The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church Get Away with Sex Crimes?

There is a bitter and tragic reality that is being brought forward more and more in this country.  The reality that behind the veils of a good, wholesome and supposedly more organization, there is organized corruption, along with vile and disgusting people who are getting away with sex crimes.  What makes this worse is that these crimes are against children.  Young children who are putting their trust in these people.  They think that these adults are there to look after them.  To protect them from the ugliness of the world.  They are trusting these people more than any others, and what is happening to them?  They are being violated in ways that are beyond sick.

First, there is the Catholic church.  This is an organization that simply astounds me in how it gets away with what it does and never, ever feel any major repercussion.  The crimes of the Catholic church and the Vatican are well known.  You don’t need me to tell you about it.  Among those like me, it is well-known that the Vatican openly protects these pedophile priests and deacons who have molested thousands of children.  They keep files on every single incident that happens, stating that the files cannot come out until ten years after the person becomes an adult.  As if to stick its nose up at the rest of us because we can’t do anything to them anymore.  They pay off the families who are the victims of this molestation, and threaten anyone who wants to talk with excommunication from the church.  They are corrupt thugs who use their power over people and government to keep the law from ever touching them in any significant way.

And they have a massive following.  These enablers of pedophilia are getting away with this, and they still have a massive following.  I mean, how else do they continue funding their opulent palaces that spit in the face of everything their savior preached about embracing poverty and being humble?  These people are totally okay with the fact that the Pope, their head person, is openly part of a system that is protecting child molesters and rapists.  Yes, there are incidents where these priests have gone that far, yet they still have millions upon millions of supporters.

But, in a recent article by the LA Times, another group has come to light that is responsible for the molestation of thousands of young boys.  Exclusively boys.  The Boy Scouts.  That’s right, an organization that is supposed to stand up for duty and country and honor has a very elaborate system that is protecting Scout Leaders who are responsible for molesting young boys.  After a review of over a thousand secret files, the LA Times has found out about the intricate network of corruption that is keeping these people from feeling the law.

You see, it breaks down like this – when an incident of molestation is reported, the Scouts put the person who did the crime on a secret blacklist.  The blacklist is called the “perversion files.”  These files are kept from seeing the light of day, reportedly, in the interest of protecting those involved.  This was supposed to protect people.  But, as the story shows, this blacklist was repeatedly gotten around by these sexual predators, and some of them went on to continue molesting young boys for over two decades.  Meanwhile, when the hammer of the law should have been felt, instead, the Boy Scouts kept this all under wraps, choosing to cloak themselves in ignorance.  What a bunch of fucking heroes, aren’t they?

In some cases, these predators weren’t even stopped after it was first reported that they molested one of the scouts.  The larger organization behind the Boy Scouts of America chose to wait for other instances to surface before doing anything.

The tales of these instances are heart-breaking.  One boy wrote about his experience, saying he was “going to quit the troop and tell my daddy.”  But, just like the Catholic church, these people are hardly feeling the hammer come down on them.  But maybe now, with the release of these files, there is some hope of justice for the boys who were violated by these people who they put their trust in.

There are a lot of days when people tell me that my hatred of this species is uncalled for.  That people are generally good, and do good things.  But then I read stuff like this.  Thousands cases of molestation have come up in the Boy Scouts since 1970, and the knowledge that this corrupt organization was helping keep this under wraps.

Many people will say that the kids should have come forward.  Those who say stupid shit like that don’t get what it’s like.  A boy is supposed to be tough.  When most boys are a kid, and they get hurt and cry, their dad tells them to “suck it up.”  The shame and humiliation in this are powerful weapons.  It is awful, and it is the exact same thing that the Catholic church does.  Both organizations are helping sexual predators get away with sexual crimes.  That is who these people are.

I have a friend.  She and I have gotten quite distant lately.  She told me of an instance when she was a lot younger.  She was a figure skater (and she still is damn good at it, even though she can’t skate professionally anymore), and was also a skater as a kid.  One of her coaches molested her.  She didn’t tell anybody.  Hearing stories like that, and then hearing about these people, it reminds me that not only is my hatred of humanity justified, it is outright true.

People are monsters.  We are disgusting animals, who can occasionally rise above the status of pure evil.  And that is only the best of us.  I am with TJ on this one.  Humanity is overrated.  And anybody, ANYBODY, who can defend either the Catholic church or the Boy Scouts of America in this should feel ashamed of themselves!  This is revolting, and this is what America has to put up with.

Until next time, a quote,

“And I’m not unsympathetic to those who cling to hope.  I too have seen extraordinary acts of kindness and love from this species.  Many people try to do good.  Both on a large and a small scale.  But here’s the problem – to create something, it takes cooperation, understanding, compassion, drive.  To destroy something, all it takes is one little action.”  -TJ Kincaid, HUMANITY IS OVERRATED 

Peace out,