SIONR: Disney is Remaking A Night on Bald Mountain in Live Action (CG)

I fucking hate modern Disney.  There are not words to describe how shitty they are.  I could sit here and explain in exhaustive detail all of my grievances with modern Disney, but then I’d be here for hours and you all would get REALLY bored.  Understandably so.  But what they are doing to cash in on people’s nostalgia has finally reached the point that it pisses me off beyond the pale.  I could handle them fucking over the legacy of Robin Williams with their shit-tastic version of Aladdin.  Especially since Will Smith sounds medicated in that movie.  I listened to the soundtrack, and he sounds so tired in every song he sings.  I was annoyed but just shrugged and went “whatever” when I saw their “live-action” version of The Lion King being advertised.  Sure, all the CG animals have zero personality because they have the uncanny valley level of CG detail, but whatever.

I’ve heard that they are remaking Lilo & Stitch.  Because that’s just what that filmed needed!  A fun and colorful and touching story about a girl, an alien, and finding the meaning of family.  It needed to be remade with Disney doing their now trademark diversity pandering!  Yay!  They’re remaking The Little Mermaid.  Maybe they can have Ariel be a Muslim mermaid.  Have her wearing a seaweed burka.  Diversity, after all.  And you know what, that’s all fine too.  Because after all, why would we want to have those old 2D animated films be the ones we remember?  Those aren’t the moves for “grown ups,” after all.  No, instead we have to remake them in the worst way possible, with acting that is The Last Airbender levels of bad.  Taking all the charm and whimsy the animated films had and bending them over a table without any lube.

Then I found out something utterly horrifying that has pissed me off so much – they are remaking A Night on Bald Mountain in “live-action.”  Oh boy.  Fuck you Disney!  Fuck you and your creatively-bankrupt company!  You all take the things that people love and fuck them over the ass. I loved that piece in Fantasia.  It’s my second-favorite.  My first being The Rite of Spring, telling the story of the growth of life on Earth.  A Night on Bald Mountain is a fantastic piece.  The levels of darkness, both musically and dramatically is just insane.  The demon Chernabog summoning the souls of the dead and the damned for an insane party for one night, it’s incredible.  The animation is flawless.  Absolutely flawless.  The portrayal of the dead and the damned is just so perfect.  As they rise from the graves, rising up the mountain, you can almost feel the dread the townspeople are feeling as they stay inside and hope that dawn comes soon.  It all builds and builds, culminating in the most visceral experience I have ever seen in 2D animation.  Nothing else has even come close.  Plus, at the end, there is the fantastic pairing up with Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” which has the townspeople seeking the light of Heaven to cleanse them of the darkness.  It’s perfect.

So I guess a whole bunch of suits and Disney are sitting around going…
“Hey guys, we’ve been remaking all of these classic movies and making money like gangbusters.  What else do we got?”
“How about we take that one bit from Fantasia about the demon and remake it!”
“But that’s not a whole story.  It’s a musical showing of what happened during one night.  How could we make that into a full-length movie?”
“Just have some big actors/actresses with some stupid story about killing the demon and put in some diversity shit to make people talk about how, if you don’t see it, you’re a bad person.  All of this nostalgia shit makes money anyway, so we can make this into whatever we want.  Just make sure all the advertising for the movie only shows the stuff that will play on people’s nostalgia.  We don’t want them to know that this is just a cash-grab that can make us a fuck-ton of cash.”

And then I figure that they laugh heartily and pay some Thai child to dance on top of a tank full of piranhas for their amusement.  Because Disney is pure evil, after all.

I can’t believe that Disney is doing this.  It isn’t enough that they took this franchise and turned it into a fucking Kinect game?!  It isn’t enough that they have made cash-grab after cash-grab of all their old 2D films, and every last one of them has fucking sucked?!  Without a single exception!  They are all nothing but trash!  That isn’t enough?  Now you have to take one of the hallmarks of animation and turn it into another piece of shit, all so you can make a quick several hundred million dollars to satisfy your investors?!  Oh how I wish Chernabog were real, so he could turn you and all your board of directors into pig demons.  It would be fitting, after all.  Then he could put you in front of a pile of money and tell you to worship it.  Would be fitting, given what you all do.

How people can stomach modern Disney is beyond me.  They pander to diversity because it sells.  The moment it doesn’t, they will kick it out the door like a $10 whore.  It’s why you don’t see gay characters in their big-budget movies, after all.  Because then they wouldn’t be able to sell their films big in China.  Although, I guess they won’t have to worry about that with this live-action trash.  You can’t have ghosts in films that go to China either.  So hey, go big with the gay pandering in this movie.  Oh wait, that would be hard because the premise is about a demon having a giant party.  Associating that with gay people would send the wrong message to the far-left community you are trying to pander to.

Ah, what the Hell.  Just fuck over the entire storyline.  In order to make this have a 90 minute runtime, you’re already gonna have to do that anyway, so might as well go big.  Make Chernabog a person of color transgender pansexual.  They aren’t having a party with all the damned and the souls of the dead that they summoned to them with their presence.  They just wanted to give all the dead POCs a place to gather where they feel included.  The villain can be Christian white nationalist groups!  Maybe they are having a straight pride parade!  Yeah, that’s a great angle.  It’s not like Disney or whatever two-bit director they will get for this shit actually cares about the story they are adapting anyway, so why not?  I’d kind of prefer that you all just go the distance with fucking the story over.  Then I don’t have to feel like you are shitting on one of my favorite movies.

