California’s New HIV Bill is Insane!

It’s getting so weird to see the progressive left in this country and it’s march steadily into the mouth of madness.  In the name of tolerance, things are being condoned that I just cannot understand.  According to Cracked and Salon, pedophilia is a-okay.  After all, we gotta be open to other people’s sexuality.  Don’t insult Islam, because that’s a religion of peace!  Yeah, to quote Bill Maher, “there’s a piece of ya there, and a piece of ya there.”  But I guess they assume that all Muslims are brown people.  Yeah, and it’s everyone else whose racist.  But today I have seen something that takes the cake.  Nothing else even comes close.  In the land of liberal madness (it’s so hard sometimes to say that I am on the left.  It really is.  But I still am), there is nothing that remotely comes close.  People say that anti-vaxxers are the worst that America has to offer in medical sabotage, but the California legislature has just introduced a bill that the dipshit governor has actually signed into law.

What bill is that?  Why, it’s one that would no longer make it a felony to knowingly transmit HIV to another person without warning them that you are HIV positive.  Don’t believe me?!  Here’s a link to an article in the LA Times.  See for yourself!  I cannot believe this has actually happened.  It literally escapes me how people can believe this was a smart thing.  Not only that, let’s hear some of the rationales for this!

Modern medicine allows those with HIV to live longer lives and nearly eliminates the possibility of transmission, according to state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), authors of the bill.

You have to be fucking kidding me!  Did I just read that right?  These two retards are making the argument that because there is a lesser chance to transmitting it if you don’t tell someone you’re a carrier, that justifies not telling them?  Okay, tell you what, Scott Weiner and Todd Gloria.  I’m going to point something that looks like a gun at your head without telling you and pull something that looks like a trigger on that.  You have nearly eliminated that I am holding an actual gun.  Are you still comfortable with letting me do that?  What’s what?  “Slippery slope” or “false equivalence” fallacy?  Yeah, let’s ask the people who are suffering from full-blown AIDS because their partner didn’t disclose to them that they were HIV-positive if they agree with that sentiment.

But it gets better!  In addition to no longer having it be a fucking felony to knowingly transmit the disease without telling someone, now you can also donate blood!  Hey, people in California dying of loss of blood, did you hear that?  It’s totally cool if someone who is HIV-positive donates blood without telling anyone.  Groj only knows how many people would be infected.  Getting a blood transfusion would be playing Russian roulette, all because Scott Weiner and Todd Gloria say it’s nearly impossible to give to another person.  What brilliant fucking logic!

Another argument proponents of the bill used is that only HIV is treated this way.  Okay, here’s a crazy thoughts – how about, instead of using this stupid bill to make a fucking point and risking everyone else’s lives, you try to expand the bill to make it that knowingly transmitting any STI is a felony instead?!  I sure as fuck want to know if someone I’m about to sleep with has one.  I’m totally down for that.  That’s not what you did, though, is it?  No, instead you have to play chicken to make a political point with the health of everyone in California.  Maybe one of you two idiots can meet a person who was given HIV or AIDS because someone didn’t tell them they had it before sleeping with them.  Or someone who desperately needed blood and didn’t realize it was infected with HIV.  So now their entire lives are changed forever.  Maybe then you can see what damage you are potentially doing to this country.

Bill Maher once said that reality has a liberal bias.  Okay.  Guess what, Bill, not in this case.  Seems here that reality has a very conservative bias on this issue.  Because the liberal position is – let’s knowingly infect people with fucking AIDS!  Let’s turn getting a blood transfusion into the earlier example I used of pointing something that looks like a gun at your head and pulling what looks to be a trigger and hoping it isn’t actually a gun.  Yeah, HIV is no longer a death sentence outright.  Well, not as quickly.  Modern medicine means that those who are HIV positive will live longer, but the inevitable result is the same.  Eventually the disease will destroy their immune system and they won’t be able to fight off infection.  Then they die.  It’s how all of these stories end.

With that in mind, Bill, I better fucking hear you calling out this law for the batshit insanity that it is.  You better be able to swallow your massive amount of pride and tell the rest of your liberal compatriots that this bill is madness, and now that it has been signed into law the people of California are putting their health and eventually their very lives at risk if they take a bullet like the people in Vegas.

