting and basically giving a treat for the unmasking of a sexual predator.  Thankfully, that situation was set right when the authorities were involved.  Hopefully that piece of shit gets to see the inside of a prison cell.  Maybe she can share it with Jared from Subway.

Really, though, the person I feel bad for are not only the stupid teen girls who are too fucking ignorant to know that they shouldn’t be putting their bodies out for all to see, but for their parents.  None of the crazy shit going on on that website would have been thrown into the public eye, were it not for the mother of a 13 year old girl who was as disgusted as everyone should be by seeing their child being exploited by an amoral prick like Greg.

For years, I have seen this guy just go from bad to worse.  He is a con artist who will piggyback on whatever he can in order to troll for views.  First he did his hackneyed comedy, which includes the best video he ever did where he got in a banana suit and danced around.  Then he tried to troll The Amazing Atheist and even get him to go onto the Steve Wilkos show with him to drum up the drama.  We then see him make a video where he is debating “Repsock” for almost an hour because Mr. Repzion wouldn’t debate with him, all while his 18 year old wife is pregnant.  The guy then makes feminism videos where he is clearly trolling for SJW pussy.  I haven’t seen the SJW crowd speak favorably of him.  Maybe he finally found a crowd that he can’t manipulate.  Now we find out he makes videos using the pics of teenage girls in their underwear to critique their bodies.

But perhaps worse than all of that is that probably at least one of the teenage flying monkeys (that is an actual psychological condition) will come on here and defend this behavior.  Just like the women who defended Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold because they were considered attractive.  Just like women who defend serial rapists who are good-looking.  There is something in the female psychology that says that you should be sexually attracted to people who do terrible things, so long as they are conventionally-attractive.  It always blows my mind.  These girls send him these pics!  Do they not care that he’s a sexual predator?!  Or maybe it’s more repulsive, and that appeals to them even more.  The very idea makes my skin crawl.

Which brings me to the fact that, as disgusting as Onision is, these girls are not innocent in this.  This isn’t victim-blaming.  However, they have every opportunity not to make the choice to send in their nearly-nude pics.  They could have been born with some sense, or taken a moment to stop and think about the fact that they could end up having their nearly-naked bodies on the Internet for all to see.  They could have stopped and actually used that gray matter that they are apparently wasting to realize that these videos will follow them around for the rest of their lives.  Or maybe they are too stupid for that.  Maybe not one of these girls was born without a single ounce of common sense.

As for you, Greg, you are a fucking pedophile.  You are openly asking teen girls to send you pics of them in their underwear.  I know for a fact that you jerk it to that.  If I was a religious person, I’d think that there is a special place in Hell for people like you.  But you and Butts are cut from the same cloth.  The difference is that Butts is disgusting and repulsive.  Teen girls want you to exploit them.  How long until you aren’t just having them send underwear pics in?  How long until it’s nude pics?  That’s assuming you don’t already get those.  That’s assuming that you haven’t already acted on this.  Either you have, or it’s only a matter of time.  A fact that fundamentally fills me with rage.  Fuck you, and your fucking hipster face.

Until next time, a quote,

“Mr Worf, villains who twirl their mustaches are easy to spot.  Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well-camouflaged.” – Capt. Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Liberal Double Standards

A trending story in the news today is that George Zimmerman was attacked in a restaurant.  He was allegedly bragging about killing Trayvon Martin, and someone decided to take him being a jerk and go all over-the-line with it and attack him violently.  Almost every comments section and tons of articles think that this is just tops!  Boy he sure had it coming!  Why, I bet the ghost of Trayvon is smiling down right now with two thumbs up!

Something to know about me – I’m a liberal.  I make no secret of this.  But something else that I am is a hater of double-standards.  There was a post that I did a LONG time ago where I talked about a disgusting person I had classes with named Natalia.  She was everything wrong with the fundamentalist Christian attitude, and I genuinely didn’t like her.  In the post, I talked about some of the disgusting things that she did, which rubbed me all kinds of the wrong way.  It was one of the most personal posts I have written where I ripped into someone that I know personally.  I am normally loathe to talk about people in my life, and if I ever do, I don’t talk about them by name.  But I didn’t fully dox her.  I gave no hint as to her last name, or where she lives or anything like that.  So far as you know, she could be anyone with an Eastern European first name.

