SIONR: Final Fantasy XV Season Pass

Again?!  Again, Square Enix?!  Groj is this frustrating.  It’s like this company goes out of its way to make me hate them.  You think I want this?  You think I want to hate this company for the stupid practices that it does?  Well you’d be wrong!  I want to like this company.  Hell, I want to love them.  Some of my favorite games have come from them.  There’s the awesomeness that is Final Fantasy X and the fun and nostalgia of the Kingdom Hearts games (even if the plot of those games has become convoluted beyond reason).  I grew up with this company.  It genuinely pains me to see what they’ve become.  Probably the last bastion of old-school Japanese gaming.  But they just keep doing stupid thing after stupid thing.

What’s that, you may ask?  They are releasing another unfinished game that you have to pay $25 in order to get the finished version.  Unbelievable.  I am SO sick of companies doing this!  So many companies are releasing games that you have to pay even more money in order get finished.  There are six slated DLC packs that you can get if you just shell out even more money.  And I get the feeling that it isn’t meaningful DLC.  It’ll probably be another instance of Batman: Arkham Knight.  Just a bunch of add-on nonsense that there is NO reason that it couldn’t be in the main game.

I don’t get why this company is making things so difficult for itself.  They’re releasing the remake of Final Fantasy VII in episodes.  Making it so that I’m not going to buy it until its done and then I can get it on sale.  Because I’m not buying an unfinished game!  It’s bullshit that they expect me to have to do that.  I never did and never will buy Hitman because they released that in episodes, and you have to have an online connection to play.  Not only did they do this episodic nonsense, but also having DRM!  I have to wait until December to play Rise of the Tomb Raider because these ass-clowns had to make some stupid deal with Microsoft for a timed exclusive.  These are not smart decision, Square Enix!  This is corporate bullshit to cash grab!  What happened to your company?  I remember the days when you were among the most respected publishers in gaming.  Now you desperately need Final Fantasy XV to be a success to keep your company afloat.

Well, I’m not buying your season pass.  I refuse.  If you can’t release a finished game, then I’m not going to buy it.  It’s as simple as that.  Don’t release unfinished games.  Is your company so hard up for cash that you have to do this to stay afloat?  I’ve mused about this fact before.  Are game developers so strapped for cash that gimmicks like this are the only way that they can break even?  Is game development that expensive now?  No, I don’t think so.  I think you’re just pulling the same shit that EA and Ubisoft get away with because you want to rake in that kind of cash.  Well, those two companies are now maligned.  I won’t be playing another EA game again.  Screw the new Mass Effect. I want NOTHING to do with it.  Everything I’ve heard about how Bioware is bleeding talent as the people who made that company great are jumping ship tells me that this new game was be an underwhelming mess.  Not to mention, one of the lead directors is an asshole with a “White Tears” mug that he is very proud of.  Fuck that guy.  If Ubisoft can maybe stop milking their franchises and go back to what made ones like Assassin’s Creed great, then I might give them another chance.

I don’t want you to join that pedigree, Square Enix.  I grew up with you.  Games from back when you were truly great are among my favorite of all time.  Don’t follow this path.  Please.  Can you do that?

Until next time, a quote,

“The worst thing about the fall from grace is that the point of impact is usually your ego.” – Susan Gale

Peace out,



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