The Wonders of Speedy Escalation

There is that meme that I think that everyone has seen – that escalated quickly.  When most people use it, it’s in humorous context.  But the other day, I got to have such an experience with a person, and it was almost transcendent.  To watch someone just run the gamut on negative thoughts about me so quickly.  It got my attention enough to post about.  This happened in a ten minute span on Facebook.  In about ten minutes, me and someone went from amicable to them believing that I am a dangerous predator waiting in the grass, based on some of the most banal posting I have done.

It all started with a post I made about Brock Turner.  The Internet is abuzz with him already being released from prison.  I made a post where I said that I believe the justice system is dropping the ball, but I am not as worked up as some because I realize that there is a bigger picture here.  That bigger picture is that his sentence isn’t over.  It never will be.  His punishment will go on for the rest of his life.  He will be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life.  This means that major employers won’t ever touch him.  Women will most certainly look him up who he tries to date.  And if they don’t, their girlfriends will.  There are a ton of neighborhoods where those on the sex offender list have to let people know.  Brock Turner’s life will never be the same.  That’s a good thing.  Fuck that disgusting monster.  He deserves to have a ruined life.  If he didn’t want that, he shouldn’t have violated a girl while she was unconscious.

When I saw the thing about him being released from prison, I reiterated this on my Facebook page.  What followed was the most insane few minutes of my life.  I almost-immediately got an angry comment from a friend saying that I am terrible and my opinion is awful.  I try to engage the person and explain my position.  I am then accused of believing that rape is not so bad.  After refuting this, I am accused of believing victims have it coming, and Brock Turner did nothing wrong.  Again, I refute this, with this person coming back at me that I support rape.  I contend that this person is letting their emotions get in the way here, asking why they think this way.  I am told that this person was sexually abused for years, and that they were raped again, and that a child who lives next door to them was raped by a neighbor who had raped before, and that they feared for their children’s safety.  With this insane list of things, I told the person that they are letting their emotions get the better of them, and that they need to step back and look at this objectively.  At this point, she says that I am likely a rapist myself, and then blocks me.  This all happened within ten minutes.

I’ve said in the past that I try and make posts about more than any one person, including myself.  While that isn’t always true, it is in this case.  First, this woman IMMEDIATELY went from putting words in my mouth about how I think Brock Turner is not guilty, to telling me that I support rape, and finally to say that I am probably a sexual predator myself and she has to block me for the safety of her children.  I don’t know this person in the flesh, just so we’re clear.  I have no idea where she or her children are.  Don’t care.  Lady be crazy anyway.  It goes to show that I was right.  There was a chip a mile wide on her shoulder, and she immediately assumed that anyone who disagrees with her is dangerous and must be silenced.  No surprise, the thing that she was all insane about is rape.

Look, rape is bad.  Rapists are bad people.  Nowhere did I say that Brock Turner is a good guy or that I think he doesn’t deserve the life that he is being forced to have.  I’m glad that that shit-stain is going to be in social and economic hell forever.  He earned that.  However, don’t go telling me that I support rape.  And especially don’t tell me that I am likely a rapist myself, and that you have to block me for the sake of your children.  That makes you look SO shitty as a person.  Not even kidding, that’s the most retarded thing in the world.

In reality, I’m sorry it went down that way.  Given how it’s obvious how big that chip is on her shoulder, I know that I’ll never hear back.  Bummer it had to end that way.  The lesson here is simple – stop and think, next time you are going to make some grand assumption about a person.  I didn’t just assume that Anita Sarkeesian is a con artist.  I looked at the evidence that was gathered by the sleuths of the Internet and then came to the conclusion that she is a con artist based on what I had learned.  That’s called deductive reasoning.  Not what TV Sherlocks do.  They just look at things and instantly know stuff.  That’s called inductive reasoning.  And the reality is that it is the worst form of reasoning there is.  I liked BBC’s Sherlock series, but the titular character is bad at his job and is an insult to the character.  If you want a better version, watched Sherlock and the Case of the Silk Stocking or Mr. Holmes.

Stop.  Think.  Don’t just let emotions guide your posting.  I realize in the age of the Internet, that tends to be how it happens, but it’s a bad habit that the Internet needs to break.  It’s making people dumber.

Until next time, a quote,

“I am a skeptic by my nature.  Oh Lord, if there is a Lord, save my soul.  If I have a soul.” – Sherlock Holmes, The Case of the Silk Stocking

Peace out,



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