Lucien’s First Take: Star Wars Battlefront II Reveal Trailer

EA’s Battlefront sucked.  I am pretty sure that this game will suck too.  I have no intention of playing it.  But here’s the thing I want to talk about – why I think this game could have had potential.  Because it really could have.  For a little while there I am actually invested in what’s happening.  I don’t get how a trailer can go from engaging to bullshit in seconds.  Maybe it’s because Disney decided to fuck the Expanded Universe.  I don’t know.  Whatever the case, this game goes from looking really cool to looking really dumb in seconds, and that’s amazing.  Let’s take a look at this trailer.

You know what I miss – the Rogue Squadron games.  Those were awesome.  I keep hoping that EA will do something with that license, but they would probably fuck that up anyway.  I bring this up for a reason.  There was this incredible animated short that was done in the style of Gundam where you have Imperial fighters duking it out with the Rebels and kicking their ass.  I have always really wanted to know what the Empire’s story is.  I mean, all we ever see of them is them being evil.  In the old Tie Fighter games, you get to play as an Imperial pilot.  It would have been kinda cool to see things from their point of view.  I mean, when you think about it, the Rebels are some hardcore terrorists.  How many innocent people got killed when they blew up the original Death Star?  They condemned the Ewoks to obliteration when they blew up the second one.  The Rebels are all about peace and justice, but you really do have to wonder how many innocent people’s deaths are on their hands.

So this game has you in the role of an elite stormtrooper.  Cool!  We get to see the war from the Empire’s side!  And especially after the fall of the Emperor.  Awesome!  So is it like a civil war?  Is the Empire collapsing and you get to see from the side of a lost soldier who can’t leave her duty behind?  That’s kinda neat.  We even get to see the Rebels getting their shit messed up.  Really did remind me of that animated short.  Wanna watch that again.  You all should too.

But then the trailer decides to fuck all that cool build-up and go into the stupid.  Every time I see Emo Vader’s stupid lightsaber design I laugh.  The most impractical weapon ever, and they still want us to think that it’s cool.  They are trying WAY too hard.  We also get to reenact the battle with Darth Maul?  Like, from Episode I?  The second-worst film in the entire franchise? (I argue that Episode II is the worst.  The cringe level was so much worse than Episode I) Okay?  Hell, can we PLEASE get some of the cool characters from Cartoon Network’s show?  I’d love to get to play as Cad Bane, who is one of my favorite anti-heroes.  Or maybe a cool General Grievous like in Clone Wars.  Maybe some Ventress action?  Oh, right, that would be cool.  And if it’s cool, it’s not in this game.  Instead, we have Emo Vader and Boring Girl who is played by an actress who can’t act (not even going to see Episode VIII) doing stuff.

If the story of this game is what I think, and you get to play as the Empire on the losing side of the war with the Rebellion, this game could have at least some potential.  But this is EA and DICE.  How much hope do you really have that this game won’t suck?

Initial Verdict
6 out of 10

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SIONR: Single Player Game Death

The new Street Fighter game is out.  The fact that I am not a fighting game person aside, I have heard all kinds of stuff from the gamers about it.  The reviews have all been glowing.  Of course.  The day that a major gaming news outlet shits on a game for its problem is the day that my cat takes up playing the fiddle.  Gaming outlets are paid for good reviews.  Not in the typical way that people think.  There was a rather fantastic video about how gaming news works that really took a shit on how crooked it all is.

So yeah, the games media loves this game.  The gamers took a dump on it.  Whether it was the SJW community spewing their usual bullshit about how “sexualized” female characters are (even though I doubt that any of them actually played this game), or the people who had legitimate complaints, like the fact that the online match-making was broken, or that whole parts of the game were missing.  But one thing that I saw was this – there is no single player in this game.  There is no Arcade mode or single-player match-making of any kind.  This just baffles me.  Like Capcom just wants to give a giant finger to the people who aren’t just playing for the e-sports aspect.

I am seeing this quite a lot, lately.  The new “Battlefront” had no single player either.  It seems like single-player games are being featured less and less.  With the new Division coming out, they are saying that there is a legit single player, but everyone who has played the beta has said that even the single player is multi-player.  So that’s out too.  What’s more, games that only have single player are given a ton of shit too.  Like if there’s not a multiplayer element, that’s a bad thing.

Let me make something clear – if a game is multi-player only, that can be fine.  But here’s the deal – not if it’s a game that has already had a very integral single player mode.  Like EA’s transgression against the name Battlefront.  That series once had a very good single player mode.  It was made in the day when online gaming was a very different thing.  So gamers like myself were just in for the single player.  At least if we were on consoles, which I have always been.  It’s the land I grew up in.  Same deal with Street Fighter V.  This series has ALWAYS had an Arcade mode.  It’s always had a mode for the people who don’t play games just to fight against other people.  Hell, for all its faults, Call of Duty has made sure to have a single player campaign.  And not all of them were very bad.  Some of them were pretty damn good.  Like the one to Modern Warfare 2.  The first two acts of that game were fucking amazing!  Getting to experience modern warfare on American soil was one of the best moments in gaming I’ve ever had.  No joke, that was phenomenal.

This new trend of moving away from single-player games is bothering, to me.  Maybe I’m just some old fart and not in touch with the youth of today, but I game for story.  And I don’t think its too much to ask for a franchise that has always had a single player to not just turn their back on it in a new entry.  There are the games like Planetside 2, which has no single player.  And that’s fine.  It’s an IP that never did.  It’s all about the online space.  I got that.  Same with the Tribes games.  But don’t just take a giant shit on gamers who have made you the multi-billion dollar industry.

What do you all think?  Let me know in the Comments.

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