In the Comments of that post, I got into a long argument with one of her defenders who saw fit to try and do everything she could to make me out to be a hypocrite.  She failed.  Every point where she tried to bring up a double-standard, I refuted her soundly.  Nothing bugs me more than when I see a double standard, because I see them all over the goddamn place.  This story with Zimmerman is no exception.

Let me make something clear – I believe that Zimmerman is a piece of shit.  All of the evidence points to him having killed Trayvon in cold blood.  That stupid “Stand Your Ground” law was used to justify this, and I honestly believe that he should have gone to jail.  However, he didn’t.  Our criminal justice system declared him not guilty.  So he is a regular citizen with all the rights and privileges that the rest of the citizens have.  You know what that means?  That means that he also has the right to not be attacked.  People’s right to hate him ends when they take a swing at his face.  This person who attacked him broke that rule.  They are a criminal, and should be punished to the full extent of the law.

But to all of my liberal brethren who are saying that this is “karma” or any number of statements believing that what happened to Zimmerman is a good thing, fuck you.  You are a fucking hypocrite, and the next time that you say that violence against a black person for no reason is wrong, I’m going throw this in your face.  Because either it’s all wrong, or none of it is.  Take your fucking pick, you bleeding hypocrites.  I hate people like you.  Your kind are the ones who have SJWs calling people like me a conservative, because I am critical of their bullshit.  You all are the ones giving my kind a bad name.

This is just like that whole deal with Jerry Sandusky going to prison, and people saying that him potentially being raped is just tops.  Was he a disgusting pedophile?  Absolutely.  Did he deserve to get raped and potentially killed in person?  Absolutely not.  But hey, it’s fine when it’s someone that you don’t like!  That person that you do like got attacked for no reason?  “That is wrong! Start a hashtag campaign!  We need to get this trending!”  I despise your kind.  Every last one of you.

I guess that’s all I have to say.  While I may be a liberal, I have no problem calling out my contemporaries for being full of shit.  George Zimmerman is an asshole, and I believe he deserved to go to jail. But he didn’t.  He’s a free man. So he has a right to not be attacked, and if you think that he got what he deserved, I can’t wait to throw this back in your face when someone that you do like gets attacked for saying something that bugged people.  That’s why Zimmerman was attacked, after all.  Allegedly, anyway.

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t be a hypocrite, Grandad,” – Huey Freeman, The Boondocks

Peace out,


Your First World Problems are Not “Rape Culture” (A response to Kat Blaque)

You know what’s not a thing in the First World – Rape Culture.  Why?  Because every video I see on the subject is ridiculous tirades about First World Problems or people complaining about things that they are falsely attributing to a cultural problem.  Case and point – this video by a woman named Kat Blaque.  Yet-another Tumblr-class hipster who has to make her opinion about her First World problems known and correlating this with a cultural problem.  Meanwhile, women in Saudi Arabia can be stoned to death for disobeying their husbands.  Or women in the Congo can be raped as a part of military terror.  The 1 in 5 statistic correlates with that, by the way.  Feminists believe that rape in college is on par with a nation where rape is used as a weapon of war.  Unreal.  Anyway, let’s look at this thankfully-short video and then respond to it.

She begins by telling a story about the biggest creeper in the world.  Not even kidding, if this story is true, then that is the creepiest dude ever.  I will at least say that I get why she would be bothered by this particular instance.  This dude is mega-creepy and that is not cool.  However, it’s clear what she’s doing here – using this as a spring-board to show why this is somehow acceptable in this country.  Because when people like me are calling this dude a creeper, that means that society at large accepts this.  Fuck me.