But you can guarantee that I’m not giving Disney money to see this trash.  Not a fucking chance.  Disney and their live-action butt-rape of this bit from one of my favorite films can suck a dick.  Can suck all the dicks.  Fuck Disney.  Fuck these live-action movies.  They all suck.  They will always suck.  The critics who say nice things about them are paid shills.  The audience who likes them is Americans who we already know are dumb as dirt.  Fuck this.  Can these people please stop raping what I love?

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s very simple – if you stop going to bad movies, they’ll stop making bad movies.” – Jay Sherman

Peace out,


America’s Obsession With Abortion (and how insane this is)

I’ve been following the news about the sudden push for new abortion laws that are each more draconian than the last with some interest in the southern states.  It’s fascinating, to me.  Been missing talking about politics on here, and this seems like a nice and awkward topic to get back into it with, so yeah, let’s talk about it.

A coworker of mine and I were talking about this stuff at work.  We came to the same conclusion as to why this is all happening so suddenly.  Red state after red state introducing legislation that flies in the face of Roe v. Wade.  The big question is – why do this?  Why now?  To me it’s obvious – to get this to the Supreme Court.  These states want this to go to court, and then get it to go to the Supreme Court.  Because now they think that this can be the point where it will be overturned.  It’s a conservative Supreme Court, and the newest justice definitely has an ax to grind with the liberal mentality ever since they overplayed their hand going after him.  They might be right.

The aforementioned coworker was wringing his hand about this.  I was more nonchalant.  Why?  Because it’s obvious what will happen.  Assuming Roe v. Wade is overturned, what this will do is throw the issue to the states.  So all the blue states will pass bills legalizing it, while the red states will pass bills making it illegal.  While that is a bad thing for the women in red states, in my eyes it will just have the abortion issue be something that is divided among state lines.

Another thing this will do is take it off the table with Republicans to use in elections against their enemies.  See, abortion has been a nice wedge issue with the right for a long time.  Once it is given back to the states, then they can’t do that anymore.  At least not on the congressional or presidential level.  On state levels they can, but only to a point.  After all, red states are going to be red no matter what and they know that.  Same with blue states.  So trying to use that against their opponent would be a waste of time.  Taking a wedge issue off the table for Republicans is gonna be bad for them in the long run.  With their voting demographic getting older and older and dying off, the Republican Party is gonna be losing a ton of support.  The fact that Texas got as purple as it did when Beto was running against Ted Cruz should have been a worrying sign.  If the day ever comes that Texas is a blue state, and the Electoral College is still a thing (which I am all for getting rid of.  It’s an archaic institution from a bygone era whose usefulness has passed), there will never be another Republican in the White House for the rest of my lifetime.

It’s fascinating to watch all this unfold.  Each law I see is more insane than the last.  Alabama was the big one.  A law that would make abortion illegal after six weeks.  Something that women rightfully pointed out was stupid because women can not even know that they are pregnant after six weeks.  The law would also make it so that the abortion doctor would go to jail for 30-60 years.  Someone on Twitter pointed out that it’s funny because if a woman is raped and doesn’t want to keep the rape baby, the doctor who helped her get rid of it will get more jail time than the person who raped her.  Irony is a lost art to conservatives.

My own home state presented a bill saying that all abortion, no matter the time-frame, is murder.  Yeah, a bill that is clearly unconstitutional.  The outrage was everywhere, but then people realize that the chances of this even making it to the state legislature was practically non-existent.  That made them quiet down.

But today I saw one that really took the cake.  I mean this is just fucking bonkers.  Georgia just introduced a new anti-abortion law holding women criminally responsible for miscarriages.  Really think about that.  A woman could be held criminally responsible for miscarrying a baby and spend 30 years in prison.  An article on the subject (linked here) pointed out, rightfully, that it is nearly impossible to determine the cause of a miscarriage.  Gee, it’s almost like this insane law coming out of yet-another retarded Bible-belt state is written by men who don’t know the first fucking thing about women’s anatomy or fetal development.  Women have miscarriage all the time.  There are plenty of women who miscarry having never known that they were pregnant in the first place.  I have a friend who was nearly killed because of a miscarriage when she didn’t even know she was pregnant.

Not to mention, I have another girly-mate who lost a baby.  Her and her boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant for a while.  This was the second offspring they’ve lost.  It’s been unbelievably hard on her.  I can’t imagine being in a state where she has to get told by a police officer that she is going to jail for 30 years because of something that she had no control over.  She wasn’t drinking while she was pregnant.  She was constantly fighting the urge to smoke.  Had a cousin who was in the same boat too.  Now we have a state who wants to tell those women – oh, this is something that’s hurting you because you wanted to have a child?  Well go to jail, cunts!

