Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Sexual Assault of Teenage Boys By Women is STILL Sexual Assault!

Why is this an unpopular opinion?  I honestly couldn’t tell you.  For whatever reason, society at large seems to believe that when a story comes out about a teenage boy being exploited, sexually harassed, or outright the victim of statutory rape, that they are not the victim, and instead should be happy about it.  EVERY SINGLE article that comes out when a woman (specifically a hot women) lusts after or acts on that lust with a teenage boy, the comments section is a litany of people (mostly men) saying that the kid wanted it.  Wishing that they were getting sex when they were the kid’s age.  It never fails to piss me off.

Just recently, a woman at the front of a Netflix kid’s series called Twelve Forever had a series of Tumblr posts and Tweets where she openly admitted to lusting after, stalking, and outright trying to pursue teenage boys come out.  Thankfully, Netflix took immediate action when this woman was outed as a fucking pedophile and fired her ass.  Good.  I hope that her sick lusting need for underage boys follows her the rest of her life and effectively destroys her career.  If there is one group of people who I have ZERO sympathy for, it’s pedophiles.  Fuck them.  Especially the ones who go to Tumblr bragging about it, like that sick bitch did.  She’s a sexual predator, and if you read the archived Tumblr posts, it’s pretty disgusting.

What’s interesting about this is that the reaction to all this is pretty quiet.  Not hard to see why.  She’s a woman who dyes her hair a color not found in nature, and created a show that as I am to understand has been reasonably popular on Netflix with the future of its production in question.  But there are those who have come to her defense.  Saw one where a dude laid out a case where all he wanted as a young man was to have sex with a woman, and how teenage boys try to get with girls who are older than them all the time, so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that this woman is a sexual predator.  By her own admission, she has stalked boys she likes, and goes out of her way to try and get their attention.  In one of the Tumblr posts, she outright wished that the mother was not with the kid, because then she would have tried to take it much farther.  The kid in question was allegedly 14 years old!  That’s what she said, so we can’t be sure of the authenticity of that number.  Still, taking this at face value, that means he’s underage, you sick fuck!  She’s a skinny, reasonably attractive woman.  No grown men whose cock you can jump on?  It has to be some teenage boy that you met at a carnival?  Fucking sick cunt.

I try and rationalize where this mentality comes from.  Probably from men who were lonely as teenage boys, and had some girl or some person in authority that they were secretly lusting after, but couldn’t get what they wanted.  Now, all these years later, they hear about some kid who got with some hot chick who is an adult and they think back to that and feel that little sting of resentment.  So when the news talks about them as what they are – sexual predators – they feel like it’s wrong because that’s what they wanted as a kid.  Their sad, lonely teenage years coming back all these years later.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of stories about how boys are exploited by authority figures, like that woman who convinced teenage boys to let her blow them.  So many male white knights talking about how they wish it was them.  And the reality that some of those boys were scarred for life, all while being told to suck it up because boys can’t get raped.  That they wanted it.  Because all the teenage boy’s mind is on is sex, right?  Regardless of from who or why?

This attitude sickens me.  I genuinely try to understand where it comes from, but it just eludes me.  Maybe years of everyone saying that all men want is sex and only think with their penises.  Maybe men who wish they were the ones who got fucked.  Who knows.  What I do know is that people who think this way piss me off.  It’s people who have never been in this situation.  Who have no frame of reference to begin to understand what that’s like.  And because empathy is this thing society talks about but doesn’t actually feel, here we are.

And to Julie Vickerman, happy trails, you sexual predator cunt.  I don’t feel bad for the fact that your career is over.

Until next time, a quote,

“Without a doubt, fear is a currency.” – James Spader

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Picard Looks Stupid

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Trekkie.  I have loved so much from this universe.  My favorite of the original series movies is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.  The way they bring the narrative of the original crew to a wrap is just perfect.  Kirk has his hatred of the Klingons introduced in III brought to a resolution.  Spock has his conflict with the dueling parts of his nature (the human and vulcan) finally brought to a resolution as he realizes that even his species is capable of horrible treachery.  And Sulu has command of his ship and is starting his own adventure.  It’s great stuff.

My favorite series is, without a doubt, The Next Generation.  The first two seasons were definitely rough.  Same with my second-favorite series, Voyager.  And just like Voyager, by the third season it really picks up its stride.  That’s when the series becomes one of the greatest pieces of science fiction of all time.  The series has great characters, great character growth over the course of it, and it ends on a perfect note.  The last episode of The Next Generation is pretty great.  Picard finds out that he is inevitably going to have an incurable illness and the crew will grow apart.  However, after he is able to go back in time, he decides that because he can see what’s coming, he is going to make the most out of every day he can.  He shares a kiss with Crusher, and the look on his face is just fantastic.  Like he just had a dream come true.  Then, it all ends with him going to the weekly poker game the crew has and him being told that he was always allowed to come to the game.  Now he doesn’t have to be professionally distant with his crew.  He’s reached the point that they can be more than his underlings, but also his friends.

So when I heard that there is a new series coming out with Patrick Stewart back as the titular character, I was thinking – why?  What more could they do with the character?  It doesn’t help that Star Trek: Discovery sucked.  It sucked so bad.  It was spitting on the very concept of being a Star Trek series.  As underwhelming as Enterprise was, at the very least it felt like a series that belonged in this mythos.  Discovery was basically an action series, with some science stuff sprinkled about so they can pretend that they are doing this series justice.  Remember in the old series, when they would have complicated problems that involved people sitting in rooms and talking?  And then people talking to other people about the things they talked about?  Yeah, that was good stuff, because we liked these characters and they didn’t have the budget for huge set-pieces.  The limitations of being a show made it better.

