Lucien’s First Take: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – E3 2019

It’s a weird year.  A really, really weird year.  First we have Activision coming out with what looks to be the best Call of Duty in ages.  A reboot of the last time their games were good.  That looks to be exceptional.  Now we have EA stepping up to the plate, with a new single-player only Star Wars game.  When I saw the initial trailer, you can imagine that I was skeptical.  It’s EA, after all.  A company that is known for being the greediest of greedy money-grubbers in the gaming industry today.  I swore that I would never buy another EA game again.  They do have that coming, after all.  Especially with how they have treated this license that Disney gave them.  Battlefront II was trash.  Just outright trash.  Well, EA’s version of it, anyway.  A dumpster fire with microtransactions galore.  The game that has got Washington actually taking action against microtransactions.  The big companies are definitely feeling the heat.  All the good, I say.

So here we have EA putting out a gameplay demo for their latest game in the license, which is a third-person action-adventure game.  I was curious to see what this looked like.  Let’s take a look, then we’ll talk about it.

Whoa.  As I said, this has been a really weird year.  It seems that EA has done something with this license that actually looks cool.  I don’t know how to feel about this.  But as I said, let’s talk about it.

We start out with our main character on what appears to be a jungle planet.  Alright.  It looks beautiful.  The visuals in this game are incredible.  Kudos where they’re due for that.  We see that our character uses the Force to help solve platforming puzzles.  I like that.  After more platforming, it looks like our nameless Jedi is meeting up with the Rebellion.  Oh look, it’s Forrest Whittaker!  At least his character.  I’m assuming the same one from Rogue One.  At least he doesn’t sound nearly as cringe-y in this as he did in that.  For real, that was the worst performance by that actor that I’ve ever seen.  Here, he’s okay.  Giving us our mission – help destroy the empire base and liberate the slaves.  Alright.  I’m down with this.  I love the line this dude has when the Rebel leader says he needs his help.  That feels like something a young man would say.  This gameplay demo is growing on me.

It seems that we are on Kashyyk, the Wookie homeworld.  Now enslaved by the Empire.  Alright!  This place looks so fantastic.  I cannot state how amazing this demo looks.  It’s beautiful.  Now we begin the journey, and I kinda love that our character uses his lightsaber as a lamp.  That’s kinda cool.  From there it seems there’s the first bit of combat.  This is what’s gotten me hooked.  Every kid who grew up loving Star Wars wanted to swing a lightsaber around.  Here, it looks pretty natural.  This combat looks to be pretty big on timing, which is fine by me.  It seems you can also use the Force to stop an enemy and everything around them.  That’s rad as fuck.

After some more fighting in the base, we are introduced to a new enemy.  A trooper who appears to be trained specifically for combat with a Jedi.  Oh yeah.  This is what I’m talking about!  As the two are fighting, I can’t help but notice something.  It looks like there is a second bar that depletes as they fight, outside of health.  It makes me think back to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.  For enemies like this, I kinda like that.  Makes you have to play smart.  This dude hits hard, so that makes sense.  Can’t wait to see what kinds of boss fights this system leads to.

Heading into the base, I like that we get to see there are lots of kinds of enemies that we fight.  There is some nice banter between our nameless Jedi and his droid.  And then…oh no.  Giant spiders.  Why the fuck did it have to be giant spiders?!  After killing the ugly hellspawn, it seems you can go on a little detour and learn about the local wildlife.  Why one would want to learn about giant spiders is beyond me.  *shivers*  Speaking of, now we get to fight another really big giant spider!  And it’s up-close and personal.  So fucking gross.  Though we do get to see a cool execution.  That could be fun.

Something I noticed in the giant spider den – there’s an old separatist droid in there!  I’ve talked before about how little details and attention to them goes a long way with me, well that’s another one that does.  That’s kinda cool.  It also seems that you can have your droid scan stuff and get some flavor text out of it.  That’s also cool.  A little bit of universe building.  Gaming companies are getting better about doing this stuff, and to be honest, I like it.  One final little thing that’s just so cool – you can freeze a trooper and their laser blast, then force-pull them into their own attack.  That’s just adorable.  I love it.

Then we see this big purple beam of light, and the dude doesn’t step into it.  What is that?  Why did they avoid it?  I’m really confused.  I’m the kind of gamer that I want to see absolutely everything in a game.  This is no exception.  Is that some kind of level up port?  I notice that our character gets skill points.  So what is it?

We get into a room with a couple of distance troopers, some close-up ones, and one of these elite dudes.  This is hardcore!  A battle where you have to constantly keep an eye on your surroundings and then be smart with your usage of Force powers.  Growing on me more and more.

After taking the dudes out, it looks like that’s it for this mission.  You get into the prison area where the wookies are kept.  Time to save the day.  But just as we’re about to get it done, seems the Empire has one more trick up their sleeves – a droid that’s bigger, and clearly means business.  From there, we get a montage of fighting this droid, along with more Empire, then the title.

As I said at the start, this has been a weird year.  Activision stepping up in a way to win back people with their best development company.  Now EA is doing a single-player game with no microtransactions.  This is a weird, weird year.  Perhaps these companies are starting to feel the ground shaking under their feet.  With America looking to join other countries who have outlawed loot-boxes in games accessible to children, their big cash cow might be leaving.  What would that do to their bottom line?  EA might be in trouble.  Fear is compelling companies to take risks.  I like it.  And this game looks cool.  It comes out November 15th.  I’m gonna have to put this one on the Christmas list.  November is also when Kojima’s game comes out, and I dont’ have the money to go broke like that.

Initial Verdict
It’s a weird, weird year

Peace out,


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