The New Era of Political Double-Standards

Perhaps you have heard, but there is a woman who has alleged that Joe Biden committed sexual harassment of her.  Word is that she is actually trying to take this to court.  I myself have no opinion one way or the other.  I’ve contended in the past that we shouldn’t just automatically believe or disbelieve anyone without a thorough investigation, but there is a group of people who one would expect would see things a little differently, i.e. the Democratic establishment and Twitter checkmarks.  However, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that not only do they not believe her, they are actively going out of their way not to.

I’ve already talk about this in the past, so I won’t retread old ground.  Though I did see an article about how #BelieveAllWomen is now a conservative smear that was used against liberal women.  That was some of the most adorable mental gymnastics ever.  I wonder how long that article will be up before it’s pulled, if it hasn’t been already.  Still, the lengths that the media has gone to in order to smear Tara Reade is frankly kind of pathetic, when these are the same people who were cheering from the hills that the UVA Rape Hoax was legit, even as the case reported in Rolling Stone was falling apart.  They are also the same ones who tore Brett Kavanaugh to pieces in their smearing of him.  The Democrats REALLY overplayed their hand there.

However, it seems that the Democratic establishment and Twitter checkmarks have decided to take another mainstay of liberal discourse and throw it out the window – fat shaming.  Today, Nancy Pelosi decided to rail on Trump taking Hydroxychloroquine, pointing out that he is “morbidly obese.”  Like most times that that dinosaur harpy opens her mouth, the Twitter checkmarks had to pile on and make themselves heard being in absolutely solidarity with that moderate conservative bitch.  A fact that just tickles me pink.  All of the wonder about Nancy Pelosi does.  The woman passes every bill conservatives send to her, then crushes everything that would help progressives.  Her latest COVID-19 relief bill (that will NEVER pass the Senate) is basically a giant birthday-present to major corporations, with a little money to help the regular people.  How ANYONE thinks this cunt is a liberal is beyond me.  But Fox News says it, so I guess it must be true.

The endless stream of double-standards continues.  I can’t wait to see what “liberal” media publishes to bolster insulting the weight of someone they don’t like.  These people are at least self-aware enough to know when they are being mocked for sounding two-faced.  It will be the usual mental gymnastics unlike anything one has seen in a very long time, but that’s business as usual in America.  Don’t think that conservative America gets off the hook on this.  Some of their stuff is just the best.

Perhaps you haven’t heard about the fact that America has been quarantining for some time now.  Well, it seems that conservative America is getting tired of that and has decided to make the activity of doing what’s best for the health and safety of this country into a political battle.  The most notable of these has been the armed Semper Pie protestors in Michigan getting their guns and marching on the state capitol, screaming for the Governor to be locked up.  If it honestly becomes a civil war in this country over something like the quarantine because of this plague that is ravaging this country, that would genuinely make me laugh.

Among the many genuinely hilarious posters at these events is my favorite – where a conservative actually says, “my body, my choice.”  I swear, the day is going to come that conservative America will be self-aware.  It will happen.  The complete lack of introspection to that is the best.  So all the women who are forced to raise a child they don’t want because of lack of abortion options?  Fuck those whores.  She should have kept her legs closed.  Being kept in your home to keep people safe from the plague?  Tyranny!  We must rise up and stop the tyranny of not being a dick!  This is like what the Nazis did!  Ah yes, the old line that is now ubiquitous to both sides of the political aisle – compare everything that they don’t like to Nazis.

Don’t even get me starting about the people bitching about having to wear a mask in certain stores, most notably Costco.  The same fucking people who bitched ad nauseum about businesses being able to deny gay people their business if they don’t want to serve them are now bitching about not being able to go into a store.  Seems that their precious “freedom” only matters when it is being them inconvenienced.  Funny how that works.

It has long been my contention that if America didn’t have double-standards, it would have no standards at all.  It shouldn’t be shocking that people in this country are so quick to abandon the values they claim to hold so dear, in the name of their political pet project.  Claim that believing all women is essential, and that making fun of someone for their weight is the most hurtful thing one can do?  The orange man bad!  So those values can go.  Say that women have no right to their body when it comes to raising a child they don’t want?  I was told to stay inside!  That’s so much worse!  Rise up, with guns!

Lest anyone say that I am some kind of centrist, I am liberal as fuck.  I believe that we need a regulated economy, a strong social safety net, to tax the wealthiest and close the tax loopholes that the corporations who have been given OBSCENE amounts of money with COVID-19 relief use to pay nothing back, and to have universal healthcare (something the ENTIRE 1st world has, but for some reason America just can’t handle).  There are some libertarian arguments that conservative America floats that I don’t oppose offhand.  I am part of the libertarian-left.  Still, when people like myself think that both sides look REALLY stupid with this shit, it’s not uncommon to have one side accuse you of being the political belief they don’t like.  Funny how that works, right?

It is exhausting watching political discourse anymore.  On the one hand, I have Democrats who are suffering horribly from Trump Derangement Syndrome who don’t care that Biden OBVIOUSLY has dementia and should be getting care for his affliction.  They don’t care that he has no political positions.  I saw this great Twitter post asking people to list three policy positions Biden has that they agree with.  Without a doubt, here was one of the first replies –

  1. Not Trump
    2. Not Trump
    3. Not Trump

On the other side, you have these crazy/stupid conservative Cult of Trump types who had to be told by Lysol not to drink bleach when Trump said that injecting bleach into your body should clean it from COVID-19.  Oh I’m sorry, that was a joke.  Trump said so, so it must be true.  Watch the video clip where he says that.  Does it sound like he was joking to you?  The guy is an idiot, talking about his “super duper missile.”  I can’t even write that without breaking out into giggles.  The dude speaks like he’s five, and people can do nothing but talk about what a manly man he is.  Who runs away from an Asian reporter woman and her question.  The dude is such a little bitch, but he’s the manliest man who has ever lived.

Where does it end?  Where does any of this end?  I don’t know, and the longer it goes on, the less I care.  It’s all exhausting, and I’m content to play my vidya and talk to my girlfriend on Facetime.

Until next time, a quote,

“So to everybody listening – isn’t it fun?  Knowing we’re stuck in a loop of infinite dumb nonsense, so sweet like a cinnamon bun.” – Chris Ray Gun, “Algorhythm” – YouTube: The Musical

Peace out,


America Needs to Just Let COVID-19 Engulf It, because we’re stupid

For those of you who don’t know, America is really fucking dumb.  Like, stupid on a scale that is just phenomenal in the grand scheme of things.  It impresses me sometimes how utterly bereft of intelligence this country is.  Like, plenty of countries have stupid shit, but America really does take that cake.  This country has a gift at doing inane, retarded shit, seemingly out of spite for the concept of intelligence.  Hell, being smart is looked down upon here!  If you’re smart, people think you’re snobbish and “elitist.”  Being stupid is viewed by a vast amount of this country as a positive, because you can’t trust smart people.  I can’t think of any other country that thinks this way.  I’ve really tried to, but nothing’s coming to mind.