Everyone says that Trump is the biggest danger to society, and he is a retarded monkey who seems real eager to get into a dick-waving contest with North Korea.  But while they are yelling at each other on Twitter, here in the real world we have people passing legislation that has the very real potential to get real people infected with a disease that will change their life for the worse, forever.  Who’s worse?  The idiot who sneers at the idiot leader of another country, or the ones who say that it’s okay to repeal a law that has a very good reason to exist all because it’s much more likely for you to not get the fucking disease.  For all of Trump’s insanity online, to date we haven’t had anyone get killed from it.  This legislation, on the other hand, well, the awful truth is that it’s only a matter of time until we see how horribly this can go.

I have a dear friend in California too, which makes it even worse.  I worry for her, so much.

Until next time, a quote,

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H.L. Mencken

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Get a “Yes” Every Ten Minutes During Sex, or Else It’s Rape!

That’s what students in California are being taught, anyway.  That’s right, in an age where even the act of giving birth is considered rape (seriously, check this link out.  It will blow your mind), there will come a day when I honestly believe that some SJW chucklefuck is going to come out and say that vaginal penetration of any kind is rape.  Oh, wait, that’s already happened!  Now we have your tax dollars going to telling the youth of the future that if they don’t get a verbal yes at least every ten minutes, it’s rape.  Don’t believe me?!  Here’s a link to an article which goes into it!

I cannot believe that I live in an age where we have decided to eschew intimacy or being able to read your partner’s body language in favor of now a constant stream of verbal recognition of the act of sex being okay.  Hey, ladies, if you are getting hot and heavy with a guy, do you want him to continually interrupt to make sure you still want sex?  Yeah, that seems like a great time.  A girly-mate of mine I used to livestream with had this great rebuttal to this line of thinking – “if I’m having sex with someone and he keeps asking if I consent, I’m gonna tell him to get the fuck out.”

Part of me wants that app to come back.  You remember the one?  Where both parties verbally acknowledge consent of sex before having it?  So when the girl comes back later and says that it’s rape the accused would have it on record that she consented.  Because the world we live in now is one where men are always seen as the potential predator.  If the man doesn’t constantly get proof that the other party wants it, he is an animal.  Not only that, but even if he does do this, the woman can STILL come back later and say that he raped her!  I am not some MRA douche, but for the love of Groj, this is ridiculous.  I am so tired of men being treated like amoral animals who are one not getting a “yes” away from being a rapist.

You notice that this shit isn’t being said to girls?  What if the girl wanted to fuck?  Is she then required to get a verbal “yes” every ten minutes?  Well then, that means at least three of the women I have had sex with raped me!  Because they were the ones who initiated the intimate contact, so I guess that means I was the victim of rape.  Except, oh, wait, I wasn’t!  Because they could tell that I was into their sexual contact!  Just like I could read their body language and knew them well enough to know where their limits were.  But no, let’s just treat every man like they are a potential sexual predator while women are the victims.  Of course they are.  Had a feminist come into the comments of a post I linked above who totally agrees with that assertion.

The thing that bugs me most about this, besides how it vilifies one gender while placing the other on a goddamn pedestal, is the fact that we are now canonizing it in high school.  We are canonizing making students dumber!  In a time where our youth are more and more disconnected from subtlety and nuance, we are now saying “fuck body language, fuck intimacy, you need all sexual interaction to be overt to the point of stupidity.”  Hey, teenage girls in California – your schools actually think you are too stupid to be able to communicate if you are uncomfortable in a way that your partner can understand clearly.

But I can already hear the counter-argument – this is for the girls who are too afraid to say something!  Body language, you dumb fucks!  Not to mention, do you know whose not going to care if their partner is trying to signal them being uncomfortable?  Rapists!  For all the teenage boys who take this bullshit to heart, the person who actually wants to force themselves on a girl are not going to give one dusty fuck even if she says no.  I just don’t understand what the purpose of this exercise in futility is for.

Hell, that same article even makes the argument that when a girl says yes, it might still be no!  There is no winning with these fucking people!  And you know what the grand result of this sort of education is going to be?  Boys are going to stop trying to have sex with girls.  They’ll just jerk it to porn, because after all, even if a girl says yes, it can still be rape!  Boys might be horny buggers, but fear of being called a rapist is a powerful thing.  It’s already having an effect.  Universities that have this mindset propagating are seeing sex culture around campus dying off pretty fast.  Now it’s going to filter down to hormonal teenagers who desperately want sex, but don’t want to be called a rapist.