Naturally, the first thing she brings up is how girls go to college and are told to protect themselves and be careful, while apparently all it would take is for us men to be told not to rape.  Because Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer would totally have not raped and murdered people if they had been told that it’s wrong.  I’m so sure.  Ladies, here’s the thing – you should carry mace with you and know how to defend yourself because the world can be dangerous.  I carry a knife on my person so that I am able to defend myself if need be.  You learn to be prepared for what happens, to the best that you can be.  This isn’t rape culture.  It’s being smart about what you do.  I don’t go into a trailer park for the same reason that you don’t go into a trucker bar.  It’s just smart.

Then we get to hear that our culture says that women are asking for it.  Yes, because all the media shitstorms that happen about every major rape case are indicative that the culture says that “women are asking for it.”  Yeah, bullshit.  That is bullshit.  Look at the Duke case, or the UVA rape hoax.  Yes, a hoax.  Every word out of “Jackie’s” mouth was a lie.  The police investigation proved that, to the point that the guy that “Jackie” said she had gone out with that night may not even have existed.  There’s some great bullshit.  Can’t help but notice that “Jackie” didn’t get brought up on false allegation charges.  Nor did Crystal Mangum, in connection to the Duke case.  Gender double-standards?  What’s that?!

She then says that the culture tells women to keep their sexual assaults to themselves.  Citation, please.  Show me how this is some widespread societal problem.  Do women get pressured not to report?  Sure.  That would be impossible to argue.  Watch the episode of Frontline, “Secrets of the Vatican.”  You find out some truly terrible stories of clergy who use their power to intimidate children into not reporting their sexual assaults.  However, there is NO evidence to show that not only is this something that is acceptable, but looked upon in a positive way.  The moment sexual assault cases get press, they blow up big time.  But I can’t help but notice that there is a huge stigma against men reporting.  For all the feminists ready to swoop in and say that this is a sign that their work is for something, a city that tried to start a shelter for men who were the victims of abuse got attacked so hard that their efforts were stopped.  Five guesses who attacked them the most.  So yeah, there’s that.

There is a turn then where she says that rape culture says that boys who are molested or statutory raped by female teachers are told that they shouldn’t complain.  Here’s something I can agree on.  Not that it’s indicative of a rape culture.  She’s making this broad assumptions about all culture based on specific problems.  What this is indicative of is a double-standard.  See, if it was a man and he was sexually active with an underage female student, I guarantee that the media shitstorm would be epic and the judge would be all fire and brimstone when they give the sentence.  If there was a true rape culture, then wouldn’t it be the same for male teachers?  But it’s not a rape culture.  It’s a double-standard, and it is wrong.

Another instance where she brings up a good point – that society telling men that they deserve to get raped in prison is good.  The problem here is that this chick has good ideas about stuff, but comes to the wrong conclusion.  The problem isn’t a mythical rape culture.  It is societal double-standards.  Those are wrong.  But she is tying this problem in to her fictional ones that have no evidence of existing and then extrapolating things about all of culture that are simply untrue.  It’s kind of frustrating to see this happen because she is on the cusp of having some really smart ideas about sex crimes involving men, but then has to fall back on stupid bullshit down the line.  Which I guarantee she will.

Like clockwork, we’re back to the stupid bullshit.  The First World problems.  This idea that all men think that “street harassment” is a good thing.  If I learned anything from that ten hours of walking (in the poorest parts of NYC) video, it was that feminists think that everything from genuinely creepy things being said, to some guy calling a woman beautiful is “harassment.”  This is what I mean when I say that her First World problems are not indicative of a rape culture.  Do creepy guys exist?  Absolutely.  But it isn’t all men, or even the majority of men.  Hell, thanks to this SJW mentality, men are being told that they cannot approach women at all.  Which now has some SJW women lamenting how men used to be more assertive.  This is a monster of your own making, you stupid bitch!  Don’t tell men to be submissive and feminine, and then get piss-y when we don’t approach you or talk to you.  This is your fault.  Not that I’ll ever see an SJW take credit for it.

