You Are Going to Lecture Us on Masculinity? (A response to Jonathan McIntosh)

One of the things that I love is how the white knights for feminists will totally be cool with being screwed by those feminists.  And not in the fun way.  Let’s take Jonathan McIntosh, for example.  He was recently screwed out of a non-profit that he helped found (Feminist Frequency), and rather than be pissed about it, he decided to seize the day and launch a new channel, working to get Patreon support for his channel.  It’s called “The Pop Culture Detective Agency,” and it’s the funniest/cringiest thing I’ve ever seen.  Oh my Groj.  I am so excited.  McIntosh is going to explain what he’s trying to do, and get us to donate to him.  I love it.  I’ll have his video down below, so you can see I’m taking nothing out of context.  Then we’ll talk about it.

He begins by saying that all of us are “derailing the argument” by asking what about men in stuff that his former boss bitches about.  Like, when something happens to a man that happens to a woman, isn’t it equally wrong?  It’s a valid question, but McIntosh doesn’t think so.  I’d have a quip about that, but the first thing I notice about this dude is that he’s wearing eyeliner.  I can’t unsee that.  But yeah, I guess this is a bad argument.  Why?  Oh, because us guys don’t want to have a series discussion about being a man.  This is coming from the man wearing eyeliner.  The guy with eyeliner is telling me how to be a man.  I had to remind myself to breath.  That was dumbfounding.  Groj be praised!  This couldn’t have started off better.

Can we all acknowledge how terrible this name is?  Pop Culture Detective Agency?  He says, outright, that he is looking at pop culture through a biased lens. So he’s a shitty detective.  Last I checked, detectives are supposed to find out the truth.  Just putting that out there.  He goes on to talk about how he was involved with Feminist Frequency.  However, because he is a little bitch, he doesn’t say that they screwed him and dropped him like a sack of potatoes when Anita realized that she didn’t need him anymore.  Gotta love these betas.  They are so docile and will just accept whatever you do to them as not being wrong.  I’m surprised that feminists don’t exploit this more often.  For real, Anita founded a company with a bunch of women.  She should have had a bunch of beta males working for her.  She could pay them virtually nothing, and they would accept it.  She could screw with their heads or screw around with them and they would think it was empowering. If you’re gonna be a bad person, at least go all the way with it. Wow, that was a digression.  Back to what Josh here has to say.

I will say that I gotta give Josh credit for one thing – he made that Glenn Beck/Donald Duck mashup.  I did not know that.  If that’s true, props.  That was legitimately funny.  If only you had stuck to that sort of thing and not become an accomplice to a bonafide con artist.

So now we have Josh deciding to take a look at masculinity.  Something that he wouldn’t know thing-one about.  Okay.  This can only lead to good things.  He says what pop culture tells boys is “both limiting and harmful.”  I’m REALLY hoping that he doesn’t just go to the “they tell you to be tough and not to cry” cop-out.  It is the go-to line that all SJWs use, and it’s really dumb.  Oh, right, he does that.  He says that either we’re stoic tough guys or Home Simpson kinds of characters.  I did this with Anita, now I get to do it with Josh.

Tell me again how Nathan Drake is a stoic badass who sees violence as his only solution?  When he was trying to get a man who he very much wanted dead to help him get his brother and get out?  Was it there?  When he tried to negotiate his way out of a fight with Nadine Ross?  Was it there?  Perhaps it was when he tried to save that evil British bitch in Uncharted 3.  Any of those ring a bell?  Maybe it was Jet Black, in Cowboy Bebop, who repeatedly tries to use clever tactics to avoid violence in situations.  His ship doesn’t even have guns on it, because he’d rather be smart that violent.  Partly because collateral damage is something they have to pay for.  As for the Homer Simpson archetype, let’s really examine that.  These characters are very dumb and very hedonistic, but we often get to see them put that aside in order to do the right thing and help the people they care for.  Like in the Simpsons movie, where Homer realizes that his selfishness had robbed their family of its future, so he goes back to set things right.  These character being dumb shows that they have to work hard to do the right thing, but they will.

But that’s beside the point.  There a dozens upon dozens of male characters in games, movies, books, and shows that I like that break these archetypes.  Just look at Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.  Yeah, he’s brooding and stoic, but he is still a human and cares very much for the people in his life.  When Sansa comes to the Wall, and he sees her for the first time in years, there is a visible look on his face of disbelief, and you can feel the happiness inside when he puts his arms around her.  Or there’s Tyrion Lannister.  He’s cynical in the extreme, but cares very deeply about those in his life that matter to him, few as they are.  He was able to do what six seasons of that show couldn’t do – humanize Daenerys.  If we were to go into how many characters break these stupid molds that this imbecile has, we’d be here all damn day.  This is dumb.

Then we have Josh saying that he’s going to be the one to tell boys what it means to be a “real man.”  Again, says the guy wearing REALLY bad eyeliner.  I would like nothing better than to sit down with Josh and talk with him about this very concept.  I’m a journalism student.  There are dozens of questions I could think to ask that are not confrontational, but are very serious about his views on masculinity and the double-standards that he seems oblivious to.

Josh postulates that modern manhood is shaped by the Jedi Order in the Star Wars films.  He uses a clip where Obi-Wan tells Luke to bury his feelings.  I guess this is supposed to be a metaphor for how men are supposed to not show emotion.  Except, the reason that Obi-Wan told Luke this was because he could tell that Vader would exploit these emotions.  The point was that Luke’s emotions are very strong, and that leaves him vulnerable to manipulation, since Vader will sense them.  This isn’t telling him to do this as a rule.  It’s to do this when he confront Vader again.  But context didn’t mean shit to Josh’s mistress.  Why should it mean anything to him?

