Top 10 Games that Need a Sequel

I know what you’re thinking – dude, there are so many games that have so many sequels.  Sometimes it’s a good thing that a game just ends at one (or two, in some of these cases).  No argument.  But the thing that I hate is when I see a game that has so much potential and then has that potential squandered because either the game didn’t sell well, was forgotten, or in some cases had the developer going under.  These are the games that I think deserved to have the story continue, and in this age of revivals being made, I think game companies should make this happen.

DmC Devil May Cry10. DmC: Devil May Cry
I can already hear the fanboys getting pissed at me.  You know what, I don’t care.  I liked this game.  I liked the characters, the combat, and the fact that it was funny.  I knew not to take it seriously, and because of that, I was able to really get my money’s worth.  When I saw how negative the reception was, I figured that Ninja Theory would not make a sequel.  That’s a shame, because there was some potential here. This could have become a really slick franchise.  Maybe make it a trilogy.  Don’t milk it too much.  That was the original series problem.  But one or two more games would be gravy in my book.  Don’t care what the haters thing, I liked this game and wanted to see more of these characters.  Maybe get some more weapons.  That was definitely one of my biggest gripes.  The original games had so many weapons you get from a crap-ton of bosses. I was hoping to see more of that.  Just an idea.

Echo the Dolphin9. Echo the Dolphin
One of the most frustrating, yet soothing games I ever played, growing up.  You get to play as this dolphin going around and solving undersea puzzles.  I want to iterate that I do NOT want to see this made into 3D.  A 3D version of this game sounds terrible.  3D water levels are always awful.  But a sequel to this 2D puzzle game sounds pretty awesome.  I thought of the water areas in Ori and the Blind Forest, along with that incredible soundtrack, and I can’t help but think there is a crap-ton of potential for a visual spectacle involving this classic story.  Hey, Sega, when you’re done shitting on Sonic, maybe you can look into this.

Earthworm Jim8. Earthworm Jim
Not the 3D version!  Anything but that!  That was terrible, and rightly doomed this franchise to extinction.  I want this to be the 2D experience that we all knew and loved.  With the revitalization of Rayman and Donkey Kong Country, there is no excuse why this franchise couldn’t make a comeback.  Granted, I would love to see some of the old-school background that was hand-painted.  They were incredible, and I loved each and every one of them.  But we have seen that creativity can lead to great things.  Why not go nuts and see what you can make this with this title?  I want to see Planet Heck in some of the terrible cheesiness that it was meant to be.  I can’t be alone here.  The possibilities are limitless.  Let’s get “GROOVY!”

Advent Rising7. Advent Rising
The worst part about what happened to this game was that there was a sequel planned for it.  The ending to the game was one of the best cliff-hangars ever.  I won’t pretend that this game was a masterpiece.  Between the camera problems and the awkward controls, it has its fair share of flaws.  But the story in this franchise is one of the best that I’ve ever seen.  The story of Gideon and him being the last human alive was so tragic and so beautiful. Set to incredible music and with some truly memorable characters.  There was so much franchise potential here.  But the development company went out of business.  No idea who has the rights now.  If they’re up for grabs, then can we get someone like Naughty Dog to take a swing at it?  They wrapped up Uncharted.  Let’s have this be a new IP that they work on.

Skies of Arcadia Legends6. Skies of Arcadia
You all have no idea how many ideas I have had for this.  Here was a game that was such a classic part of JRPG history that I loved.  I still love it.  The exploration, the different territories.  The possibility for a sequel is unlimited.  There is room here for an incredible amount of lore that could drown out the biggest RPGs we’ve seen.  Add the ship combat and I honestly can’t understand why a sequel hasn’t been made.  Only difference is that now it can be bigger!  So much bigger!  I want more places to explore!  More towns!  More lore!  A codex!  More characters!  Give us the ability to buy new ships and upgrade them.  Maybe make it so that we can make weak ships better by customization.  The potential for sequels cannot be measured.  Sega, you are wasting all your time with stupid-ass Sonic games, when you have this wide open space of potential that is going nowhere?!  What the hell is wrong with you?!

Rogue Squadron5. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
What happened to Battlefront is terrible.  And the fact that EA and DICE have control of the games in this series is sad beyond belief.  But here is a chance for them to make up for their failures!  DICE, here is your chance to spread your wings and really do something different.  I loved the old Rogue Squadron games.  The first and second were the best.  The third one had that ground stuff, and that was terrible beyond all reason.  Flight combat simulator games are such a dead genre, and wouldn’t it be the best way for EA and DICE to truly shake loose the fatigue that people have with their companies if they would make something like a sequel to Rogue Squadron.  Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but they have the license and they have the resources to do something truly remarkable.  It would kill me if they just wasted it on more Star Wars: Battlefield clones.

Black4. Black
I cannot tell you how much I love this game.  It’s my favorite FPS title ever made.  Partly because of what a technical marvel it was for the PS2.  Partly because it was such a slick shooter.  But there was also this amazing use of live-action cutscenes to tell an actually interesting story about a black ops unit of the US military and their efforts to hunt down a terrorist who isn’t some Arab or Russian, but an American.  How rare is that!  The game centers around an American traitor that you never truly get to meet.  There is so much potential for a good sequel, so long as we keep the live-action stuff.  Well, I suppose that would be difficult, since the protagonist was being released from prison to go back on the hunt.  But all of the potential this game had was squandered on a “spiritual successor” that sucked balls.  Come on, Sony!  You’re bringing games like God of War back.  Why not this?

Galerians3. Galerians
I know that there was a sequel made to this game, but it was beyond forgettable.  I talked about how this game desperately needed an HD remake.  Modern graphics for one of the greatest survival-horror titles ever made.  One that it kills me people have forgotten.  A game where psychic powers are used like guns, and you have to pick and choose your battles.  That’s awesome!  This game was violent, it was mature, and it had a monster who was so appropriate.  Assuming that someone actually does remake this game, how about a sequel to it that isn’t a piece of shit?  So many games that have been forgotten.

The Last Blade2. The Last Blade
Speaking of games that people forgot, how about this little gem?  The Last Blade was one of the best fighting games ever made.  Period.  Not only did it age incredibly well, but the backgrounds and the loading-screen animations that told the story while people waited was ahead of its time.  Kills me that this SNK fighting game has been forgotten.  They need a sequel.  One that doesn’t get rid of the blood.  Weapon combat that is violent and visceral, on backgrounds that are among the best I’ve ever seen, even today.  Ones that changed and moved in all their pixel glory.  This is a franchise that was meant to last to this day.  Hey, SNK, since you are focusing on gaming again, how’s about you bring this IP back?  Just some food for thought.

And the game I most want to see a sequel to is…

Folklore1. Folklore
Another game that people forgot about.  This game was praised for its beautiful art style and it’s inventive combat.  I love both of those things.  But it quickly became forgotten, along with so many other PS3 launch titles.  Maybe it’s because of how rocky the launch of the PS3 was.  I get that.  Still, this franchise could use a sequel in a big way.  Capitalize on the comic book style of the game and make us have more characters to go into the Netherworld with.  More mysteries that have to be unraveled by playing politics with the world of the dead.  That is an awesome concept that I want to see go places.  I wonder if the development company behind this is still around.  If not, hey Naughty Dog, here’s another IP to take a crack at.  Or maybe CD Projekt Red.  Ooo, or maybe the people behind Alice: Madness Returns.  That game was trippy as fuck!  They got this down right.

So, what games would you like to see a sequel to?  Let me know down in the comments.

Until next time, a quote,

“Good stories flow like honey.  Bad stories stick in the craw.”  – Arthur Christianson

Peace out,



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