Your Corporate Shill is Showing (A response to Bill Maher)

It’s so weird to me to see how my opinion of what was once one of my favorite comedians shift so sharply in recent years.  It’s genuinely awe-inspiring.  Time was, this guy was the voice of a movement.  The left had this big comedian who had big name draw and could speak truth to power.  It was great stuff.  He could go after religion so sharply.  He fought against the regressive left and their ideas that Islam should be a protected class of people.  Or how political correctness is fucking over comedy.  He went up against titans.  But those days seem to be long gone.

Now, Bill Maher is all about shitting on the youth.  Shitting on the future of the Democrat Party.  Why?  Because they don’t want to accept corporatists.  Because they have standards and refuse to just accept these corporate tools who want to shovel more of the same when we are TIRED of this game.  A lot of people give people like me shit because I REFUSE to vote for a candidate I don’t believe in.  I won’t participate in lesser-of-two-evils voting.  That’s how we got Trump.  The orange monkey in office is 30 years of lesser-of-two-evils voting coming home to roost.

In his most recent New Rules segment, Maher decided to go after Millennials again by saying that we need to stop saying no to corporatist candidates.  We need to just accept a candidate, no matter how much of a tool they are.  After all, Kamala Harris isn’t so bad.  She’s a complete corporate drone who is against legalizing marijuana (how is Bill Maher on her side with that in mind?  He’s been one of the biggest proponents of legalization, so why is he suddenly in her corner?  Oh right, he’s a corporate shill too.  Never mind), but so what?  She’s been recorded at events for banks talking about beating the poor with a stick.  Whatever.

Or with Beto O’Rourke, he takes oil money.  So what?  He’s a Texan, after all!  Yeah, except we want a candidate who actually cares about the environment and the Green New Deal.  Maybe a candidate taking oil money, when they have a vested interest in continuing to fuck up the planet is a bad thing?  Just a thought.

Oh, and the bit about Elizabeth Warren with the Native American thing.  Yeah, that was pretty stupid, of her and Trump.  The whole thing made both of them look like idiots.  But that isn’t why people like me refuse to support her.  It’s because she’s said that she isn’t in support of universal healthcare or that she kissed Shillary’s ring before to try and cozy up to the establishment.  Makes me question her motives.

Then he actually had something nice to say about Bernie, going after that point that there was abuse allegations during his campaign with some of his staff.  Well, he didn’t know about that, and I am all for Bill defending him on it.  In fact, Bernie is my go-to so far.  Though, he hasn’t announced.  That is leaving me wondering what’s going on.  His silence with 2020 around the corner and the time being now that people are already starting to campaign is weird, to me.

I notice that Bill had nothing to say about Tulsi Gabbard.  Oh right, he’s nothing but a tool of the mainstream media, and they DESPISE that woman.  Why?  Because she’s against the military industrial complex and wants to bring our troops home.  She doesn’t believe in interventionist wars in the Middle East.  She wants to bring universal healthcare to this country and is all for the Green New Deal, which Maher’s corporate owners are against.  That woman embodies everything that Maher’s benefactors and now Maher himself stands against.  So naturally, when talking about the Democrat candidates, he has nothing to say about her.  That might make him too much like a liberal.  Something we all know that Maher isn’t.  No, now he’s a centrist corporate drone.  To come so far, only to fall.  Well done, Bill.

Finally, Maher shits on millennials again, taking the time to call them weak and saying that they have no real problems.  I find the strategy of shitting on those who are supposed to stand with you really interesting.  We’re seeing, more and more, that liberals are not just accepting the same old shit.  We want something new, and will give those who refuse to give it to us and fight against us the one-finger salute all the way to the polls.  Or rather, staying at home while they wonder where their base went.  You’d think the strategy would be to try and reason with the millennials, saying that it is frustrating that there are so few genuinely liberal candidates running, but that we should at least hold the line.  But nope!  Fuck millennials, because fuck Trump.  A strategy that I can virtually guarantee they are going to take with them to the campaign if a corporate Democrat wins again, and it won’t work.  They know it won’t work, so the media is doing everything they can in this Trump-mania Blitzkrieg that is desperate to get the millennials on their side.

Maher, you haven’t had to worry about anything that millennials do for 40 years.  You’re an old partisan hack who shits on the people who are saddled with mountains of debt because everyone told us when we were young to get degrees, and who are about to inherit a planet that is fucking dying.  But please, shit on us a little more.  I’m sure that is going to get even more millennials to come to your banners.  I’m sure that the Democrats are going to win big by telling their base to fuck off.  I’m sure that they are going to rally the country with another corporate tool.  Let’s try that again and see what happens.

“Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?” – Vas Montenegro, Far Cry 3

Peace out,


SIONR: Bill Maher Makes Fun of Stan Lee Fans

Man, I remember a while back when I saw the stand-up of Bill Maher during the Bush years.  That was some funny shit.  But over the years, I’ve seen a comedian who made fun of politics and religion turn into something else.  It was a gradual thing, and maybe my own nostalgia put on some goggles that I couldn’t see around, but I did get to see Maher become a very different person.  It was a person who I am finding more and more I don’t like.  In fact, I kind of hate the pretentious prick.  Why?  Because Maher has become one of those people who does just like my conservative uncle and attacks the generation beneath him.  Why?  Because we don’t fit into the mold that he believes all adults should.

As such, when Stan Lee died, he didn’t take the opportunity to talk about how he promoted a world of tolerance and fighting hate with kindness, instead he took the time to attack those who read comic books as adults and who admire Stan Lee.  Why?  Because we aren’t adult enough for him.  Here’s a link to the blog post in question, now let’s talk about it.

The guy who created Spider-Man and the Hulk has died, and America is in mourning. Deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions to, I don’t know, watch a movie, I guess. Someone on Reddit posted, “I’m so incredibly grateful I lived in a world that included Stan Lee.” Personally, I’m grateful I lived in a world that included oxygen and trees, but to each his own. Now, I have nothing against comic books – I read them now and then when I was a kid and I was all out of Hardy Boys. But the assumption everyone had back then, both the adults and the kids, was that comics were for kids, and when you grew up you moved on to big-boy books without the pictures.

Oh I’m sorry, Bill.  I’m sorry that people don’t fit into your narrow viewpoint of what is acceptable behavior for an adult.  That really does bum me out.  I mean sure, there have been some comics that tell mature stories like “Maus” or “The Killing Joke.”  Can’t have that.  Then we have to start opening our eyes to other forms of art that exist.  I swear, this sounds EXACTLY like Roger Ebert (the most overrated film critic in history) saying that video games can never be art.

Wanna know something, Bill?  I like “big-boy books without pictures” too!  You can like both!  I can marvel at the research Crichton shows off in books like “Prey,” and the amazing look at the connection between the military and science books like Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s work “Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysics and the Military.”  But then I can read the Old Man Logan series of comics and like that too, for very different reasons.  Does this make me stupider?  Does this make me a lesser person because of it?  I’m all ears, you pretentious talk show jockey.  Yeah, because you are fostering the “intellectual” side of the world, right?

Like the days you had that show Politically Incorrect where it was about people arguing.  Was that a more grown-up version of Jerry Springer?  To what intellectual caliber do you ascribe that show?  I put it as political talk show, entertaining but intellectually void.  Much like the show you do now.


And now when adults are forced to do grown-up things like buy auto insurance, they call it “adulting,” and act like it’s some giant struggle.

Hey Bill, I’m gonna let you in on a little something.  It’s something that your entitled ass wouldn’t know thing-one about, because you’ve been in your financial situation for a REALLY long time, but for people like me it is part of every day, but when you are poor as fuck, buying car insurance is a big deal!

There was a time, a few years back, when I was so poor that I had to make a choice between keeping the roof over my head or eating, and I chose the roof.  I’ve starved myself in order to keep my apartment.  That’s how bad things have been for me.  I am 30 years old as of ten days ago today, and I FINALLY have a job where I don’t have to be scared to death of my finances.  Where I can actually save and try and build a future.  So when I had to look at car insurance, because my parents couldn’t help me anymore, it was a huge fucking deal for me, because this was before I was where I am now and my job was barely making enough for me to scrape by.

Between my medical issues and my insurance only covering so much (that’s another thing, I have a job where I have insurance now.  Otherwise I would be in real trouble), there are so many financial issues I have to contend with on a monthly basis.  Up until I got this most recent job that I started on Tuesday, thinking about my finances was a scary thing that gave me sweats some nights.  It’s genuinely strange to not be in that position.  To be able to go on Amazon and look at my list of stuff I want and go “huh, I can actually buy some of this stuff now.”

But what would you know about this?  What would a man who has been worth millions of YEARS know about what it’s like to be in my position?  Not a fucking thing!  Hell, you have made a sport at yelling at millennials because we aren’t conforming to what you want us to be.  Now sure, you’ve gone after legitimate problems like the insane regressive left, but when you have these moments.  Ones where you attack us for something that is so insignificant.  Yeah, we lost an icon for an industry that has given so much to us.  We lost a great man who has objectively done so much for our species.  That doesn’t matter, though!  You can use this as a launch-point to ridicule the generation beneath you.