So it really should come as no surprise that in the face of a global pandemic, people have decided to fight back against the scientifically advised course of action, flattening the curve.  Instead, we have morons taking to the street with guns and signs in large numbers, demanding that the government not stop them from congregating.  That the government stay out of the way of whatever they want to do.  After all, this is America!  Nobody tells us what to do here!  Sure, these people are all basically taking their talking points from Fox News.  The second Fox News says something, their God-Emperor parrots it (because the orange man is basically just a retarded sponge), and then they have their viewpoints.  So when Fox News and their retarded orange God-Emperor says to stop social distancing and quarantining, to give your life for their all-powerful economy god, naturally these idiots have to take up the cause.

Oh sure, medical professionals in the parts of the country hit worst by this are begging people to stop and think about it, but that’s too hard for America.  We gotta go with our gut!  Because that’s NEVER led us down a horribly stupid path before, right?  Of course not.  It blows my mind that this country has actually avoided nuclear war all the way ’til now.  Hell, get this – did you know that while European and Asian countries have a ton of nuclear bomb shelters made and run by the state, do you know how many America has?  None!  Why?  Because part of Mutually Assured Destruction is that we had to convince the rest of the world that America really would pull the trigger and destroy all life as we know it on this planet just out of spite.  Part of that was showing that we are absolutely willing to throw the lives of the American people away on a whim.  And it worked!  I’m not surprised, really.  You just have to imagine in the halls of the KGB that the Soviets were like, “don’t tempt these fucking retards!  They’ll do it!  I swear, these lunatics are so stupid and so proud that they really would blow up the world to spite us!”

It just baffles me that something that you’d think would be a point of people coming together for the common good in the face of countless death and wanting to do the right thing has become a political issue.  Because of course it has.  If those in the halls of power can’t find absolutely anything to use as a wedge issue to keep the masses fighting among ourselves, they’ll use whatever they can.  This plague threatens their precious money, after all,  You have religious charlatans like Kenneth Copeland who literally blows air and says that COVID-19 is gone and will never come back.  Why?  Because he is desperate to get people into his church, so they can give him and his amoral bitch wife money.

See, underneath all the bullshit piety, the wealthy religious crowd in America couldn’t possibly care less about this God person that the masses are so desperate to love.  They’re too rich to believe in hocus pocus spiritual bullshit.  Instead, they worship at the alter of a God who keeps giving and giving to them – money.  The real power in America.  It’s the reason that Christmas is the ultimate corporate holiday.  It’s the reason that Easter became about candy.  And now it’s the reason that you have assholes like the Lt. Governor of Texas saying that we should be fine with letting Grandma and Grandpa die for their precious economy.  Because if them and the rich people who pay for their campaigns lose money, that makes them sad!  They might not be able to afford that yacht they wanted!  They might lose some of their precious millions.  The poor dears.

With all this in mind, I’ve decided that there is only one rational course of action open to the stupidity of this country – letting the plague run roughshod over the population.  Absolutely uncontained exposure.  Let this disease go everywhere.  Hell, let’s help it along!  Let’s take it to old folks homes and get them infected.  Glenn Beck said that old people are happy to die for their money god, so I say we speed up the process!  Fuck Granny and Grampy!  They can die, right?  Conservative America thinks so.  Oh, and the little ones.  Hell, plenty of them are asymptomatic, right?  So all we have to do is have them all in schools and get infected.  The teachers?  The fuck do we care.  This is America, after all.  Teachers are the dog we take out back to beat the shit out of to feel better about ourselves.  They’re just glorified babysitters after all, right?  So fuck them.  Their health can get fucked.

Think I’m being hyperbolic?  Well, honestly, not really.  This country can’t handle smart, so we have to resort to stupid.  We can’t do the smart, decent thing, so we have to do to the stupid, angry thing.  Science is the enemy, after all.  At least the science that doesn’t give us new cell phones that we can use to argue with people on Twitter.  Intelligence is a threat.  What have those smart people ever REALLY done for this country?  I can’t think of anything.  I’m sure the worshiped Founding Fathers were the biggest retards who ever walked the face of the Earth.

Now I know what you might be thinking – what about the new information coming out of South Korea and China showing that those who got infected are getting infected again, making people wonder if the whole idea of herd immunity would actually work.  Just don’t think about it!  The doctors are overpaid assholes anyway, right?  What do we care what they think?  After all, that one lady is covered in Jesus’ blood!  So fuck what the medical establishment thinks, right?  She goes to Walmart every day!  Let’s get her sick and see how great she feels about her words.  See what that Jesus blood does for her when that bitch needs a ventilator.

Sure, there’s the reality (a concept that conservatives avoid like social distancing) that a TON of people will die, but this is just the flu, right?  That’s what this asshole who is bitching about his child support payments and having to make them said to me on the phone today.  It being worse than the flu is just a liberal conspiracy!  All those doctors are just making a whole bunch of nothing out of it.  Why aren’t there people dying everywhere?  I mean, it isn’t like a ton of people would be dying everywhere if this idea of mine were actually to happen.  Fake News!  The orange retard’s favorite term.

This country is not intelligent enough to do ANYTHING out of virtue of self-preservation or for the common good.  An entire political party has been united behind the idea that we need to die for rich people’s money.  Baffling.  Kind of amazing.  So let’s just let this madness run its course.  The astronomical body-count, not just from the virus but also from patients who can’t get proper care because facilities that would otherwise have gone to them can’t be spared from the number of infected.  It makes me wonder, how many people would have to die before it is worth being concerned about?  If it killed 20 or 30% of people who contracted it, would it be serious then?  Maybe 40 of 50%?  Maybe then?  Well, the people protesting don’t seem to be using their brains for anything productive, so I don’t think there’s a death count high enough.  If my idea were to be followed, we might actually get to find out.

In America, people need to die so we can see the truth.  This country needs to suffer and become an example to the rest of the world of what not to do.  That’s our role.  Don’t do what the retarded Americans did.  Be smarter.  Flatten the curve.  I don’t actually want people to die, but if this country is going to be like this, then what’s the alternative?  The guy in charge of this circus is a fucking idiot, so maybe we just have to learn, like the child with a hot stove, that if you play with fire, you get burned.  Horribly, horribly burned.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m in charge of this monkey farm now, Frankenstein!  And I wanna know what the fuck you’re doing with my time!” – Capt. Henry Rhodes, Day of the Dead

Peace out,


The Myths of Conservative ‘Small Government’

This is a belief I’ve had going back to when I was a much younger man than I am now.  Hell, I had this figured out when I was a teenager.  The state I have grown up in is basically Texas, but with tons of snow.  It’s about as red as red states get.  So as you might imagine, I’ve heard all the conservative lines.  I’ve heard all about how they want the government to get out of their way of their “religious freedom” and the even more bogus line – we need a “small government.”  That one in-particular always rubbed me the wrong way.  When I heard the talking points that they went on and on about (ad infinitum), it quickly occurred to me that they would talk about one thing, and then would either be willfully ignorant or just turn a completely blind eye to what they want in practice.  I’ve compiled a list of things that are some of the bigger things in “small government” America that they talk about, but are complete bullshit when you actually think about it.  Not a Top 10, but a list all the same.

