People Cheering John McCain’s Cancer Make Me Sick

I’m a liberal.  That’s something you have to clarify now, because the hard-left has a purity test for this shit.  Because if you don’t hate the person they hate as much as they hate them, you’re secretly a conservative.  If you have opinions that they don’t like, you’re right-wing (ask Dusty Smith about that).  If any of your politics don’t align with their sensibilities, you are a traitor to your fellow liberals, no matter how left-leaning your positions are.  Just ask Laci Green how that’s going.  She decided to give those opposed to her side a voice and let them speak and now she is the SJW equivalent of a race-traitor, even though she still harbors a lot of values that are in line with a lot of theirs.  But she is open to conversation, so I can at least disagree with her and it’s okay.  If she was here, I would have some lively debates with her about the nature of gender and how everyone’s belief in thousands of them is something I find ridiculous.

The reason I brought that up is because I’m on Twitter today and I’m seeing a lot of shit.  Like how Chester Bennington committed suicide.  A fact for which I am incredibly saddened.  I may not be a fan of their later stuff, but when I was young Linkin Park got me into punk rock.  My friend Quinn hit me up after the news dropped and said it hurt her personally because she had a very strong punk identity growing up.  We used to listen to Linkin Park’s CD’s, back when those were still a thing.  To this day she tries to still keep the punk rock love close to her heart.  The punk rock lesbian, and she calls herself.  We had a long conversation about growing up listening to that music.  It was saddening.

I also learned that John McCain recently found out that he has cancer.  It’s very serious.  Having just gotten through an episode where I could have potentially had skin cancer, stuff like this strikes very close to my heart.  I also got to see my grandfather die of it.  Then there was Quinn’s mom, who was the most important person in the world to her.  When her father cast her out when she came out, it was her mom that stood by her.  Destroyed the family, but she was loyal to her daughter.  Lost the relationship with the older daughter for that as well.  Since she couldn’t put the smokes down, lung cancer took her as well.  It was an episode that I got to help Quinn through when she was broken so hard.

But here’s the thing – I don’t agree with John McCain on pretty much anything.  I can say that at least he wasn’t a hypocrite about valuing family.  He was strongly against the LGBT community, but when his daughter comes out as gay, he is suddenly very quiet on that.  So props there.  He put his money where his mouth is.

With the announcement of him having a serious condition that could potentially be fatal, I see shit like this.-

Or this –

To the people who are cheering at the thought of a man dying of cancer, has any one of you detestable pieces of shit lost someone to cancer?  Have you seen what it does to a person?  I honestly question if any of these loathsome shit-biscuits have any sense of empathy at all.  Yes, because what side of the political debate I’m on should mean that I want to see this man die a very painful death?!  Is that really how these animals think?!  That’s what you are if you think this way – an animal!  You’re lower than the lowest form of scum.

Is this the new left?  Stuff like this is why I have to qualify me being a liberal.  Because I do NOT stand with these people.  I do NOT consider them my friends, my allies, my comrades in arms.  I want NOTHING to do with anyone who thinks this way.  I think the liberals need to kick these fuckers to the curb to let them rot away like the gangrenous growth that they are!  Post haste!

I am a liberal, and now it comes with a caveat that I am not one of these liberals.  I am not part of the regressive, authoritarian left.  I am part of the libertarian left, and damn proud of it.  If these worthless pricks shown above could please be forced to watch someone that they care about have to suffer with cancer, maybe then those little empathy muscles would go off and they could remember what being a decent fucking person is like.  Oh, who am I kidding?  If these people were capable of empathy they wouldn’t have reveled in someone dying in the first place.

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s the hardest thing in the world, to go on being aware of someone else’s pain.” – Pat Barker

Peace out,



YouTube Negativity Has Always Been This Way (A response to Review Tech USA)

Typically when I do response posts, I am talking about people that i don’t particularly like.  But I believe that disagreement can happen anywhere, and the thing I like about my side of the ideological fence is that we’re more often than not able to come together and really talk about things.  We don’t just get into yelling matches and block people.  We’re not Steve Shives (#BlockedBySteve).  With that in mind, there was a video by a man whose channel I watch a lot, and he made a video where he lamented the amount of negativity on YouTube.  And while I get where he’s coming from, I think he isn’t aware of just how long-running the negativity on YouTube has been.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Here is his video, so you can see where he’s coming from.  Then we’ll talk about it.

The thing that I don’t think Rich gets is that YouTube has never really been all that different now than how it was then.  Let me explain.

