Liberal Double Standards

A trending story in the news today is that George Zimmerman was attacked in a restaurant.  He was allegedly bragging about killing Trayvon Martin, and someone decided to take him being a jerk and go all over-the-line with it and attack him violently.  Almost every comments section and tons of articles think that this is just tops!  Boy he sure had it coming!  Why, I bet the ghost of Trayvon is smiling down right now with two thumbs up!

Something to know about me – I’m a liberal.  I make no secret of this.  But something else that I am is a hater of double-standards.  There was a post that I did a LONG time ago where I talked about a disgusting person I had classes with named Natalia.  She was everything wrong with the fundamentalist Christian attitude, and I genuinely didn’t like her.  In the post, I talked about some of the disgusting things that she did, which rubbed me all kinds of the wrong way.  It was one of the most personal posts I have written where I ripped into someone that I know personally.  I am normally loathe to talk about people in my life, and if I ever do, I don’t talk about them by name.  But I didn’t fully dox her.  I gave no hint as to her last name, or where she lives or anything like that.  So far as you know, she could be anyone with an Eastern European first name.

In the Comments of that post, I got into a long argument with one of her defenders who saw fit to try and do everything she could to make me out to be a hypocrite.  She failed.  Every point where she tried to bring up a double-standard, I refuted her soundly.  Nothing bugs me more than when I see a double standard, because I see them all over the goddamn place.  This story with Zimmerman is no exception.

Let me make something clear – I believe that Zimmerman is a piece of shit.  All of the evidence points to him having killed Trayvon in cold blood.  That stupid “Stand Your Ground” law was used to justify this, and I honestly believe that he should have gone to jail.  However, he didn’t.  Our criminal justice system declared him not guilty.  So he is a regular citizen with all the rights and privileges that the rest of the citizens have.  You know what that means?  That means that he also has the right to not be attacked.  People’s right to hate him ends when they take a swing at his face.  This person who attacked him broke that rule.  They are a criminal, and should be punished to the full extent of the law.

But to all of my liberal brethren who are saying that this is “karma” or any number of statements believing that what happened to Zimmerman is a good thing, fuck you.  You are a fucking hypocrite, and the next time that you say that violence against a black person for no reason is wrong, I’m going throw this in your face.  Because either it’s all wrong, or none of it is.  Take your fucking pick, you bleeding hypocrites.  I hate people like you.  Your kind are the ones who have SJWs calling people like me a conservative, because I am critical of their bullshit.  You all are the ones giving my kind a bad name.

This is just like that whole deal with Jerry Sandusky going to prison, and people saying that him potentially being raped is just tops.  Was he a disgusting pedophile?  Absolutely.  Did he deserve to get raped and potentially killed in person?  Absolutely not.  But hey, it’s fine when it’s someone that you don’t like!  That person that you do like got attacked for no reason?  “That is wrong! Start a hashtag campaign!  We need to get this trending!”  I despise your kind.  Every last one of you.

I guess that’s all I have to say.  While I may be a liberal, I have no problem calling out my contemporaries for being full of shit.  George Zimmerman is an asshole, and I believe he deserved to go to jail. But he didn’t.  He’s a free man. So he has a right to not be attacked, and if you think that he got what he deserved, I can’t wait to throw this back in your face when someone that you do like gets attacked for saying something that bugged people.  That’s why Zimmerman was attacked, after all.  Allegedly, anyway.

Until next time, a quote,

“Don’t be a hypocrite, Grandad,” – Huey Freeman, The Boondocks

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “Liberal Double Standards

  1. You are a liberal, but I would bet you are more on the left-libertarian side (classical liberal) than the leftist, sjw authoritarian side. With those types, it’s principals over principles, and if they didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all

    • I agree with most of what you say. But libertarian-left or not, I still consider myself a liberal. Most who are part of the SJW community use the term “progressive.” I don’t. I freely call myself a liberal, but I do not fall into the progressive camp anymore. Not with what it’s become.

      • And there were plenty of conservatives who think that Jerry Sandusky deserved to get raped in prison too.

      • agreed, both sides do it. seems to be worse on the prog side though. Granted I’m in the bay area so I see a lot more SJW crap. I see everyday they change their opinion based on who advocates for it.

        it’s amusing when they call anyone they disagree with as right wing. I’m sure that must be really annoying for ya 😐

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