What Happened in Orlando…

I’m sure that all of you know what happened today in Orlando, Florida.  A man went into a nightclub called Pulse and shot up the place.  He killed 50 people and wounded around 50 more.  He took hostages when the police showed up.  He was eventually killed by law enforcement.  All signs point to this act being motivated by his religious beliefs.  This man reportedly called into the police before the shooting and proclaimed his loyalty to ISIS, and those who were there said that he shouted “Allah Akbar” before he opened fire.  The man has, two times, been under investigation by the FBI, and yet he was able to purchase his guns legally.  Tells you something about how good this whole background checking that the conservatives and libertarians swear up and down is fantastic is.

Over 100 people are either dead or wounded after a man went into a nightclub and shot them.  Why?  Because they’re gay.  Or if they’re not gay, and just there to spend time with their gay friends, because they are a friend to the gay community.  Reports say that the police were having a hard time initially investigating due to the sheer amount of blood everywhere.  The idea that dead or dying people had to sit there and be used as pawns by this sick piece of shit is disgusting.  Got a girly-mate whose gay.  Imagining her being there, with her new girlfriend.  One of them being among the dead or dying.  If not both.  It’s too cruel for words.

Naturally, the media circus has already begun.  The SJWs are being unusually quiet.  After all, this was a gay nightclub that was attacked.  Normally they are the first to come out and apologize for Islam when stuff like this happens (obligatory statement that I am not insinuating that all Muslims are terrorists or condone terrorism).  They will deny up and down that it has any connection with Islam.  Or they’ll No True Scotsman and say that he wasn’t REALLY as Muslim.  Let’s not talk about how Islam has very clear statements about what they think of the LGBT community.  I did see one SJW who had to make a point in a reply to a Tweet from the Associated Press that apparently this isn’t the worst mass shooting in this country.  It was some Indian girl saying that Wounded Knee was.  Thank you, cunt-rag.  Thanks for letting me know that.  I’m so glad that we could be told this bit of history.  Because you aren’t at all trying to use the deaths of innocent people to get into a butthurt contest.  Fucking bitch.

Outside of the regressive-left, we got the liberals talking about how this is clear evidence that gun control is a joke.  For once, I’m inclined to agree.  This man was under investigation by the FBI twice.  Hey, pro-gun people – this is what your “background checks” are good for.  He purchased his AR-15 and handgun legally.  Maybe it’s time we tighten up those background checks?  Maybe?  Just a little?  The far-left is all about banning all guns.  Anyone who has seen what I post knows that I’m not for that.  Of course not.  It wouldn’t work in this country, and it’s just another black market.  But see the previous point about how a man under investigation TWO TIMES is able to procure guns legally.  That worth talking about?

Then there’s the right, and talking about how this is indicative of how all Muslims are a threat.  Trump is having a field day.  Naturally.  Never mind that local Muslim groups came out in condemnation of this.  Or how the father, who admittedly is in a bit of denial (I get why.  Who wants to see their child as some disgusting murderer?) about the nature of why his son killed these people, has been very much cooperating with the police.  As has the man’s wife and his friends.  But hey, let’s pretend that this is all just Islam being evil.  Let’s not recognize that this is radical Islam going amok.

What do I want to say about this?  What do I want to contribute to this shitstorm?  Honestly, I got nothing.  Should I say that maybe, possibly, we could put aside the endless squabbling that the left and the right ALWAYS do after this and maybe come to the table with the idea of doing something to actually solve this problem?  No.  Of course not.  It’s a waste of breath.  We all know that won’t happen.  Politics in this country are so divisive, and the people are so fucking beholden to their ideological standard that all that will do is get both sides to yell at me.  Because nuance is fucking dead in this country and everyone just has to run to the Internet and yell.

Do I want to talk about how the only thing that is going to come from this is lots of talk?  I like what The Amazing Atheist said when he pointed out that maybe we could actually do something, anything, to show that this matters to us.  We could pass a piece of legislation saying that people who commit violent crimes are big jerks.  At least then we are able to tell ourselves that we did SOMETHING.

But then my mind comes back to that image.  An image of my lady-friend and her girlfriend.  Them being dead in that place, laying in an ocean of blood.  It’s a horrible image.  I want it to go away.  But it won’t.  While I get to read article after article of people squabbling, that image just stays there.  Already the pundits are yelling.  The Twitter and Tumblr posts are yelling.  The media everywhere is yelling.  The WBC has said that the gays had it coming.  The apologists are apologizing.  It never changes.  And that image stays with me.  Her green eyes, dead and gone, laying in that ocean of red.

What will it take?  That’s an honest question.  You all tell me – what will it take to make that image go away?

Until next time, a quote,

“Upset? Is that the word?  I used to get upset.  When I had a flat tire.  I used to get upset when a plane was delayed.  I used to get upset when the Yankees won the Series.  If that’s what upset means, then what do I feel now?  If you know the word, tell me.  Because I don’t.”  – Frank Castle, The Punisher

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “What Happened in Orlando…

    • I like your attitude, but I don’t think so. People who yell then tend to go back into their echo chambers to be told exactly what they want to hear. It sucks, but that’s typically how it goes.

  1. The problem from both sides is that people think we can pass laws to make bad things go away. If we just had the right immigration controls, or the right domestic surveillance, or the right gun control, If we just *did something*, it would have prevented it — but it wouldn’t have.

    The sad truth is that, living in a free society, if someone wants to harm a group of people, there’s really nothing stopping them. Unless you want to live in a police state, or one where everyone is constantly armed. And usually the “fix” that comes out of tragedies erodes our freedom and does nothing to help (see the Patriot Act)

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