The trailer for it finally dropped, and I gotta say – this looks like shit.  For starters, Patrick Stewart doesn’t look or sound ANYTHING like his old character.  He sounds like a confused old man.  What happened to his relationship with Beverly?  If he’s getting back in the action, you don’t think that Riker or any of his old crew would rally to him?  And the trailer makes this series look like another action flick with science stuff sprinkled in there so they can pretend that this belongs there.  We have some new chick character who is super duper tough for no reason.  Who is she?  I don’t know, and given how often I see this archetype these days, I don’t really care.  She made me think of the main chick character in Rogue One.  And we all remember how amazing and great that movie was, don’t we?

This trailer made me think of the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies.  The iconic sets we grew to know and love are gone, replaced with CG abortion.  Everything is so glossy and digitally enhanced that it doesn’t look like anything real is happening with real people.  Why does Picard look so confused?  Is this the illness from the original series?  Okay, that’s cool and all, but could you explain that?  He’s supposed to be getting back in the saddle, but if he is infected and suffering the effects of the illness we closed out the original series with, then don’t you think that he wouldn’t be in the shape he would need to be to command again?

Oh, and don’t get me started on the TERRIBLE fan service we are given.  Seven of Nine is back!  Except, her quirky mannerisms from being a Borg drone are gone.  I like that they don’t have her in that terrible catsuit anymore.  I always contended that she was sexier in uniform.  Now it just looks like Jeri Ryan playing herself.  We have a Borg cube being repaired.  Neat, I guess.  Then we close out the video with a cameo of Data.  Wow.  That looked so terrible.  The amount of CG needed to make Brent Spiner look like he fits that character made the whole thing just look terrible.  That was even worse than the Admiral from Rogue One.  I can’t believe how bad that looked.  Why did they do this?

Right – because they want to make the fanboys/girls cum in their pants.  I am so fucking done with all this nostalgia crap.  Never have I hated nostalgia more than when I watch Hollywood and the entire industry connected to it milk it for all its worth.  Meanwhile, they take one of my favorite characters and stick him in something he was never meant to be in from the beginning.  A CG-tastic action series with nostalgia fuel to make the sad lonely Trekkies cum in their pants.  If you can like this, good for you, but I think what I saw looked terrible.

Until next time, a quote,

“When I want my Star Trek fix, I watch The Orville.” – Mike Stoklasa

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Gaming Culture Needs to Change, for the Devs’ Sake

I’m sure you all read the stories that came out about how Rockstar has been working their staff to verifiably insane degrees.  100 hour work weeks is ridiculous.  A 60 hour work week is already bananas, but now add another full work week to that.  No rational person can handle that.  But the worst part is that this is nothing new.  Horror stories coming out of EA are old news by this point.  Same with Ubisoft.  In fact, it is a known fact within the gaming industry that there are very few companies that don’t engage in this sort of behavior.  It’s a tragedy, really.  And it’s because of this that I think there needs to be some changes

It bugs me when I see in the comments on these articles that devs shouldn’t complain.  After all, they make big money, right?  So what if they are a little inconvenienced?  The rationale of people who have never had that level of crunch before.  I used to work retail.  At Target.  The management there was shit, so at the end of EVERY SINGLE DAY, we were out late.  Why?  Because we would have to work overtime in order to get all the shit that needed to be finished done.  All because management didn’t know how to handle people.  It sucked the life out of us when each and every night we are getting out almost an hour late.  It’s long about midnight when we are heading home.  Now I imagine that feeling, seven days a week, where you work 16 hour days.  No sane person can live that way.

But why does gaming culture need to change?  What did we do?  I mean, isn’t this a thing where the people involved need to unionize or the government needs to have stricter regulations?  Sure, those things do need to happen.  However, there is a deeper cause that people aren’t seeming to see.  It is a problem that goes beyond the gamers who are part of it.  There is a corporate problem.  So don’t think I’m pointing the fingers at gamers specifically.  The entire industry needs a shift, and soon.

This problem comes from the hype cycle.  The yearly release cycle.  Gamers get so rabid for new released.  I’m guilty of this as well.  I have been hanging on every piece of news that comes out about Cyberpunk 2077.  I am one of the people who believes the theory going around that the game is going to be released in 2019.  Especially since the devs say they have worked overtime to optimize the game to current consoles.  They have made very clear that as amazing as that gameplay trailer looked, it did so on tech that current consoles can handle.  It was a huge news story where they said they aren’t shooting for a next-gen release.  That and some of the bits about leaked info, I am reasonably certain.

That being said, if Cyberpunk 2077 did come out in 2020, as much as that would be a bit of a bummer for me, I’d be okay with it.  If it means that the devs could have a working life that doesn’t push them to these extremes, I would be perfectly fine with it.  In fact, when I get news that a game I want is being pushed back, that generally makes me happy, because it means the devs are doing their best to make sure everything is done well and it is the best it can be.

A sentiment that cannot be seen among the rest of gaming culture.  For example, if Rockstar had come out and said that Red Dead Redemption II had to be delayed for months or even longer in order to not have to crunch like this, what do you think the reaction would be?  It would be outrage.  Fan rage would be everywhere.  Shit-posts left and right.  People saying that the devs shouldn’t complain so much.  You know I’m right.

When I started this, I said that gamers aren’t the only ones to blame for this, and I wasn’t lying.  The truth is that the publishers are too.  Not only do huge corporations set hard deadlines that push people, but they also make the hype culture go out of control.  A lot of people blame Bioware for the end of Mass Effect 3 being as bad as it is, but the reality is that that had less to do with them and more to do with EA setting a hard deadline to when the game had to be released.  So they just cut corners and used the first draft of the ending written by some rando dude.  This story isn’t new.