I have been watching YouTube nearly from its inception.  Back in the days when the original personalities were getting back.  There’s a reason that The Amazing Atheist is still one of my favorite YouTube channels.  But for those who followed YouTube back in the day, it was not the polished, corporate sheen that it is today.  It was a battleground.  When I think back to 2008 YouTube, it was pwnage videos, videos ridiculing and mocking people.  A YouTuber I watch now, Tommy From the Bronx, laments the passing of that tradition.  If people think that modern attack videos are bad, they didn’t see some of the pwnage videos that I remember from days gone by.  That stuff was so hardcore that there was a video in a charity stream where a guy pulled a gun and threatened the people in the studio with him, all of whom were plastered.  There were Tubers like VenomFangX who was the target for almost unending cruelty.  Granted, he brought that on himself by going out of his way to pick fights with YouTube atheists, but still.  A common practice when you were an up-and-coming YouTuber was to cut your teeth on VenomFangX.  The whole reason that Laci Green’s credibility in the atheist community died is because she tried and failed.  He was the lowest-hanging fruit there was, and she couldn’t measure up.  The atheist community laughed her offstage at that point.

However, things got a lot better, for a while.  Why?  Because corporate America found YouTube, and they wanted a piece of that pie.  There was a piece to be found.  With them came the glossy integration, a rising quality of video quality.  The old school Tubers and their shitty webcam videos were becoming too passe.  They lost a lot of audience.  The best of the bunch had to adapt quickly.  Most didn’t.  Some did.  Channels that were once highly respected died out, and were replaced by ones who had videos that looked great.  It was a changing of the guard.

The simple reality is that the way things were couldn’t last forever.  Why?  Because of the rise of social justice.  See, the social justice crowd figured something out – there is money to be made in victimhood.  But not just in that.  There is money to be made in stirring the drama pot.  People watch those videos.  It gets clicks.  Rich says that he hates how overused the term “click-bait” is (and I agree, it is), but there is something to be said in how using a title that pimps out drama gets clicks.  Tons of new Tubers have figured this out.  Whether you be one of the professional victims like Anita Sarkeesian, or one of the professional shit-stirrers, like Jenny McDermott.  Clicks can be mined by exploiting it.

So now the negativity is back, among names that are infinitely larger than those involved in the pwnage wars of YouTube’s early years.  This is being done by names that are radically large and now have much more avid followers who are more than willing to take it upon themselves to keep the battles going.  That’s what happens when you have Over 100,000 subs and you make a video ripping apart a person or some stupid thing that happened.  Is it fair?  No.  But you can’t blame the YouTubers who made these videos.  After all, when Tim Schafer got on stage and made an enormous ass out of himself with a sock puppet, do you think he didn’t get some vitriol thrown his way.

But I can hear the counter – Rich said that this is happening to people who did nothing offensive at all!  That’s where we get to another thing about YouTube that hasn’t changed since its inception – the comments section.  I allow anyone to comment on my videos.  I don’t block or mod.  But you know what I don’t do – read comment.  Why?  Because anyone with perspective knows that YouTube comments sections are cancer.  They always have been and always will be.  I looked into a video about kittens, and I saw a very lively debate about Nazis.  That’s the kind of cancer we’re talking about.  It doesn’t matter how even-handed you try to be, or how nice you try to be, you will still get shit thrown at you because that’s how this works.  Most YouTubers learn to adapt and ignore.  After all, why bother sticking your nose in somewhere that it’s going to get hurt?  We learn not to.

I get what Rich wants.  He wants people to be nice to each other.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Hell, I can even sympathize with his position.  But the reality is that the way things are now is not unlike how things were then.  If you want to make content on YouTube, you adapt.  If you don’t have a cancer fetish, you don’t look at Comments sections on articles.  To all people who think as Rich does, you’d do well to take what I said to heart.

You’re a good guy, Rich, and I feel for ya.  But you learn to adapt.  It will never, ever change.  I’ll close this out with a thought from Carlin.

“And that is precisely what I find so amusing – the slow circle of the drain by a once-promising species, and the sappy, ever-more desperate belief in this country that there is some sort of American dream that has merely been misplaced.”  – George Carlin, Brain Droppings

Peace out,


Conspiracy Theories are STUPID, so are the people who have them (Part 2)

Well, if you all are reading this, then you read the first post of this title.  In it, I attacked the people who believe that JFK’s assassination was an inside job, the idea that the moon landing was faked, and the worst of all stupid conspiracy theories – that 9/11 was an inside job as well.  I got a lot of really stupid responses.  One guy went on about how it was all so obviously a scheme to get us into the Middle East.  Yeah, that made sense.  Never mind that that has been an absolutely stupid, money-sucking venture that liberals like myself realize is due to an overzealous and equally stupid president.  Then he argued that it was so the Patriot Act could get passed.