And I knew that that story from the beginning would come back.  Because she has decided to say that this one creeper guy is indicative of all men.  We all are being taught that if a woman tells you off, that means to keep trying.  No, honey, most of us are able to take this little thing called a “hint.”  Your belief that we are too dumb for that is more than a little insulting.

When she then says that we live in a society that trivializes rape, I am in awe.  An SJW is saying that we, the rest of the males, trivialize rape.  These are the people who say that “birth rape” is a thing.  Go on Google and look up that shit.  It’s amazing.  Or that any forms of straight sex is rape.  Google that.  Or that a guy checking a girl out is “stare rape.”  Another thing to Google.  This is so nuts.  If ANYONE has trivialized rape and turned it into a buzzword, it is you and yours, sugar.

She says that we tell women to come forward about their assaults, but then bitches that there are few convictions.  Honey, here’s the thing – rape is a very difficult crime to prosecute.  Why?  Because more often than not, there is no physical evidence of any kind.  So it comes down to he-said, she-said.  And I’m sorry, but our legal system doesn’t just take women’s words for it.  Why?  Because we have instances like what happened at UVA or Duke, and it is clear that women are just as capable of lying as men are.  This is why we have a legal justice system that tells you that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  I’m sorry if that doesn’t satisfy you, but if we just made it that a woman saying that man raped her was enough, we already have historical context to show how that would be abused.

The video ends telling us that rape culture exists, even though it is cannot be proven, studied, or documented.  In other cases, it is one of the many SJW forms of Original Sin.  I don’t believe in God, sweetie.  What makes you think I will take this on faith?

Until next time, a quote,

“Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man, living in the sky.  Who watches everything you do, every second of every day.”  – George Carlin

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Rape Claims Shouldn’t Automatically Be Believed

I can already hear people who are immediately about to come down and say that I hate women or whatever else.  But for those of you who actually want to read further, I mean to talk about why I believe that not only should rape claims not automatically be believed, but that they should be seriously investigated.  There’s a reason for this – because the public at large automatically believes these claims, and it’s made for some incredible public cases about women who have been shown to bald-face lie about being raped.  However, certain people would have you believe that such things are rare, to the point of never happening at all.  People like this asshole with a gender that I couldn’t immediately discern, but have been informed of later.  It’s a guy.

Alright, so cross-dressing dude would have you believe that “people” (and this is a term that is so damn nebulous that I legitimately have NO idea who he’s actually talking to here) automatically just assume that women who claim that they are raped are lying.  I find this really interesting, because let’s look at three cases of rape that were proven to be dead false from first to last and see how much people believed that the girls who made the false allegations were lying.

The first is Emma Sulkowicz.  You know, the girl who was carrying her mattress around?  There were articles and news pieces and all sorts of shit talking about how she was fighting for women who are victims of sexual violence.  Hell, she even got people to actually carry the mattress for her.  No joke.  Neat fact – when those people got in trouble for doing that, Emma left them to suffer the consequences while she got off scott-free.  Real winner, that one.  However, it was later found out that not only did she fabricate almost all of what happened to her, but she even tried to get with the guy she claimed raped her again.  Oh, and after all of it was debunked, she made a video that is pretty much straight-up porn where she had some other guy fuck her in a way that was supposed to be in the same way she was raped.  I don’t have a bullshit fetish, so I didn’t watch that little tidbit.  When that guy came after Sulkowicz for ruining his life in that college, she actually had the balls to say that she didn’t understand why he was so bothered by her false allegation.  The whole time, she had supporters saying that she was innocent and that he was guilty.

