“Transabled” People Disgust Me

In this wonderful “progressive” age, where every stupid lifestyle choice under the sun must be championed, it isn’t often that stuff surprises me.  More often than not, I hear about some crazy new lifestyle and my first thought is – neat, I guess.  At which point I just roll my eyes and figure that this lifestyle will be meme-worthy at some point.  That’s typically it.  But then I see these people who really go all the way with how crazy they are.  Whether it be that girl who did everything in her power to pretend that she’s black.  This included lying to the NAACP about how black she is.  Amazingly, they didn’t even seem annoyed at her for it.  Guess they just wanted to avoid the press by talking about it.  Since they didn’t try to cover it up, they were immune to the Streisand Effect.  I think she described herself as “trans-black.”  Because that’s not totally crazy or anything.

But sometimes it is genuinely disturbing or insulting to my intelligence.  Like when you have some Tumblrina pretend that they are an “otherkin” or something to that effect.  Or the people with headmates.  In both cases, they are giving people who ACTUALLY have split personalities or hear voices a bad name because they take away the seriousness of the situation that they live in and instead make it into an Internet joke.  One that I take very seriously.

The ones that really get to me, however, are the people who go the distance for how nuts they are.  Like the insane vegans who went so far to protest the meat industry that they pierced their ears with tags like a cow, and some of them even got branded (no joke, they took a giant, boiling-hot piece of metal and applied it to their skin).  That kind of person is a special level of crazy, and once they grow up a little and realize that that brand is never coming off, you can bet that they will avoid talking about it however they can.

Now I have a new group to add to people who went the distance.  The difference is that these people are either a combination of insane and stupid, or the worst sort of person ever.  I am, of course, talking about “transabled” people.  Here’s the article where I first got an in-depth look at these people.  This is the most nuts thing I have ever seen from these people.

Our first example is a man who felt that his hand wasn’t really a part of his body, so he went out of his way to study up on methods of destroying that limb so there was no hope of reattachment.  He even went so far as to study first aid to stop himself from bleeding to death.  And he got his wish.  After he destroyed his hand with a power tool, the man is now disabled.  He’s also another thing, which in more common vernacular is described as – FUCKING CRAZY!  This man is insane!  He repeatedly crushed, maimed, and mutilated his hand with the express intent of removing it.  All the pain and hardship that this ignorant fucker went through, and for what?  So he can live without a hand?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  I’ll tell you want this guy really needed – some fucking help.  He needed psychiatric help.  Maybe then he could have gotten past this bullshit “transabled” crap and would have the full usage of his body.

Then we get to see someone who pisses me the fuck off – a woman in a wheelchair who has braces on her legs.  Why?  No reason.  None.  Her legs work just fine.  She is deliberately subjecting herself to this all because it makes her feel good.  In other words, she’s faking having a disability in order to have some psychological sense of purpose wearing leg braces and going around in a wheelchair all day.  However, at the end of the day, she’s still faking it.  It’s still not real.  Her body works just fine.  This is the kind of person who genuinely offends me.

See, just like with the headmates and otherkin thing, you got the crazy people who need actual help, then you got the posers who just want to feel like they belong.  The people who feel so worthless and unspecial that they have to fake a real medical issue in order to get the attention that they feel they rightly deserve.  And now they have publications like the one I linked above and the Internet to validate this madness.  It’s insulting.

The article says that a lot of disability advocacy groups and the transgender activist groups see these people are insulting, taking up resources that could be used towards people with real disabilities.  And you know what – I couldn’t agree more.  Because at least with the guy who cut his hand off, he’s fucking crazy, and now he’s paid the price.  But for the woman in the wheelchair who doesn’t have a single fucking thing wrong with her, she doesn’t seem to understand what it’s actually like to live that way.  Let me provide you with an example.

I have an uncle who is a paraplegic.  He is paralyzed from the waist down.  He has been for my entire life.  It’s been something that has made his life immeasurably more difficult.  To the point that now he is in a special hospital because of complications that happened from a burn he got sitting too close to a heater without realizing it was burning him.  He’s lost a shit-ton of bowel from complications associated with that.  Listening to the surgeon describe what he had to do in order to save my uncle’s life was nightmare fuel.  I can guarantee you that if he had had the chance to not be disabled, he would have fucking taken it.  He’s had to live that way for his entire life.  He’s had to pull the shit out of his own ass in order to go to the bathroom.  That’s the life he has had to lead.  The woman in that wheelchair doesn’t have a fucking clue, and she should be ashamed of herself.  The article says that there is shame foisted on this community, well they fucking deserve it.

Then there’s a girly-mate of mine.  When she was a kid, she could talk and do all sorts of stuff like a normal kid.  Then she got sick.  Really, really sick.  Way she tells it, her fever was at 104 and she was in the hospital for weeks.  By the time they got the infection under control, there was one unintentional side-effect – she can’t talk.  Her vocal chords were paralyzed as a result of the infection.  It’s something that has persisted to this day.  It has made her life so much more difficult.  The girl knows how to sign, and I have been able to read it.  If people don’t know how to sign, she will text.  You know those scenes in things where two people are in the same room and texting, she will be texting you while sitting with you.  Not only is having friendships harder, because you can’t talk to the other person, but her personal life has been Hell.  Not does she have this to overcome, but she is also gay.  When so much of how women interact is about what gets said, not being able to talk to the girl you are with has proven to be an insane hindrance to finding relationships and keeping them going.  The poor girl has been dumped so many times.  Showed this article to her, and she replied that people who think this way need to have their shit kicked in for thinking that having a disability is a good thing.

But to my own perspective, I busted my skull open when I was 14.  It exacerbated a condition I had with my brain being malformed.  I have depression as a result of brain damage.  My feet are dead.  They have both suffered nerve-death.  When I get older, they will one day have to be cut off.  Diabetes runs in my family, and if I ever get that, my odds of losing my feet go up exponentially.  I live with disability.  I don’t need these fucking posers like that woman in the wheelchair taking the spotlight from people who have real problems.  If anything, her and hers need to get some fucking mental help, because they are either pathetic, or as in the case of the first guy, or a person the article describes as paying a doctor $6,000 to amputate both of their legs, fucking nuts.

I just talked about how we now have the progressive community coming out in defense of pedophilia.  Now we have them coming out in defense of mental illness and people who need to fake a problem because they have no real ones.  Where does this bullshit end?

Until next time, a quote,

“It’s okay to cry, as long as you’re faking it.” – Chuck Palahnuik

Peace out,



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