This country is so insane.  I kind of love it.  As I said, I haven’t talked politics on here in a long time, and this was an issue that I just had to weigh in on, because it seems like red states are trying to one-up each other.  I’m just waiting for the law that says that if a man jerks off, he’s wasting cum that could make a baby and so he goes to jail.  Because Jesus, right?  Well, no.  God clearly doesn’t care about the unborn.  Moses commanded his armies to slaughter pregnant women and tear open their bellies, along with smashing the heads of babies against rocks.  In Numbers, one of the ways you could tell if a woman was committing adultery is to give her “bitter water” that will cause her to swell up and kill the fetus.  Which she would then shit out of her vagina.  Oh, and when that happens, you know she committed adultery, which you then kill her for.  The Bible has never been against abortion in any serious way.  But it does have a problem with women, so there’s that.  Lines up with Carlin’s views on being “pro-life.”  They’re “anti-women.”

Yet none of this insanity changes the point of why it’s happening.  It’s all so they can get this to the Supreme Court, which in turn can be used to overturn Roe v. Wade.  But getting that is fun to watch.  This country is sinking into madness.  We have an orange retarded monkey in office who is so pathetic and thin-skinned at that when Fox News takes their lips off his ass for one second to cover a mayoral race, he gets pissy at them.  We have a culture war between the left and the right where both sides now look equally pathetic.  I’ve finally reached a point where I am detached enough at this to see the funny side.  Maybe I’m maturing.  Wait, I play video games still.  Never mind.

Until next time, a quote,

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” – George Carlin, Brain Droppings

Peace out,


Let’s Answer Anti-Abortion Arguments

I am firmly pro-choice.  I’ve made no secret of it.  Abortion is a practice that is literally as old as the Bible.  No joke, in the time of the Bible, there was a kind of liquid that they could have women drink that would cause them to swell up and kill the fetus.  Rings kinda hollow for the anti-abortion proponents when their own Bible has this practice that they are so against.  Still, this idea that we need to force women to carry a baby that they don’t want, when overpopulation is already a major issue facing our planet, is ridiculous.  But now another conservative outlet has come to the plate to refute the arguments that we make against them.  Here’s a link to their post, now let’s get to this.

“You just want to control women’s bodies!”

Their argument after this is that we have to prove that the fetus is part of her body.  Simple question – can it survive without her?  No, it cannot.  For the first nine months of a fetus’ life, it more akin to a parasite than a baby.  It is completely dependent on its host organism to survive.  It can even kill its host organism when it gets sick.  The fetus is a parasite leeching off the mother, until it’s viable.  You’re not doing too good with the arguments.

“Abortion is not murder!”

This time the argument is that we have to prove that killing the “preborn” is different than killing actual babies.  A fetus is not a baby.  Like I said, for the first nine months of its life, it’s a parasite.  But that aside, is an egg a chicken?  Hope you didn’t enjoy eating that egg.  You are eating chicken abortion.  A fetus has the potential to be a human, but it is not a human yet.

“The decision is between a woman and her doctor what she does with her own body!”

The refutation of this argument hinges on the idea that the fetus and this woman’s body are two separate things, and since I’ve already refuted that (pretty handily, I might say), then it makes it a mute point.  Besides, it isn’t even her and her doctor.  It’s just her.  This is her body and what she does with it is her business, but if she wants to discuss it with her doctor, that’s also her choice.

“Abortion will still happen if it’s illegal!”

Their counterpoint to this is that drunk driving will still happen if it’s illegal too, so why shouldn’t we legalize that?  Wow.  What a stupid comparison.  I’ll help you out, moron who wrote this article – a drunk driver is a dangerous to many people.  Abortion, if it is done in a legal and medically sound setting, is negligibly dangerous to the mother.  If it is illegal and goes underground, it becomes much more dangerous.  That’s how it has been since antiquity with the concept.  Part of why making abortion legal was a good thing was that it looked to save the lives of countless women from operations in back-rooms.  That analogy was so dumb.

“You only care about babies until they’re born!”

Yeah, you do.  But I really want you to get a load of their counterargument.  Really drink in how stupid this is.

Okay, do you then concede it would be wrong to rebuke a person for beating a homeless person to death if you did not first provide them a house?

Um…what?  What the fuck is this idiot talking about?  I genuinely don’t get what they are trying to say with this point.  Let me put my pseudo-intellectual hat on and try and suss this out.  In what way does this tie in to the statement above?  The homeless is meant to be the baby, obviously.  So is the house supposed to be the social programs that we say you don’t care if the babies get?  And I guess the beating to death of a homeless person is the act of abortion.  Dude, we don’t give social programs to a fetus.  This retarded analogy completely ignores the statement at hand!  Was this to just get us to wonder what you’re talking about while you slink away thinking you are super smart?  Didn’t get me, retard.  I saw through your bullshit.

Pro-life arguments are the epitome of doing everything they can to not address the issue.  That last bit especially.  They don’t want to answer the charge that they couldn’t care less about social programs for babies and children, so instead they have to do a COMPLETE non-sequitur to get us to look away from the issue.  There are pro-life people who I can talk about things with.  This moron is not one of them.  She’s like the creationists in my earlier post who think that my atheism would be DESTROYED by their stupid questions.  Didn’t work, moron.  Still don’t believe in Gawd.  And my pro-choice beliefs easily can stand up to this level of stupid scrutiny.

