SIONR: Rumors of Final Fantasy XV Delay

You have got to be kidding me.  Square Enix, this has to be a joke.  If these rumors are true, then I honestly can’t be more pissed at you than right now.  Because I know what you’re doing.  The level of transparency here is just disgusting.  You greedy, corporate fuckbags are doing this because you want to capitalize, and it pisses me off.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s talk about this.

The rumor mill is abuzz because of some promotional material that was discovered by the sleuths of the Internet.  The material is from GameStop, which shows the release date of this game not at the promised September 30th, but at November 29th.  Almost a full two months later.  Yeah, it’s as bullshit as it sounds.  Yet-another stupid-ass decision by Square Enix, and can you all see why they’re doing this?  I shouldn’t need to explain this. Anyone who has been associated with gaming can see as clear as day what the gambit here is – to capitalize on the Christmas shopping season!  Of course it is.

I hate the Christmas game release season.  I hate that game are being delayed to that so that companies can try and milk more money.  Why?  Because companies need to learn that it doesn’t matter when a good game comes out!  Just release the fucking game!  When will companies learn that us gamers don’t need a special time of year for a game?  It’s infuriating.  I did a little looking into this on my own, and I think the rumors are correct.  See, I looked at the original release date, which just happened to be on a Friday.  I was SO digging that.  I could leave work and then have two whole days to play.  Still, that is unusual.  Why?  Because most games come out on Tuesday.  Groj knows why.  It’s a stupid day to release games.  Why release them when the bulk of the people who play them are stuck at work?  It’s retarded.  Guess when November 29th is?  That’s right, it’s on a Tuesday.  It fits neatly with how things are done.

To be perfectly honest, I’m getting a little sick of Square Enix’s shit.  They keep pulling this stupid crap, and it is stupid.  Did you know that Final Fantasy XV has a Season Pass?  Yeah, because Square Enix figures that you aren’t paying enough money for the complete game, so they are going to give you a pass for what is almost-certain to be bullshit DLC.  These people aren’t CD Projekt Red.  They know how to do DLC right, and I found that to be a worthwhile investment.  With the episodic and online DRM bullshit with the new Hitman, or how the remake of Final Fantasy VII is episodic (hey, Square Enix, will that have always-online DRM too?  Fuckers), this company is seriously starting to make me hate it.  And that shouldn’t be the case!  Everyone should be excited.  How can this company take something that should be happy and then fuck it up this bad?!  I don’t get it.

Given what I’ve seen, I am inclined to believe these rumors that are out and about in the zeitgeist.  It’s stupid.  I am so pissed.  It’s like this company wants me to hate them, and I don’t want that to be the case.  Greed has taken over so much of the gaming industry.  Why are so few companies willing to rise above?  A question for the philosophers.

Until next time, a quote,

“Your premium brand better be delivering something special, of it’s not going to get the business.” – Warren Buffet

Peace out,



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