Marriage Equality

I just red about how alleged child molester judge, Roy Moore has filed a brief to get the Obergefell v Hodges overturned.  For those of you who don’t know, this is the ruling that gave marriage equality to all 50 states.  What is his stated reason for this?  Well, another bullshit conservative concept – religious liberty!  Ah yes, the classic line that conservative whip out whenever they need an easy out for their bigotry.  After all, THEY don’t hate gay people.  God does!  And they need to be free to exercise that hatred however they see fit.  That’s what the Founding Fathers wanted, right?  Moore seems to think so.  It’s something he said in a statement about the brief.  The Founding Fathers.  The mythical heroes that conservative America can slobber all over the knob of.  They’re all gay for George Washington.  Same with Jesus, now that I think about it.  Oh wait, not gay, just in love with to a degree that definitely isn’t platonic.

The reality is that gay marriage hurts no one.  If you don’t like gay marriage, you’re free to not get married to someone of the same sex.  It’s so simple that even the dumbest dumb-shit conservative should be able to do it.  But since these people are so great about being stupid about the basic shit, are you really surprised that this is too hard for them?  So their government should be small enough to go into your bedroom and tell you who you can fall in love with and share the rest of your life with.  Cowering behind their religion because they’re too scared to just come out and say, “I hate faggots.”  Well, those who actually want to run for public office or hold any position with status affected by the general public.  I know plenty of people in my own life in this reddest of frigid cold red states who will tell you all about how disgusting gay people are.  There is at least one who I am dead-certain is a closeted homosexual himself.  I have proof of it too.  I wonder how often Steven Andersen gets pounded in the ass by a big black dick.

Women’s Rights

Another avenue that conservative America’s ideas about small government just flies in the face of – a woman’s body.  Yeah, they want a government so small that it can fit in them, and dictate what they do with it.  Get raped by a family member?  They want that super small government to force you to have that baby.  Trust me, it’s for the best.  Their imaginary friend told them so.  In fact, their imaginary friend said that there is a big plan.  So for the woman who is raped by her husband violently, he meant for that to happen.  It’s all part of a much bigger thing that you will be grateful for.  Doesn’t that make you feel good?

So many of my centrist Democrat friends tell me I need to vote for dementia Joe Biden because if I don’t, Roe v Wade will be overturned.  Did you all see that most recent video of him, by the way?  He is literally reading off his phone, and then wanders off camera, leaving it staring at dead air, until they cut away so the camera isn’t look at the back-side of Joe’s head in the corner.  But please, tell me again how he only has a stutter.  I digress.  I’ve long-since comforted myself with the reality that if such a thing ever were to happen, it would just become a state’s rights issue.  All the liberal states would immediately move to legalize, while all the conservative states would move to make it illegal.

Part of me wishes that conservative America would just admit that they don’t like women.  Or at least would admit that they only like women up to the point that they marry men and make babies for them.  As broodmares for the state.  That’s all they see women as.  Oh I’m sorry, that’s not true.  They see them as sacred, because their imaginary friend told them so.  In the same book where he said that women are responsible for the fall of mankind, a woman’s body is unclean, a woman who has premarital sex is a whore who is marked, and which has a punishment for rape so pathetic that it might as well be a reward.

Low Spending

Once upon a time, it used to be that Democrats believed in higher spending, but higher taxes.  Meanwhile, conservatives believed in lower spending and lower taxes.  Both of these views make sense, logically.  Now, it seems like the predominate view of conservative America is higher spending, lower taxes.  Just look at the astronomical amount of money that Bush II spent in the Middle East.  Granted, Obama did too, but you all know my thoughts on mainstream Democrats and how much they differ from mainstream Republicans.  Apparently their small government can spend astronomical amounts of money to kill brown people.

Let’s not even get how the government just made $1.5 trillion appear out of nowhere to feed the gaping maw of the economy with the plague that the orange retard in chief said wasn’t a problem until it got so widespread and his precious economy started to tank.  It went to show that in a situation that is an actual crisis, Trump is laughably unequipped to handle the situation.  He will deny and deny until it’s so bad that because there is so little testing, we genuinely don’t know how widespread it is.  We do know that the number of Americans with the illness has already doubled.  Who knows how big this will get.

Conservative spending is laughably out of control, and what do they want to cut in order to pay for it?  Anything and everything that helps the average American.  Part of me wishes that we’d have a conservative with the balls to say that they want the average American to die.  That their plan for healthcare is – get sick and die, motherfucker.  Or maybe we can make it more honest – We don’t care, so fuck you.  They want a government so small that it gives the finger to the poorest of America, but big enough to polish the military’s knob so hard that they are basically given a blank fucking check.  Of course, the Democrats have never resisted this, so maybe that just is what it is.

Religious Freedom

Let’s talk about “religious freedom.”  When their precious Founding Fathers established this country, the idea was that anyone could believe whatever stupid bullshit they wanted to believe, and the government wouldn’t get in their way.  All creeds were welcome here.  They came to this country to escape religious persecution, after all.  Though, that’s not even talking about the fact that most of the people who founded this country were deists who didn’t believe in a specific God, or outright atheists who believe that religion as a concept was toxic to the human intellect.

In this modern age, conservative America has a very different take on the concept of religious freedom.  See, to them, it means a government so small that if you believe in a religion that they don’t like, we can persecute you to no end.  We can ban you from our country.  We can tell you that your beliefs are not wanted here.  Makes me think of the line from the plaque at the Statue of Liberty – Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  They really should throw that in the trash, at this point.  Especially when you listen to these people talk about immigration and how they feel about people who aren’t from this country.

What are some that you’ve found “small government” issues you’ve all found that are weapons-grade bullshit?  I’m just tired of conservative America hiding behind buzzwords.  I would genuinely respect them more if they were just honest about their views.  I take the hypocrisy of it more personally than the petty veil of bigotry that it is almost always covering.

Until next time, a quote,

“You don’t see many white anti-abortion women volunteering to have black fetuses transplanted into their uteruses, do ya?  No, you don’t see them adopting a lot of crack babies, do you?  No, that might be something Christ would do.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Christian Greed is Amusing

Perhaps you’ve been at a family event and you’ve heard relatives of yours talking about politics or whatever, and something along the lines of this gets said – “Why should my money help those losers who don’t wanna work?  If they’re so poor, they should get a job!  I don’t want my money going to healthcare for these people!”  It’s a line I’ve heard versions of for a very long time.  See, my extended family is conservative as fuck.  I come from a state that is red to the bone.  A girly-mate of mine described it as Texas, but with snow.  So as one might imagine, being the liberal at these events can be a little tiresome.  Not just the liberal, but the liberal atheist.  Oh yes, the heathen who is gonna be taking me a one-way trip to Hell when I die.  I’ve heard it all.

But when they go off about not wanting their money to go to the poor, it always does tickle me a bit inside.  Why?  Because there seems to be this shield that they all have to irony that just blows my mind.  With all their devotion to God, you’d think some of his son’s (who is also him) teachings would have stuck with them a little.  I’m sure that Jesus wouldn’t want you to help the poor.  Yeah, he definitely wouldn’t have wanted your money to help anyone in need.  The poor should just get a job, right?  What’s that?  He didn’t say that?  Well, what did he say?

Gospel of Luke 21:1-4 – Jesus looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the offering box, and he saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. And he said, “Truly, I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

1 John 3:17 – But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?

Gospel of Luke 12:33 – Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys.