Until next time, a quote,

“They’re not pro-life.  You know what they are?  They’re anti-woman.  Simple as it gets.  They’re anti-woman.  They don’t like ’em.  They believe a woman’s primary role is to be a brood mare for the state.  You don’t see many of these white, anti-abortion women volunteering to have black fetuses transplanted into their uterus, do ya?  Don’t see a lot of them adopting crack babies, do ya?  No, that might be something Christ would do.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Planned Parenthood Protest and Freedom of Speech

To anyone who doesn’t know, I am very pro-choice.  I have this position for a number of reasons.  For starters, since there are seven billion people on this planet and overpopulation is the biggest threat to our planet’s future, it just seems ridiculous to me to force a woman to go through with a pregnancy that she doesn’t want.  Second, whose right is it for the government to tell a woman what to do with her body?  I find it amazing that all these “small government” conservatives want to be able to legislate what women will do with their bodies.  Third, making abortion illegal will do nothing to stop them from happening.  This point has been brought up a thousand times, and it is still on point.  It just makes it so that abortions happen in back alleys by doctors who can’t be trusted, rather than in a clean, sterile environment where women can get care from licensed physicians who have years of practice under their belt.  There is no rational reason for me to be pro-life.

Anyone who has been following this blog for a long time knows that I am very much in support of Planned Parenthood as well.  I’ve told this story before (anecdotal evidence!) about a former friend of mine who hates my guts.  When she was a teenager, the guy she was with used her as a living sex toy and she ended up getting knocked up because this guy also wasn’t the best about protection.  What a shock.  Alone, unable to talk to anyone, she made what she has described as the hardest decision of her entire life and went to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion.  It was something she dealt with alone, and it helped shape all of her relationships since that point.

So when I see a rather sizeable crowd gathered outside of Planned Parenthood tonight with signs all about how abortion is evil and how Planned Parenthood is basically an abortion factory, you can imagine how annoyed I was.  Not only is the idea that all they do being abortions been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be complete bullshit, but it only accounts for 3% of all the services they provide.  The rest is helping girls like a former girl I ran with whose periods were so painful that they caused her to be in agony for hours get birth control that she doesn’t take for sexual assistance purposes (though that is a fringe benefit) but to help her manage something that is excruciating.  Or there are women who don’t have the money for breast scans or other things to help detect cancer early.  Then there are just the people who use them to help get easy medical care that they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for.

These people are motivated by ignorance.  They use pathos to get their point.  It’s easy to have some grotesque photo of a deceased embryo and believe that that is all abortion is.  Some murder factory for the fetus where all the youth are taken to be slaughtered.  It’s disgusting, to say the least.  Not to mention disingenuous.  That is not what abortion is.  Never even close.  Most abortions happen in the first few weeks of a pregnancy, when the fetus is nothing but a cluster of cells.  This image of abortion doctors being Nazi scientists harvesting baby organs is both laughable and insulting.  However, for those who are easily swayed by pathos and whose critical faculties lack in almost every discernible way, that’s all they need to hear to conclude that their path is right.  It helps that they are almost-exclusively guided by a religious belief that says that all life is sacred.  You know, except when God is commanding his armies to kill children and rip open the bellies of pregnant women.  Then murder is A-okay.  But let’s not get into the hypocrisy of Christianity.  That conversation would never end.

However, this is where something that I strongly believe in comes into play.  See, mama didn’t raise no hypocrite.  I find it funny that free speech has gone from being a liberal issue like back during the Red Scare when people were fighting against McCarthy and his witch-hunts, who argued that free speech and a free press was the cornerstone of a functioning democracy and should be cherished.  Because free speech isn’t designed to protect the majority opinion.  That doesn’t need protecting.  It is designed to protect the minority opinion.  And here’s where I am going to annoy some of my more liberal-minded contemporaries – the opinion that God hates abortion and it is evil and should be outlawed is a minority opinion in the US.  Overall, society in this country is cool with abortion and thinks that it should be legal for those who want to partake.  They believe that women should have dominion over their own bodies.  That’s good.  No joke, I’m glad that that’s the case.  So the demonstration I saw tonight is a minority opinion (dumb as it is) that is being exercised by people who have it.

So when someone came to me on the phone tonight and said, “dude, I wish I could blow those fuckers up,” I decided to stand tall to that person and say that that is a really stupid way to view things.  The reality is that I vehemently disagree with everything those idiots with the signs were saying.  However, I would fight another person who wanted to take away that right to the death for their right to speak their ridiculous bullshit.  I refuse to be a hypocrite.  I refuse to join a group of people who want to suppress another group’s opinion, even if I believe that they are completely wrong and it says a lot about their character for having that opinion.

I stopped believing in God because I stopped seeing things as us vs. them.  I got rid of this dogmatic part of me that wants to follow an ideology blindly.  Now I see my brethren on the left seeing it as totally cool to demonize people on the right and shut down their speech.  After all, their speech might hurt people’s feelings!  Or spread “dangerous ideas!”  We can’t have that!  If something offends something that the Supreme Leader says, then that thing must be stopped!  We must take to the streets!  Burn their books!  Shut down their speech because we don’t approve!  If they don’t conform to our way of thinking, put them in camps!  Some gross hyperbole mixed in with things that these people think.  But here’s something that really gets to me when thinking about it –

For some of these, can you honestly tell which is which?

