SJW Outrage About Tekken 7…

As is want to happen, the SJW crowd is flipping their shit.  Why?  Because there are women in swimwear!  The horror!  Women who aren’t wearing the hijab!  They should be covered up!  Otherwise, because men are sexist pigs, they will want to sexually violate them!  Men can’t control themselves when a woman is exposed!  Oh, wait, that’s a tenant of Islam.  Though, when I think about it, with how often the SJWs come out in droves to defend Islam, perhaps SyeTenAtheist was right (linked here).  The PC police is once-again losing their shit over women who are being sexy in a video game.  And just like EVERY single time this happens (without a single exception), they ignore the context.  Something that, thankfully, the director of this game was happy to remind them.

I’m so glad to see gaming developers or development companies willing to stand their ground and not give in to these gender-shaming activists.  Like when Blizzard has the SJWs all up in their shit about Tracer’s over-the-shoulder pose, so they go and make it a pin-up pose.  The Internet was in love with them for that.  No joke, I laughed so fucking hard when I saw that change.  Then we have the creator of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided standing up to the SJW retards who said that calling the game a “mechanical apartheid” was offensive to people in Africa, with one of the creators coming out on Kotaku in Action and making his case about how that is using historical context to draw a parallel.  Now we have the director or Tekken 7 coming out and being willing to put these pathetic losers (who CLEARLY don’t actually play video games, based on what was discovered in this mess) in their place.

See, it seems that there’s something that the people complaining about this game missed – it’s not just the women who can be put in swimwear.  The men can too.  There’s a character who is a giant Sumo wrestler who basically wears a man-thong in every costume.  If you are going to make the argument that women in swimwear is objectifying, than the men is. Do NOT come on here and make some bullshit Sarkeesian argument about how men are powerful and that means that it’s not the same.  Fuck that noise!  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Either both are wrong, or neither is.  If you choose to not go that route, than shut the fuck up.  Not even kidding, I want you to shut up and go away.

Granted, I still think the dude just wanted to make the chicks look hot, and that’s the real reason behind this.  But here’s the thing – what’s the problem with that?!  What’s the problem with women being sexy?  I’ve talked about it so much, but there are plenty of chicks who dig hot women too.  Do you think that there are no lesbians out there who see stuff like this and go, “why yes, I would like some of that”?  If so, fuck you!  You’re ignoring people who have just as valid an opinion as yours, who you have used as a shield for years!  If not, then here’s another reason to shut the fuck up.  There is plenty of beefcake guys in there too.  Got me a straight girly-mate who says that she watches Let’s Plays of games like that to see digital beefcake beating the shit out of each other.

I wish I had a life where I had the time to go scouring the Internet for shit to bitch about.  Because that is EXACTLY what the people who are complaining did.  Since they obviously didn’t know (or perhaps deliberately chose not to care to sell their narrative) that the swimsuit outfits are seasonal and work both ways, they clearly weren’t interested in this game to start with and just wanted something to complain about.  Because it’s all these cunt-rags do.  Don’t these people have jobs?  Is gainful employment just a voodoo thing to them?  It must be, man.  Given how they are always scouring for every stupid thing to be offended about (like that retardedness with Usain Bolt and Ellen Degeneres that even Bolt didn’t get why people were upset), it’s pretty clear that they have nothing but time.  Groj, how I wish I didn’t have to worry about my rent and other things and could spend all day finding things to yell about.

Part of me wonders how these people get by.  You’d think it would get so exhausting, after a while, living that way.  You’d think that they would get so tired of having to constantly be angry.  There was this hilarious article on The Onion about a woman who quit being a feminist for five minutes so she could enjoy watching some TV.  That must be what this is like.  How can one have a happy life when every waking moment is spent being angry about some stupid bullshit that has no bearing on society.  After all, there is NO evidence that video games cause sexism.  None.  Just like there is NO evidence that they cause violence.  It’s all so dumb, but these imbeciles take it seriously!

Not much more to see.  I’m just glad that we have another person in gaming who is willing to stand their ground to these idiots.  Now that it’s starting to happen, we’re going to see more of it.  That’s encouraging.  SJW cultures eat themselves, but they have been allowed to grow for so long because not enough people have stood their ground and told them to fuck off.

It’s pretty simple – if you don’t like a game, don’t play it.  If you think that a game looks sexist, don’t play it.  Or, here’s another idea – make you own games.  There’s no excuse why you can’t.  A bunch of SJWs got together and made Stephen Universe a thing.  They put their money where there mouths are.  There is NO reason that you can’t do the same.  So get up and get to it.  Have fun.

Until next time, a quote,

“The problem with crying wolf so many times over the years is that it waters down legitimate cries.” – Vito Glacone

Peace out,



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