Bad PR 109: Manveer Heir Hates White People (and wants you to know)

Something not many of you may know is that the bulk of the creative team at BioWare jumped ship after Mass Effect 3.  People blamed them solely for what happened, without realizing that it wasn’t their fault entirely.  EA as some of the blame.  They rushed the development cycle by a whole year, so BioWare had to cut corners.  I think we all know where the worst of it was.  That ending ruined this franchise for me.  When they saw the writing on the wall, so much of the creativity there get off like rats leaving a sinking ship.  Smart people.

Now there is a new creative director and a very new team working on the latest worthless entry into a franchise that already jumped the shark with the God Kid.  For real, I had no intentions of playing this game after how the last one ended.  Now I just have a better reason.  Because one of the important creative designers for the Mass Effect: Andromeda has some opinions about white people.  And he’s taken to Twitter to let you all know.

Let me first say that I’m glad that I chose to accept Ian Miles Cheong’s apology about his time within the SJW community.  He got back on the straight and narrow and has become a better journalist because of it.  His latest article (linked here) details some of the wonderful racism of Manveer that he was so stupid enough to impart over the SJW echo chamber – Twitter.  Little nuggets like, “I just don’t like all the white people.”  Or “Getting to mess with white people by scaring them with my brown skin is my reparations for all the racism after 9/11.”  How’s about “Some people think America’s past-time is baseball, but it’s actually protecting white fragility”?  That’s a classic.  Then there’s my personal favorite – him posing with the “White Tears” mug.  This guy makes no secret of his overt racism, and this ties in to an older PR lesson.

For those who followed the drama surrounding Mighty No. 9 in it’s early days (a refresher for those who want some context), Dina decided that she was going to go on a personal crusade to shit all over the fans and backers based on her personal vendetta.  The fact that she wasn’t fired is purely nepotism for the reason she got that job.  Watch the link I posted at the top of the paragraph.  It’s eye-opening.  Her tirades for the cause of social justice began a domino effect that had backers asking for their money back.

Manveer is on the same path.  See, he’s part of a new mentality that tell us that it’s okay to be a racist bigot, so long as the ethnic group you hate are white.  It’s fine to hate white people for no other reason than their race.  Just like it’s cool to hate men for no other reason than their gender.  And it’s cool to hate straight men for no other reason than their sexual orientation.  Combine all three and you have a wonderful trifecta of bigotry that is culturally-acceptable.  Manveer even said that he was going through his Twitter followers and blocking those who are white men.  He said that if they have a problem, blame their ethnicity.  I sure do hope that this guy doesn’t work for a company that sells products whose success can be easily destroyed when you piss off the people who are supposed to partake of said product.  That sure would be bad, wouldn’t it?  I suppose we could ask Paul Feig what that’s like.  After all, he went so far out of his way to insult the fans of the original Ghostbusters movie, and also to make sure they know how awful they are for being fans of that movie.  Now we have a game designer whose Twitter account has archived posts about how much he hates white people and doesn’t care if they don’t like it.  If this guy were selling a product that needs buyer confidence, he sure would look dumb right about now.

There’s this great joke in YMS’ review of Ghost Rider, when Eva Mendez’s character asks a waiter if he thinks she’s pretty, and the guy just shrugs.  “He doesn’t work for tips.”  When you do a job that requires you to be on good terms with the public to inspire them to partake in it, then what kind of idiot do you have to be to have your public Twitter page be a litany of blatant racism?  What’s more, it makes BioWare look bad because if this guy had been saying stuff like this against ANY other ethnic group, he would have been fired ages ago.  This isn’t even stuff you have to dig for.  We don’t have to pull an SJW tactic of shaming this guy and sending it to his boss.  This guy is representing BioWare with his social media.  He lists himself as a BioWare employee in his Twitter handle.

What’s more, thanks to this guy being part of the racist SJW circlejerk, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the bulk of the corrupt games media is going to drown this game in praise.  Regardless of how good in quality it is…or isn’t.  Hell, the games media was attacking the fans for hating the end of the last game, so I guess this should be no shock.  But this isn’t even about this game.  It’s about this mentality and the harm it’s doing to the gaming community.

During the days that Anita Sarkeesian was Kickstarting a video series about sexism in video games, sellouts like Jim Sterling and buffoons like Movie Bob were saying that these kinds of people were never going to influence games.  They were just going to be commenting on them, and they’ll disappear if we don’t listen to them.  Well, here we are, four years later, and now we have people like Manveer, who are openly bigoted and gets no repercussions because he is racist against the group that it’s trendy to hate.  Naturally.  BioWare should think long and hard if this is the image that they want associated with their company, who requires people to want to play their games.

Manveer Heir White TearsChoose wisely.

Until next time, a quote,

“If Manveer Heir expressed any of these views about any other race or ethnicity, there is no question that he would’ve long ago been taken to task for bigotry and racism.” – Ian Miles Cheong

Peace out,



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