Lucien’s First Take: Death Stranding – Teaser Trailer

Rather unceremoniously, we see another preview for Hideo Kojima’s latest game that will be exclusive for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.  And just like last time, there isn’t a single ounce of gameplay in the entire thing, and I can’t help but be hopelessly engrossed.  Only Kojima can make a trailer that pretty much shows nothing about the game, yet none-the-less gets everyone totally hooked.  This man has shown to take a lot of inspiration from Hollywood, and nowhere is that more apparent than in this trailer.  Sony was SO smart in getting him to come on-board with their company.  I can only imagine what that conversation was like.  I figure it involved them throwing huge piles of money at the man.  It worked, and now we have a new game that if I could hope for it to come out next year, it would be right at the top of my list.  Let’s take a look at this new trailer that just dropped without a lot of pomp and circumstance.

Well, what have we here?  Another trailer showing off this game having some serious star power.  The last trailer showed that Kojima and Norman Reedus are still tight.  Now we see that Mads Mikkelsen is in this game.  Let’s talk about this trailer.  There is a lot to unpack.

We start out seeing a short, stocky, clearly chubby guy trying to sneak his way into a dark tunnel.  He’s carrying something, but we don’t see what.  As he gets to the tunnel, there seems to be some kind of battle raging overhead.  With whom?  We don’t know.  We see some WWII-era fighter jets flying around.  That’s pretty cool.  The guy seems nervous about the fighting, but clearly has somewhere that he needs to go.  Just as he is about to enter the tunnel, he stops.  Above him, we see a tank moving.  But something is very wrong with this tank.  It has disgusting tendrils coming out of it.  Makes me think back to the infested bases in Starcraft.  Trailing behind are some soldiers.  Are they infested too?

Our protagonist looks very nervous, but then looks down at what he is carrying.  It appears to be some sort of machine.  He plugs in something to it, and we see a baby being suspended inside.  Is that the baby we saw from the original trailer with Norman Reedus?  Who can say.  Dude seems to be feeling a lot more sure of himself, though, and starts heading into the dark tunnel.  However, just as he is, we zoom down the tunnel.  All the way down, to where a bunch of soldiers are approaching.  They appear to be hooked up to some guy.  Who is this guy?  Why are these soldiers hooked to him with tendrils?  That’s ominous.  Then, in a spectacular reveal, we see that it’s Mads Mikkelsen!  And he is looking all badass and messed up, because the tendrils are coming out of him.  What is his story?  Is he possessed by something?  Is he the one doing the possessing?  Impossible to say, but I can’t wait to find out.

The visuals in this are in a league of their own, but it’s more the feel of this.  I am in love with the style of this game.  I said in the post I did about the first trailer at this year’s E3 that it is Lovecraftian as fuck, and I still mean that.  We have another ocean, with weird, fish-like creatures taking control of the people in this world.  Yeah, that’s straight out of Lovecraft’s works.  I am so stoked for this game.  I cannot WAIT to see what the gameplay is like.  If Kojima takes the lessons he learned from Metal Gear Solid V and applies them here, then we are almost-guaranteed to have an incredible game that rocks everyone’s world.

Sony made a damn good investment with Kojima.  Whatever he ends up putting out, I know for a fact that it will blow away all expectations.  Hopefully you all are as excited as me.  Granted, I am getting more antsy to see gameplay, but I am almost positive that that will be the final hit that Sony has at next year’s E3.  Hopefully it will also include a release date.

Initial Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,



One thought on “Lucien’s First Take: Death Stranding – Teaser Trailer

  1. I have no idea what was happening, but I loved all of it!!! You’re right on the ball about Sony making a smart investment with Kojima. Konami seriously messed up when they lost/fired him.

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