Part of me hopes this is an elaborate method for population control.  Let’s just teach all boys that even a girl who says yes can call you a rapist, and you can watch the birth rates decline like crazy.  Japan is at a point where they are about to have the first population drop in thousands of years.  You know, where the death rate overtakes the birth rate.  The rest of the First World isn’t far behind.  Man, if that is the case, then bravo, feminists.  Because after all, when no one is breeding and everyone is afraid of any kind of intimacy, feminists can have their wonderful utopia.

As for me, I don’t want to live in a world where I have to live that way.  I want a world where I can read if a girl is into it by seeing her body language and knowing her well enough to know when she is uncomfortable.  Because I don’t do one-night stands.  I want to at least like the person I am fucking.  And I feel for the generation coming up in this “progressive” world.  Because why should we teach critical thinking?  All that nuance is hard.  Best to just go with the retarded approach.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m a firm believer in the idea that this world would not be very interesting or stimulating if we all thought and felt the same.” – TJ Kirk

Peace out,


Government Demands Fraudulent Bonus Money Back From Soldiers Who Served

A contention that I have made over and over is that the government doesn’t actually give a shit about the soldiers.  We have all the Republicans who are all about the troops and how they are protecting and serving.  Then they turn around and fuck them in the ass.  They’re fucking their VA benefits, have stripped so much of what the old appeals used to be to get poor kids to join the military.  But this most recent incident has just proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that the government doesn’t give two solitary fucks about the actual soldiers and only care about the wars that they can use them for.  What happened?  Strap in, folks.  You’re gonna love this.

For those who didn’t know, there is often a concept called a “reenlistment bonus.”  It’s paid out when a soldier agrees to extend their time in the military.  About ten years ago, the state of California put out an offer to over 10,000 servicemen/women to reenlist, offering them a bonus of $15,000 to extend their enlistment by six years.  Those who signed for the bonus in 2006-07 kept up their end of the bargain and they got their money, fair and square.  However, the Pentagon is currently saying that these bonuses were improperly paid out, and they are literally demanding that the soldiers pay them back.  Unbelievable.

Roughly 9,700 servicemen/women have been told that they need to return their reenlistment bonus money.  One woman owes over $20,000 to the federal government.  Money that she was offered and kept up her end of the bargain to get.  This is money that they have no choice to send.  Think of it like child support, but instead it’s money that the federal government can come after you like loan sharks for.  And all because someone decided not to do their job.  These soldiers are the victim of shady business practices, and now they are having to pay the price.  Literally.  The state of California is sending auditors to collect money from people who did nothing wrong!  They signed a dotted line and did what they said they would do.  What the fuck is wrong with this country when a branch of our government can’t just own its mistake and have to eat maybe cutting some spending to compensate and instead has to demand that innocent people give them tens of thousands of dollars back?!

Here’s a question – what about the soldiers who died keeping up their end?  Are these auditors going after their families to collect their totally-earned gains?  What about the soldier who lost limbs fighting in the wars that our government had to bribe them to get them to stay in?  Are we going to demand that the person who sacrificed for this country give that money back?  I’d say they fucking earned it.  I would love to be a fly on the wall of the meeting when an auditor is having to talk to someone who has PTSD because of fighting in the war and they have to go over to them and tell them to give the money that they go fair and square back.  How would that make you feel?  You think those auditors have pride in their work?  They shouldn’t.  It’s morally disgusting.

I got an idea of where we can get the money to cover the Pentagon’s fuck-up from.  Maybe we can take some of the capital injection money that we still put into Wall Street and put it in there.  There’s an idea.  Actually have Wall Street pick up the tab for once in their fucking lives.  That’s a thought.  Or maybe the Pentagon could cut the funding for their latest America’s Big Cock fighter jet and put it into this mess.  How about that?  Oh, right, if this country doesn’t have the latest tech to be having a proxy war with Russia in Syria with, we won’t be able to show how awesome we are.

