Being Spoken For, Mental Illness, and Halloween

Something I have talked about before, but I am a victim of mental illness.  It is because of a head injury I got when I was 14.  I busted my skull open on a rock, and it had some pretty severe consequences that I am still suffering with today.  It’s been a constant source of difficulty in my life and I have to live with it.  Brain damage only works in one direction, after all.  So when I am going to talk about issues surrounding mental health, this is an area where I am very knowledgeable.  The reason I bring this up is because when I am going to rip the shit out of the latest PC culture retardedness, you can tell that I am speaking from experience.  Because one of the biggest things the social justice community likes to do is claim that you are not part of a group so you can’t comment on whatever their pet issue of the week is.  Cancelling that right out of the gate.

Halloween is upon us, so now we have all the girls getting skimpy outfits, the PC police saying that skimpy outfits are bad (Groj forbid that women have any agency in buying their own outfits and that maybe some of them actually want to look slutty.  I know, what a revolutionary thought), and we have a thousand and one haunted houses that all claim that they are going to fuck you up.  Some of them accomplish this.  Seen some pretty epic ones in my time.  Got in trouble at one where my fight or flight instinct lashed out at a dude who jumped in front of us with a chainsaw.  Thankfully, the dude was a good sport and we actually got to know one-another while he was nursing a left hook to the face.  Said it was a risk he took, but he still liked what he did.  Fun guy.

One outlet who wants to do a haunted house has a rather neat idea.  I think that all this VR stuff is a fad, and that isn’t going to change.  Where it is now, I see it as more of a novelty and perhaps a teaching tool for pilots or for surgeons or things like that.  For gaming, it is a novelty that will wear thin after a while.  But while the fad is going on, one haunted house wanted to use it to create a scary experience of a messed-up mental hospital through the eyes of one of the patients.  You sit in a wheelchair and experience it.  Sounds cool, right?  I mean, why go through all the trouble of making really elaborate sets and putting the time and effort into making something scary when you can be lazy and just put people in wheelchairs and give them a box to wear over their head?  Makes sense to me.

However, as with all ideas that could be any amount of fun, the PC police had to come in and shit all over it.  Why?  Because it seems that this is somehow demeaning to mental patients and making light of what they go through.  This is why I brought up the fact that I suffer from mental illness earlier.  Because to all the social justice retards who think this way, I want you to sit down.  We need to have a talk.  Do NOT speak for me!  I am part of this community, and I am telling you now, you do not speak for me.  I am just as capable of speaking for myself.  This does not bother me.  Not one tiny bit.  I have no problem with this lazy-ass approach to a haunted house.  Why?  Because I know how real mental hospitals are.  Anyone with any amount of sense knows that actual mental hospitals are not the places from horror movies.  There’s this thing that we learn as little kids that I guess your perpetually-stuck-in-childhood SJWs couldn’t remember – it’s fantasy.  It’s not real.  I’m not really in a mental hospital with messed-up people.  I’m in a fantastical setting that is meant to scare me.  Just like how I don’t think that all West Virginians are psycho cannibals, which has also been in a ton of horror movies.

Now we have people from organizations that are supposed to represent those with mental illness saying that stuff like this just works toward stereotypes about the mentally ill.  No, you fucktard!  It uses a trope that people understand to illicit fear out of people.  Just like how The Last of Us uses a real kind of fungus and plays to the fear that it could infect people.  I don’t actually believe that will happen, because it isn’t real.  I don’t think a mental hospital or mental patients are like that, because it ISN’T FUCKING REAL!  It’s a fantasy!  These people are so stupid and juvenile that part of me wonders if they have object permanence.  Like, if I cover my face, will they think I’m gone?  Maybe I should play Patty Cake with the immature fuckers.

When people like me say that we hate PC culture, we aren’t talking about the sometimes funny, oftentimes dumb stuff that Trump says.  We are talking about the shit that comes from people’s mouths like this.  I am part of the community of the mentally ill.  I suffer with it every day.  With that in mind, I say this – do not speak for me.  I can speak for myself, and I got NO problem with this stupid haunted house.  It’s fine.  But I guess it was shut down.  Yeah, the PC whiners got the whole deal shut down because the loathsome pussies basically started a complaint campaign and because nobody wants to be accused of being insensitive or prejudiced, they capitulated.

How I wish that more people would stand their ground against the social justice crybullies.  Because all they can do is yell about it on the Internet. The lazy clicktavists aren’t going to get off Twitter and Tumblr long enough to actually do anything about a group who wouldn’t give them what they want.  Would they go there and stand with signs and protest?  I honestly would love to see if the overly-sedentary lifestyles of these people could actually manage it.  What bugs me more is that it isn’t people who are part of these communities the PC police are going after who do the complaining.  Like, you had this SJW gaming event promoting diversity, and it was almost all white people there.  Meanwhile, you have an actual gaming event that has all kinds of people.  The irony of that isn’t lost on me.

In closing, I am a person with mental illness, this doesn’t bother me, and you fuckers don’t speak for me.  Fuck off.

Until next time, a quote,

“When angry, count to ten before you speak.  When very angry, count to one hundred.” – Thomas Jefferson

Peace out,



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