There is something to be said for how Bethesda does thing. Typically, they don’t even announce games until they are almost ready, and when they are reasonably certain that this is when they will be ready.  It’s a good strategy.  Instead of dragging the hype cycle out, they can concentrate it into something that is damn-near orgasmic.  It’s impressive, to say the least.  Even if I don’t like all their game, their strategy of giving devs time to work without taxing them, waiting until they know it’s gonna be ready in time, that’s the right approach.

But these companies also like to get the hype train rolling too. They want to get gamers salivating and putting in those pre-orders.  That’s how the money gets made.  It works.  It really does.  I have been guilty of buying into it myself.  I like to think that I’m more stable about this stuff now, but like I said, I hang on all the news that comes out about Cyberpunk 2077.  It’s addicting.  Especially when I know that the developer has a pedigree for quality that I can tell they aren’t shying away from now.

All of this being said, there does need to be a change.  Gaming culture is becoming unsustainable.  We need to start treating these developers like human beings and having human expectations for them.  I guarantee, it would see the industry be better for it, even if games took longer to make.  We can afford for them to take the time.

Until next time, a quote,

“Got the chrome in the bloodstream
Got a hot red metal soul,
I’m out looking for action,
Guess I’m on a roll.” – Johnny Silverhand, Cyberpunk 2077

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: This Trans Actor Debate is Stupid

I am getting so tired of how every stupid thing these days is some big cultural issue that for some reason, people believe I need to feel strongly about.  I remember when the Ghostbusters reboot was coming out, and everyone was screaming about “woman power!” and I couldn’t have cared less.  It was all such bullshit in my eyes.  Then there was Black Panther, where the Internet was all in arms about how this was some huge breakthrough for black people and it was a revolution in Hollywood.  Never mind that the actual film was generic and boring, while another film starring a black cast talking about a much stickier issue came out and these people were dead silent.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  It’s called Moonlight.  A movie talking about being black and being gay.  Given the homophobia in the black community, that film was much more audacious piece of work.

But as is always the case, when it’s some big Hollywood film, it’s a huge cultural battlefield.  When it’s a smaller film that is made 1000X better, it gets totally ignored.  That’s the fate of the aforementioned film.  And speaking of woman power, there was the film in February, Annihilation.  Starring five interesting women and being a smart science fiction film.  Not to mention having a scene that scared the living shit out of me.  It’s good stuff.  Nobody said a word about that.

Which brings us to now.  It was recently announced that there would a biopic about a transgender activist with Scarlett Johansson in the starring role.  Of course, the Internet busy-bodies are all over yelling.  Why?  Because she’s not trans.  And they think only a trans actress should play this role.  For fuck’s sake.  I’m gonna need a specific example for the point I’m about to make, and thankfully, I have one.

How many of you have seen the film Boys Don’t Cry?  It starred Hilary Swank and was a story about a trans man who was beaten, raped, and eventually murdered because of their transgender identity.  It was a really good movie.  Swank brought that character to life for all of the good sides of him and the bad ones.  Brandon Teena was not a perfect person, and the film didn’t shy away from that.  It was good that they didn’t, because it makes his inevitable murder all the more tragic.

I’ve heard this song and dance before.  I forget what the movie was, but there was some film about gay people that starred a straight person, and all of them were up in arms about the whole thing.  Everybody lost their collective shit, and I didn’t care then just like I don’t care now.  Because my point in all of this is simple – I would rather have a good actor/actress play a role than a bad one.  There is a vast plethora of movies that show that Johansson is an extremely talented actress.  Can you find me a trans actress who has the same chops?  If so, fantastic.  If not, shut the fuck up.

And for those who say “this is erasing the trans identity from this role,” please fuck off.  Why is it that you would be just fine with a film made worse by a mediocre or outright bad actress instead of a film that shows you all in a light that looks better because of a proven performer?  I genuinely don’t get this.  I mean, it’s not like some crap has been made that markets a trans actress as their headliner only for what they created the fucking suck, right…?

Instead of seeing this as an opportunity to bring a community to life in a good way with a proven actress, the way Sean Penn did with Milk, you all have to bitch and moan about stupid bullshit.  You have a chance to be noticed in a bigger way, to a wider audience, maybe help people empathize with your community more.  But no!  Let’s complain about who is in the fucking movie.  Because that’s the way to get things done.

I am getting so tired of the SJW community bitching and complaining about every stupid fucking thing, all so they can get their good-boy/girl brownie points and have everyone knowing how “woke” they are.  What they fail to understand is that all of this bitching won’t help their community get represented.  In fact, it’s likely to have the opposite effect.  Why?  Because if all they are going to do is berate and complain and moan at creators who are trying to get them noticed, you know what those creators are going to do?  Stop making films about them.  Because they won’t want to deal with the backlash.

See, Hollywood doesn’t actually give a shit about you and your community.  Actors and actresses and even some directors might, but the industry itself doesn’t.  They care about money.  They will preach the SJW line as long as it makes them money.  But it’s not anymore.  People are getting tired of it.  It’s why The Last Jedi and Solo were such flops.  Films with bad writing, piss-poor characters, and needing to shoe-horn in SJW preaching.  People are starting to get bored with this, and I can’t blame them.  It’s tiresome.  All of the hand-wringing and everyone arguing.  It’s why I have been unsubscribing from more and more anti-SJW YouTubers I followed.  I just don’t give a shit anymore.

To trans people, if you can’t see why your hand-wringing on this bullshit is not doing you any favors, then when my eventuality comes to pass, you will have no one but yourselves to blame.  Good luck with that.