Alright, I’m going to back-track a little and attack that one head on.  Look – the World Trade Center had been attacked before.  It was bombed, actually.  The FBI and CIA knew that it was a pretty sweet target.  If your mission is to attack America and make it so that you can pass legislation that effectively destroys the Constitution, why would you go out of your way to bribe hundreds of people (or probably kill them off), get passengers to keep their mouths shut, as well as go into hiding (which would have effectively destroyed their lives too, since their families didn’t go into hiding with them), and orchestrate a massive effort, all to do something that a simple bombing could do?  It makes no sense.  But don’t tell that to the creators of “Loose Change.”

But now that I have effectively shown how stupid those conspiracy theories are, I thought that I might tackle something a bit different, and ironically, even stupider than the other conspiracy theories I debunked last time.  Here goes –

The government has alien ships captured and stored in Area 51

This is such a lovely conspiracy theory.  I love it because of how it is so ignorant of how things work in today’s society.  For one thing – do you really believe that a government as glory-hungry and socially whore-mongering as our’s would actually let something as huge as finding an alien spacecraft just go totally unnoticed?  Do you really think that our government wouldn’t just go out and sing to the hills that we have found an alien spacecraft.  Not only would that cement our glory in the face of all other nations, but it would effectively make this country the coolest nation on the planet.  As much as America whores itself out to whoever will have us, this is something that simply wouldn’t make sense not to do.

For another thing, it would also be incredibly great for business in this country.  Studying the alien ship, and the aliens themselves would be such a huge venture, and such a profitable one, that it would make no sense to keep it under wraps.  This whole theory, and the oddly large number of people who support it is just ridiculous.  But as weird and dumb as you think this is, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Drug companies already have a cure for HIV and Cancer

The idea here is that the drug companies already have cured these diseases, and are not forking over the cure so they can make money selling the drugs they have to fight these things.  I have to say, if you are actually stupid enough to believe this, you are beyond my help.

Let me explain something to you – if a company came out tomorrow with a cure for cancer, do you have any idea how rich that company would get overnight?  Do you have any conceptual idea how much money the entire world would pay?  These mother-fuckers would be richer than the richest bank executive!  It would be the ultimate boon to their market if they were to cure cancer.  The fact is that companies, from biotech to genetech are all racing for the cure, because they all know the same truth that I do – that if they do figure it out, the researchers will not only win a Nobel Prize, and be immortalized as the people who single-handedly saved millions, or more likely billions of lives, but the company with the cure would never, ever have any competition, again.  It would end the market, once and for all.  There would never be any competition worth paying attention to.  You won the market game.  They could buy out everybody else, ten times over.  It would be the single largest paycheck in recorded history.

So yeah, they don’t already have a cure.  To believe that they do is beyond stupid.

FDR knew that the attack on Pearl Harbor was going to happen

Okay, so, the premise here is that FDR knew that the japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, but he allowed the attack to happen in order to get us into World War II.  I’m about as offended by this as I am by the one about 9/11 being an inside job.  For one thing – we didn’t want to get into war.  War got our economy going again, but you know why – because of the fact that America wasn’t beaten to shit after the war was over.  We were the only market that was active.  We grew because everybody else had to buy from us.  They were too broken to manufacture the way that we could.

There is also no evidence that we did.  We figured that the Japanese were going to attack a lot of places.  We suspected that they would attack the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Midway, Guam, and a whole bunch of other places.  Pearl Harbor never came up on that list of expected places.  But here’s the kicker – they attacked ALL of them!  They attacked and took every single place that we expected, in addition to attacking Pearl Harbor.  It was a brilliantly planned maneuver.  Plus, it makes the same point that I did about 9/11 in the last post.  We are Americans.  We like to believe that we are the biggest, baddest bunch of mother-fuckers that live, and that nobody could possibly do a one-up on us.  But the fact is that we were outsmarted here.  We were outsmarted by a brilliant Japanese commander, who ironically knew that if he attacked this country, there would be hell to pay.  This man realized the truth – that America was a sleeping giant, with a very easy to create anew military backbone.

Plus, the fact is that neither Hitler, nor Japan were truly a threat to us.  Hitler was going to be broken by Stalin.  Evil as the man was, he was a military genius.  And once Hitler was broken, the Japanese would have backed down, because they would have been surrounded by enemies who were well-equipped, and ready to destroy them.

Look, I get that things can be hard to believe, but don’t be like religious people and just accept things at face value.  Things can be hard to understand, but when people speak, listen.  Don’t be a part of the stupidness that has infested this country.

Until next time, a quote,

“So to recap, America, the hero (actually Pippen, or possibly Rodman to Russia’s Jordan) of the war, might not have joined the beloved (reviled drunk) Churchill, had it not been for the maverick decision (one of countless tactical errors) by the diabolical (borderline retarded) Hitler. Bang up job, History Channel!”, The 5 Most Widely Believed WWII Fact (That Are Bullshit)

Peace out,