My Thoughts on Donald Trump

Given that I have made no secret of my disdain for Hillary Clinton as a corporate hand-puppet, I have had a few people wondering what I thought of the GOP candidate, Donald Trump.  I honestly don’t think I’ll have to make more than one post about this, because my thoughts about him are pretty simple.  It all boils down to two things.  First, he is the personification of an Internet troll.  Hillary’s media blitzkrieg impression is so ass-backwards that it’s funny.  Second, he’s not even trying at this point, so what does it matter?  Allow me to break these down one at a time.

Anyone who pays attention to Trump’s Twitter page can understand that he’s an Internet troll.  He’s the only politician who I am certain runs his own Twitter page.  How am I certain?  Because he’s documented as having started flame wars with celebrities, and he gets REALLY butthurt over things that people say with him over Twitter and has even started flame wars with politicians like sellout Elizabeth Warren over things they’ve said.  This level of salt has to be something he handles in person.  For years, this guy posts whatever he wants and feels no need to hold back.

For all intents and purposes, it looked like Trump was just in this election so he could get some press.  His current reality show was going downhill, and his name wasn’t in the media enough.  Trump has a history of falling out of the public eye, and then doing something crazy to get back in it.  He had talked about running for office before, but I guess he never had a legit reason to do it until now.  And bam!  Overnight, he goes from a centrist, New York liberal to a hardcore conservative with all kinds of crazy views.  Funny how that works.

If you follow what pretty much every non-right-wing media outlet says and take it at face value, then Donald Trump is Hitler, Part Deux.  Or Mega Stalin who is going to be nuking the Middle East into oblivion.  I have always found the insane news coverage surrounding this guy to be enjoyable absurd.  It’s such gross hyperbole that the fact that it’s proving to be so effective with the general public only goes to show how stupid those people really are.  Nobody should buy the madness that people are saying.  Yes, because he totally said that we should kill Hillary, with that offhanded jab at the crazy Second Amendment crowd, right?  Or maybe he TOTALLY believes that women who get raped have it coming.  No joke, I saw a news article saying as much.  It’s madness!  Hillary’s media empire (who are part of a connected network of people who own her existence as a politician) has such a war machine against Trump that this shit-show is getting fun to watch.

There was one thing that Trump didn’t count on in all of his efforts to have fun and go mad with this political election – that he would win.  I’m sure, in the back of his mind, he figured that he’d troll with GOP for a while, say whatever crazy shit came to mind that he figured the GOP voters wanted to hear, but would get voted out by someone who is more of a mainstay of the Republican party.  Or that the party itself would be stabbing him in the back much the same as how the Democrat Party did to Bernie Sanders (and we now have leaks to prove it).

Once he actually won the primary, you could almost see the look in his eye where he realized – oh shit.  I won.  Now I have to go all the way with this.  Had he been voted out early, things would have been simpler.  His tactic would have worked, and he could go back to being a kooky reality TV personality.  But the longer this drags on, the more my second belief is confirmed.  Trump doesn’t want to be in this.

How do I know this?  Simple.  First, he’s spent NO money on TV ads.  None.  Hillary has turned her ENTIRE media armada on him.  The media who did everything they could to ignore Sanders and pretend that no challenge to their corporate hand-puppet’s reign existed.  The idea that Trump isn’t even bothering to spend any capital to combat this is ludicrous.  Second, after the DNC, Trump had the most golden opportunity in the history of golden opportunities.  NOBODY likes Hillary.  Nobody.  Back then, people outright hated her.  There was a golden opportunity to use the public’s hatred of that woman and get unwavering support from the right, and even wrangle some Sanders supporters to his cause.  But he didn’t.  I guarantee that if it had been any other of the GOP candidates, and WikiLeaks gave them that birthday present of leaked emails and messages, they wouldn’t have stopped rubbing Hillary’s nose in it.  They would have dragged her name through the mud so hard that she wouldn’t be able to get back up.  The fact that Trump has done nothing to capitalize on it is baffling.  Or at least it was, until I realized the truth.  Now the golden opportunity is gone.  The bulk of the public at large, not liking Hillary more than they did before, has begrudgingly gone to her side because they see the alternative as the Third Reich.  And they won’t vote third party because…insert line about how voting for them is a vote for Trump or how they can’t win anyway.  The usual pussy responses.

Trump’s utter lack of conviction in the face of this blitzkrieg of opposition tells me that he doesn’t want to be a part of this, and he does have an endgame.  He is now saying whatever crazy shit he wants, and he is not even trying to backpedal and go to the center.  Now he’s just going with it until the election.  Unless he pulls a huge upset and demolishes that shrill-voiced moneyed interests harpy in debates, I am certain that I’m right.  Trumps endgame might be that he will go so nuts that the GOP basically turns on him and he is forced out of the election entirely.  He’s not trying.  This is not how a serious political candidate acts.

So yeah, that’s all I have to say about Trump.  It’s been a fun shit-show, but it seems to be ending with a whimper than with a bang.  We get a corporate hand-puppet.  And all Bernie got for his trouble was selling out and getting a hand-wave apology for the Party.  Don’t you feel smart?

Until next time, a quote,

“Politicians are the weeds of the galaxy.”  – Commander Shepherd, Mass Effect 3

Peace out,



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