Until next time, a quote,

“Welcome to the new age – Gen Zed.  Where we hustle people.  Where we blind-side them with bullshit, and use inclusivity and diversity as a smokescreen, while we sell them $25 t-shirts.  Where we hype up that we have a trans actress, like that means anything.  Like that’s important.  Like the show is better or worse because of it.” – Mister Metokur

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Maxine Waters Conduct is Dangerous

It’s strange to see the face of modern politics in this country.  I remember George Bush II being an idiot who got our nation into two quagmire wars and whose tax cuts absolutely blasted the deficit along with those wars.  It was a disastrous presidency that had his approval ratings in the tank by the time he left office.  To say nothing for his ability to make a speech.  In his final year, listening to Bush talk was so garbled that it was kind of amazing.  But you know what I never saw?  I never saw his staff members being kicked out of restaurants, harassed at their homes.  I never saw politicians calling for this.

We didn’t even see it under Obama.  Hell, he got himself a hug from a conservative restaurant owner when he went there.  That was kinda touching.  But we didn’t see what we see today.  And as far as I’m concerned, it’s dangerous.  It’s genuinely frightening to see this sort of thing happening during a time when this country is at a crossroads.  What makes the whole thing frustrating to me is that I seem to be the only one who sees it.

There is a thing called the escalation of force.  It’s a military concept.  You bring in a new weapon, your enemy finds a way to get past it or to get a weapon of their own that can take you out.  You bring in gunships, they get anti-aircraft weapons.  It always happens.  Now we have a politician actively telling people that they need to make life miserable for those she disagrees with.  That they need to attack them in any way they can.  She even said that she has God on her side!

More than anything, that is what frightens me.  The moment that you have people start talking about religion, that’s when you see blood start to flow.  George Carlin has a great quote about this –

Millions of dead mother-fuckers, all because they gave the wrong answer to ‘the God question.’  You believe in God?  No. Dead!  You believe in God?  Yes.  You believe in my God? No. Dead!  My God has a bigger dick than your God!

This woman has said that she has God on her side, with a ton of people there cheering for her.  That should frighten people, but it doesn’t seem to be.  Sure, the conservatives bitch and moan, but what the fuck else is new.  The left’s silence on this issue is deafening.

Not to mention – it’s so ironic that we have all these atheists mocking conservative morons who invoke their deity, yet this woman is getting radio silence.  How the fuck does she know that Gawd is real?  How does she know that he is on her side?  I’m sure she will quote the line about Jesus telling the kids to “come unto him” (giggity, if that’s what you’re into.  Freaks), but will leave out the bit where God commanded a bear to kill 42 children who insulted one of his prophets.  The left has a real gift at believing at the New Testament magically erased the Old Testament, even though nowhere did Jesus say that.  Hell, he said that he came to fulfill the law, not abolish it.  Where are the atheists taking this religious zealot to task?  Just a little question I have.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about what this could potentially mean.  Now that we are deciding to draw the battle lines to this point, I can tell you exactly what is going to happen next – escalation.  Because what she said wasn’t a call to violence, but it was so close to that, to the point that it cannot be ignored.  Now we are going to have conservatives talking about retribution.  We’ve moved political discourse in this country to the point that we are actively encouraging vigilantism against people in government.  What does it end?  Do you have an answer?  Can you speak for the rest of the left who was cheering her speech on that day?

The left immediately runs to – they are the ones that abandoned civility before us!  Oh really?  Like I said, outside of the government itself, where was this while Obama was in office?  Where were political officials calling on people to disrupt the lives and attack those in his administration.  “But Lucien, look at how Trump treat people!”  He is a moron on Twitter, dumb-shits!  He spends his days bitching about people on Twitter.  That is a far cry from what this woman is doing.

And if you think that this won’t escalate, you’re idiots.  What this woman has done is laid the ground work for violence in the streets.  We’ve already seen Milo Yiannopoulos saying that we need to start murdering journalists.  Where does this all end?!  The left was always the party saying that we aren’t as bad as the people we condemn.  We are better than them and don’t stoop to their level.  Turns out that now we’ve hit a new low.  INstead of rising above it, we stooped down to it.  That’s not a good look for us.

As for you, Maxine, just you wait.  As soon as the pendulum turns (as it always fucking does in America), and the show is on the other foot, you might find yourself on the receiving end, wondering where you went wrong.  Or, worse still, the fighting in the streets just gets worse and worse, until we finally do have that civil war that morons like Alex Jones talk about.

I don’t like Trump.  I think he’s a fucking idiot.  But shit like this is what gets us to a very bad place as a country.  I can’t be the only one who sees that.  That woman is fucking nuts, and anyone who can’t see it is fucking brainwashed.

Until next time, a quote,

“For thousands of years!  Thousands of years, and all the best wars too!  The bloodiest, most brutal wars ever fought, all based off of religious hatred.” – George Carlin

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Boogie2988’s Ideas About Gradual Social Change are Dumb

I was recently made aware of the YouTuber Boogie2988 talking about how the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states is wrong because, as he see it, the change that happens should be a gradual thing.  I couldn’t possibly think that that is more wrong.  This idea that we should be waiting 20 years of 10 years to get what the majority ALREADY think should have been done is just asinine.  That’s the whole reason we got here.  The majority of people were on the side of legalizing gay marriage.  It’s how the issue got brought before the Supreme Court in the first place.

The issue with gay marriage is being mirrored, interestingly enough, with marijuana.  More and more states are legalizing, and as more states do, the government is seeing how much money there is to be made.  It’s insane.  The amount of green that is changing hands, both smoking and financially, is staggering.  As the government sees the tide of public opinion turning, this issue will be next.  But Boogie doesn’t see things that way.  Why?  Because there is backlash against it.  Well so fucking what, Boogie?  Yeah, when the law of the land changes, you have assholes who resent that.

