Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: Virtual Assault is NOT the Same as Sexual Assault

When people like me say that the social justice crowd has taken all meaning from the term rape, what we’re talking about are things like “stare rape” or even stupider still, “birth rape.”  Go to Google, both of those are real things.  It is baffling how the SJW crowd has turned everything that isn’t asking for consent every two minutes into rape.  Body language and personal accountability be damned!  These people know what’s going on.  However, now they are broadening their horizons beyond just taking the concept of rape and putting it through the shredder of being able to be taken seriously.  Now they are doing the same thing to sexual assault.  As was exemplified in this article from Tech.MIC (linked here), where a woman told her harrowing story about a virtual person virtually touching her virtual body, and how she feels like it was just as violating as the real thing.  Unbelievable.

Before I get into this, let me say that the story this woman tells is more than a little uncool.  As in, the person who was a complete asshole and wanting to get some really stupid jollies with an overpriced VR headset (that shit is a gimmick.  Fact) does make for a not cool person.  A pity this game doesn’t have any way to report this kind of behavior in-game.  For stuff like this, it actually does seem like this would be a good place for such things.  But the reality is that VR is a new thing, and like most new things, people are figuring it out and getting used to everything.  It’s a work in progress, and of course bad people are going to find ways to exploit it.  And that’s where my agreements with this person end.

For starters, let’s talk about the family members that this woman was with.  If you take the article at face value, then while she was being very uncomfortable with someone and increasingly making her frustration known, they were laughing away.  Because I’m sure that’s what a spouse and a family member of a person would totally do, right?  Because if a girl that I am dating is telling somebody to back off, the first thing I am going to do is laugh about it.  That’s what normal people do, right?  What’s that?  That seems ridiculously contrived to fit a narrative that this person is trying to tell?  Well, this is the same publication that published all the bullshit that Brianna Wu was peddling back in the day, so it makes sense that they’ll take any story and put it out there.

Next, here’s something to know about the world of gaming – you can turn it off.  This ties into my biggest gripe with the article I am responding to, but if this person was so forward and you are so uncomfortable that you feel as if you are being actually violated (don’t worry, we’re getting to that), why didn’t you unplug from the game?  Here is a situation where you have the absolute power to leave this game at any time by turning it off or taking off the headset and you choose to continue to be there.  I’m not victim blaming, as this guy clearly was an asshole (or girl.  Username aside, we have no way of knowing what the gender of this person was.  It could very well be some douche canoe chick.  Check out the stats on ACTUAL sexual assault by women in the LB part of the LGBT community.  It’s a lot more harrowing than you think.

But here’s where I get to get into uncomfortable territory.  Your equating of a disgusting action taken by a very unpleasant person to real sexual assault is equal parts stupid and insulting.  Girl I used to live stream with was sexually assaulted by a family member for years.  I guarantee you, she would have loved to be able to take off a headset and make what was happening to her stop.  She would have loved it if she could turn off the system and make ongoing sexual abuse that scarred her for life stop in an instant.  That’s what you could do.  Could she?  As a little girl, could she do that?  Can the girl getting sexually assaulted by her father?  Could me former friend who was violated by her skating coach when she was 14?  Could any of those people just unplug it and make it stop?

How dare you.  How dare you make this disgusting false-equivalence.  Digital hands touching a digital body in an inappropriate way, juvenile as it is, is NOTHING compared to the actual experiences of actual women that I actually know.  I want to take you and beat you against a wall for being the next person in a long list of people who pretends that virtual avatars and what happens to them is in any way equivalent to things that happen in the real world.  It’s not.  You were not actually groped by this guy.  You were not actually fondled.  That person’s fingers weren’t actually in your genitals.  Was it a violation of your space and uncool?  Undoubtedly.  But it fucking pisses me off when I see this crap and the comments section had all kinds of people agreeing.  Again, this is the same publication that put out Brianna Wu’s bullshit, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.  But I don’t want to be.

The thing about how we are diluting concepts like rape and sexual assault to the point that people can’t take them seriously is that there are real-world ramifications.  After all, what does it say about women when they are (not really but let’s pretend for the sake of argument) traumatized on equal measure by violation in a digital world vs the real world.  My friend who was violated by her skating coach couldn’t have normal relationships with boys for years.  It took ages for her to overcome it.  Did this woman have such a reaction?  Girl I know who was sexually assaulted for years by a family member has all sorts of psychological damage associated with that.  Does this bitch?  No?!  Then maybe she should take the fucking VR headset off and shut the fuck up!

A guy was an asshole in a multiplayer game.  Not nice?  Sure.  Uncool?  Should they be reported?  Absolutely.  Is it the same as sexual assault in the real world?  Don’t insult my fucking intelligence.

*Update* Some people did a little digging into this story to try and find out who this guy who virtually groped this woman is.  There is evidence that he doesn’t actually exist.  Well, there’s a shock.  I didn’t expect that from the publication that swallowed Brianna Wu’s bullshit hook, line, and sinker.

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t insult my intelligence by subjecting me to the lack of yours.” – Anonymous

Peace out,


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