Let’s Answer “Reasonable” Questions SJWs (of YouTube) have for Anti-SJWs

After all the response videos that have been made by my side of the ideological fence and the questions for SJWs video that TJ collabed with people on, it should be no surprise that SJWs on YouTube finally decided to make a compilation of “reasonable” questions that they have for us.  I figured that since I did a response to the questions on BuzzFeed Yellow, I would take a crack at this.  Now, this video is rather long video, in comparison to the ones on BuzzFeed Yellow, so I will be shortening down some questions.  Otherwise we’ll be here all day writing this.  Here is a link to the original video, so you can see for yourself what the questions were in their entirety.  But I will not be taking these out of context.  Just getting at the bare minimums to answer them.  Let’s do this!

Do you see the irony of responding to the reactionary things on the left with hypersensitive reactionary videos of your own?

I’m sorry, when did my side of the fence go after someone job because we don’t like their points of view?  When did one of us go to a rally of the SJWs and start screaming, “no more hate speech on this campus!” while waving her giggly arms about?  I don’t see the irony, because while my side of the fence can be just as oversensitive as those they mock, we haven’t gone to NEARLY the lengths they have to make our disagreement known.

Why do you have an aversion to being called “right-wing” when you criticize the left and defend the right?

Because I’m not a conservative.  I have many left-leaning values.  I am for gay and trans rights.  I am economically liberal.  I am socially libertarian.  I believe in sensible gun regulation (not banning.  SENSIBLE regulation).  I am pro-choice.  The reality is that I am not a conservative, and I don’t like to be called something I’m not.  I don’t call myself a liberal these days either because both sides of the ideological fence are equally full of shit.

How do you reconcile being rational and evidence-based with having Twitter accounts with inflammatory statements and things that I believe are completely irrational?

It occurs to me that I’m making these shortened versions of these questions a lot more reasonably than the are.  As for the question, it’s because my Twitter account exists to promote my website and have fun.  Sometimes that means trolling the likes of Jonny McIntosh about his sad pathetic excuse for manhood.  I don’t claim to be some great academic.  I’m an asshole on the Internet.  But I still need evidence for claims that people are making.  I left religion because it couldn’t give me evidence of its validity.  Why should the identity politics of the regressive left be any different?

Are you aware that the buzzwords you have created have lost all meaning they once had?

Yeah, actually.  Are you aware that calling everything under the sun, including staring at a person rape has taken so much of the validity away from what should be a very serious crime?  No joke, go to Google and type in Stare Rape.  Or, better yet, type in Birth Rape.  That’s a real thing.  If we’re going to talk about who has done more damage to the usage of words, I would much rather be on the side that is making words that are used just to rub people the wrong way be the ones we rendered useless.

I believe that anti-SJWs take on weak feminists positions and make videos about them.  Instead, why not take on the most “robust” positions that you can find and take them apart?

Such as?  No joke, come on here in my Comments section and tell me which concepts you want me to attack.  I’m all ears.

Since I actually want to take on issues like male suicide and male addiction rates in society, would you be willing to put aside your differences with feminists and work together on this issue?

Absolutely.  Tell you what, if you have some advocacy group or whatever that just focuses on those issues and leaves the rest of your identity politics at the door, I would be all over shouting you out.  But again, you have to leave the rest of it at the door.  We can be allies on this issues, and there are others that I would be willing to do, if you were willing to hash it out with me.  Leave links on the Comments if you are up to it.

What is third-wave feminism?  I hear you all have objections to this specifically and not others.  So what is it in your eyes?

Hey Steve.  To answer your question, it’s this recent brand of feminism that is all about identity politics, word-policing, tone policing, social justice, and taking all the agency that women have and basically robbing them of it.  Granted, even you all can’t agree on how it is supposed to work.  Anita Sarkeesian said that “choice feminism” is wrong because she believes that women don’t actually have any real choice.  However, there are women in your camp who disagree with that.  There is severely sex negative feminism and then you have the people like Laci Green, who is desperately trying to ride the line between them in order not to be attacked like the last time she transgressed against the feminist mob and they turned on her like a pack of rabid dogs.  Not to mention, I would also definite third-wave feminism as ineffectual.  First wave feminism got women the right to vote.  The second wave got women the rights to their own body.  What has your group done?

Why does Trigglypuff represent all feminism but this inflammatory men’s rights activist doesn’t represent all men’s rights activists?

Never said she did.  In fact, I think both of them are idiots.  I don’t call myself an MRA.  I think both sides have the exact same problem – trying to solve the issues between the genders by focusing specifically on the issues of one of them.

Why am I being told to answer for the views of feminism that I don’t specifically agree with?  Does that mean that you are in tandem with those of your side of the fence all the time?

Nope.  I have views that are all my own.  That’s why I don’t live in an echo chamber.  I also don’t hold you personally accountable or that you are in line with those on your side of the fence.  I take on SJWs one at a time.  I denigrate the views of Steve Shives because they are his views and his alone.  I don’t know what Trigglypuff’s views are, but if I did, I would take them on individually.

If we’re so bad because we don’t talk about the “problems,” then how are you any better when you complain about us?  Why aren’t you talking about the problems?