It’s been that way with ending Jim Crow.  It was that way with ending slavery in this country.  Hell, we had a Civil War over that.  It was that way when we gave women the rights over their own bodies.  A battle that has not stopped to this day!  Are you saying that women who want to get an abortion should have to have their right to do so in all 50 states delayed by 10 or 20 years so that people are more open to it?  No, Boogie!  Sometimes, when the public is fucking dumb (as the public so often is), you need the rational voices to tell them “no!  You don’t get to enforce your bigotry over them!  You have to get with the fucking times, you backwards morons!”  I am not unaware of the fact that LGBT people potentially being assaulted or killed because of those people is sad.  But that’s the cost of progress, Boogie.  I have a great line to close this out with about that, but we’ll get there when we get there.

After the backlash that was pretty ugly, he came out to clarify his statements, and kind of double-down on them.  He said that he doesn’t think that “oppressed people should have to wait to turn the hearts and minds of their oppressors, even if they are killed in the process” and that he wishes that people could see the cause they die for instead of having to die for it.

Boogie, I have a friend who is in the Navy.  She’s dear to my heart, and it would sadden me more than you will know if she died.  But here’s the thing about anytime someone takes up a gun or joins the service to a nation or a cause – there is a chance that you will give your life for that and die for nothing.  Your nation might fail or fall.  Your cause might be destroyed and everyone who believed in it erased from history.  That’s the risk you take by choosing to fight for an idea or a nation you believe is worth fighting for.  It’s a risk that those who truly value that are willing to take.  Now here you are, standing in judgment of those people, saying that they shouldn’t die for a cause but instead be alive because you think so.

It’s interesting that earlier you brought up Nazis.  Let’s take a look at that.  Not the modern incarnation of the word that has lost ALL meaning thanks to its rampant misuse for everyone who doesn’t agree with the SJW mindset being called such.  Let’s look at the actual people in the regime of Nazi Germany.  You say not to negotiate with them on their terms.  Well, in a way, that’s what happened.  The Allies realized that we couldn’t negotiate with the Nazi regime, so we had to go to war with them.  How many British, French, African, and American men died, never seeing that cause come to fruition?  Does that invalidate what they fought for?  By your own statement, that seems to be what you think.  And that’s kind of insulting.

Not only that, but there are plenty of men who served in the military in Nazi Germany who didn’t agree with the beliefs of the nation, but had no choice but to serve (lest them and their families be disappeared).  They fought as hard as they could for a cause that wasn’t just, but for which they had no choice in the matter.  It was fight or have them and their loved ones be killed.  When Nazi Germany was defeated, rightfully, those who died for their cause died for nothing.  No matter how much they were not in favor of the regime and their ideas, those people died for nothing.  Or those who fought for Soviet Union in Afghanistan and died.  Or those who fought in Vietnam.  After all, we lost that war.  One could make the argument that they died for nothing.

The willingness to fight for what you believe in and be willing to give your life for that cause because you believe it to be just is now something to be saddening in your eyes.  That is so insulting to me.  You even say that you think its illogical to die for something rather than “be patient and wait for it.”  Oh really?  Tell that to the black men and women who couldn’t vote because of racist southern literacy tests.  Tell that to women who died in back-alley abortions because it was illegal so it was underground.  There are those who die waiting for the right thing to be done, while people like you say to wait.

During the final years before Roe v Wade, when more and more doctors were risking their reputations, careers, and freedom to give women safe abortions, there were those who made the argument that these people are helping keep it illegal because not enough people are dying.  If there was a higher body count, maybe that would tip the issue.  Thankfully, it didn’t come to that.  Because the Supreme Court interpreted our Constitution to say that women have the rights over their bodies, so abortion should be legal.  If those people had taken your advice, we wouldn’t have waited 10 years or 20 years.  We’d still be waiting now!  Because to this day, the argument has not stopped.  To this day, we still have ignorant pieces of shit in the religious-right telling women what to do with their bodies.  Abortion doctors get murdered to this day.  How long should we keep waiting for this issue?

I don’t think you’re a bad guy.  It seems like your heart’s in the right place, but overall, I think your opinion is asinine and ignorant of history.  But as always, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  I guarantee that plenty of people thought like you through all of the issues I raised in refutation, and each and every one of them is wrong.

Until next time, a quote,

“Gentlemen, progress has never been a bargain.  You have to pay for it.” – Henry Drummond, Inherit the Wind

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: There is NOTHING Wrong with Child Abuse in a Video Game

My most anticipated game of 2018 (list coming out this month) Detroit: Become Human is coming under fire right now for a trailer in which the first character we got to meet in the debut trailer is serving a drunk asshole, and is party to the beating of a child.  Here’s a link to the trailer so you can see for yourself.  It’s amazing.  It shows how you as the android are in a situation where you have to choose what you do in respect to this old drunk beating a girl that you have bonded with.  It’s a gripping scene.  Just like the last trailer which showed you negotiating with a malfunctioning android to save a little girl from a hostage situation (linked here).  There was also the trailer where you play as an android who is in charge of an android resistance and you have to make hard decisions about how violently or peacefully your revolution goes.  This game is all about making ethical decisions.

That’s what the trailer showcasing a domestic violence situation was trying to convey.  You, as both the character and the player, have to show that you can help this little girl from getting a beating.  You can try and manipulate the father, incapacitate him, or if all else fails, kill him.  I think it’s an amazing trailer and it has me so damn hyped for the game.  The likes to dislikes ratio reflects that other players are eager to see this as well.