Well shit.  I guess that it is commanded by God that you give all of what you have to those in need.  That the rich can give of plenty, but when the poorest give of what little they have, it’s seen as so much more because they gave out of their poverty.  Jesus even talks about how you should give all of what you possess away.  That wealth in this world is worth nothing, and by giving it all away, you achieve wealth in the next life.  Oh hey, about being rich and being godly, I’m sure he had a couple quotes about that as well.

Gospel of Matthew 6:1-4 – “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Gospel of Matthew 19:24 – “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Oh dear.  So all the conservative rich pricks who preach about their godliness to everyone who will hear it, then ask for donations from everyone who will pay?  They sure did fit that first passage to a fault.

Now, for those who will come back at a liberal heathen atheist asking what I do for the poor, I’m glad you ask.  I have a list of charities I give to every year.  I’m very finicky about which ones I do, because I have seen charities that squander their donations.  So, here is my list of charities and non-profits that I give to regularly: Planned Parenthood, Wounded Warriors (hooyah), Doctors Without Borders, PBS, World Wildlife Fund, Oceana, The Nature Conservancy, and the International Women’s Health Coalition.  Admittedly a lot of those charities are nature focused. But since humanity is awful and does nothing to try and help itself, I figure a group trying to help cute animals whose only crime is humanity’s existence on this planet might as well get a hand.

I ain’t claiming that I am giving a massive chunk of my income.  But I do donate annually, and I am poor as fuck.  I don’t give out of plenty, but I give all the same.  More than some do.  Hell, more than most do.  But there’s more.  See, I’m really tired of my tax dollars going to help America bomb people in the Middle East with drones, which we have proof kills vastly more innocence than it does named targets.  Now, I hear these same conservative good Christian types talking all about how they don’t want their money going to help losers, but at the same time are all about the military.  Personally, I support the military by wanting to bring our men and women home, getting them out of harm’s way.  The VA could also use some reform.  I know a dear girly-mate in the Navy who was screwed so hard by them that it nearly cost her her career in the service.  It’s funny how the military bitches about not enough people enlisting, then works so hard to fuck over those who serve.

As you might imagine, I support a candidate like Bernie Sanders.  He supports a lot of the points I am for.  He wants to make it so that a person who works a 40-hour work week doesn’t have to go on public assistance to survive, regardless of their profession.  Hey, there’s a way we can make it so that we don’t have to have public money going to the poor!  Have these big corporations pay their employees a living wage.  That’s a thought.  Oh, and I’m also a big proponent of universal healthcare in America.  This idea that the wealthiest nation in the world is the ONLY first-world nation without it is just baffling to me.  So many argue it couldn’t be done here.  I point to the ENTIRE FIRST WORLD and ask what about America is different than them, and it works everywhere.  Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it works.

You know, I think there’s some quotes from Jesus about healing the sick and tending to the needy.

Gospel of Matthew 14:14 – When He went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them and healed their sick

Gospel of Matthew 15:30 – And large crowds came to Him, bringing with them those who were lame, crippled, blind, mute, and many others, and they laid them down at His feet; and He healed them.

Gospel of Matthew 9:35 – Jesus was going through all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness.

Huh, I wonder how much he asked of them?  What was the price of Jesus’ healing?  What’s that?  He never asked for anything?  Ever?!  Holy shit!  It’s almost like he was a decent person and used the power he had to do good for as many people as he could.  He would even go into the towns of his enemies and heal all those who were brought before him.  Because all were welcome in his presence.  He would even go with those who asked him to come to where the sick were.  A pretty good guy.

It makes you wonder what he would think of the people who preach his name, yet have so much greed in their hearts.  Doesn’t it?  I wonder what he would think of those on Fox News who argue that their money shouldn’t go to the least among us, but in the same breath will talk about America being a Christian nation.  Hell, given how Christianity has taken his preaching and basically uses it as a shield for the various party’s personal bigotry, you realize that Jesus is as much of a token to the church as Col. Sanders is to KFC.  The only difference is that Sanders was bought out.  Jesus was sold out.  If he were to ever come back, he should sue to the damn churches for illegal usage of his likeness.  Well, the western version.  In reality, Jesus would have been a brown-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew.  The kind of people that our precious military kills in drone strikes.  I bet he’d have something to say about that too.

The longer I’m alive, the more I realize that religious belief in this country, on a very large scale, is just a cover for personal prejudice.  Don’t like gays?  Jesus doesn’t either!  Don’t wanna help the poor?  Jesus wouldn’t be one of these socialist commies!  Don’t like abortion?  Oh you better believe that Jesus had opinions on that!  Whatever you personal belief structure is that you can cherry-pick out of the Bible while ignoring everything else, you bet that Jesus is totally behind it!  It’s a-okay to him!  It’s almost like he can read your mind!  You know, which is where he lives.  In your head.  Like an imaginary friend.

I’m an atheist.  I think it’s all bullshit.  But if Jesus were to come back tomorrow, I’m dead positive he would a higher opinion of me than he would the vast majority of viewers of Fox News.

Until next time, a quote,

“Truth,” said a traveler,
“Is a rock, a mighty fortress;
“Often have I been to it;
“Even to its highest tower,
“From whence the world looks black.”

“Truth,” said a traveler,
“Is a breath, a wind,
“A shadow, a phantom;
“Long have I pursued it,
“But never have I touched
“The hem of its garments.” – Stephen Crane

Peace out,


Conservative Butthurt Babies About Cyberpunk 2077’s Character Creator

Back in 2012, social justice in gaming reared its ugly head.  They found a new community to infest with their ideology, and the culture war over gaming has been raging ever since.  Back then groups of people who you’d never think would be on the same side of anything came together for one cause – to get people who are documented as not being part of any significant percentage of gaming from destroying a hobby that is near and dear to our hearts.  Those were some interesting days.  But now, seven years later, and things have come full circle.  The pendulum has swung right back around, and instead of social justice being the loudest voice with their stupid bullshit (though they are still around), the ones I hear from most these days is whiny, bitchy conservatives who are REALLY butthurt.

Over what, you may ask?  Well, how about Cyberpunk 2077‘s character creator.  For those who didn’t know, the newest trailer for the game dropped, and it looks freakin’ glorious.  Every time I see more of this game, the more hyped I get.  The action looks great.  The world looks fun.  The driving mechanics look simplistic, but it gets the job done.  Each part of this world has personality.  One of the things they showed off was the character creator system.  It seems that from the really long gameplay demo from last year, CDPR had some ideas on how to expand things.  Part of that included taking away the strictly male or female character types.  Instead, you start with a male-type build or a female-type build and can go from there.  They wanted it to be deep.  In a world all about transhumanism and surpassing physical limitations through cybernetics, this makes perfect sense.

As one might expect, this didn’t sit well with everyone.  Indeed, conservative audiences decided to get their butthurt going REAL quick.  They took to the Internet, mainly Twitter, and bitched and moaned at the Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account about how they are so upset.  Many of them claim that they either are or already have cancelled their preorders.  Virtue a-fluttering as they say about how this is so disappointing and just them appeasing the “leftists”.  Reading that stuff is like watching a small child throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get the toy they wanted exactly as they wanted it.