Until next time, a quote,

“We think we’ve come so far.  Heretics, the burning of witches, all ancient history.  Then, before you can blink an eye, suddenly it threatens to start all over again.” – Capt. Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Peace out,


Feminism Demeaning Abortion? (A response to #ShoutYourAbortion)

I make no secret of the fact that I am pro-choice.  I believe that every woman should have the right to choose what happens to her body.  It’s a right that gets shit on by Republicans, like the ones who are trying to defund Planned Parenthood.  Yeah, because all the good they do besides abortion (it accounts for roughly 3% of their provided services, annually) will just totally be found someone else, right?  It’s not like women in unbelievably poor neighborhoods go to them and get breast cancer screenings and birth control.  Which, by the way, if you are so against abortion, then you fucking better be for contraception.  It stops girls from having to have abortions.  Ignorant fuckers.

However, I am the first to realize that when it comes to women having to make the choice of having an abortion, it is not something that comes easily.  There is a story connected to this.  Not of me, but someone who, despite what went down between us, I still do care very deeply for.  Even if she does not.  But there is this hashtag trending called #ShoutYourAbortion.  In it, you have these women who are talking about how great getting an abortion was, and some of those statements are just disgusting to read.  It makes the pro-choice movement look like a bunch of vile people, when we have a cabal of women who are singing about how great getting an abortion was.  When I read stuff like that, it makes me think that there are women, plenty of women, who have absolutely zero empathy.  Like the woman who talked about how getting an abortion was great because it freed her up to pursue her career.

This leads into the story.  I had a friend who was very dear to me.  She still is, even if she hates my guts, for reasons that I wish I knew.  She was dating a guy who viewed her as a living sex toy.  She was new to sex, and scared of it too.  He exploited her naivety and used it to get what he wanted, as often as he wanted.  Eventually, mistakes were made, and she found out that she was pregnant.  This girl had lived her entire life in poverty.  She grew up in it, and she was still in it.  She was trying to go to college to get out of poverty.  To which she would eventually graduate in the top 10 percent of her class.  This girl knew that if she gave birth to this child, it was going to destroy any chances of getting that future, because then she would be financially in beyond dire straights.  Not only that, but even paying for the childbirth at a hospital would have destroyed her finances.  Calling her desperate is underselling it.  Way she told it, she spent days crying because she didn’t know what to do.  Eventually, she made a decision.  It was one that she made alone.  She didn’t tell her parents.  She especially didn’t tell this guy.  It was made alone.  It was a decision to go to Planned Parenthood and get an abortion.

I met her during the time when this was going on, and I never knew.  She kept this so close, and only revealed it to me when she was certain that I was someone she could trust.  She told me about how the decision to do that haunted her for a long time.  She still thought of it, every now and then.  I can already hear the pro-life people ready to swoop in and declare that this is why she shouldn’t have gotten that abortion.  But she said that she believes she made the right choice.  She drove in to Planned Parenthood, alone.  Got the procedure done, and then had someone else she trusted with all her heart to drive her home.

You know what she isn’t doing?  She isn’t about to #ShoutYourAbortion.  She isn’t about to sing about how fucking awesome it was to get that abortion done and how it made her life so much better.  Getting an abortion is a huge and scary choice for each and every woman to make.  At least it should be.  I believe women should have a choice, but I also recognize that there is a bunch of cells in that person that could become a human being that is being destroyed.  I don’t think a fetus is a person, but I think that we do have to at least acknowledge that a potential human life is being destroyed.  This stupid hashtag is taking what should be something treated with the utmost seriousness and making it into just another rallying cry.  Another stupid feminist issue to make into WAY more of a deal than it has any right to be.

An abortion is a personal matter, and should be treated as such.  At least, that’s how I think.

Until next time, a quote,

“When faced with two equally tough choices, most people choose the third choice: to not choose.”  – Jarod Kintz

Peace out,


Woman who is Denied an Abortion Dies from Miscarriage? Yeah, that’s “Pro-Life”

I’m with Mr. Repzion on this – if men could get pregnant, you would see abortion clinics everywhere!  It would be like fucking McDonald’s!  They would have drive-through abortion services, complete with a milkshake!  Yeah, that is what it would be.  But instead, we don’t have that.  What we do have is something far worse.

See, the story goes that a woman named Savita Halappanavar was in a hospital in Ireland.  She was in the middle of a miscarriage, begging the doctors to terminate her pregnancy and save her.  But they refused, saying –

This is a Catholic country.

The woman later died from blood poisoning.  Yeah, a hospital, a place where they have people who are supposed to take Hippocratic Oath “to do no harm,” decided that they would put their religious zealotry up on display and let this woman, who was in the middle of a pregnancy that was already failing, and could not be saved, die.

It’s moments like these that make me really pissed off whenever I hear a group of people talk about how they are “pro-life.”  That is such an oxymoron.  If you are “pro-life,” I ask you – do you respect what these Catholic assholes did?  Do you think they made the right choice, letting this woman die?  You can’t.  You can’t do that.  You can’t possibly justify this sort of thing.