Next up, let’s look at the case of the Duke lacrosse players.  In that instance, a stripper named Crystal Mangum falsely accused several players of the Duke lacrosse team that she was the victim of sexual violence.  The entire time through that trial, there were huge demonstrations demanding that the boys come out and confess.  Hipster fucks were banging pots and pans and yelling on megaphones demanding that they confess to the crime that it was later found out they were totally innocent of.  Not only was Crystal’s story found out to be a complete fabrication, but the prosecutor, Mike Nyfong, was found guilty of pushing her to point out members of the Duke lacrosse team.  Where was all the skepticism there?  But I guess some justice did happen.  The prosecutor in that case was disbarred.  His career in law is ruined for the rest of his life.  Too bad that the law decided not to punish Ms. Mangum for what was a blatant false report violation.  But whatever.  Just one of those little things that happens where a woman does something wrong and gets off without a scratch.

Let’s turn our attention to the biggest incident of a woman crying rape and being found out to be completely full of shit – the UVA rape hoax.  In that instance, Rolling Stone magazine published an article where an unknown girl called “Jackie” stated that she was taken to the Phi Kappa Psi frat party by a date that she had that night.  They went upstairs, when she was then taken and forcibly sexually assaulted by multiple people (who continued to grow each time the story was told.  Funny how that works).  The entire media, from MSNBC down to Democracy Now and SJW rags like The Young Turks took this article as gospel without the slightest hint of skepticism.  I wish that Ana Kasparian would leave that bullshit “news” outlet.  She’s the only one there who has any credibility with me anymore.  Thankfully, people at The Washington Post were able to see through the absolute bullshit “reporting” that the writer of the article (Sabrina Rubin Erdely) and did some fact-finding of their own.  Turns out, there were discrepancies in “Jackie’s” story.  They published an article of their own, and a huge backlash came out from the people who whole-heartedly believed “Jackie” without the slightest hint of skepticism.  There was the hashtag #IStandWithJackie that was making the rounds.  Wonder if that’s still a thing anymore.  Probably not.  Hipsters are a fickle bunch.

Throughout that entire debacle, the administration of UVA, and the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity were lambasted, harassed, and in the case of the fraternity, defaced.  When the police finally did their own investigation, it was found that Jackie’s story was so full of shit that it was in question whether or not the boy she claimed had asked her out on a date that night even existed.  Naturally, “Jackie” has not been charged with filing a false report.  Of course not.  She’s a girl, after all.  Women clearly have the law so much on their side in this country (can’t wait to see who’s the first one to say that I’m an MRA for pointing that out).  However, Phi Kappa Psi, and several people in the administration at UVA are suing Rolling Stone.  The fraternity is asking for $25 million dollars in damages, both for what was done to their frat house, and also for defamation.  So again, justice might happen there.  At the very least, Sabrina Rubin Erdely is never going to have another successful job in her life thanks to this bonkers shit.  She has no one to blame but herself.  She’s a hack “reporter” with a chip on her shoulder.

Through all of the three examples I just gave, the public at large was completely supporting the girl’s claims that they were raped.  The only skepticism was taken by the SJWs to mean that everyone believes that rape is a lie.  Yeah, except for all the poeple online and at the universities and others who had demonstrations in solidarity with these people.  But I guess they don’t count.  In SJW Land, when someone agrees with you, it’s better to ignore them.  Focus on the negatives.  It’s easier that way.

This cross-dressing asshole would have us believe that false rape allegations are so rare that they border on non-existence.  He sites the same statistic Laci Green did, and both stats are shown to be flawed.  Justin would have us believe that because the false reports are supposedly so low, that means that it’s better to just believe people. I’m about to get very mean, so if that bothers you it might be best if you read something else.  Hey Justin, you stupid faggot, the numbers aren’t the thing that matters here.  What your uniquely-dense ass fails to understand is the fact that these numbers mean that false rape allegations happen.  If we’re going to say that women are people (because I do believe they are), and that people suck (which they do), then does it not behoove you to acknowledge that women are just as capable of lying as men?  Of course not.  Women are perfect creatures of light and wonder, so naturally they are immune from the forces that make people suck.  It’s only MEN who are that way, right?