Because you all and your values systems are part of the problem.  We talk about you because your single-issue voter camp is doing real harm to all sorts of fields, from academia to culture as a whole with the identity politics and the rest of that bullshit.  Now we are seeing the identity politics take on real serious tones when you have BLM advocating for the murder of cops.  That’s partly on you.  You all are part of the problem.  At the moment, you’re the biggest problem I can find, because all the best of the YouTube anti-SJW camp has been pretty diligent about showing why your ideas are harmful.

Why aren’t you concerned with “feminist theory” in academia as you are in taking on feminist videos for views?

For the same reason that I attacked Venom Fang X and didn’t go after the views of Thomas Aquinas – the former is fun and the latter is boring.  This isn’t that complicated.  Tell you what, find me some video that is engaging and not in some dull, monotonous voice talking about feminist theory, and I’ll see if I can slog through the bullshit academic language long enough to make a response to it.

What about second wave feminism do you like so much?  Which second wave feminists have you studied in some academic way to get this opinion?

Hey again, Steve.  I didn’t study them in an academic way.  I admire second wave feminism because of what it accomplished.  It got women the rights to their own bodies and it also was part of the sexual revolution that got women to have control of their sexuality.  That was a great step in the right direction for women in this country.  Meanwhile, your group is doing fuck-all to help women in the third world who are being treated like second-class citizens, or in the case of women in the Middle East (specifically in respect to ISIS-controlled territory) having no free agency and even being sold as sexual slaves.  Second-wave feminism can show that it accomplished a lot.  What does your side have to show?  That you got game developers to not make female characters as scantily-clad?  “Progress.”

How can you critique feminists when you don’t examine enough of their material to truly understand what they’re talking about?

You know what would help there?  A citation.  You talk about how we just watch the first 15 seconds of a video or read the very slimmest of an article and then make judgments based on that.  So far as I’ve seen, TJ and the like on YouTube use videos clips in their videos to rail against SJWs points.  Never seen Steve Shives do that.  Who is it who is doing this?  All ears.

You claim that you can separate the religion of Islam from those who practice it, but based on what I see in your comments sections or in hangouts and I don’t see you addressing it.  How can you claim to have that point of view if you don’t condemn those people?

If you are looking at a YouTube comments section and think that that is indicative of anything other than cancer, then you are REALLY uninformed about the nature of the Internet.  I don’t scroll through the comments sections of YouTube for the same reason I don’t jump on the /pol/ board on 4chan to see if humanity is worth anything.  It is not going to help.  If we were supposed to go after every troll commenting something negative of everyone who has called some Muslim a camel-fucker, then we’d be here all day.  I do believe the religion of Islam is toxic bullshit, and I don’t believe all Muslims are.  Savvy?

If you think systemic racism isn’t a thing, why don’t you use your platforms to talk about actual solutions to race issues rather than vilifying groups like Black Lives Matter?

Oh, I’m sorry that it’s all over the Internet with that BLM protest chanting, “what we do want?  Dead cops!  When do we want it? Now!”  I have talked in detail what I believe is a good approach to ending police brutality, but I just don’t see it as a race issue.  I see it as a lack of accountability issue.  There are plenty of people of all sorts of ethnic groups who get the long end of the law.  I see it as a police problem and an unchecked power problem, rather than a racial issue.  There you go, I used my platform to talk about a solution.

When will you do a video on white-on-white crime and what we can do about it in our communities.

I did say that I’m in favor of reasonable gun control, did I not?  If so, there’s a good step in the right direction.

You say that you are for equality of opportunity, so why don’t you discuss the fact that there is discrimination that has been well-documented (without a single citation of ANY studies)?

I take instances of “discrimination” on a case-by-case basis.  If you come to me with an instance of what you believe is discrimination, then I’ll examine it.  And sure, it exists.  But when I hear you lot saying that there is a huge amount of racial discrimination all over the board and doing as you have done and not cited any of these sources that you so cavalierly declare exists, it leads me to question the validity of your claims.

Do you not get why saying that All Lives Matter in response to Black Lives Matter is ridiculous?

Nope.  You want to make it about one group.  I want to make it about what I see as the bigger problem – unchecked power in law enforcement.  We give cops guns, badges, and virtually no oversight.  What kinds of people do you think such lax rules will draw in?

If you consider yourself an egalitarian, will you go after those in your community who use buzzwords that I don’t like?

Nope.  See, unlike your side of the fence, my fee-fees don’t get hurt when someone calls me a faggot.  I actually grew a thicker skin than you all did.  Sorry if that’s such a problem for you.

Are you willing to acknowledge that your fans attack people?

Sure.  I publicly acknowledge that people have free will and can do what they like.  Do I agree with people on my side of the fence who do bad things?  Nope.  Do I believe that they have every right to do them?  Yup.  I can’t control what other people do.  I can condemn things like doxing and harassing, but that’s it.  So there you go.  I made a public statement of condemnation.  How about when your side of the fence does things like sending Milo Yiannopoulos knives in the mail?  There’s an idea.

And that was the last of these questions that I want to deal with.  That was sad, and pathetic.  And REALLY boring.

Until next time, a quote,

“And by the way, next time you want to tell one of these stories – have a point!  It makes it so much more interesting for the listener!” – Neal Page, Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Peace out,



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