We will also learn that lessons about “geek masculinity” are being harmed in the show The Big Bang Theory.  That’s retarded.  Why?  Because that series doesn’t know thing one about geek culture.  They take the most blatant geek stereotypes and put them out as if they are factual.  I honestly don’t like that show, but I guess Josh is stupid enough to believe that this is on the level.  It makes sense, since it’s abundantly clear that Josh doesn’t actually engage with the culture he wants to criticize so much.  Case and point – the ratings and comments are disabled for this video.  Naturally.

But wait, there’s more!  He will also look at positive examples of men in stuff too.  Such as?  Steven Universe, of course.  I may have respect for that series because a bunch of SJWs put their money where their mouths were and made something of their own, but that is indicative of nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  That show is to masculinity what The Big Bang Theory is to geek culture.  Because in no other piece of fiction do we see boys cry.  Nope.  Not one… (cough*Avatar: The Last Airbender*cough)

In addition to what will be a whole bunch of bullshit about manhood, he is also going to try and tackle politics.  This can only lead to good things.  Watching Josh McIntosh try and tackle things such a military propaganda and examine political context will be laughable.  A man who is utterly-incapable of legitimately examining context is going to somehow be able to cut the fat off of the discussion about political propaganda through his admitted narrative.  The cringe factor will be off the scale!

Finally, we get to the money-shot of this video – where Josh makes the case that he is making the real case for manhood, as opposed to these OTHER people.  What other people?  As he shows – Mr. Repzion, Thunderf00t, Sargon of Akkad, and The Amazing Atheist.  Josh is going to be the REAL lesson in manhood.  As opposed to these other people, who make videos that give context, show supporting evidence, and who don’t need a safe space for their opinion.  In other words, people who aren’t cowards.  Like you, Josh.  He makes strawmen for all of them that they scapegoat women for everything.  His proof?  ‘Cause he said so!  That’s why!  Oh.  And here I was hoping it was something a little smarter.  Since Josh lives in an echo chamber, it makes sense that he assumes he’s talking back to it.  If he didn’t, maybe he would have allowed ratings and comments.  Gotta love that cowardice in motion.  Remember, he’s an alternative.  The way that Steve Shives is.  Ask Steve how that’s working out.

The reality is that Josh is not going to do well at this.  Why?  Because he has a penis.  Anita was able to sell victimhood because she has a vagina.  Which leads her to having people like Josh immediately rush to her defense and be ready to fight for her honor.  From inside their safe space, of course.  Can’t leave that echo chamber.  Were it not for the victimhood narrative, Anita and her garbage would have been forgotten long ago.  Perhaps he is delusional enough to believe that the arguments that she made were reaching anyone based on the subject matter.  Nope.  She skated by with a vagina and trolling for death and rape threats.  Josh thinks that he is going to get the audience that she does based on him continuing her work.  Except, that’s right, he won’t.  Because no one cares what Anita’s man-slave has to say.  She ditched you for a reason.  If anything, this video is me getting one last giggle over what will be the last thing I ever see from you.

Happy trails, Josh.  Enjoy the $40 dollars you end up getting from this.

Until next time, a quote,

“Everything that has a beginning has an ending.  Make peace with that and all will be well.”  – Buddha

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “You Are Going to Lecture Us on Masculinity? (A response to Jonathan McIntosh)

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  2. Nice post. I wouldn’t obsess too much about giving him counterexamples, though, it’s not like he actually cares. Besides, that’s giving credence to his argument that what happens in popular media (e.g. video games) is real. There’s nothing wrong about a character only using “violence” if it’s a fictional game that clearly defines itself as such. It’s just a virtual shooting gallery, an exercise in hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and so on. Even if all video game characters were Doom Guy, that’s still would not be a problem.

    By the way, I quoted you in my post about Josh:

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  4. I think there is one question people who routinely kiss his ass should be asking. How does he feel now that he’s openly trying to turn Third Wave Feminism into a tool for the patriarchy? I’m not even joking about this. The entire series started because of two things, 1. He got axed by Sarkeesian. 2. He wanted to show the world he can still bullshit without depending on Sarkeesian. Both of which were a response from two different Anti-SJW tactics used on them both on a daily basis. The 1. Being that many accused him of puppeting Sarkeesian and that FF was really his voice coming out of her mouth. The fact that he was the main writer of that series didn’t really disprove much. And has lead people to believe that without a woman talking his BS for him he’d have nothing and would be considered just another Patriarch even among his fellow “feminists.” Regardless of how much he likes to deny this, that male pride we all share, won’t allow him to just let sleeping dogs lie and thus this series is born. 2. The other in a direct contrast to the first one, people assumed that he was just a writer in name only and that much of Sarkeesian’s BS was said from her own mouth and he was used as a willing fall guy in exchange for sex. Pretty much making him a white knight. Hence why PC principal shares a resemblance to him and the later joke they used of PC meaning “Pussy Crusher.” Either way both reasons point to the same thing: Jonathan wouldn’t have gotten his fame without Anita and this is a blatant way of him trying to leave her shadow. However there in lies the trap, how can he preach feminism when all the third wave sees him as just another dick that ruins everything it touches?

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