I am so DONE with this culture war that is going on between the butthurt left and the equally, if not moreso butthurt right.  Both sides of this conflict are equally insufferable.  I’m a liberal.  Make no apologies for it.  I’m not one of these “leftists” that conservatives like to label people who are on the left side of politics.  I believe in open expression in the free marketplace of ideas.  Whatever your point of view, everyone should have a platform.  But both sides in this never-ending culture war just frustrate me.  In 2014, where things escalated, I was on a live-stream with some people and they said that all the sides who came together would never grow apart.  It would be a shared unity forever.  If only they could see things now.  The old battle lines are coming back, because social justice isn’t nearly the dragon it used to be.

What’s so funny about all this is that just recently, CDPR was labelled as “alt-right” by the games media circle-jerk.  Now they are being labelled as a company who just kowtows to the left.  Maybe now the left and the right can get behind hating this company together.  Come together and brothers and sisters in arms for hating a company who is making some of the most reliably fantastic gaming experiences, to date.

That got me to thinking – yeah, let’s hate on people who make quality content because of one stupid issue that a person has.  Maybe they can go back to Activision!  I’m sure they will fill the void for their anti-leftist content.  I’m not kidding.  Companies will see a market here.  Hell, Activision’s next entry in the CoD franchise is looking to be super edgy with its single player, putting a level from a previous game that was super controversial to shame with a game that goes super far into edgy darkness.  Big AAA gaming companies are getting nervous, with their lootboxes and “surprise mechanics” (Fuck EA and that terminology) being looked at with scrutiny that goes so far that 2K now has a game that has open gambling in it.  Governments of the world are looking to get involved.  The ESA has been lobbying the fuck out of pretending there’s nothing wrong, but the sharks are circling.  If the cash cow dies, AAA gaming is in trouble.

So maybe they can get on the pandering wagon.  Works for Hollywood, so why wouldn’t gaming do it?  Don’t like this game where you don’t have a strict gender option for a character, even though you can make a character who is straight male, you just don’t pick the gender right off the bat?  Well don’t you worry!  Activision’s got you!  Or EA’s got you!  How about Ubisoft?  Marketing by pandering to a specific demographic who is tribalistic and easy to please, so long as you just give them whatever they want.  Never mind that the games will be sub-par, riddled with microtransactions, half-baked, and probably part of some live-services boondoggle.  At least you get your character creator to what you want, right?

I can’t imagine being so pathetic that I would throw an entire game in to the trash all because of something as stupid as not getting gender-specific character creation.  A game that looks to have a deep story-line, combat reminiscent of Borderlands, and fun characters, but I’m just gonna hate on it because of one stupid thing that doesn’t really bother me anyway.  You still have to choose what kind of pronouns will be associated with this character.  So you can make your male power fantasy character.  Or, if you want a female build with a male voice and a beard, you can have that too.  In this future, you can be whatever kind of person you want.  That sounds like fun to me.  I guess the tribalistic right doesn’t agree.

Until next time, a quote,

“One sure-fire way to get noticed is to pander to a fandom.  Or as I like to call it, a pandom.” – JelloApocalypse, Welcome to Tumblr

Peace out,


Let’s Answer Questions Liberals Can’t Answer

I’m a liberal.  Not something I’ve kept under wraps.  I wouldn’t describe myself as a “leftist,” but that term is such a catch-all moniker that who knows anymore.  I can’t keep up with this shit.  However, a conservative lady has made a list of ten questions that no liberal can answer.  Alright, lady, you got me here.  Let’s see how hardcore these questions are.  Looking forward to this.  Here’s a link to the original video so you can see I’m not taking anything out of context.  Now let’s do it.

If you’re so pro-non-European immigration, why do you live in a white neighborhood?

I don’t.  I live in a shithole neighborhood in a shithole city that is very ethnically diverse.  And since when do I have the idea of non-European immigration?  I don’t really give a fuck about immigration one way or the other.

What percentage of American can be white?

Any percentage.  I don’t give a fuck!  Why are you assuming that liberals like myself are really staunchly opinionated on this nonsense?

At what point is it okay to have a border and immigration laws?

I don’t give a fuck about any of this!  Where is your idea that liberals like myself are so opposed to all of this coming from?  Citation, bitch.

What percentage of the population do whites have to be before it’s morally acceptable for them to be proud of their ancestors?  Their heritage?

There we go!  The other shoe just dropped.  So you’re a white nationalist.  Well, I know I’m ripping off Doug Stanhope here, but if the only thing you have to be proud of in your life is your ethnicity and ethnic heritage, you’re a fucking loser.  If you want to take pride in your culture, that’s fine.  But here’s the thing – white history is not a catch-all term.  Which white?  English?  Irish?  Russian?  American?  Canadian?  Which is it?  If you want pride in your nation’s heritage, that’s one thing.  But pride in the amount of melanin in your skin doesn’t mean shit to me.  So, to answer your question – take pride in whatever you want, sugar-tits.  I don’t actually care.  But if you are going to take pride in being white, prepare for people like me to snicker at you.

When is it okay for a white guy to say, I am a proud straight white male?

Just like before – proud of what?  That he is those things?  If that’s all he has to be proud of, he’s a fucking loser too!  By the way, this isn’t two-faced.  If some dude says, “I’m a proud Vietnamese gay man!” I think the same thing.  Being proud of your physical attributes only tells me that you haven’t actually done anything else to be proud of.  I guess the idea is to riff on the whole gay pride thing, and I’ve already talked about how pride events are not what I think is in the best interest of the gay community.  But hey, people are having fun, so whatever.  At least they can be proud of being willing to walk out in the streets in assless chaps.  Hey, there ya go!  As soon as you can get people into ridiculous costumes and do big parades, then you can.  But remember – the man must be in assless chaps.

What is so wrong when European women want to have white children who look like them?

I’m learning so much about this woman.  She goes SO Aryan in this question.  But to answer her question – not a thing.  Have whatever children you want.  Actually, scratch that.  We have seven billion people on this planet.  Don’t have children.  Given how you think, that’s probably not doing a disservice to anybody.

How many non-European need to be in a country before people say “that’s enough?”

Don’t give a fuck how many people there are of any ethnicity!  So long as they aren’t hurting anyone, to each their own.

Why do you ignore the environmental consequences of mass migration?

Lady, you’re looking at the forest without seeing the fucking trees.  You wanna do something about environmental consequences?  Fantastic, don’t have the blonde, blue-eyed baby the your Aryan ass talked about earlier.  That goes for EVERYBODY!  Stop procreating!  We don’t need more people!  Adopt instead.  Actually give a child a happy home.  There’s a thought.  And what is this mass migration coming into this country?  So far as I’ve seen, immigration from Mexico has noticeably dropped in recent years.  You even say that people like me are saying that I only tell white people not to have babies.  Wrong, bitch!  I tell EVERYBODY that.  Ask any of my people.  I tell them all to not make more people.  We don’t need that.

Did you know there are people getting rich off the important fake refugees business?

Do you know that virtually all major corporations who actually do things in this country and haven’t exported jobs overseas are engaging in it.  There are plethora of stories all about how companies will smuggle in workers that they can pay virtually nothing in order to keep their profits up.  So, you wanna be mad about this?  Well then, tell me how mad you are at companies who do this shit right under the government’s nose!  Free market, cunt-face!