But wouldn’t you know it, the moral busy-body squad has decided to make their voices heard.  Techraptor did a video on the affair, here’s a link to that.  See some of the quotes they found to justify this stupid reaction.  My favorite of which is the one where it says that this is never okay in a video game because this sort of thing happens to children all over the world.  No shit!  That’s kind of the point!  This video game is showcasing this in a game because it does happen in real life, and it is terrible.  This game NEVER frames what is potentially happening to that small child as a good thing.  As the robot, you want to protect her and take care of her.  It’s what you are tasked with doing.  That and the old drunk almost certainly forces that robot to do sexual thing.  I get the feeling that’s the kind of dude he is.  Ick.

This idea that we are never supposed to show morally uncomfortable things in entertainment baffles me.  Think of all the films that showcase morally questionable things that are lauded as cultural landmarks.  You have Blade Runner, with a morally questionable protagonist who forces himself on a fellow replicant.  It’s a disturbing scene for a reason.  You have the twisted kind of relationship that develops between Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs.  There is a police officer being forced to accept evil because there is no way to stop it and has her own gun held to her head by a man who is supposed to be the good guy in Sicario.  All three of these films are lauded as good pieces of filmmaking with morally uncomfortable things.

Meanwhile, a video game that has shown in three previous trailer that it is tackling some heavy issues has a scene where you have to find a way to protect a child from a drunk man and that’s the problem?  There was that idiot who said that showing it in a video game “normalizes” it.  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Yeah, because finding out that the character Billy in Xenogears was a child prostitute who let other men have their way with him to help his family normalized pedophilia, right?  Wait, Salon magazine is trying to do that.  I’m sorry, I got confused.

Here’s a little fact that I guess the “intellectual” buffoons who wrote these articles don’t seem to understand – art imitates life, not the other way around.  There are plenty of children who are the victims of abusive drunks.  My father’s old man was a severe alcoholic, and it was known that my own man was his favorite punching bag.  It’s why my father has such a huge disdain for people who drink in excess.  His history with alcoholism in his family has caused some tension in mine, but that’s a story you don’t need to know anymore about.

People who espouse this viewpoint are just as stupid as Anita Sarkeesian and Jack Thompson, who thought that video games teach sexism and violence, respectively.  There has never been any, ANY evidence that video games have such an affect on real life.  So now you are going to say that this game where the context (a word that these social justice ninnies hate to no end) shows that this is bad and you are compelled to stop it is going to teach gamers to beat their kids?!  How stupid are these people?!

I just love how a video game is being told to compromise its artistic integrity in order to satisfy the petty hangups of idiots who don’t get how real life works.  I guarantee that the people featured in the article Techraptor mentioned are so happy they got a chance to finally have their worldview featured in media.  Someone can listen to them rant about absolute bullshit that there hasn’t been a single piece of substantive evidence toward in the history of video games.  These are the same assholes who said that people need to accept the ending to Mass Effect 3 because it was that game’s artistic vision.  I swear, one day video game media is going to be self-aware.  It is going to happen.  I don’t know when, but they will someday realize just how far up their own butt-puckers they have buried their heads.

Thankfully, David Cage was taking none of this bullshit and put those idiots in their place.  Let a game creator have their vision.  It’s his to have.  He’s absolutely right.  What matters is context.  But don’t tell the people quoted in the articles that.  They said there is no good context.  Not only that, but it’s funny that we have a scene where a mob of androids can choose to mercilessly kill innocent people, and there’s no problem with that.  We have a scene where you save a little girl’s life and promise to help the girl’s captor, and then are party to that android who trusted you getting murdered.  No outrage there.  It’s only when the little girl is put in a situation that the game makes no secret is morally gray and now it’s wrong.

I have a word for these people – hypocrites.  Violence is only wrong when it’s against this group that I like.  These are the same people who say that women are never victims in games, yet then get outraged when a woman is killed in one.  These people are so two-faced that it hurts.  Might as well give them a coin.  It would be fitting.

Until next time, a quote,

“If these people didn’t have double-standards, they’d have no standards at all.” – TJ Kirk

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Video Games Should be More Expensive

This actually is an unpopular opinion among gamers.  But here is where I am coming from on this perspective – games should only be more expensive if it stops microtransactions.  Recent leaked info from EA has it that they are going to start pursuing more and more microtransactions.  After the fiasco with Battlefront II, some people are speculating if Disney is going to pull the license from them.  It took a literal phone call from Disney to get them to take the loot boxes (temporarily) out of the game.  They will be coming back later, it’s almost a guarantee.  Leaked audio from a former EA CEO showed that this is the path they want to follow.  To Hell with the consumer, let’s make video games a money factory that can push their consumers until they squeeze every dime out of them.

I am never buying another EA game.  That’s a fact.  You vote with your wallet, and my wallet is saying that I will NOT give this company my capital when all their games are multiplayer games that can integrate microtransactions.  Nope.  Anyone who gives this company, or Ubisoft, or Capcom your money, this is the mentality that you’re endorsing.  I won’t. I refuse.  For the same reason that I am not spending $60 per episode of an episodic release of the Final Fantasy VII remake.  Nope.  If they won’t sell a game in a complete version and will make me pay a total of $180 to get the entire package, then I’m just not going to buy it.  I’ll wait until a cheap complete version is out that I can get on Amazon.

So some of you may be wondering why I don’t have a problem with games costing more.  All of what is happening right now is indicative of gaming having an issue – it’s too expensive to make games anymore.  Clearly, the market is such that games are now so expensive to make that if there is not some massive influx of capital, the market crashes.  Some people are saying that that’s fine.  Part of me wants to agree.  But I see another option.  The whole deal with microtransactions evolved because the gaming industry has gotten so massive, budgets so bloated, and the hardware so expensive to make.  Everything points to gaming just having gotten too big.  Maybe it’s a sign that we need more AA games that have cheaper budgets, skimp on some of the bells and whistles, and can stand to not be major hits.  That’s another thing.

