Your First World Problems are Not “Rape Culture” (A response to Kat Blaque)

You know what’s not a thing in the First World – Rape Culture.  Why?  Because every video I see on the subject is ridiculous tirades about First World Problems or people complaining about things that they are falsely attributing to a cultural problem.  Case and point – this video by a woman named Kat Blaque.  Yet-another Tumblr-class hipster who has to make her opinion about her First World problems known and correlating this with a cultural problem.  Meanwhile, women in Saudi Arabia can be stoned to death for disobeying their husbands.  Or women in the Congo can be raped as a part of military terror.  The 1 in 5 statistic correlates with that, by the way.  Feminists believe that rape in college is on par with a nation where rape is used as a weapon of war.  Unreal.  Anyway, let’s look at this thankfully-short video and then respond to it.

She begins by telling a story about the biggest creeper in the world.  Not even kidding, if this story is true, then that is the creepiest dude ever.  I will at least say that I get why she would be bothered by this particular instance.  This dude is mega-creepy and that is not cool.  However, it’s clear what she’s doing here – using this as a spring-board to show why this is somehow acceptable in this country.  Because when people like me are calling this dude a creeper, that means that society at large accepts this.  Fuck me.

Naturally, the first thing she brings up is how girls go to college and are told to protect themselves and be careful, while apparently all it would take is for us men to be told not to rape.  Because Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer would totally have not raped and murdered people if they had been told that it’s wrong.  I’m so sure.  Ladies, here’s the thing – you should carry mace with you and know how to defend yourself because the world can be dangerous.  I carry a knife on my person so that I am able to defend myself if need be.  You learn to be prepared for what happens, to the best that you can be.  This isn’t rape culture.  It’s being smart about what you do.  I don’t go into a trailer park for the same reason that you don’t go into a trucker bar.  It’s just smart.

Then we get to hear that our culture says that women are asking for it.  Yes, because all the media shitstorms that happen about every major rape case are indicative that the culture says that “women are asking for it.”  Yeah, bullshit.  That is bullshit.  Look at the Duke case, or the UVA rape hoax.  Yes, a hoax.  Every word out of “Jackie’s” mouth was a lie.  The police investigation proved that, to the point that the guy that “Jackie” said she had gone out with that night may not even have existed.  There’s some great bullshit.  Can’t help but notice that “Jackie” didn’t get brought up on false allegation charges.  Nor did Crystal Mangum, in connection to the Duke case.  Gender double-standards?  What’s that?!

She then says that the culture tells women to keep their sexual assaults to themselves.  Citation, please.  Show me how this is some widespread societal problem.  Do women get pressured not to report?  Sure.  That would be impossible to argue.  Watch the episode of Frontline, “Secrets of the Vatican.”  You find out some truly terrible stories of clergy who use their power to intimidate children into not reporting their sexual assaults.  However, there is NO evidence to show that not only is this something that is acceptable, but looked upon in a positive way.  The moment sexual assault cases get press, they blow up big time.  But I can’t help but notice that there is a huge stigma against men reporting.  For all the feminists ready to swoop in and say that this is a sign that their work is for something, a city that tried to start a shelter for men who were the victims of abuse got attacked so hard that their efforts were stopped.  Five guesses who attacked them the most.  So yeah, there’s that.

There is a turn then where she says that rape culture says that boys who are molested or statutory raped by female teachers are told that they shouldn’t complain.  Here’s something I can agree on.  Not that it’s indicative of a rape culture.  She’s making this broad assumptions about all culture based on specific problems.  What this is indicative of is a double-standard.  See, if it was a man and he was sexually active with an underage female student, I guarantee that the media shitstorm would be epic and the judge would be all fire and brimstone when they give the sentence.  If there was a true rape culture, then wouldn’t it be the same for male teachers?  But it’s not a rape culture.  It’s a double-standard, and it is wrong.

Another instance where she brings up a good point – that society telling men that they deserve to get raped in prison is good.  The problem here is that this chick has good ideas about stuff, but comes to the wrong conclusion.  The problem isn’t a mythical rape culture.  It is societal double-standards.  Those are wrong.  But she is tying this problem in to her fictional ones that have no evidence of existing and then extrapolating things about all of culture that are simply untrue.  It’s kind of frustrating to see this happen because she is on the cusp of having some really smart ideas about sex crimes involving men, but then has to fall back on stupid bullshit down the line.  Which I guarantee she will.

Like clockwork, we’re back to the stupid bullshit.  The First World problems.  This idea that all men think that “street harassment” is a good thing.  If I learned anything from that ten hours of walking (in the poorest parts of NYC) video, it was that feminists think that everything from genuinely creepy things being said, to some guy calling a woman beautiful is “harassment.”  This is what I mean when I say that her First World problems are not indicative of a rape culture.  Do creepy guys exist?  Absolutely.  But it isn’t all men, or even the majority of men.  Hell, thanks to this SJW mentality, men are being told that they cannot approach women at all.  Which now has some SJW women lamenting how men used to be more assertive.  This is a monster of your own making, you stupid bitch!  Don’t tell men to be submissive and feminine, and then get piss-y when we don’t approach you or talk to you.  This is your fault.  Not that I’ll ever see an SJW take credit for it.

And I knew that that story from the beginning would come back.  Because she has decided to say that this one creeper guy is indicative of all men.  We all are being taught that if a woman tells you off, that means to keep trying.  No, honey, most of us are able to take this little thing called a “hint.”  Your belief that we are too dumb for that is more than a little insulting.

When she then says that we live in a society that trivializes rape, I am in awe.  An SJW is saying that we, the rest of the males, trivialize rape.  These are the people who say that “birth rape” is a thing.  Go on Google and look up that shit.  It’s amazing.  Or that any forms of straight sex is rape.  Google that.  Or that a guy checking a girl out is “stare rape.”  Another thing to Google.  This is so nuts.  If ANYONE has trivialized rape and turned it into a buzzword, it is you and yours, sugar.

She says that we tell women to come forward about their assaults, but then bitches that there are few convictions.  Honey, here’s the thing – rape is a very difficult crime to prosecute.  Why?  Because more often than not, there is no physical evidence of any kind.  So it comes down to he-said, she-said.  And I’m sorry, but our legal system doesn’t just take women’s words for it.  Why?  Because we have instances like what happened at UVA or Duke, and it is clear that women are just as capable of lying as men are.  This is why we have a legal justice system that tells you that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  I’m sorry if that doesn’t satisfy you, but if we just made it that a woman saying that man raped her was enough, we already have historical context to show how that would be abused.

The video ends telling us that rape culture exists, even though it is cannot be proven, studied, or documented.  In other cases, it is one of the many SJW forms of Original Sin.  I don’t believe in God, sweetie.  What makes you think I will take this on faith?

Until next time, a quote,

“Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man, living in the sky.  Who watches everything you do, every second of every day.”  – George Carlin

Peace out,



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