Why are refugees not going to the countries closest to them?

They want to go to nice places?  If you have the chance to leave a war-torn shit-hole and go to another war-torn shit-hole, or the chance to go to a nicer place, which would you do?  And why is that happening at your expense?  Your tax dollars aren’t going to those countries.  Dumb bitch.

Do you even know how many are actually fleeing from catastrophic conditions and not just their own poverty?

Nope, and I don’t fucking care!  You keep going on about this one point.  I was hoping you’d spice this list up a little and not just harp on the same line over and fucking over again ad infinitum.  You make this insane argument that people who come from other countries can’t get a better future because they don’t have white people.  Um, no, dumb-dumb!  It’s because they can’t get the kind of education they can get here.  There aren’t a lot of big universities that churn out some of the best doctors, lawyers, and STEM field workers in the world there.  This bitch is so racist.

Why don’t you go help them in their country?

I’ve donated to Doctors Without Borders, the International Women’s Health Coalition, and to the charity that was helping to build wells in Africa to help people get clean water.  What have you done, by the way?  All ears.

Why aren’t you taking any refugees into your home?

She prefaces this by saying it’s only celebrities that she’s talking to, so I guess I won’t answer this one.

Who made you the morality police?

President Trump.  Just talked to him the other day.  He said “ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli” and gave me the license.  Something off about that dude.

And that’s the last question before she ends with a racist tirade talking all about how being white is so great and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for being proud of that.  Wow.

Until next time, a quote,

“I had to remind myself to breathe.” – Lewis Black

Peace out,


The Purge Has Begun With Alex Jones

I’m not a conservative, nor do I enjoy Alex Jones’ or Info Wars’ content.  It is necessary to put that out there before I go too deeply into this, because the classic deflection by people who are in support of what has happened to what I am about to say is that I’m just a conservative so fuck me.  It’s a childish defense, void of looking at a person, but whatever.  I think that Alex Jones is a huckster and charlatan.  He pretends to be informing people, yet goes out of his way to sell supplements to people.  Where once he was a loud, if not excessive, voice for the counterculture, now he is a demagogue for the right and has sold out to whoever he can shill for.  The man has no redemptive qualities.  And yet, when I see that social media all over is purging his content, a chill goes down my spine.

We live in this world where freedom of speech is a buzzword.  It bums me out that that is what we have come to.  That the true nature of it and what it is supposed to represent is lost to people.  That should bother everyone, but I know it doesn’t.  Conservative, liberal, everyone thinks that freedom of speech only stands for them and what they want to say.  I’ve heard snowflakes on both sides pining for the fact that the other side gets a platform.  There was something that Milo Yiannopoulos (another person I have little respect for, but agree with on this point) said – that freedom of speech was something that every generation needed to come to understand and respect.  To be shown why it is valuable.  We may be at that point.

The common refrain I hear is that Alex Jones deliberately lied.  True.  So has EVERY media outlet that you can think of, to one extent or another.  Where is the honesty in big corporate media?  Them, who sucked Hillary Clinton’s cock because she had them in her pocket.  As we saw with the WikiLeaks and the Donna Brazile info drops.  The 5th Estate is supposed to be the vanguards of democracy, instead they were in the pockets of those who wished to be in power.

But Lucien, Alex Jones said horrible things about the families of Sandy Hook victims!  How can you support his right to say that?!

And the entire corporate media was complicit in Bush’s lies about Iraq having WMDs.  They were the yes-men for the government while we invaded a part of the world, killing countless innocent people.  Quagmire wars that we have yet to extricate ourselves from to this day.  Alex Jones said inflammatory and downright ugly things about people whose lives had been touched by a school shooting.  The rest of the media was too gutless to do their due diligence after 9/11 and tell those in power that what we were doing in the Middle East was wrong.  I don’t really see a huge amount of difference.

The next argument is that these social media platforms have a right to kick anyone off at any time.  They have that right.  Here’s the thing – we now have the networks that link our world together becoming the censor.  Telling us what is right for our eyes to see and our ears to hear.  Instead of being bulwarks against the tide of nuance-lacking idiots on the left and the right and letting the public eye pass judgement over those who speak and giving them a platform to speak back, they have chosen to tell YOU what is right for you to see and hear.

Don’t for one second believe that this ends here.  It doesn’t.  Everyone will cheer and look on in smug, righteous zeal the deplatforming of Alex Jones.  Well, who will it be next?  Which voice will be the next one to be snuffed out by the platforms that claim to be for everyone?  So long as it’s conservatives, the left will cheer and fawn.  What happens when it starts being voices on the left who don’t agree with the social justice or modern feminism narrative?  What happens when it’s people who are critical of the social media?  We’ve already seen that YouTube immediately demonetizes videos that are critical of their platform.  “You have criticisms of us?!  Well fuck that video getting monetized!  Take that, you ungrateful ass-hat!”

I believe that Alex Jones is a demagogue, a charlatan, a crude and disgusting person.  But his right to have a platform for his speech is something I will defend.  Because I want everyone, regardless of how toxic their ideas to have a voice in the public eye.  It’s better to have more ideas in the world that are propagated.  Because we can argue with those ideas.  We can debate and people can have new thoughts.  When we start stripping away different perspectives, homogenizing the world, censoring speech that powerful people on high tell us is wrong, the world ALWAYS becomes a worse place.  There is too much history here to think otherwise.

But I don’t think I’m reaching anyone saying that.  After all, freedom of speech is a meme, a buzzword, a thing to sling at the people you don’t like now.  Aren’t you proud?

Until next time, a quote,

“I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

Peace out,


Let’s Answer Anti-Abortion Arguments

I am firmly pro-choice.  I’ve made no secret of it.  Abortion is a practice that is literally as old as the Bible.  No joke, in the time of the Bible, there was a kind of liquid that they could have women drink that would cause them to swell up and kill the fetus.  Rings kinda hollow for the anti-abortion proponents when their own Bible has this practice that they are so against.  Still, this idea that we need to force women to carry a baby that they don’t want, when overpopulation is already a major issue facing our planet, is ridiculous.  But now another conservative outlet has come to the plate to refute the arguments that we make against them.  Here’s a link to their post, now let’s get to this.

“You just want to control women’s bodies!”

Their argument after this is that we have to prove that the fetus is part of her body.  Simple question – can it survive without her?  No, it cannot.  For the first nine months of a fetus’ life, it more akin to a parasite than a baby.  It is completely dependent on its host organism to survive.  It can even kill its host organism when it gets sick.  The fetus is a parasite leeching off the mother, until it’s viable.  You’re not doing too good with the arguments.

“Abortion is not murder!”

This time the argument is that we have to prove that killing the “preborn” is different than killing actual babies.  A fetus is not a baby.  Like I said, for the first nine months of its life, it’s a parasite.  But that aside, is an egg a chicken?  Hope you didn’t enjoy eating that egg.  You are eating chicken abortion.  A fetus has the potential to be a human, but it is not a human yet.

“The decision is between a woman and her doctor what she does with her own body!”

The refutation of this argument hinges on the idea that the fetus and this woman’s body are two separate things, and since I’ve already refuted that (pretty handily, I might say), then it makes it a mute point.  Besides, it isn’t even her and her doctor.  It’s just her.  This is her body and what she does with it is her business, but if she wants to discuss it with her doctor, that’s also her choice.

