SIONU: Decrying Nerd Culture Being Mainstream is Dumb

With Suicide Squad just a few days away, I’ve seen a number of memes come up regarding this film and some people’s issues with it or potential issues that will arise.  What do I mean?  Let me show you one that caught my eye.

Harley Quinn MemeThis is very odd, to me.  Why?  Because why on Earth do people not see this as a good thing?  Do you know why the Deadpool movie got made?  It was because they released a video that was supposed to be a tech demo for a digital engine.  The video went viral and comic book nerds and mainstream fans were in love.  So many people were introduced to the character through that video.  I would be remiss without saying that the dedication of the cast and the willingness to hurt their budget also helped make that movie a reality, but its advent can be trace back to that one video.

Like most of you, I’m sure, my introduction to Harley Quinn was from Batman: The Animated Series.  I loved her character, I loved Arleen Sorkin’s voice acting.  I loved everything about how her character grew over the course of the series.  Personally, I am totally stoked that she is getting a mainstream appearance.  And it is in a movie that I am so hopeful will kick ass and take names.  After how bad Batman v Superman was, DC needs a big hit.  This could be a step in the right direction.  Not to mention, I can’t wait to see Leto’s Joker, too.  From what I’ve heard about how crazy it got on set, I’m sure that he’s putting everything into this performance.  Ballsy move after Heath Ledger’s Joker, but I still respect him for it.

But a reality that all these hardcore nerds need to realize is that movies like Suicide Squad would NEVER have existed if it weren’t for nerd culture going mainstream.  These girls that this meme is decrying for how they will be sudden Harley Quinn fans are the people who made this movie possible.  When comic book culture hit the mainstream, all sorts of avenues for film explanation opened up.  That’s great!  So many fantastic movies have been made.  Sure, they change things here and there.  That’s what happened in Captain America: Civil War.  But they got the stuff right that needed to get right, and that’s where it all matters.  Fans of the books may hate Game of Thrones, but you know what, I don’t give a fuck.  That series was made because of the success of Lord of the Rings movies, with HBO willing to take an insane gamble on something that has brought in more money then ever.  They took a risk, and it has paid off so well.  I am hearing that Showtime wants to emulate that success with the Dune franchise.  That could be cool.  I actually like the most recent Sci-Fi channel films that were made, but the potential for a neat universe is there.

Mainstream nerd culture has opened up avenues that we never had before, and with the success of the outliers like Deadpool, I guarantee that films are going to start taking more risks.  Disney may have to play them off to one of their less family-friendly studios, but they are going to be too enamored with the idea of cashing in on more violent comic book characters to just pass the idea off altogether.  Or maybe they at least bring in some elements that might be a little more risque.  The potential is all there.  Taking risks has shown to pay off with nerd culture, because Twentieth Century Fox realized that it isn’t just kids who watch and love this.  It’s adults, and we can bring them big bucks.

So don’t go discounting the girls who are going to get on the bandwagon.  After all, would you honestly rather have them idolizing this character, or the likes of Manika?  I’ll take them wanting to be like the crazy bitch with unmatching colored hair over that any day.

Until next time, a quote,

“You’re really sick.  You know that, boss?” – Harley Quinn, Batman: The Animated Series

Peace out,



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