You are such a prick.  You’ve become the angry grandpa yelling at the kids today for their music and their television and their anything else that doesn’t make sense to you.  How ironic, you went from making fun of those who were older and holding the younger generation back, to becoming one of them.

I’m not saying we’ve necessarily gotten stupider. The average Joe is smarter in a lot of ways than he was in, say, the 1940s, when a big night out was a Three Stooges short and a Carmen Miranda musical. The problem is, we’re using our smarts on stupid stuff. I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to suggest that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country that thinks comic books are important.

Bill, I’m gonna be straight with ya here – fuck you.  You’re so fucking uninformed.  You look at the forest and the trees are a mythical creature that you have never seen before.  I don’t get how someone who claims to be an advocate for liberal America can’t see the problem.

Donald Trump got elected because of over 30 years of “lesser of two evils” voting.  He got elected because a corporate dinosaur rigged the primary against and ACTUAL person standing up for the common man (and who you whole-heartedly supported.  As Julian Assange pwned your ass with, someone you gave $1 million to), and was so disliked by her own party that she couldn’t fill up a high school gym.  Meanwhile, her primary opponent filled up stadiums.  Her and her party used every trick in the book, along with the fact that the Democratic Party is nothing but corporate shills to make it so people couldn’t vote if they weren’t registered Democrats, the superdelegates were already in Shillary’s pocket, and that she actually OWNS the DNC!  Did the revelation from Donna Brazile chap your ass?  Exposing that corporate bitch for what she is?

The orange-haired buffoon got elected because Hillary was so arrogant to just assume that the rust-belt states had her back and would stand with her, so she didn’t campaign there, while her opponent campaigned hard and actually talked to people there.  You know, something neither you nor Hillary know anything about doing.  I kinda wonder what an actual conversation with either of you would be like.  Her especially since she’s a corporate drone.  Can’t input the talking points if she’s talking to a real person and not a teleprompter.

Let’s be honest, Bill, you’re nothing but an out-of-touch dinosaur, along with all the other Corporate Democrat dinosaurs who are mad at the kids for not standing with you.  Except we aren’t kids anymore, Bill.  We’re grown-ass adults, and now we can vote, and we can choose to stay home and not support someone we hate.  That’s something we can do!  I know, shocking stuff.  So bourgeois liberals like you get all mad and instead of actually looking at the reasons why, you do what the regressive left you have gone after does – you attack those who don’t agree with you.  You attack the youth for not towing the line.

Fuck you, Bill.  It saddens me that someone I used to think was one of the good guys is now just another tool of the worst aspects of this country.  Just like Nancy Pelosi (the bitch who needs to go) and the woman you gave more money than people like me will likely ever see in our lives to, Hillary Clinton.

Until next time, a quote,

“We’re really sorry we suck so much.  I mean, it’s not like we jacked up college tuition prices or destroyed the manufacturing industry, started two quagmire wars, gutted the unions, destroyed the global economy, and left our offspring with an environmentally devastated planet stripped of its natural resources.  Man, it would be crazy if there was a generation that recklessly awful, huh?” – Millennials: We Suck and We’re Sorry

Peace out,


News Killed Truth, Not the Internet (A response to Bill Maher)

In the most recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the host had a rather interesting critique about society where he said that the truth is dead and that it was the Internet that killed it.  This is a perspective I have heard a lot from people in his age demographic, but I have to respectfully disagree.  Let’s look at Maher’s video, and then we’ll have a discourse about why he is dead wrong once he’s done.  I actually respect Maher’s opinion, but I can’t help but think that he’s being more than a little blind on this.

When he talks about all the insane ways that truth dies on the Internet, I am not about to disagree.  It’s true.  Buzzfeed’s entire existence is predicated on the notion that “truth” is a commodity that can be bought and sold.  We live in the age of native advertising, where “news” outlets buy stories from companies that want to hock their shit.  Again, look no further than Buzzfeed.  And any outlet with an ideological bias can get people clicking.  The Young Turks ditched any semblance of trying to fairly report and now quite blatantly kowtows to the extreme-left.  The Drudge Report is the same, but in the opposite direction.  Truth is a commodity to be bought and sold, but here’s the thing about that – this was going on LONG before the days of the Internet.

