I Was Wondering When You’d Start Blaming Sanders (A response to Gil Troy)

The title probably says it all, doesn’t it?  I was genuinely wondering when they were going to get around to making Bernie Sanders out to be the person who ruined the election for Hillary Clinton.  I just got done watching TJ’s latest video about abolishing the Electoral College, and he says that it’s time for us to leave the negativity of this election in the past and start moving forward.  And I couldn’t agree more.  However, there is one thing that I want to touch on before I get to practicing what I preach – this article in Time Magazine from a cock-weasel named Gil Troy, who is making the argument that the person who ruined things for Hillary was Bernie Sanders.  You know, the person that she has been shown to have used every corrupt tactic she could to destroy.  Who had the entire corrupt party at her back to help her do.  Let’s blame him for this.  Here’s a link to the moron’s article, now let’s talk about it.

On Election Day, Senator Bernie Sanders earned the 2016 “Ralph Nader Award” for the Leftist Most Responsible for Helping Republicans Win the Presidency. True, Donald Trump cleverly exploited voters’ frustrations. And Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 was as rigid and empty as it was when she lost in 2008. Still, Sanders helped Clinton lose. His insurgency pushed her too far left to prevent an effective re-centering in the fall, while goading her into wooing different constituencies rather than uniting the nation.

I am in awe.  In awe…for how stupid this statement is.  Are you kidding me?!  This election showed, by ANY metric you can find, that what people are wanting is less of the party establishment politicking and more ant-establishment candidates.  Sanders filled stadiums with people coming out to support him.  He had massive crowds.  His opponent couldn’t fill a high school gym.  Trump had people out in droves to his events.  The left-leaning media shit on both of them as hard as they could, but if you can look at this election and say that Hillary’s problem was that she couldn’t go enough to the center, then you are fucking delusional.

In fairness, Sanders ran a surprisingly effective campaign tapping the same anti-establishment fury Donald Trump stirred. Although Sanders and Trump are very different, their campaigns were not. Each treated Hillary Clinton as a compromised, Wall Street–worshipping, Establishment sellout.

Not seeing anything incorrect here.  Hillary is, without a single bit of uncertainty, a Wall Street-worshiping establishment sellout.  What is the contention you are making?

Both demonized Washington insiders and free trade, rather than tackling the real structural problem: the United States deindustrialized because Americans refuse to pay what it costs to hire American workers and instead buy cheaper imported products.

How stupid is this guy?  This rationalization makes no fucking sense.  The real problem is that our government has worked hand-in-hand to the people sending jobs overseas.  Bill Clinton is just as guilty of helping to gut the middle class as George Bush II was.  Hell, I didn’t see Barack Obama working to get jobs that outsource to come back to American shores.  This has NOTHING to do with people refusing to buy more expensive products.  It has everything to do with the political establishment’s unrepentant corruption.  The WikiLeaks reveals exposed the entire Democratic Party for the crooked money-lenders that they are.  They didn’t even try to hide how in the pockets of big business they are.  Instead, they saber-rattled with Russia to try and cover their guilt.  Not once did I see a news outlet come out that the released info was wrong.  Hell, Bill Maher’s best defense was – why didn’t you release info about Trump?  Assange’s retort to him was awesome – I see you donated over $1 million to Hillary.  The indignant look on that smug asshole’s face when he was busted, dead to rights, was perfect.  What this man said is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

As a result, just as Ralph Nader siphoned tens of thousands of votes on Election Day 2000 in Florida from Al Gore, causing the deadlock and George W. Bush’s victory, Bernie Sanders’ similar vampire effect enfeebled Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary is so weak that she couldn’t unite her own party behind her, then what does that say about her?  Nothing good, I’ll tell you there.

This dynamic followed a classic historical pattern. Sanders drew Clinton from the center toward the Democrats’ extreme flank. That shift paralleled Jimmy Carter’s leftward lurch when Ted Kennedy ran in 1980, and George H.W. Bush’s rightwing swerve when Pat Buchanan rebelled in 1992. Each time, the frontrunners felt forced to placate loyalists they should have been able to take for granted, while embracing extreme positions that haunted them during the general election campaign.

This idea that what people want is more middle-of-the-road politics is as ignorant as it is unfounded.  There is NO evidence to show that people want more of the same politicking.  None.  I’ll tell you where this delusion comes from – Bill Clinton.  See, the Democrats had been doing terribly, for years.  They needed to rebrand themselves, and so they did.  Bill was a middle-of-the-road candidate, who was as charismatic as he was practical.  The Democrats worked hard to present him as a safe alternative to the right wing that George H.W. represented.  And that worked.

But the reality is that a new generation has come up, and that generation has seen the establishment politics for what it is – a process that is destroying the middle class and making change that is beyond paltry.  Like the Affordable Card Act, a birthday present for the private insurance companies.  This middle class in this country is dead.  People see the business-as-usual politics as ineffectual and corrupt.  Which, you know, it is.  But that’s neither here nor there.  This man is living in a fantasy world.  A world where the crash of 2008 didn’t happen and the Internet has been used as a tool by whistleblowers to show the corruption inherent in politics and the government in general for what it is.  A world where Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden hadn’t pulled back the veil.  That’s what they think we live in.  I hate these baby-boomers fossils who think they know shit about how the world works, when they are living in the past.

The article goes on for paragraphs of this same bullshit, idolizing the way Bill Clinton led from the center.  The way politics was so corrupt.  This man is one of those people who has a rosy view of the 90’s.  Why wouldn’t he?  It was a great time to be an adult.  The job market was absolutely fantastic.  You could start a career without a degree and it was easy to buy a home and start a family.  What they failed to realize what that the reason that the economy was booming and life was fantastic was that Clinton was rolling back the regulations that safeguarded against the derivatives trading that ended up destroying our economy.  He gutted regulatory agencies that could have at least stemmed the tide of what happened.  Bill Clinton is just as much responsible for what happened as either of the Bush’s that came before and after him.  So is Barack Obama, who has also been an extremely centrist candidate whose great “change” is skin-deep at best.

Then we get to have this little tidbit…

Sanders liberals considered Clintonian centrism not liberal enough, not minority-sensitive enough, not pure enough. The result is a president-elect hostile to liberalism, unafraid of demonizing minorities and epitomizing a killer instinct that makes Clintonian triangulation look naïve. All this makes Bernie Sanders the Ralph Nader of 2016.

Sanders and by extension WikiLeaks exposed a party that is as corrupt as it is unapologetic.  And they have worms like you apologizing for their flaws.  I find the irony of that more than a little palpable.  Gil Troy is everything wrong with politics today.  We have dinosaurs clinging to the party’s politics like the guy at the other end of a boat thinking that the fact that it’s sinking won’t affect him too.  Unreal.

Until next time, a quote,

“In political jargon, a useful idiot is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.” – Wikipedia

Peace out,



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