Corruption is All America Has

Following the DNC, every single non-conservative media outlet was preaching about how the entire party had united behind Hillary Clinton.  This couldn’t have possibly been further from the truth.  The reality is that the Democrat Party has never been as divided as it is right now.  The Wikleaks documents showed that the primary had been rigged.  We now had actual documents that detailed to us how Hillary was so confident that she was going to win the primary that she had to get the entire Democratic establishment to help her cheat.  It was a somber look at how broken our democracy is.  The fact that Bernie has sold out and continues to do so in an op-ed that will be coming out tomorrow (as of the time of writing this) by blaming his own supporters shows just how much the establishment has all the power, and Bernie’s dreams of a revolution were a pipe dream.

Democracy is in terrible shape right now.  It’s telling that the entire media is working to make sure we know that the leak of DNC documents was done by Russia.  Because I guess they figure that we care more about who gave us the documents than what was in them.  Not from where I’m sitting.  I don’t care if these documents were taken by the most vile person to currently exist.  I still care what’s in them.  But the public is stupid, and the media knows this.  They just have to keep diverting attention and make the leak look like it was done by EVIL Russians (do they think we’re still in the Cold War or what?) and not-so-subtle-y hint that Trump is somehow involved.  Because Hillary’s ENTIRE candidacy rests on people hating Trump more than they hate her.  It’s the only card she has.

To be clear Donald Trump is the personification of an Internet troll.  Nothing more.  If you believe the insane levels of media hyperbole, then he is the second coming of Hilter and will be even worse.  Not even kidding, there was an article in The Washington Post about how white nationalists and Neo-Nazis like Trump.  I’m just waiting for one of the media outlets to finally jump the shark and say that Trump wants to rape babies and kill kittens.  I mean, we’re already saying that he’s a deranged lunatic, with the “testimony” of supposed experts on his deranged mental status.  Why not make an ad that goes –

Do you want this man in charge of your country?  He’s going to be Hitler!  His wife is a whore!  His children are scum-fucks!  If you vote for this man, then you support throwing puppies and kittens in blenders!  A vote for Donald Trump means you hate puppies and kittens.

I’m Hillary Clinton, and I approve this message.

I am in awe of what this election season has become.  It’s a blitzkrieg of the entire media that polishes Hillary’s knob (which is every non-conservative outlet.  ALL of them) putting out non-stop hit-pieces.  The DNC leak showed that the media was in cahoots with Hillary.  Now we know for certain.

What does all of this have to do with anything?  Why do I care?  After all, I’ve made no secret of how I figure democracy in this country is dead.  Why should this even remotely surprise me?  To be honest, it doesn’t.  It’s just amusing to watch this country’s elite squirm as we have actual documents proving how corrupt it is.  And to watch Julian Assange pwn the shit out of Bill Maher on his own show.  All the media outlets take the one good hit that Maher got in and make it like he won.  Bullshit!  I watched that entire interview.  Assange had Maher on the ropes, and he didn’t let up.  It was awesome.

Assange made a great point in that interview – all of what we have now wouldn’t have come out if someone hadn’t leaked it to us.  We wouldn’t know about the insane level of surveillance that we are under if it wasn’t for Edward Snowden’s leak.  We wouldn’t know about all of the unnecessary killing that’s going on in the Middle East if it wasn’t for Chelsea Manning.  And each and every time these leaks happen, does our government maybe taken some time to reflect on why this happened and what they can do to stop it from happening again?  Of course not.  How ridiculous!  They have to make sure that we all know that it’s bad that this information got leaked!  Manning put people in danger!  Snowden’s leaks included people’s information!  The DNC leaks are Russia’s fault!  No matter how bad it looks, our government has to make sure that you understand why it isn’t their fault.  Of course it’s not.

We live in a nation where, if it weren’t for people who leak the truth, the truth would NEVER be known.  You think that the government was going to talk about its invasion of people’s privacy?  You think they would have told us about all of the violence that we perpetuate for NO reason in the Middle East?  Do you think the Democratic Part would have fessed up that they were wholely in the pocket of the candidate who they know will give them what they want?  Of course not.  Because the simple reality is that the truth NEVER makes this country look good.  Ever!

Every time there’s a major leak, the entire government and the media who is basically in their pocket looks terrible.  I’ll give the Republicans this – at least they are open about being an arm for corporate America.  The Democrats have to bend so far over backwards to pretend that that isn’t the case that they are trying to play on us having a problem with Russia to try and cover up their lies.  It’s amazing.

And neither candidate wants this to stop.  Donald Trump said that he wants Edward Snowden dead.  Hillary Clinton says that she wants him in jail for the rest of his life.  So neither candidate is for the truth.  But what would you expect.  This is just par for the course in the endless leagues of corruption that make this country tick.  If the corruption stopped, our economy would die and this nation’s power would be gone.

Meanwhile, we have an election where our two choices are between a corrupt-to-the-core Wall Street insider who has been on every side of every issue, or a bonkers Internet-troll personified who the media desperately wants you to believe is Hitler, Part Deux.  For the first time, we have an election that truly captures what this country has become.  You either vote for a candidate who has a 13 minute video of her lying and can’t win without cheating, or you can vote for a “business man” who inherited his wealth and has had almost all of his business ventures fail.  I have a cousin who admires the latter so much.  He is so naive.

And before you all come at me saying that I’m just a salty Sander supporter, let me make something clear – Fuck Bernie!  Fuck him!  That octogenarian sellout lost my respect when he bent the knee and chose to kiss Hillary’s ass in the hopes that he would get some of her table-scraps.  Fuck him!  And Elizabeth Warren too.  She went out of her way to polish that Wall Street crony’s knob.  Sanders could have chosen to stand against the cronyism, greed, and outright thievery that has become the cornerstone of American politics.  But he didn’t.  Instead, he decided to do what so much of the American public has done and settle on the empty tradition of the candidate who lost coming out in support of the one who won.  Groj-forbid he actually take what he said to heart and not support someone who he was so adamant is a corporate tool.  Hey Bernie, there’s documentation of how she screwed you.  Don’t you feel good about betraying your supporters?

People say that if we have more of these leaks, it could risk international incidents, or cause this country to fall apart.  Good!  I want that to happen!  Give us more leaks!  Let’s bring this corrupt house of cards to parts!  Without this, we will NEVER have the truth reach us.  All this country has are the lies.

Until next time, a quote,

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Peace out,



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