Let’s take you back to the year 1997.  A woman named Diana, royalty in the UK, was killed in a car wreck in Paris.  There honestly wasn’t a lot to say about that story, was there?  Sure, there was some speculation about whether or not the paparazzi was involved.  It was later discovered that the driver of Diana’s car had been intoxicated, while on anti-depressants.  This man should not have been behind the wheel, but he was.  And she paid the ultimate price for that.  A grim story, but the fact aren’t especially interesting..  Now, enter the cable news outlets.  After all, it’s hard for people to actually watch 24 hours worth of news.  There just isn’t that much going on in the world.  Not to mention, when you have an all-day news outlet, having to talk about news all day, it’s going to run out of things to talk about.  That’s understandable.  So how do you fill up all that time?  Easy – instead of selling facts, you sell a narrative.

This goes back to the dawn of cable news.  After they realized that they couldn’t talk about nothing but news all day, it turned into creating news for us to take in.  From Princess Di and all the stories about how wonderful she was and how tragic it is, to the shooting at Columbine, where microphones were shoved in the faces of traumatized teenagers.  Time after time, cable news was there to milk the tears of the victims.  Why?  Ratings.  Pure and simple.  People watch that shit.  People watch the hell out of it.  Instead of the news being about facts and reporting, it is instead about making a narrative.  Reporting facts is boring.  Let me tell you why.

Here’s some truth for you –

On April 20th, two boys entered Columbine High School.  They were heavily armed and opened fire on the students and teachers.  A total of 12 students and teachers were killed, with 21 additional people being injured.  This attack was highly planned, with explosives to be set off to divert firefighters and kill even more victims.  The two shooters committed suicide after a brief shootout with the police.

See how easy that was?  There are the facts.  I didn’t create a narrative.  I didn’t feel the need to talk about the shooters.  I reported the facts and in no way made anything about some kind of bias.  But that isn’t what happened, is it?

No, the truth became just a commodity to be traded away by the cable news outlets, who had to make very sure that they got every talking head to go after everyone they possibly could, didn’t they?  Video games, bad parenting, and Marilyn Manson sure were demonized, weren’t they?  The news stopped reporting facts.  Instead, they reported emotions.  Then, when that was found to be profitable, they started pushing emotions, so the narrative could look even better.  This is what the news became.  The force that is supposed to  be the vanguard of democracy became pushers for those who wanted to sell a narrative.  And it made a fuck-ton of money.  Now it gets a fuck-ton of clicks.

You know who the people are who started this trend?  Your generation, Bill.  The Baby Boomers.  Your sad, entitled fucking generation that wants to blame my generation for your problems.  Fuck you!  I am so tired of listening to people’s my parent’s age talk about how stuck up and entitled we are, when the average person my age has it infinitely worse than you did when you were in my position.  Under the tutelage of Reagan, and later on Clinton, massive deregulation happened.  See the end result of that?  Our economy has stagnated, and all this talk about the Recession being over sure hasn’t made the Job Fairy coming calling for the kids out of college, has it?

If you want to know who killed truth, I want you and everyone in your age group to look in the mirror.  After all, if you get down to it, the Internet began as a program used by DARPA.  So it truly was your generation that killed truth.  No matter what way you slice it.  I guess I got a little disrespectful here, but it’s kind of a button issue.  One of my favorite professors said that his generation screwed mine, because you wouldn’t make good the change you started in the 60’s.  You just let the potential you had ebb away.  He was right.  Nice work, Bill.

Until next time, a quote,

“We had all the momentum.  We were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.  So now, less than five years later, you can go up a steep hill in Las Vegas and look west.  And with the right kind of eyes, you can almost see the high water mark.  The place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back.”  – Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Peace out,


A Call For Peace, Among Liberals

More and more, I am seeing a party that I have been a part of for my entire adult life deciding that we shouldn’t be fighting against the insanity of the right that is forcing our politicians to be right or center-right.  No, we are seeing the left in this country deciding that the people who are the real villains – the left!  Liberals vs. liberals, as Bill Maher put it rather eloquently tonight.  Over the course of the last eight or so years, I have seen the progressive-left evolve into the the liberals version of the Tea Party-right.  This is madness, to me.  Allow me to explain.

Today, there was a hubbub about a Tweet that Lionhead Studios did for National Cleavage Day.  A day meant to celebrate the female form and women embracing their sexuality.  Something that second-wave feminists would have been totally in support of.  I can’t see Joan Jett or Janis Joplin saying, “women showing off their tits?  How offensive!  Censor that, you shitlords!”  But wouldn’t you know it, Brianna Wu decided to take umbrage with it, and in one of the most shocking displays of pro-censorship behavior that I have ever seen, she demanded the Lionhead take down the Tweet and apologize for it.  Rather than stand by their artistic creativity, they decided to do just that.  They gave in to a bully who demanded that they do what she want, or else they would be labeled as misogynists.  Brianna Wu is one of the biggest misogynists I have ever seen.  She uses women as a shield and a sword.  To her, women are nothing but props.  I am daring her to come out of her echo chamber and prove me wrong.  For real, Brianna, I don’t censor comments.  Don’t send your followers after me.  I am calling YOU out!  You personally. I would debate you in a professional forum, given a chance.  Your use of women, all the while treating the sexual attractions of lesbian and bisexual women like they don’t exist is bullshit.  You and Anita Sarkeesian both.  It’s time that you two answered some legitimate criticism.  You have all the space you need to explain your position.  But this farce needs to stop.

