Conservative Stupidity and Duck Dynasty

Okay, you know what, I didn’t want to do this.  I made my opinion known on Facebook, in a very brief post, and that was that.  I was going to do such on my Tumblr too, but you know what, after I have heard SO much conservative stupiditarded bullshit that has been thrown out after all this, that I am going to make my own response.  Here’s the brief version – shut the fuck up.  This isn’t a free speech problem.

I know that a dozen of you are wanting to jump on the gun and attack me, so let’s expand this.  The reality of what has happened is that this guy from that piece of shit (and completely FAKE!) show Duck Dynasty made a lot of remarks about what he sees homosexuality as.  They fall in line with the usual BS you hear from Republicans about what God wants and all that. Blah-blah-blah, right?  But in the end, this has absolutely jack-all to do with what was said on that show.  For real, this boils down something much simpler than that.  As I said, this isn’t a free speech problem.

Does anyone remember Paula Deen and her using a certain racial epithet on her cooking show?  I noticed that she didn’t have NEARLY the conservatarded support that Phil who-gives-a-fuck does.  The network she was on had just as much right to get rid of her as A&E had to get rid of Phil.  Everyone who is talking about this being a free speech thing has to keep this in mind – the government isn’t paying for this network.  For real, this network is privately owned.  That means that they can fire somebody for almost any reason they damn-well please.  They could have fired him if he had said, “I love My Little Pony!”  So yeah, this whole thing boils down to a private company, in the free market, making a free market decision.  Weren’t all of you conservatards behind that?  Wasn’t the free market the thing you jerked off to at night?

For all the conservatives who are for this, were you on Martin Bashir’s side when he bashed Sarah Palin?  How about the Dixie Chicks when they bashed George Bush II (this time, it’s stupid!)?  Or maybe Paula Deen?  I heard some out there, but it turns out, once a certain word is used, the right-wing loony-tunes are not so quick to defend.  Every time someone bashing one of your people uses their right to free speech, you are up in arms, but when someone you like does it, you think the Constitution has your back.

The fact is, this is a non-issue.  For real, this doesn’t have shit to do with shit.  This was the free market in action, and if you don’t like it, too damn bad.  Phil Who-Gives-a-Fuck used his right to free speech, and the free market decided that he was not what A&E wanted, so they cut him loose.  Simple as that.  This whole thing about this being a Constitutional issue is so dumb that it hurts.  So long as this is a private business, they can fire his ass whenever they want.  If he doesn’t like it, he can sue.

Though that would serve no purpose.  This guy was already loaded before he came on to this show, because it is completely and utterly fake.  A narrative given to him by A&E to make people not know that a couple years before he was on this show, he was a clean-shaven white-collar yuppie.  Oh, did you not know?  Sorry to pull back the curtain.  Check out the linked video above for proof.

Until next time, a quote,

“At this point, I have a request for our fans.  If you, in any way, hate homosexuals, people of different color or women, please do us this one favor – leave us the fuck alone!  Don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records.”  -Kurt Cobain

Peace out,