The Failed Adulthood

Once again, here we are
Luck gone to shit
Don’t even care anymore
Not one little bit

Dreaming of better times
Days gone by it seems
Only there can we see it clear
In the smiles of our dreams

We’re about to lose our place
The apartment we tried to make our home
Another check on our failure board
What good memories do we own?

All we can do is fail
Again and again and again
No matter how hard we try
For it seems that good luck is for better men

We failed as an adult
We failed as a boyfriend
We failed as an employee
Nothing in life could we make bend

It’s all our own fault
Don’t give us any shame
We shot ourselves in the foot, on all counts
Only ourselves there is to blame

Now we sit here
In this darkened room
Our thoughts as lost as our future
We cannot see through this gloom

I don’t like being alive
Wish that accident had taken our life
If nothing good happens
How is it worth going through all this strife

My shitty poems
This terrible rhyme
I don’t care about anything, anymore
Who has the time?

So here’s the thing to take away
From my rambling verse –
Death is a healthy substitute to breathing
Because the alternatives are far worse

Peace out,



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