But yeah, the progressive left is being pro-censorship, all on the basis that the people being censored offended somebody.  Do you all remember a time when the term liberal was associated with people like George Carlin?  A guy who went out of his way to offend people.  He didn’t care what you thought.  I can only imagine what he would have to say about Puritan Feminism today.  I bet he would be amused.  Carlin took little personally.  In his book “Brain Droppings,” he talked about how he didn’t care how it all turned out.  He was in this to see the slow circling of the drain in this country.  That’s what Carlin’s angle in all this was.  I can’t imagine how disappointed he would be to see PC culture and how out of control it is.  People on the left keep talking about how conservatives want to censor them and such, but you know what I haven’t seen lately – conservatives wanting to censor people!  For real, aside from the REALLY right-wing states and some insane legislation, what has the right actually done lately.  They have their crazy niche, but their niche is contained!  The sectarian conflict of the left is all over the place!

I just find it so weird that a political movement that is supposed to stand for individual freedom and the freedom of expression is being taken over by people who are not only cool with censorship, they actively support it.  They work as hard as they can to make sure that we are not only being censored, but that we censor ourselves!  Screw everything associated with that!  The day we live in a world where being liberal is on the same level as being pro-censorship, then I’m done with all of it, because it’s clear that the country has lost its fucking mind.

What’s more, why is the left so eager to fight amongst themselves?  There was a video by Jaclyn Glenn where she contrasted the pointless infighting in the atheist community –

And if you look at the infighting in the liberal community, it’s much the same.  Why do people who have so much in common look for reasons to fight one-another?  That’s madness!  Now, more than ever, we should be banding together.  Setting aside petty differences like whether or not someone uses your “preferred pronouns” (the most retarded concept of all time.  Oh yeah, I went there) and working as one voice to help move this nation forward.  We can settle our differences when we get there, right?

Not according to people like Brianna Wu!  With people like her, we have to find every little thing that offends us (the biggest of which being any women who are openly sexual.  These people are scared to death of sex, along with insanely jealous of women who are in touch with their sexuality.  The bulk of Puritan Feminism is Sex in the extreme) and censor it!  Because it could hurt a special snowflakes feelings!

I’m with Bill Maher on this – shut the fuck up!  Shut your pro-censorship fucking mouth, before you do more damage to what little credibility the progressive-left has in this country.  If you don’t like it – don’t look at it!  If you find the video game offensive – don’t play it!  Want games that are more for your tastes?  Then make them!  This is so infuriating, because all of these points seem like they would be obvious!  Ugh!  This is all so asinine!

Here’s the simple truth about people like Brianna Wu and the easily-offended crowd – they don’t really care about equality.  They care about finding things that they can be perpetually angry about, so they can be the ever-lasting victim of some vague war against them, typically perpetuated by white men.  Oh, I’m sorry – straight white men.  They are petulant children who refuse to grow up and deal with the world, so they lash out at every perceived injustice that they can conjure straight out of the ether.  I’m about to have a moment, as a bisexual white man, to tell you all something – shut the fuck up!  Shut your stupid fucking mouths!  There is no war against you!  You want to talk to me about how it’s unfair that there isn’t gay marriage in every state?  I’m with ya!  But as John Oliver said, “It’s no longer a question of whether or not gay marriage will happen in all 50 states, but rather a question of which state will have it last?”  You want to talk to me about how women in the third world have real problems imposed on them?  Oh yeah!  They could use some feminism.  Not this modern Twitter and Tumblr click-tavist kind.  No, they need feminism like the Suffragette movement of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

But if you want to talk about women in video games and say that that is somehow indicative of some vague patriarchy and non-existent “rape culture” that you can hold up by using things like “stare rape” or “birth rape” (I’m not even kidding you.  That last one’s a thing), then you can shut your ignorant fucking mouths and let us grow-ups deal with the real world.  Go back to your Internet space and let us try and make the world a better place.  Because the left in this country once did great things.  If we could stop fighting over trivial bullshit like a Tweet with a sexy woman featured, we might do great things again.