These soldiers should sue.  All of them.  The federal government has fucked up here, make them own it!  Make them own their mistake instead of getting innocent people to foot the bill.  Fuck you, America! To all the people in the Pentagon who are okay with this, fuck you too!  To all the Republican and Democrats (hey Hillary, that includes you!) who talk about how great the soldiers are and voted to have them go fight in America’s giant masturbation session, fuck the lot of you as well!  These people did nothing wrong!  They are innocent victims!  Making them pay for this is like making the person whose store is robbed pay for the thief’s stay in a hotel.  These soldiers are being given the equivalent of held upside down and shaken to empty their pockets because the Pentagon doesn’t want to have to maybe, just maybe, take some cuts to their money to make up the difference.

Fuck the Pentagon.  Fuck the government.  Fuck those who allow this sort of thing to happen.  And the victims here should band together and sue.  The government needs to pay for their mistakes.  So fucking stupid.

Until next time, a quote,

“I love it when someone insults me.  It means I don’t have to be nice anymore.” – Billy Idol

Peace out,


Sanders Likely to Lose California. Let the “You Hate Women” Post Begin…

According to the most recent numbers, it looks like Sanders is going to lose California.  That was really his best chance.  But I guess all those people who showed up at his rallies were just there for show.  Oh, sure, I can already hear people saying,

This is because the media came out already and said Bernie lost!

If people bought into that without fact-checking, then either they’re idiots, or they didn’t really believe that hard in the first place.  Sanders battle is looking like it’s pretty much done.  California was his best shot.  Now it’s done.  He’ll keep up the fight to the convention, but it’s pretty much lost now.  There is no path that I can see to victory.  Which brings me to where I can already see the posts from the media coming out.

If You Don’t Support Hillary, You Hate Women!

Sanders Lost.  Move On.  Otherwise You Hate Women

Bernie Bros Hate Women, Not Support Hillary

Just you watch.  Just you fucking watch.  We’ll get the corporate sellout Rachel Maddow doing all sorts of “news” reports on her sellout show where she talks about all the people who don’t support Shillary hate women.  She’ll have her little drones dredge up comments on YouTube videos (because she’s not smart enough to realize that YouTube comments are indicative of nothing other than people have a cancer fetish) to prove that all of us Sanders supporters are sexist.  Unless, of course, you change sides and support Shillary.

I am one of the people who is part of the #BernieOrBust group.  I refuse to support Shillary.  Ever.  Dead serious – I think we deserve Trump.  This country has a chance to actually do something that matters.  To elect a person who actually cares about the American people, and what do we do?  We piss it away.  This is our fault, and nobody gives a shit.  I say that we need some Trump in office.  We need someone who can make the electorate have to go to time-out and think about what they’ve done.  The worst part is – this kind of opportunity won’t happen again.  By the time Bernie would get another chance, he’ll likely be dead.  Congratulations, America!  You pissed on your best chance for a better future!  Nice work, you fucking retards.

I’m sure there are plenty of SJWs who have already read my posts who believe that I am sexist.  I’m not a fan of Cenk Uygar, but there was a great bit with him on CNN taking them to task for how they’ve covered Sanders on their network, declaring that the superdelegate votes already count.  They then quickly turned it around on him saying, “don’t you want to see a woman as President?”  He calls them out on that shitty-ass argumentation, putting him in a position where saying that he doesn’t support her is sexist.  I’ll give Cenk this, he had a good response –

I’d love to see a female President, but not one who is completely compromised by corporate backers.

Same deal.  If Elizabeth Warren had been in Bernie’s place, you bet your ass I’d be right there with her.  Then we’d have a female candidate that I can root for without being a complete sellout.  Or hell, how about Tulsi Gabbard?  I was hoping that she would have been Sanders VP pick.  He could have set her up to replace him.  Maybe started a trend for this country.  But nope.  Because the system is so utterly corrupt and the electorate is stupid, Sanders lost.

To anyone who wants to come on here and say that I’m sexist because I will never, EVER support the likes of Shilary Clinton, you go right ahead.  Hell, I’ll call you idiots and then the women who think that way can say that they have the smoking gun.  Fuck it.  But I refuse to throw my support behind a corporate hand-puppet.  Sanders, I’m sorry it went this way.  Here’s just another instance where we have a chance to make things better, but we don’t.  Nice work, ‘Murica.

Until next time, a quote,

“There’s a nice campaign slogan – the public sucks.  Fuck hope.  Fuck hope!”  – George Carlin

Peace out,