But I think that we all need to accept that gaming is going to get more and more expensive as time goes on.  Since that’s the case, for a AAA game, I think we need to accept that they need to get more expensive.  If we don’t want microtransactions, which I most authoritatively don’t, then there needs to be something that gives to offset the cost.  To me, that would be a hike on prices of AAA games.  I honestly don’t mind spending an extra $10 or $20 if it means no more of this microtransaction bullshit.  If DLC that isn’t major story expansions can be free.

Look, I get it that people aren’t made of money.  I’m not either.  I have to make hard choices about getting games.  I only get a couple new games a year.  If that.  This year has been pretty quiet, so the only games that I got brand new were Horizon: Zero Dawn and Persona 5.  Both of which were absolutely amazing and showed that AAA games can be single-player only without all the bullshit and still be massively successful.  One of those games is going to be my game of the year.  It’s been pretty cool.  Next year looks to have a lot of major hits, and I am curious to see where it goes from there.

Modern gamers are people in their late-20’s to early-30’s.  We have thin budgets and have to be frugal.  I am not unsympathetic to this.  But AAA gaming is getting more and more expensive.  That’s a fact.  If we are going to avoid all the microtransaction nonsense, then we have to find a way to offset that cost.  Some gamers and game critics argue that the $60 price tag alone is enough.  I know that’s not true.  With the true cost of developing, marketing, and porting games to various platforms, at the end of the day the cost just keeps going up and up.

Now this isn’t a fool-proof solution.  All of this microtransaction stuff also does reek of corporations seeing a new medium to exploit.  There’s no arguing that.  But where you all see anger, I see anger and decisions that have to be made, if gaming is to survive.  There is a crash coming.  It won’t be as bad as some people think.  Gaming is too big for that to happen.  But there will be a crash.  If nothing else of at least the AAA market with companies who are hedging all of their bets on stuff like microtransactions.  These companies all seem to think that they can bilk their consumers more and more of this sort of thing and it won’t have any consequences.  The reality is that gamers are starting to have enough.  EA just had what was supposed to be their high-end release of the winter blow up in their face.  Their stocks took a major hit.  It hurt them.  Disney is now tightening their leash on them because their business and the Star Wars brand could potentially be damaged by their greed.

A lot of things need to happen, and I would love to have a discussion about whether or not the path I am on is the right one.  However, if we can get companies like EA to stop with this nonsense by being willing to pay a little more for AAA games, I don’t think that is too dear a price to pay.  And maybe this can have Square Enix not wanting to sell their most-anticipated remake ever as a stupid episodic game where each episode is sixty fucking dollars.  That’s madness.

Until next time, a quote,

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” – Edward Abbey

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: I Find the Hollywood Sex Scandal Stuff Fascinating

I really do.  Watching Hollywood eat itself is just beautiful, to me.  In my eyes, it’s like watching a really bad train wreck.  You realize it’s horrifying and causing untold amounts of destruction, but you can’t look away.  As more and more is coming out, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  What do I mean?  Let me elaborate.

By the other shoe, I mean for someone really huge to be implicated in all this.  I’m talking about someone like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron.  I’m waiting for their dirty laundry to come out and blow up all over the Internet.  At which point, I get to sit back and embrace the madness.  And I really will.  It will be a thing of beauty beyond comprehension. Perhaps you are confused by that.  It’s really simple – Hollywood is in desperate need of this.

It’s no secret that I am kind of bored with movies lately.  It’s all shit we’ve seen before.  The MCU is looking to wrap up, and good on that.  After it’s all said and done, we can look back and see which films are truly standout examples of good superhero cinema and which ones are just boring dreck.  Meanwhile, what else is big?  Oh, right, we have DCEU, with one good film to date.  One.  Batman v Superman was stupid, Suicide Squad was boring, and Man of Steel should have been named Man of Product Placement and Superman Not Giving a Shit About People.  Universal tried to get in on this stupid cinematic universe nonsense with the “Dark Universe.”  Thankfully, that idea died in the womb.  20th Century Fox is taking real risks and making superhero films that are pushing limits and really going into dark places with hardcore violence.  Their latest big film is going to be a superhero horror film, which is unfortunately going to tank because it doesn’t have name recognition.  Which sucks because I find the concept intriguing.  Sony Pictures needs to die.  It just, needs to die.  Sell the rights to Spider-Man to Disney, because they seem to know how to treat this character.

You notice something about all those studios?  Their biggest projects lately are superhero films.  A genre that is getting really tired.  What else is big these days?  Oh, right, we have the boring, by-the-numbers Star Wars films that bring NOTHING original or interesting to the table aside from boring, soulless, “empowered” female protagonists.  And once they are done with the latest boring trilogy, they have already said they are going to immediately start working on yet-another trilogy!  Oh boy!  Because if they can’t beat a horse that should have died 30 years ago, what else can Disney do?  A franchise that survives solely because Star Wars fans cum in their pants every time the Millennium Falcon is on screen.  Mr Repzion fucking cried over that.  That was the cringiest, funniest thing I have ever seen.  He fucking cried over blatant fan service.  It’s because of people like that that I don’t watch Star Wars films anymore.  Nor will I play Battlefront II: Loot Box Gambling Bullshit.

I’m honestly getting a little bored of Hollywood lately.  You have absolute masterpieces like Blade Runner 2049 tanking at the box office, while films like Star Wars: A New Hope Remix makes over a billion dollars.  So studios aren’t going to change course or take risks.  It’s just devolving more and more into big films that are guaranteed to make a shit-ton of money, even if they are boring.  Because that’s what the retarded American public wants, apparently.