The Catholic church at large has defended this position, saying that because the baby had a heart-beat, it was okay to let the woman die.  What the fuck?!  It perplexes me to now end how the Catholics are able to get away with that sort of position and never feel the hammer of justice or social outrage come down on them.  For real, their congregations will defend it too.  They will defend it because that’s how Catholic dogma works.  What the church does is always right, and you can never question it.  That’s the mentality that surrounded this corrupt bureaucracy that is the Catholic faith.

And now, we are seeing that they want to push their agenda on to not only on to their mindless congregations of mind-slaves, but also on to the rest of us with government.  This is what their religion, and all religions, really, do.  They know that they have government in their back-pocket because for the most part, you can’t get elected into a high office in almost any 1st-world nation unless you are part of the most popular religion of the land.  Here in America, you sure as hell can’t get elected if you are an atheist.  An atheist Presidential candidate wouldn’t last five minutes.

I am almost in awe of the Catholic church at this point.  They have a gift at this.  They are able to commit so much crime, and it just brushes off their congregation like water off a duck’s feathers.  They have priests who are getting away with molesting and sometimes raping children.  You have the church laundering money from the EU, over 20 million euros, and not feeling any justice or retribution coming down on them.  And worst of all, there is the forced dogma that contraception is wrong in places like Africa, where condoms are so few places to be found, and AIDS is rampant.  And also, all over the world, they are working to get rid of contraception and abortion.  So that the poorest of us will be wage-slaves, if they can even get money.

These people are criminals.  They are committing crimes against humanity.  The entire church, from the Pope’s fat ass and every bishop, cardinal and priest should be brought before the International Crimes Court and then be hauled off in chains to the nearest jail and put there to rot, for the rest of their miserable fucking lives!  These people shouldn’t see the light of day again for a long time.

But of course, just like every other time, they are going to get away with it.  They have their greedy crypt-keeper claws so far in the pockets of government and finance that they could go into a room and rape your daughter and you wouldn’t be able to have shit done about it.  Think about this – if you found out that some low-life sicko raped your daughter, what would you do?  You would go find that person and beat their ass to death with a baseball bat.  You would hang them from the highest fucking tree.  Or what if you found out that somebody stole from you, and that nothing will happen to them?  Well, I figure it would be much the same.  How about if somebody held your wife down and wouldn’t help her while she died?  What would you do to them?  Thankfully, the husband of this woman didn’t do what you and I would probably do, which would involve duct tape, rope, and a table saw.  He went back to India.

Catholics, you should feel proud right now.  You are getting away with murder!  That’s amazing!  You literally helped kill this woman.  At the very least, these doctors are accessories to murder, if not guilty of murder in the second degree.  And you get to defend them, and feel no public backlash!  That’s awesome!  You greedy, insensitive, uncaring, inhuman mother-fuckers get to get off scott-free for advocating that the death of this woman by your antiquated values was okay.

So, if you are “pro-life” (anti-woman), I have one thing to say to you – you better not be in favor of this.  This is so far from what “pro-life” should be that it makes me a little sick.  People often ask me why I go off so much on religion, saying that it doesn’t hurt anybody.  Well, that’s a load of shit!  It does stuff like this!  And gets away with it!  So don’t you tell me that religion isn’t doing any real harm!  This is disgusting!  And the people who are for it should be ashamed.  But they aren’t.  The Catholic church doesn’t know how to feel shame anymore.  They’ve been getting away with this for too long.

Fuck the Irish hospital that let this happen.  Fuck Ireland.  And especially, fuck the Catholic church.  You people make me sick.

Until next time, a quote,

“They say that religion is all about helping people and being equal, treating people equally.  No!  No it’s not!  Most religion, if not all religion, is somehow rooted in some religious power, to where people use their beliefs to tell other people what they can and cannot do.”  -Mr. Repzion, Woman Denied Abortion Dies From Miscarriage

Peace out,


RE: Regretting My Abortion: I Wish I Didn’t Have the Right to Choose

Well, I was sitting on my Facebook page, a little bored, when I came across this little gem of an article.  Now, I have gone after Life Site News before, whenever they post something dumb that I can mock and ridicule to death for how stupid it is.  This is an article that I genuinely thinks doesn’t understand reality.  For real, real life is totally missing from this person’s comprehension.  It’s amazing.  That said, here is a link to the article, and let’s go.

Kathy and I go way back. In fact, she was my best friend in elementary school. We had no idea while singing karaoke and staying up late at slumber parties the pain we would go through as adults.

Oh god, not another one of these article.  It already has a pretentious beginning, immediately designed to get to a person’s emotional centers.  I can see that this article is going to be fair.  But, if you don’t believe that, get a load of what comes next.

But we also had no idea how God would use our brokenness for His glory. I’ve been amazed at Kathy’s heart for Jesus, passion for her family, and vigor for empowering other women.

Wow.  Subtle.  Oh, and for the point that Jesus empowers women or some shit, yeah, take at the Bible.  The misogyny of that document is well-known.  It is no mystery that this is not only not a good book to live by, but it is a book that openly hates women.  So, Kathy’s love for Jesus must be a self-loathing thing.  Sucks for her.  Hopefully she can escape it at some point.