My contention in this, for people like Justin – I believe that rape should not automatically be believed.  Nor should it be disbelieved.  What should happen is that instead of taking it to some university tribunal or the court of public discourse, what should happen is that they take it to law enforcement.  Then, they can do a very thorough investigation of the allegation.  If there is enough evidence to arrest the suspect, then they can do that.  Then, it goes to a court of law and both sides are heard.  I can already hear people about to come in and be like, “but Lucien, rape cases are often found not to be in the favor of the victim!”  Yeah, rape is a very hard crime to prosecute.  There’s a reason for that – more often than not, it comes down to he-said she-said.  There is often little or no physical evidence to be found.  But any girl can claim to be raped in a university and because they often never go to the police, instead to some internal Star Chamber style affair, it can ruin a student’s life..  It’s why it’s so important for guys not to stick their dick in crazy.  Or Justin.  I’m assuming that if he dresses that way, he wants cock up the ass.  Just putting that out there.

However, if you really believe what our sexually-confused Justin has to say, then it all boils down to the – guilty until proven innocent.  But even if you are proven innocent in a court of law, you’re still guilty because the law isn’t enough.  That’s what this idiot honestly believes.  This is beyond Orwellian in how fascist it is.  It’s downright Nazi.  This guy is basically saying that all of those accused are guilty and no amount of proof to the contrary makes them innocent.  What’s more, if you don’t believe that they are guilty, then you are also guilty.  Albeit of a different crime.  I genuinely think this man is one of the most evil people ever.  And like all the evil people who follow the SJW mindset, it’s cloaked in an idea that he’s doing good.  Ruminate on that.

The moral of the story is – let’s not just believe a victim because they say so.  Instead, let’s have them take this to the police, who can do an investigation and the rule of law can prevail.  Maybe, if we had done that in the first place, the lives of the Duke lacrosse players, and the members of the Phi Kappa Psi house wouldn’t be ruined.  Or hey, what about the guy who was falsely convicted of rape.  And by the time he was found to be not guilty, his mother had committed suicide because she believed her son to be a rapist.  there’s a thought.

Until next time, a quote,

“I could go to any cop in LA and tell them that some guy raped me and he’d be spending the night in jail.”  – Mercedes Carrera, The Drunken Peasants Podcast

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Teen Sexting

I just read an article in The Washington Post that was a little shocking.  It was about a father who pretended to be his daughter’s online boyfriend, to trick her into sending him naked pictures of her.  This guy is a real piece of work.  Apparently, the crime is so shocking that the female prosecutor of the case says that she’s never seen anything like it.  I have to admit, neither have I.  This guy is a real sick fuck.  But I do have an unpopular opinion about this story, and I’m going to share it all with you – teens who have their naked pictures spread around are NOT victims.

Let me make myself clear – I am talking about teenagers who send naked pictures to their romantic other.  This is boys and girls.  Granted, when a nude-y of a boy gets spread around, it’s hilarious.  Our culture only goes into outrage mode when it’s a girl.  Naturally.  After all, girls are fair maidens that must always be protected from the bad people of the world.  Let me also make another thing clear – this girl’s dad is a sick fuck.  I’m not going to deny that.  But the thing that people need to understand is that this girl had a part in this.

If this man had manipulated or coerced her into sex, that would be one thing.  He’s an adult, she’s a minor.  That’s statutory rape.  But this isn’t that.  Here is a girl who had all the ability not to take her phone and take naked pictures of herself and send them to this bastard.  She could have chosen not to do that.  I believe that there is some agency that she had when she chose to do this.  Such is the case when any girl or woman takes naked pictures of themselves and sends them.  The moment that you make that choice, what happens after that is partly your fault.  Sure, guy (or girls.  I refuse to believe that gay or bi women are any better) who spread it around are assholes.  But can we all just admit that there is something to be said for not shooting pics of yourself with no clothes on and sending them to another person?

