is Championing Pedophilia

Anyone remember the good ol’ days of the Internet?  The days before all the SJW bullshit, when people could actually laugh at stuff?  I remember.  I remember the days when was a website that had funny articles and funny lists about stuff, some of which were pretty cool.  However, just like with College Humor and the ENTIRE non-conservative media, SJW culture found them, and turned them into another hub to spread disgusting ideas, all in the name of “tolerance.”

One of my major contentions is that, in order to appear “progressive,” people will start saying that any disgusting way of life is not as bad as people think.  For example, I can’t wait for the day when someone fucks a vacuum cleaner to be championed as a progressive lifestyle.  Yeah, and when their dick gets horribly maimed by it, they’ll be the ones who say it is a national tragedy.  When Salon magazine did their articles where a pedophile said that they are a good person, I was disgusted.  Now, we have Cracked following the same path.  Or, at the very least, trying to pass off a disgusting predilection as merely an “addiction.”  Take a look at the headline itself.  You tell me what you think.

cracked-child-pornAn addiction, is it?  That’s all?  Just an addiction?  Well, that sure is swell.  Because, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that you have a sexual attraction to children.  Which is what the rest of the world would think.  You aren’t someone who just kicked an addiction.  You are someone who wants to stick their dick in children.  This idea that we are not only supposed to learn from your experience, but also sympathize with it is insulting to my intelligence.  As it should be to anyone else.

Where does it end?  I’ve joked that if we are going to cut up animals and eat their meat, we shouldn’t draw the line at fucking them.  Waiting for bestiality to be an SJW talking point.  Surprised it already hasn’t been.  Or polygamy, for that matter.  That’s one where I’ve never seen a reason for anyone to have an issue with it.  Kind of figured it would be the next major battle in marriage equality, if we’re being totally honest.  But at least those two aren’t involving people who are too young to consent.

With all the horror stories of the Catholic Church, and how Pope Jorge STILL hasn’t given up any of these preachers to the law for what they did, I don’t get how Cracked could honestly believe that we could find a pedophile and their “addiction” sympathetic.  I think back to my friend Emily telling me the story of her skating coach molesting her, and what the did to her ability to form relationships.  I think of what my new friend Kathryn told me about an experience that happened to her, for years.  I think of what my friend Lisa, who I used to livestream with, told me about an ongoing abuse for years.  These people actually want me to find a pedophile as a person to feel bad for.  You want to diddle children.  You poor thing.

And this idea that it was an “addiction” is laughable.  Can a person become addicted to porn?  Sure.  But the underlying reality is that you are still a pedophile.  That excuse, that it was just an addiction was also used by Sarah Butts to justify her disgusting behavior.  Maybe watching porn was an  addiction, but the underlying sexual attraction is real.  Now we have Cracked trying to make it sound like these people are not only something to be saddened for, but also play down the reality of the situation.  Like the pedophile who touched a child isn’t really as bad as you think.  They just have an addiction.  Maybe a little therapy and they’ll be cured.  Tell that to some of the serial rapists who sit in prison for child rape.

Just like with the Salon article, part of me genuinely wonders where it ends.  Maybe when people are campaigning for pedophile rights?  Maybe when people are saying the sexual relationships with children are just as valid as sexual relationships with adults?  You may think it impossible, that I’m making a slipper slope fallacy, and you could be right.  Hell, I hope you’re right.  I hope that society draws that firm line in the sand and says, “go ahead and marry your vacuum cleaner, you fuckin’ weirdo.  Just don’t stick your dick in a six year old.”  However, in a day and age where everyone is going so far out of their way to try and be “accepting” and “tolerant” of every behavior under the sun, I can’t help but wonder where it all ends.  Anyone else see it that way?

In the meantime, Cracked has become a steaming pile of SJW shit, who has non-gamers making fun of gamers for apparently making video games worse (no joke, look up their video about how gamers are ruining video games.  It’s hilariously inept), and how pedophiles should be viewed sympathetically.  Sad to see you all go out like this.  All of that talent just flushed down the fucking drain.  Oh well.

But maybe I’m not making a slippery slope fallacy.  After all, check this out.

pedophilesFuck me…

Until next time, a quote,

“I know all good things must come to an end and I’ve had an incredible ride.  I just want it to end on the right note.” – Alonzo Mourning

Peace out,



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