Until next time, a quote,

“The Reapers will destroy us all unless we stop fighting each other!”  -Commander Shepard, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,


Why Stop at Losing Privacy? (A Response to Kathleen Parker)

I’m going to put this out there, so everyone understands – I hate sports.  For real, I hate them.  I hate them with a bittersweet passion.  I think they are one of the most overrated wastes of time in the entire world.  That said, I have been following the debacle with Donald Sterling with some interest for a while.  Not what the guy said.  Personally, I’m kind of impressed that he seems to have this zero-fuck-were-given attitude about the whole affair and hasn’t tried to placate the pathetic and needy thing that is the American public with a bullshit apology.  Another thing I hate is how every celebrity who says something even mildly offensive is expected to run and make a huge apology.  It’s just as stupid as when our parents made us do it when we were kids.  We didn’t mean it!  We did it because we were told to.  Just once, I wish there would be some big celebrity, maybe somebody like the kids in One Direction or something, who would come on air and be like – “you know, I think that Mexicans smell funny.”  And then, when the stupid and easily-butthurt American public expects an apology, they come on and say “actually, we take that back.  They smell bad!”  And then the public falls apart in despair!

However, we’re not here to talk about Donald Sterling and his dumb racist comments.  No, that’s not what interested me.  What interested me was the reactions people had.  One person in-particular has really stood out for what she had to say.  Her name is Kathleen Parker, and she is an Opinion writer for The Washington Post.  Her statements about Donald Sterling were kind of terrifying.  Here’s the article, so you can see it all for yourself, now let’s get started.

Here is the first little nugget of insanity that I want to talk about –

First the practical: If you don’t want your words broadcast in the public square, don’t say them.

Really?  You’re really advocating for this?  You even mention how Orwellian it is to say, but then double-down, stating that the world we live in is now nothing more than a gossip cesspool, and that everybody should be afraid to say anything, in case someone takes it the wrong way.

In response to that, I’d like to rehash another piece of stupidity with butthurt people and words – the bullshit with Suey Park and Stephen Colbert.  That was among the dumbest things I’ve ever had the misfortune to see.  Because of one out-of-context Tweet, the professional-victims on Twitter (where they all seem to congregate, right Melody?) lost their collective shit and went into a rage storm the likes of which I haven’t seen outside Fox News.

But this idea that when we are in our homes, we should constantly be worrying about what we say is just so ridiculous!  How do you justify this?  Do you say, “hey, it’s the world we live in.”  I mean, after all, we have to keep the Suey Parks of the world happy, right?  We can’t say anything too insensitive.  That might, you know, cause people to actually think.  And thinking in this country is bad.  Let’s all just take stuff at face value or bug people’s entire lives.  It’s only safe.  Of course, she does have a silver-lining to talk to us about.

On a higher note, such potential exposure forces us to more carefully select our words and edit our thoughts. This isn’t only a matter of survival but is essential to civilization. Speaking one’s mind isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be, as any well-balanced person reading the comments section quickly concludes.

You’re really saying this?  Speaking one’s mind isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?  Well then, can I have your job?  After all, if you don’t think it’s all its cracked up to be, then give it to me.  I actually care about the First and Fourth Amendments.  And on another note – are we all supposed to become politicians about everything?  Are we supposed to now treat every part of our lives as if they are under surveillance by everybody?  Do you really want us to live that way?

Oh, right, you do!  You do want us to live that way.  You just said, it’s “essential to civilization.”  In what context?  How?  For real, Parker, I want an explanation!  I want you to explain how the entire world becoming its own PR service is good for civilization.  We’ve been going strong for thousands of years.  I’m just DYING to know what in civilization would be improved by being afraid of saying anything all the time.  Are you Mormon?

Ever wonder who those people are? I have some thoughts but my finely tuned self-editing skills prevent my sharing. Instead, I offer a refrigerator quote I’ve always liked. It’s often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi but possibly may have tumbled from the lips of a new-age guru. Regardless of the source, it fits the occasion:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

You know, I don’t like to come down on a man who started a revolution to free India from Britain, but that quote is about as stupid as the one Yoda had in Episode I about Anakin’s fear.  This causality chain is nuts!  What’s more, it does NOT, in the slightest, defend your bullshit position.  Also, good thing that you don’t actually talk about what you think of people.  After all, if you voiced an opinion that might cause people to actually think.  Thinking leads to questions.  Questions lead to answers.  Answers lead to confusion. Confusion leads to frustration.  Frustration leads to drinking. Drinking leads to domestic violence.  See what I just did there, Parker?