As I said, it’s only when it’s a girl that it is disgusting.  Do you think the media outrage would have been nearly as much if the genders were reversed?  Of course not.  The fact is that the media is only treating this like she is the ultimate victim because she’s a girl.  Hell, when it’s guys in this situation, most people say that the boy shouldn’t be complaining.  Though maybe incest actually could make people care about a boy having their privacy violated.  And I do think that this is a violation of privacy.  However, I have to point out that it is a violation that they are somewhat complicit in.  They allowed it to happen, by sending a naked picture to another person via their phone.  Or doing when the idiot celebrities did and posting naked pictures to their Cloud.

So many comments talking about what a sad victim the girl is.  The moment anyone brought up that she shouldn’t have sent naked pictures, the shame was heaped on.  Because we’re just “victim-blaming,” right?  If her dad had touched her in a sexual way?  Not a chance.  I’d be right with you.  When a girl takes the time to take her clothes off, get some pics, and send them to another person, that’s when I can’t help but think that they have no sense and should have known better.  If the phrase “don’t feed the trolls” is a thing, maybe we should have another one.  How about, “don’t send to jerks”?

I know, I’m a terrible person.  Let me know how much you think I am a sick piece of shit in the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions.”  – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Peace out,


Lucien’s Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones

A Walk Among the TombstonesEver wonder what happens when an idea that isn’t original gets a REALLY good shine job and looks pretty damn good?  You get movies like this.  It’s an adaptation of a book by the same name.  A crime thriller that doesn’t have the most unique premise, but makes the most of what it does have due to good source material and phenomenal casting, mostly from the main character.  Is it the greatest crime thriller ever made?  No.  But it is a pretty damn good movie, and that alone is enough to make me think that it is really worth your time.  But I’m being very vague, aren’t I?  Let’s talk about it.

The film stars Liam Neeson as Matt Scudder, a former cop who works as an unofficial PI.  When a man with a questionable occupation comes to him for help, he gets roped into a dark mystery about murder and sexual sadism.  Like I said, not the most unique concept, but like with all concept that aren’t especially original, it’s all in the execution.

What I will say first is that this is a very toned-down movie.  Now, part of that is due to the fact that it stars Liam Neeson.  Critics have made fun of his monotone voice more than once, and while I can’t disagree with that assessment, I will say that it works much better when you have a movie where he is playing a character who is low-key.  It’s kind of like Keanu Reeves.  His style of acting is bad in all kinds of movies, but then you see him in movies like John Wick and Constantine, and you realize that he is actually really good, in the right setting.  The thing that really sets this movie apart from the rest of the movies in this category is the acting.  There are a lot of very good performances, and from characters you don’t see it coming from.

Aside from Neeson, who definitely owns this film, there is a little sidekick named TJ, played by Brian Bradley.  Now, a kid character in a movie you’d think would be REALLY annoying.  And here he had the potential to be.  But this kid had a lot of personality, and he wasn’t some giddy little upstart.  Sure, he is a kid, and he does make trouble, but he is also smart, and has real issues that you get.  Both him and Neeson’ character find something in their respective issues.  By the end, their bond feels real enough for it to be heart-warming.  But never to the point that it feels manipulative.  It’s like two guys who figure each other out, even if it doesn’t work out perfectly.

The other nice thing about this movie is that instead of making it a who-dun-it, as you think they will early on, it become a cat-and-mouse game with some really sick scum-fucks who do terrible things.  The way they show the players connected in this world does make them eerie and unsettling.  But there are still twists about them, even up until the end.  You don’t know who is working who, and it will keep you on your toes.

Which brings us to the cinematography.  I won’t say that it’s anything special.  It gets the job done, though.  There are some shots that don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense and seem very out of place.  Like the one at the very end of the movie.  Still, it works.  The same can be said of the score.  It’s low-key and relatively sparse.

Not a lot more to say, really.  I think that this is a very well-done and well-acted crime thriller.  I don’t know if you are into that sort of thing, but if you are, then I think you should check this out.  If not, well, you can read this review and take from it what you will.

Final Verdict
7 out of 10

Peace out,