Recently, she sent me this message. As I sat weeping at my computer over her pain and loss, her sweet baby, and the goodness of a savior who will make all things new, I knew it needed to be shared. And Kathy, in her immense courage, is allowing me to share her story publicly for the first time in her own words…

Well, this must be quite a story.  I am bracing myself for it.  Obviously, this is going to be a story of a lot of emotional introspection, rational self-debate, and fair-minded discourse that leads to the person growing and becoming better, right?

I feel God pulling at my heart stings to tell the truth about abortion. I want to reach those who feel they have no other choice than their “right to choose.”

Wait, what?  How does that work?  How do you have this logical disconnect not to see the problem with the sentence “I want to reach those who feel they have no other choice than their ‘right to choose.'”?  I mean, that is among the dumbest sentences that I have ever come across.  This is ridiculously stupid.  When one has a choice, they don’t have any forces restricting their choices.  They can choose to either have an abortion, or not to have one.  And if the argument is being made here that she is being pressured by society into getting one, I call bullshit.  Here in America, getting an abortion is EXTRAORDINARILY stigmatized.  Women who do that are called “whores” and “sluts” by the pro-life community all the time.  Aren’t they so nice?  So yeah, this is patently dumb.  But let’s continue.

You are one of a few people that I have shared this story with. God is calling me to share it with more but I am nervous and scared. The truth is I have been carrying around a deep dark secret. Carrying it on my back, and dealing with it all alone because of what the consequences are if people were to hear the truth. The truth is I no longer care what others think. The truth is I know there are others out there like me, suffering alone when they don’t have to. The truth is…God is calling me to speak out.

Ugh, this is patently stupid!  So, you have a secret, but you needed Jesus to tell it?  And the title already says what your secret is.  If you are one of these self-loathing women (who you have to be in order to buy this Christian bullshit) who is big into God, I get why you are doing that.  And ironically, while you say above that the pressure is on girls to get an abortion, it is almost like here you are acknowledging that the pressure is against those who actually get one.  The logical disconnect is amazing.

The truth is when I was 19 years old I got pregnant. Upon telling my parents; they decided that I would get married. We began to plan a very quick wedding. The boy I was dating at the time turned out to be abusive. He was from an abusive home and had his father had brutally beaten his first wife in front of her two sons. The first time this boy threw me to the ground while I was pregnant I knew there was NO WAY I was going to allow this cycle to repeat. I broke off the engagement and began looking into adoption. I was only 19 and I knew I wasn’t ready to be a mom.

Wow, aside from the asshole parents, who have control over your life when you’re 19 (seriously?!  This makes the concept of daddy’s girl that much more…pathetic), and the ugly situation, you seem to have handled this pretty rationally.  You knew you weren’t ready to be a parent, so you did what you had to do.  What’s the problem?

When I told him I wanted to make an adoption plan, that I knew that was the best choice for us and the baby, he became very angry. Threatening, yelling, and screaming, he told me no one would EVER take the mother of his child or his child away from him. He wouldn’t allow it – that we WOULD be together. I became scared. Fear set in like I can’t even begin to explain. I realized that I could be a victim of abuse or I could save myself and my unborn child and choose to make this all disappear. I told him I had a miscarriage (which is what I told everyone else too).

Again, you were in a hopeless situation, and you did what you had to do.  What is the problem?  The title of this article seems to say that you regret this choice, or even being able to have this choice, but riddle me this – would you have rather been in the abusive relationship?  Would you have rather had this man able to hurt you and your fetus, or potential kid?  Is that what you want instead?  Hopefully, the answer is no, because that would be not only pathetic, but incredibly sad as well.

Walking into Planned Parenthood the smell of depression and hopelessness lay thick in the room.

Wow.  Unbelievable.  Yeah, set this up as a fair analogy.  It’s like there aren’t plenty of women who aren’t in a bad mood and are going there to get a breast examination or birth control pills.  They might be happy as a bunch of clams.  But nope.  That doesn’t fit your one-sided argument against abortion.

Yes, I could actually smell it. None of the women looked thankful that they had the “choice” to be there. They all looked empty. Broken. I felt it too. I had always said I would NEVER have an abortion. I was wrong. In my mind I believed it was the only “choice” I had at the time to protect myself and my unborn child from a life of fear and abuse. My name was called and I headed in the back. I was scared and alone.

This is so patently ridiculous!  Yeah, all the women in there were depressed and miserable.  And you know this…because you could “smell” it?  I bet you that a girl who was raped by her father would be glad she had the “‘choice’ to be there.”  God, this is stupid!  This blatantly dumb!  It is like this article wants to pass Planned Parenthood off as an abortion machine.  Go in today for all your abortion needs!  We have it on a factory floor!  Bullshit!  Abortions account for less than 3% of all the services that Planned Parenthood provides.  This is so dumb!

I hear people talking about the right to “choose.” I wish like HELL I didn’t have the right to choose that day.I wish there had been counseling. I wish there had been adoption agencies out there trying to reach the youth. I wish THOSE things were easy access; NOT Planned Parenthood. I wish more than anything, ANYTHING, I could have taken away MY right to choose and allow my baby to have their right to choose life. I wish there was support out there for girls like me. And maybe there was…but Planned Parenthood was easy to find. Abortion is easy. Walk in, walk out. Done. Pregnant. Not Pregnant. Simple. Except…it’s NOT that simple. They forget to tell you about the rest of the story.