This idea you have about the world self-editing itself is nuts, and the fact that you are able to stand tall and believe in it says a lot about you.  If you don’t mind, I think that we’ll stick to having dumb-fuck people on the Internet say stupid and crazy shit, so we can also have people who can talk about stuff without having to constantly be afraid of pissing people off.  The path you walk has too high a cost for society.

Until next time, a quote,

“Who wants to live in a world where the only privacy you have is inside your head?”  -Bill Maher

Peace out,


Aurora Massacre a Result of Attacking on Christians?! (Part II)

Dammit, why do I have to keep talking about this?!  Christians, why do you do this?  Why do you have to have whole groups of people who spread hatred around to everyone?!  What is wrong with you people?!  I’m going to try and keep this short, but I make no promises.  This is bullshit, pure and simple.  This is some of the most disgusting, morally repugnant and inhuman shit that I have ever seen.  To everyone who will be being talked about here, I hate you all.  I don’t know you, but I hate you, because all you can do is spread hate and bigotry and you are a disease on the face of humanity.

First, there is Jerry Newcombe.  He had some lovely things to say about what has happened in Aurora, Colorado.

If a Christian dies early, if a Christian dies young, it seems tragic, but really it is not tragic because they are going to a wonderful place.. on the other hand, if a person doesn’t know Jesus Christ.. if they knowingly rejected Jesus Christ, then, basically, they are going to a terrible place.

What a piece of shit.  He is basically making the argument that the Christian victims of this tragedy died, then it’s a good thing, and if you aren’t Christian, well – sucks to be you!  But he isn’t done.  This asshole has more to say on the subject.

I have to think that all of this, whether it’s the Hollywood movies, whether it’s what we see on the internets, whether it’s liberal bias in the media, whether it’s our politicians changing public policy, I think all of those somehow have fit together—and I have to say also churches who are leaving the authority of Scripture and losing their fear of God—all of those things have seem to have come together to give us these kinds of incidents.

Yes, because Christianity has never contributed to any horrible things in the past, right?  Oh, except for all of these –

The Salem Witch Trials
The Spanish Inquisition
The Crusades
Charlemagne killed thousands of Saxons for not converting to Christianity
Christian missionaries killed thousands of Native Americans for not converting to Christianity
Destruction of the Pagans
The Holocaust

Yeah, but it’s the liberal media and leaving the church is what is the cause of this horrible massacre.  Does the fact that you are a complete and disgusting piece of shit not bother you in the slightest?  Yeah, instead of talking about how tragic this is, you have to find a way to pin this on liberals.  You have to make this about your own personal agenda.  The reason for that is obvious – because there isn’t a single decent bone in Newcombe’s body.  All he cares about is money and getting his message out into the world.  This makes sense, since the Evangelical Christians have a gift at getting other people’s money.

But as bad as this piece of shit is, he is nothing compared to the second group of people – The Westboro Baptist Church.  It’s like these assholes can’t stop themselves.  They are so disgusting that they are in a category all their own.  Here is a Tweet from Fred Phelps (the worst piece of shit in this country) –

Hi ho Hi ho, to Colorado we go! ! ! ! !…

What the fuck is wrong with these people?!  Does they just get off on human misery?  Do they cum whenever stuff like this happens?!  I would believe it.  There is no other explanation.  There is no other way that I can understand what a horrible person you are.  There is no low that is too low for you.  There is no action too repulsive.

Fred Phelps, you are the most disgusting person in this country.  I wish I could make some hyperbole and say that you are the most disgusting person in the world, but I won’t.  But I will say that it doesn’t get any worse than you here in this country.  You are a loathesome, miserable, unloved, worthless piece of shit, and if you got hit by a bus, the world wouldn’t miss you.

Christians, it’s time for you all to understand something.  If you are against these people, it’s time for you to be openly against them.  For too long, you have sat on the sidelines, said nothing, and enabled these fucking monsters.  You can’t afford to do nothing.  Because us atheists are sick of being the only ones who call out the sick bastards.

That’s it, those are your choices – either be with them, or against them.  This neutrality of “it’s just their faith” bullshit is getting old.

Until next time, a quote,

“Rational people, anti-religionists, must end their timidity and come out of the closet and assert themselves. And those who consider themselves only moderately religious really need to look in the mirror and realize that the solace and comfort that religion brings you actually comes at a terrible price.”  -Bill Maher, Religulous

Peace out,


What is Faith?

I asked in another post what is God.  While I was looking at that post, another question popped into the back of my mind?  This question is something that many have tried to tackle.  This is the question that people can live their whole lives around, accepting it, embracing it, and taking comfort from it.

