Lucien’s First Take: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Story Trailer

I’m in this weird place where I am seeing more and more of the new Resident Evil game and I want to play it less.  It just looks like a clone of Silent Hills.  I don’t want a game that just riffs on a title that was cancelled by a dick-cheese company.  So many games are being made and everyone is just screaming about how it is going to be just like that other game that they wanted.  Forgive me, but that just doesn’t interest me.  The new RE looks like a bad horror film about some evil family trying to kill you.  I’ve seen that game before.  I’ve played that game before.  It looks less and less interesting to me as time goes on.

Then we get to the new Call of Duty.  I have ragged on this latest game eight ways til Sunday.  Call of Duty in space.  The very idea sounds as laughable as it gets.  And even now, it still kind of is.  But then there is this other part of me.  The part that learns more and more about the premise and finds it a touch bit intriguing.  Were it only in better hands.  Let’s look at the trailer.  Then we can hash this out.

Alright, so what do we have?  We have a plot that has pretty much been ripped straight out of Gundam.  There’s a colonial area away from Earth.  They are tired of living under Earth’s thumb.  There’s a demagogue who takes control of their forces and is now directing a war against the Earth.  After some horrible attack, Earth’s back is against the wall, and now their only hope is with a single ship and the brave crew of it.  It’s about as original as my roast beef sandwich that I had for lunch yesterday.  And yet, I still find this intriguing.

I guess that my point of this post isn’t to talk about this game.  Because the reality is that Activision and Infinity Ward can’t do this concept justice.  Why?  Because the original Gundam series wasn’t just about Earth vs. The Colonies.  There was a lot more nuance than that.  And the same is true here.  I refuse to believe that the war between Earth and Mars has all the nuance of Kit Harrington being evil.  Why is Mars so eager to attack Earth?  What drove them to this point?  I genuinely want to know the answer to that question.  But I get the feeling that I’ll never learn it in this game.  Instead, Kit Harrington’s likeness is going to be wasted for a one-off villain who has all the believe-ability of a villain twirling their novelty mustache.

What I really want to talk about here is how I want this concept to be done by some other company.  Some better company, who can actually make this work.  Because I REFUSE to believe that something this big can be limited to just one game.  It’s a war between Earth and Mars.  This is at least two games.  A concept like this could be an awesome trilogy.  A badass space opera where we get to see both sides.  I honestly would love it if we got to play as people on both sides, and see that there are problems on all fronts.  Not gonna happen with CoD.  Their entire lens is basically “America: FUCK YEAH!”

Nothing bugs me more than when I can see an idea that could be amazing, with the understanding that it will be shit.  It’s like, why go through all that effort if you’re just going to make something sub-standard?  Seems so stupid.  To me, anyway.  But this game does have my attention.  I will see what the reviews say, and we’ll see what happens next.

Initial Verdict
6 out of 10

Peace out,



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