“Abortion will still happen if it’s illegal!”

Their counterpoint to this is that drunk driving will still happen if it’s illegal too, so why shouldn’t we legalize that?  Wow.  What a stupid comparison.  I’ll help you out, moron who wrote this article – a drunk driver is a dangerous to many people.  Abortion, if it is done in a legal and medically sound setting, is negligibly dangerous to the mother.  If it is illegal and goes underground, it becomes much more dangerous.  That’s how it has been since antiquity with the concept.  Part of why making abortion legal was a good thing was that it looked to save the lives of countless women from operations in back-rooms.  That analogy was so dumb.

“You only care about babies until they’re born!”

Yeah, you do.  But I really want you to get a load of their counterargument.  Really drink in how stupid this is.

Okay, do you then concede it would be wrong to rebuke a person for beating a homeless person to death if you did not first provide them a house?

Um…what?  What the fuck is this idiot talking about?  I genuinely don’t get what they are trying to say with this point.  Let me put my pseudo-intellectual hat on and try and suss this out.  In what way does this tie in to the statement above?  The homeless is meant to be the baby, obviously.  So is the house supposed to be the social programs that we say you don’t care if the babies get?  And I guess the beating to death of a homeless person is the act of abortion.  Dude, we don’t give social programs to a fetus.  This retarded analogy completely ignores the statement at hand!  Was this to just get us to wonder what you’re talking about while you slink away thinking you are super smart?  Didn’t get me, retard.  I saw through your bullshit.

Pro-life arguments are the epitome of doing everything they can to not address the issue.  That last bit especially.  They don’t want to answer the charge that they couldn’t care less about social programs for babies and children, so instead they have to do a COMPLETE non-sequitur to get us to look away from the issue.  There are pro-life people who I can talk about things with.  This moron is not one of them.  She’s like the creationists in my earlier post who think that my atheism would be DESTROYED by their stupid questions.  Didn’t work, moron.  Still don’t believe in Gawd.  And my pro-choice beliefs easily can stand up to this level of stupid scrutiny.

Until next time, a quote,

“They’re not pro-life.  You know what they are?  They’re anti-woman.  Simple as it gets.  They’re anti-woman.  They don’t like ’em.  They believe a woman’s primary role is to be a brood mare for the state.  You don’t see many of these white, anti-abortion women volunteering to have black fetuses transplanted into their uterus, do ya?  Don’t see a lot of them adopting crack babies, do ya?  No, that might be something Christ would do.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Your Pro-Gun Fantasies are Delusional (A response to Josh Feuerstein)

Man, I haven’t gone after a super-religious idiot in a very long time.  In my early days on this site, I had a lot of posts ripping on religion and some of the idiots who follow it.  I am firmly an atheist and think that people who need religion in their lives are people who are afraid of reality.  But the topic got old and it was basically beating a dead horse while playing a broken record.  It got pretty stale.  But I have always had at least a passing eye on the insanity that is Josh Feuerstein.  For those who don’t know, he’s an insanely religious man who is absurdly popular on Facebook.  His page has millions of likes.  It’s bananas.

The guy is also something of a scam artist.  Not just because of the beliefs that he touts, though there is that.  But he was able to crowd-fund over $60,000 for a special camera, but clearly still does video on his phone.  Yeah, money I’m sure well spent, given how obesity is clearly the biggest problem he has.  That and an inflated ego.  Many years ago he went after the biggest YouTube atheist, The Amazing Atheist, because TJ had responded to his most popular video – where he “disproves” evolution.  It was sad, to say the least.

Over the years, Josh has become something of a marvel of Christian stupidity.  This guy is not only a firm fundamentalist Christian, but he also is a radical conservative as well.  So naturally, when the Supreme Court cast its ruling that allowed gay marriage to be legal in all 50 states, Josh was against it.  Yet he took great umbrage when people called him a bigot because of that.  Funny how that works.  Oh, and he also in the videos where he said “Obama done did it” about gay marriage, he said that it was the beginning of the “Christian Holocaust” and held up a gun to say that he would fight the government.

Josh fancies himself one of these people who would start some kind of civil war against the government if they ever step out of line.  The reality is that he is one of a plethora of fat-ass conservatives who would fight the government for all of 20 minutes, until they blast him and his little obese army of “patriots” with a drone.  Any war against the government in the 21st century would very, very short-lived.  He is one of these people who says that if they come for his guns, they can have the bullets.  No, Josh, you’d open fire, and they blast you to bits.  Hell, I guarantee that the moment they blast open your door, you will piss your fat britches and surrender on the spot.  Because it’s easy to be tough when you are not facing down any real resistance.  Just the imagined kind in your head.

When I say he’s a radical conservative who is something of a class act in paranoia, I’m not kidding.  He had his wife driving around a Wal-Mart for ten minutes talking about how them closing it is a conspiracy and they are stockpiling weapons and tanks inside.  This guy is really something.

But now it seems that Josh has a new take on the idea of guns – that they’re in the Bible.  That the 2nd Amendment is in the Bible.  Oh boy, this is gonna be a hard sell.  Let’s take a look at what this moron has to say.

Oh my Groj, you delusional fuck.  So, let me see if I got this right.  You keep a loaded gun in your car, on the unlikely off-chance that somebody is going to come at you with a firearm.  And if this person in your fantasy world comes at you, you are going to let loose with .45 “freedom seeds.”  That is the funniest name for bullets I have ever seen.  Especially given the long history in this world of dictators using those “freedom seeds” to kill people they don’t like.  Guns have a long, sordid history of one thing – violence.  I’m not against people owning them, though I do believe there should be some regulation in that regard, but to call bullets fired “freedom seeds” is so utterly ignorant of history.  But why should I be surprised.  This guy is an obese “patriot” who is looking to be Dirty Harry in his fantasy world.

Here’s my question to you, Josh – if you should come upon some fantasy shooting where you get your .45 out of your car and open fire, what if there are lots of kids around?  You say you are against school shootings, so what happens if you there are lots of little civilians around you?  Acceptable risk?  Killing kids?  You want their potential blood on your hands?  Not to mention, it ain’t like the guy is jut gonna stand there and let you shoot him.  Life isn’t a video game, Josh.  This person will move and then shoot back.  And say there’s armed security.  They come into things, not knowing who is who, so they start shooting at you too.  Are you just so convinced that they are going to know that you are the good guy?  If I saw your fat ass with a loaded gun shooting, I would assume you are the shooter.  You look the type.  You certainly have the attitude.

Then he says probably the most delusional thing I’ve ever heard – that the 2nd Amendment is in the Bible.  This is a dude who sees that painting of Jesus giving America the Constitution and cums all over it, isn’t he?  I believe it.  His evidence?  Because God armed angels.  I need scriptural evidence of this, Josh.  Because as I remember, angels in the Bible were pretty much just God’s messengers and heralds.  They had no form unless they took on the form of a human.  But in reality the angels of the Bible had more in common with those from Neon Genesis Evangelion than they do with your imagination of them being Dirty Harry with wings.  This man is so insane.  I don’t get how someone can be this delusional.