So I genuinely hope that the next big scandal is so massive that it rips Hollywood open at the foundations and tanks the film industry for a while.  Then it can rebuild and we can get smaller budgeted films with neat ideas because the public will finally realize that we got boring crap for so long because we allowed it to get this way.  We need to rip this problem up by the root!  I want the film industry to suffer for a while.  While it gets to drain the poison from itself, we can get rid of some of the boredom.  Maybe we can knock Disney down a few pegs and actually convince that evil fucking corporation to try something new for a while.  A thought?  Maybe I am being too hopeful.

In any case, watching the septic tank that is Hollywood eating itself is no problem to me.  Fuck ’em.  What about you?  Let me know what you think in the Comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“The turians think they know a thing or two about a scorched earth response.  Fuck ’em.” – Jack, Mass Effect 2

Peace out,


Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Screw Trump, Let’s Talk About Hillary Instead

This actually is an unpopular opinion in the left-leaning circles of politics.  Recently, Donna Brazile dropped a political bomb in an article in The Washington Post.  Kyle Kulinski did a great breakdown of it (linked here), and it really blew the lid and vindicated a fuck-ton of people who had been saying that the primary was rigged and the entire party is dirty.  While this in no way make Brazile clean, it certainly does have a lot of people who were the “Bernie bros” or any number of terms for those who didn’t kiss Hillary Clinton’s ring rightfully pissed.

At this point, everything people said about the primary having been rigged against Bernie has been 100% vindicated.  We now know that Hillary had rigged the election against Bernie Sanders and has the entire party in her back pocket.  Now everyone who said that the reason Trump won is because the party decided to back the wrong horse was proven right.  The reaction across the Internet has been venomous, to say the least.  Hillary had been talking about another run in 2020.  I genuinely want to see how she could possibly do that.  Her entire candidacy is dead.  The party she stands with has lost all ethical ground on which to stand.  It’s integrity is GONE.

It’s interesting.  One of the things in Brazile’s disclosure was that Bernie was told about all of this.  And his reaction was, “what’s the damage?”  In other words, he chose to ask how bad this was, instead of being mad about it, which he had every right to be.  He’s already said he wants to make another run in 2020.  I cannot stress enough how much we need this.  He should be more invigorated now than ever before.  With the WikiLeaks documents and Brazile’s confessed information, we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was screwed out of a primary and he needs redemption.  Would be hilarious to see Hillary on stage against him again.  He would take Brazile’s confession and beat her death with it.  Groj knows, that bitch deserves it.

But what interests me is how the corporate left is responding.  I’ve seen posts all over Facebook and Twitter from those who kiss the corporate-left ring trying in any way they can to mitigate the damage.  My personal favorite is from a woman on Facebook who posts to her page, “Who cares what happened then?!  We need to focus on stopping Trump!”  To which I genuinely reply – no.  Let’s not.  Instead, let’s talk about the fact that an entire election was rigged and an entire party is corrupt.  Yeah, let’s talk about that for a little while.

Here’s the thing – you all wanna talk about defeating Trump?  Okay, who do you think is gonna stand against him?  The Democratic candidate.  And now that we know the party is corrupt and doesn’t give two fucks about the people they’re supposed to serve and only care about the money, who do you think is going to vote for them?  You think Hillary’s numbers were abysmal in this last election?  If the party decides to shill for her again and she wins, her numbers in the next election would be virtually non-existent, with Bill Maher desperately having to plead on his decrepit knees for people to vote for her.

Yeah, let’s talk about Bill Maher for a second.  Hey Bill, remember when you told all the Sanders supporters “fuck you” for sticking to principal rather than just giving in and towing the line?  Yeah, how about fuck you!  How about fuck you and the fact that you’re a corporate fucking tool who we now have proof was bought and paid for with the rest of the media who kissed Hillary’s butt-pucker!  While you’re busy insulting the people who voted for Sanders who refused to vote for Hillary, we now have been completely and utterly vindicated in what we said and why we refused.  This is the reason Trump won, Bill!  It’s because your party is corrupt and now we know it!  You think that ANYONE is going to support a candidate like this in the next round?  I can’t honestly think of any corporate Democrats who they have left to run.  None of them look good, and the Justice Dems have already pledged that they are going to be fighting these people in their primaries.  The left has been galvanized to bring the Democratic Party to its knees and siphon out the corporate venom that has corrupted it.

I got no problem not focusing on the orange buffoon in the White House and focusing on this, because you know what, I have seen this shit before.  In my home state, I was involved with a political effort to help the LGBT community not face housing discrimination.  And when I saw the political process get subverted in front of me, and then subsequently saw nobody fighting for it, it pissed me off so much that I lost my ability to have political activism.  Now I am seeing democracy get subverted in front of me on a much grander scale.  This time I refuse to sit back and say nothing.  Or to allow these corporate tool Democrats to just sweep this under the rug with “but Trump is bad!”  Trump is a bad joke, but the punchline is that the reason he is in office is because our fair democracy was stolen away from us by a party that now is seen for the tools that they are.

So when Sanders decides to run again, I am all about supporting him.  Still think it would be great if he could have Tulsi Gabbard as his VP nominee.  She’s got years of military service, which would appeal to conservatives who had been behind the message of Bernie Sanders, and none of the political baggage.  Sanders could groom her to make her own run at the Presidency when he wins.  It’s time we take out the political trash.  Starting with Hillary fucking Clinton!

Until next time, a quote,

“We’re not gonna donate to the DNC!  We’re gonna take down the DNC!  We’re gonna take over the DNC.” – Kyle Kulinski

Peace out,