Government Demands Fraudulent Bonus Money Back From Soldiers Who Served

A contention that I have made over and over is that the government doesn’t actually give a shit about the soldiers.  We have all the Republicans who are all about the troops and how they are protecting and serving.  Then they turn around and fuck them in the ass.  They’re fucking their VA benefits, have stripped so much of what the old appeals used to be to get poor kids to join the military.  But this most recent incident has just proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that the government doesn’t give two solitary fucks about the actual soldiers and only care about the wars that they can use them for.  What happened?  Strap in, folks.  You’re gonna love this.

For those who didn’t know, there is often a concept called a “reenlistment bonus.”  It’s paid out when a soldier agrees to extend their time in the military.  About ten years ago, the state of California put out an offer to over 10,000 servicemen/women to reenlist, offering them a bonus of $15,000 to extend their enlistment by six years.  Those who signed for the bonus in 2006-07 kept up their end of the bargain and they got their money, fair and square.  However, the Pentagon is currently saying that these bonuses were improperly paid out, and they are literally demanding that the soldiers pay them back.  Unbelievable.

Roughly 9,700 servicemen/women have been told that they need to return their reenlistment bonus money.  One woman owes over $20,000 to the federal government.  Money that she was offered and kept up her end of the bargain to get.  This is money that they have no choice to send.  Think of it like child support, but instead it’s money that the federal government can come after you like loan sharks for.  And all because someone decided not to do their job.  These soldiers are the victim of shady business practices, and now they are having to pay the price.  Literally.  The state of California is sending auditors to collect money from people who did nothing wrong!  They signed a dotted line and did what they said they would do.  What the fuck is wrong with this country when a branch of our government can’t just own its mistake and have to eat maybe cutting some spending to compensate and instead has to demand that innocent people give them tens of thousands of dollars back?!

Here’s a question – what about the soldiers who died keeping up their end?  Are these auditors going after their families to collect their totally-earned gains?  What about the soldier who lost limbs fighting in the wars that our government had to bribe them to get them to stay in?  Are we going to demand that the person who sacrificed for this country give that money back?  I’d say they fucking earned it.  I would love to be a fly on the wall of the meeting when an auditor is having to talk to someone who has PTSD because of fighting in the war and they have to go over to them and tell them to give the money that they go fair and square back.  How would that make you feel?  You think those auditors have pride in their work?  They shouldn’t.  It’s morally disgusting.

I got an idea of where we can get the money to cover the Pentagon’s fuck-up from.  Maybe we can take some of the capital injection money that we still put into Wall Street and put it in there.  There’s an idea.  Actually have Wall Street pick up the tab for once in their fucking lives.  That’s a thought.  Or maybe the Pentagon could cut the funding for their latest America’s Big Cock fighter jet and put it into this mess.  How about that?  Oh, right, if this country doesn’t have the latest tech to be having a proxy war with Russia in Syria with, we won’t be able to show how awesome we are.

These soldiers should sue.  All of them.  The federal government has fucked up here, make them own it!  Make them own their mistake instead of getting innocent people to foot the bill.  Fuck you, America! To all the people in the Pentagon who are okay with this, fuck you too!  To all the Republican and Democrats (hey Hillary, that includes you!) who talk about how great the soldiers are and voted to have them go fight in America’s giant masturbation session, fuck the lot of you as well!  These people did nothing wrong!  They are innocent victims!  Making them pay for this is like making the person whose store is robbed pay for the thief’s stay in a hotel.  These soldiers are being given the equivalent of held upside down and shaken to empty their pockets because the Pentagon doesn’t want to have to maybe, just maybe, take some cuts to their money to make up the difference.

Fuck the Pentagon.  Fuck the government.  Fuck those who allow this sort of thing to happen.  And the victims here should band together and sue.  The government needs to pay for their mistakes.  So fucking stupid.

Until next time, a quote,

“I love it when someone insults me.  It means I don’t have to be nice anymore.” – Billy Idol

Peace out,


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