The scientific method teaches us to doubt.  To doubt everything we are told.  We doubt because we could be proven wrong.  At any moment, a new discovery could be made that could affect the entire fabric of our knowledge.  For the scientist, this is a good thing.  They want to embrace this because the mission of science is new discovery.  They accept nothing, and doubt everything.  It’s the smart way to go about things. With that in mind, the question comes back to me.

What is Faith?

Faith is a tool.  It is the tool that is made for so many groups.  It is the tool that was made by a group of corrupt individuals to control those who they have in their flock.  It is a tool that was designed in order to get people to do what they want, and not question their authority.  Faith is, quite simply, your ignorance.

Faith allows you not to question.  Why question something when a book that was either inspired or written by God tells you that it is so?  Why question something when you can just go to your preacher and simply ask them what the right thing to do. “Why would God lie to them?” You ask.  You say this because you believe that God is speaking to your preacher or priest.  That this person has some sort of connection with this almighty being that you are so bent on praising.

Faith tells you that you shouldn’t question.  Why question what a book already tells you?  Why do something better when the Bible says that things are perfect already?  Why be kind to this planet, when the Bible says that God put all the living things on this Earth for man?  Why accept a person’s lifestyle as just as acceptable as your own, when God has said that their lifestyle is wrong?

And that’s another thing – faith is a tool of your hatred.  The Baptist and Catholic preachers who smack their lips and cry out about the hellfire and brimstone awaiting small children who don’t obey their parents and who might be gay.  Telling them that they are evil and that God hates them.  Making these children constantly afraid.  They grow a little older, become teenagers, and they are still hearing it.  They are still hearing about how evil they are.  They feel like dying because they love the person of their gender who they know at school.  Maybe they have kissed this person.  They want to love them, but they come home and hate themselves inside.  They kill themselves, rather than be who they are, choosing to believe that if they die, God won’t hate them anymore.  Faith gave you that.  Faith did that to your children.  Faith made that acceptable to you.  You embrace that, because if you rebel against it, aren’t you going against God’s will?  Sure, there are more accepting schools of Christian thought, but it’s all there in the book, and you have to take responsibility for that, or just shut up.

But perhaps the worst thing – faith is a tool of corruption.  There will be people standing outside of a courtroom, defending a Catholic priest who molested countless young boys, all because of the collar on his neck.  They will say that he didn’t do the wrong thing.  That it can’t be true.  It’s a lie, perpetrated by Satan or what have you.  They do this, even though, had it been any other man, they would have beaten that person to death if they found out that he had defiled their child in a sexual way.  There will be leaders of governments who say that their religion guides their foreign policy.  They do this while they are going overseas and having our young men and women fight and die against an enemy who did nothing to us.  Who are they dying for?  For nothing, for nobody.

Faith has been on the minds of those who have done all kind of unspeakable evil, but not just the big ones, like Hitler or Charlemagne.  There are much smaller horrible deeds that have been done, entirely motivated by faith.  Like the family who beat their adopted daughter to death after having beat her with a pipe for seven hours, stopping each hour to have her pray.  Faith was on the minds of the people like Jehovah’s Witness members while they let their children die from easily treatable illnesses, all because they think that God will fix it. So, back to the question.

What is Faith?

Faith is your ignorance.  Faith is your ability to not listen to a perfectly sound explanation, with evidence, for why something happened.  Faith is the way that you can block something from your mind and not have to listen.  Faith is how you can justify your bigotry.  Faith is how you can justify your institution’s bigotry.  Faith is the way that you are able to ignore reality.

But worst of all – faith is your way of never having to admit that you might be wrong.  And that is the worst, to me.  Human history is awash with stupid people getting shit dead wrong.  Or timeline, as a species has horrible event after horrible event, often caused by some idiot who got something dead wrong, but wants to justify themselves.  Faith gives you a convenient out.  It conveniently absolves you of responsibility when you do something really tragic and unbelievably stupid which ends up hurting other people.  Faith allows you to believe that you are infallible, and cannot be wrong, is the most destructive element of society today.

What we need today is humility.  Religion offers none.  They say that they are humble, but how humble are religious people, really?  They will scream that they are right, simply because a book that has no evidence told them something.  They will scream that we are wrong because their book tells us that we are wrong, not based on evidence, not based on reason.

So, what is faith?

Faith is society’s poison, robbing us everyday of more and more of our reason.

Until next time, a quote,

“And those who preach faith, and enable and elevate it are intellectual slaveholders, keeping mankind in a bondage to fantasy and nonsense that has spawned and justified so much lunacy and destruction. Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don’t have all the answers to think that they do.”  -Bill Maher, Religulous

Peace out,