Where do I begin about how awful, stupid, and offensive this paragraph is?  First, if you think, for a minute, that getting an abortion is EASY, for any woman, you are too stupid to live!  I have a dear friend who had an abortion.  She was a teenager, in a bad relationship, and she got knocked up.  A lot like the rational side of this author, she knew that she couldn’t bring a baby into this world.  She was too young and not financially prepared to raise a child (have you ever noticed that the “pro-life” crowd is anti-welfare?  That makes sense…).  She told me that the decision to do that was the hardest decision that she has ever had to make, and it haunts her all the time making it.  But I guarantee you that she wouldn’t have regretted having the choice, because the moment we take that away, we condemn people like her, who are working hard for their future, to throw that all away, every time they make a mistake.  Fuck that!

Next, you wish there had been counseling?  For what?  To tell you about how you were in an abusive relationship, and the rational side of your brain came to the conclusion that you had no other choice.  Do you think that counseling would have stopped your abusive boyfriend/would-be husband?  Do you think counseling would have gotten you out of danger?  No!  You did what you had to do.  Stop being like Natalia and ditch this self-loathing bullshit.  It looks bad on you.

The truth is they don’t tell you about the memory you live with for the rest of your life. For awhile I was able to forget. I had to suppress the memory in order to survive MY right to live. But slowly the memory began to resurface. Back to the room…back to the smells…back to the empty eyes of broken women. Back to the face of the man that literally sucked life out of my body.

Yup, because all these women are totally dead inside, hating life.  Yeah, that’s fair and balanced (cough*bullshit*cough).

Abortion is not about choice. It’s about selfishness. It’s about desperation. And I can say that because I have had one. I have walked a mile in those shoes…and it’s a mile that never ends.

You know, lady, I had sympathy for your position at first.  Back then, had we met, I would have been very understanding.  But your position now, this bullshit, is pissing me off.  Yes, choosing to have control of your body is selfish.  Choosing to not condemn yourself to being a teenage mom is selfish.  Choosing not to become a slave to a dead-end life, that so many single teenage moms have, is selfish.  When I think about my friend, and what she told me about her decision to have an abortion, I just get so upset at this stupid bitch, because if she told this stuff to her, I would cold-cock her in the face.  Right on the jaw. Ugh!

Recently a friend asked me if I had ever named my baby. Immediately I thought, “No, because that would make it real!” Then the “fetus” would become human. Become a baby. But I knew in that moment I needed to acknowledge that my baby is real. I needed to mourn the loss of my child. I realized how deep the pain still ran from my right to “choose.” I began to pray that God would give me a name. A few weeks ago while driving in the car I heard God speak to me: “Her name is Joy.” Tears streamed down my face. It was a girl! I had had a daughter.

I can’t tell you how stupid this is!  Yes, God told you the name of your fetus daughter.  I can’t get over how dumb that is.  The one-sided nature of this article and how dumb it is to read…I can’t do it!  Let’s just keep going.  I need to end this.

Before that precious moment in the car, I randomly heard an audible whisper of mom. I will wake up in the middle of the night to mom and there is no one in the room. Washing my face I hear mom and look up…no one there. It has happened a number of times where I hear mom and there is no one around. Shortly after hearing “Her name is Joy,” I was washing my face in the bathroom and I heard the whisper again; mom. Then it hit me: it’s her! It’s Joy. This incredible RUSH came over me and I knew in that moment she was telling me It’s okay. I forgive you. I am here with Jesus waiting for you. I love you. And it’s okay. Since that realization I haven’t heard the voice again. But God has placed on my heart to share this story because I know I am not alone. I KNOW I am not the only woman sitting at Church or in Bible Study carrying this same burden. It’s the ONE thing that Christians don’t talk about other than to point a finger at someone and telling them its murder. I am not sure what God’s plan is for me with sharing this story. But I know that SOMEONE needs to hear it. So I am sharing it.

I have no words.  This is the stupidest thing ever.  I just don’t know what to say to something as dumb as that.  If you have thoughts, put them in the comments section.  I’d love to hear it.

If you have gone through the agony of abortion, you are not alone. And it’s OKAY to talk about it. We can’t heal unless we help each other carry our burdens. I have finally carried that baggage to the foot of the cross and left it there. I have been forgiven. Not only has God forgiven me but he has blessed me far beyond measure with four more beautiful children. And he’s placed it in my heart to help fight for moms and babies. For anyone out there that has suffered in silence, that has carried this burden on their back ashamed of the choice they made, please know you are NOT alone.

Finally!  The end of the article.  You know, it’s so easy for these Christian zealots to vilify Planed Parenthood.  They make such as easy mark.  Doing the hard stuff.  They give women affordable birth control.  They do affordable STD examination.  They do pregnancy tests.  They do so many services, and all trying to make it easier for women who are in a bad financial situation to take care of themselves, and you all have to make them into some kind of evil bastards.  You all suck!  This article is dumb!  And that’s all I have to say.

Until next time, a quote,

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”  – Harlan Ellison

Peace out,