Discovering When Someone is a Foul Person (the strangeness of QUANTUM TV)

There is a fantastic piece of dialogue from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I just did post on a video that a salty AF gamer called QUANTUM TV did about Elden Ring, but as I posted that, some stuff found me about this guy and what an absolute piece of shit he is. I said in my post that I try and be nice to people, but man, some people just hit that button of “this guy is a piece of shit and needs to have every bad thing happen to him and have the most miserable life ever. It’s rare that I have these feelings, but let’s go through this guy’s Twitter account and really dive into what a scum-fuck he is.

First, he’s a VIRULENT homophobe. Not just in the whole idea of not liking them, but in a much deeper level of despising them that genuinely makes me sick. Especially now that I’ve essentially handed over my Twitter account to my gay girly-mate. Best decision ever. Between her messages to porn stars with cute comments, and my anti-corpo rants, our Twitter is like the most insane place. It’s great. She tabulated this guy’s stuff, and her message about him – “I am more manly and tough than he will ever be. This clown is such a piece of shit. Fuck him.” Here’s some proof –

He literally wishes for two women whose only sin is being in love to have been murdered in the Pulse nightclub shooting.  See all that Christian kindness that the church fosters?  See all that Christian love that people like this worthless slug exemplify.  I genuinely don’t get how liberals are able to get past the bigotry of the Bible, and especially the types of people that it inspires.  But we’re just getting started.

They deserve to die because they are “forcing” their lifestyle on you?  How?  Did two men kiss and now you want to kiss?  If so, then I got news for you, my African American – you’re gay!  How are you having anything forced on you?  Is there nothing else you can look at?  With countless channels on TV and streaming services online and YouTube videos to watch, you literally have anywhere else to look.  What the fuck is being forced on your disgusting, bigoted, piece of shit ass?

More of that Christian love.  Man, it makes me wonder what Jesus would think about you.  I could have swore there was something in that holy book that your pathetic, diminutive ass clings to about judging people.  Something about it being better that you don’t do it, lest you also be judged.  Drawing a blank.  It’ll come to me, I’m sure.

Oh boy.  He’s also a Biden stole the election nut.  Watching that madness was almost magical.  All the times that the right said that even if Trump loses, they would NEVER have the freakout that the left did when Trump was elected, and we got a smorgasbord of insanity to watch.

And he was also a denier of how bad COVID-19 is.  Well, with now almost 1 million dead from the virus (I’m sure he’s also one of those people who thinks that it’s all just a lies and a hoax and a conspiracy and any number of other things that are stupid, because this dude is clearly nuts), I’m so glad we had people like this clown, out on beaches.

Well, boi, I used specific examples of terrible things you have said all over this post.  But am I mad?  Honestly, not really.  You are just a strange, sad, pathetic little man.  You are so consumed by anger and bigotry and you have let people disagreeing with you about your Elden Ring review drive you to a false-flagging campaign that is almost certainly going to destroy your channel.  Maybe you can become the next Brett Keane.  Christ, am I dating myself with that reference?  Oh dear.

Until next time, a quote,

“What a strange person.” – Sir Galahad, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Peace out,


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