Guns did not exist in the Bible.  Nowhere.  There was nothing about guns in the Bible.  Not to mention, people having rights to own guns is also absurd in the Bible, because in that time period, people only had the rights that the king, Caesar, or other leader provided them.  It was a Feudal, primitive society.  Even Jesus said “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, give unto God that which is God’s.”  A reference to taxes, neat fact.  So your weird belief that democracy and democratic republics with their legal perspective was a thing in the Bible is equal parts funny and ridiculous.

Then we get the conservative schtick about guns being the heroes always and the good guy prevailing.  His metaphor is that a bully only backs down when the little person has a bigger person.  He doesn’t see the irony in that statement.  The idea that the little person has a bigger person to basically go to bat for them.  Kind of like, in principal, how cops are supposed to work.  Because that big guy can’t be with the little guy all the time.  But the little guy knows that he can call on them and they will sort out the person hurting them.  It blows my mind how you are so dumb with the shit you say, and nobody calls you out on it.

Lastly, he says that we need vets in schools, armed with guns.  You know, Josh, I have this growing perspective on the military since a girly-mate who is quite important to me joined the Navy, and she tells me about life with that.  She took the oath of service, to protect her country.  And it’s weird that Josh of all people is saying that vets needs to be in the schools, because he has said that he would fight the government.  In his “Christian Holocaust” series, he outright says that he will fight the government because of the perceived attack on his religious freedom.

This fat ass has never once served his country.  He hasn’t done shit.  He champions a President who said he couldn’t serve his country because his foot hurt.  Just like all the stupid-ass conservatives who believe that underneath it all, they are Dirty Harry, he just lets the delusions talk.  Not to mention, why veterans?  Why not cops?  Could it be because we now have documented proof that cops have a bad habit of being gutless cowards who run from danger or shoot it in the back?  Or in the case of Scot Peterson, do nothing while a shooter is inside a school killing kids and ACTUAL heroes who gave his life to protect children from bullets.

I have said it so many times, these people believe that life is an action movie, and the villains are just gonna stand there and get shot, while not being able to hit the broadside of a barn.  But we know in reality that life isn’t like that.  That shootings are messy.  We saw that with the armed guards at Columbine, at Virginia Tech, and other schools.  Now, am I against armed security?  Of course not.  But this idea that we need to get random people who served in the military to do this, instead of people who are trained for the task of protecting kids, is absurd.

By the way, Josh, I guarantee that if you went into a school shooting to go pump some of your “freedom seeds” at the bad guys, your ass would get arrested too.  Probably because you’d have killed other kids instead of the bad guy.  But hey, maybe I’m wrong.  You are Dirty Harry in the flesh, after all, right?

Until next time, a quote,

“Most people are drowning in delusional ignorance, without knowing that their suffering was created by themselves.” – Jakushoa Kwong Roshi

Peace out,


Shooting in Las Vegas, Let the Political Bickering Begin!

There was a horrific shooting in Las Vegas today, where a 64 year old man opened fire on a crowd at a concert from his 32nd story window.  At least 50 confirmed dead and over 200 wounded at the time of writing this post.  Another horrible tragedy that shouldn’t have happened, but did.  Got to see a video where a guy stayed standing while everyone was ducking for cover, shouting at the shooter to aim for him.  That takes balls of absolute steel.  No idea if that guy was one of the victims, but if so, you did a service to try and save people by having the gunman go after you.

The moment the story broke, I got to see the left and the right immediately lining up to get their political views heard.  From the social justice retards who say that this was a problem of white privilege, and male privilege, and it was a racial crime.  To the right who refuse to call this guy a terrorist even though he most likely is.  I get the feeling a crime like this was motivate by political ideology.  If he killed for political ideals, he’s a terrorist.  If he just felt like opening fire on a crowd, he’s a fucking psychopath who decided to kill and injure a ton of people because he could.

Then we got other right-wing posts deciding to go after the left for some of the violent rhetoric they said about wanting to kill Trump.  I suppose I could go after the likes of Riley E Dennis, if I wanted to get on that bandwagon, but I don’t.  Even though she has her own beliefs about attacking people.  The left wants to use this opportunity to come out and defend Islam.  Because Groj forbid anyone say that Muslim has even committed terrorism before.  Nope, not once *cough*bullshit!*cough*

Christians in America had to make their voices heard and talk about how Gawd would have fixed all this.  I’m sure all the people who are dead right now didn’t have Jeebus at all in their hearts.  Nope, not one.  In a nation that is 80% Christian, I’m sure not one of those people wasn’t a practicing Christian.  Maybe Jim Bakker can come out and say that this shooting was Gawd’s response to men doing each other in the ass.

So what about me?  What is my stance on all this?  What political viewpoint am I going to espouse right now?  Here is what I have done – donate to a GoFundMe account someone set up to help the victims.  Here’s the link, go donate.  That’s something to do. Something more valuable than any of the arguing idiots on Twitter.  What else am I going to do?  Be saddened by this.  Be saddened by the fact that this kind of wanton killing is becoming so commonplace.  Feel so ashamed of the fact that I share a species with a fucking animal who got out on balcony or an open window and opened fire with a fucking automatic weapon at a crowd of people just listening to music.

It’s beyond clear something needs to happen.  With stricter gun laws help.  Not this kind of situation.  I still believe that gun control does need to be tightened, but I am still aware enough of the way things work to realize that even if all the guns were strictly controlled, the crazed lone gunman will still be a threat.  Help America’s failing mental health system.  Maybe that would help some of the problem, but as we have seen with people like Timothy McVeigh, not all of the people who do this sort of shit are outright insane.  For as evil as what McVeigh did, he had very firm and rationalized (not rational, rationalized) reasons for what he did.  This shooter may have as well.  We may never know.

I don’t know what the right thing is to do.  I donated to a fund set up to help victims.  After all the hurricane destruction down in the Florida and Texas I donated to the Red Cross.  It’s as much as I can think to do in this situation.  Because here’s the thing which has blown my fucking mind – as soon as the story broke, the fighting started.  The political bickering began before we even knew how many are dead and injured.  Remember when national tragedies brought people together?  Remember when we would set aside personal differences to try and help those in need when the situation called for it?  Where the fuck has that mentality gone?!  Are we just so eager to hate each other than we’ll use any excuse we can?  Fuck the victims, I have to make my point known!  Yeah, fuck white people!  Fuck gun control!  Fuck calling him a terrorist!  Let’s all just bicker over whatever stupid bullshit while the blood flows in the streets.

Sister-diddler Lena Dunham said that this has to be political, and supposedly-recovering SJW Laci Green agreed.  Yeah, let’s talk about white privilege!  Why the fuck not?!  Instead of deciding to set all that bullshit aside and actually coming together as a community and as a species, we look for any reason to drive the wedges of division further in.  I am so fucking ashamed of my species when I see us all do everything we can to hate each other and not even try and care, while people literally die. The left and the right stand on mountains of bodies in order to scream at each other over who is correct.

Fuck all of us.  We clearly are beyond redemption as a species.  Can Trump and Un just start dropping the nukes so World War III can start and another species can have a fucking shot?  Please?!  But hey, let’s at least be glad of one thing – there was at least one person in all of this who didn’t take a side and choose to be picky.

The shooter.

Until next time, a quote,

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H.L. Mencken

Peace out,