Sanders Likely to Lose California. Let the “You Hate Women” Post Begin…

According to the most recent numbers, it looks like Sanders is going to lose California.  That was really his best chance.  But I guess all those people who showed up at his rallies were just there for show.  Oh, sure, I can already hear people saying,

This is because the media came out already and said Bernie lost!

If people bought into that without fact-checking, then either they’re idiots, or they didn’t really believe that hard in the first place.  Sanders battle is looking like it’s pretty much done.  California was his best shot.  Now it’s done.  He’ll keep up the fight to the convention, but it’s pretty much lost now.  There is no path that I can see to victory.  Which brings me to where I can already see the posts from the media coming out.

If You Don’t Support Hillary, You Hate Women!

Sanders Lost.  Move On.  Otherwise You Hate Women

Bernie Bros Hate Women, Not Support Hillary

Just you watch.  Just you fucking watch.  We’ll get the corporate sellout Rachel Maddow doing all sorts of “news” reports on her sellout show where she talks about all the people who don’t support Shillary hate women.  She’ll have her little drones dredge up comments on YouTube videos (because she’s not smart enough to realize that YouTube comments are indicative of nothing other than people have a cancer fetish) to prove that all of us Sanders supporters are sexist.  Unless, of course, you change sides and support Shillary.

I am one of the people who is part of the #BernieOrBust group.  I refuse to support Shillary.  Ever.  Dead serious – I think we deserve Trump.  This country has a chance to actually do something that matters.  To elect a person who actually cares about the American people, and what do we do?  We piss it away.  This is our fault, and nobody gives a shit.  I say that we need some Trump in office.  We need someone who can make the electorate have to go to time-out and think about what they’ve done.  The worst part is – this kind of opportunity won’t happen again.  By the time Bernie would get another chance, he’ll likely be dead.  Congratulations, America!  You pissed on your best chance for a better future!  Nice work, you fucking retards.

I’m sure there are plenty of SJWs who have already read my posts who believe that I am sexist.  I’m not a fan of Cenk Uygar, but there was a great bit with him on CNN taking them to task for how they’ve covered Sanders on their network, declaring that the superdelegate votes already count.  They then quickly turned it around on him saying, “don’t you want to see a woman as President?”  He calls them out on that shitty-ass argumentation, putting him in a position where saying that he doesn’t support her is sexist.  I’ll give Cenk this, he had a good response –

I’d love to see a female President, but not one who is completely compromised by corporate backers.

Same deal.  If Elizabeth Warren had been in Bernie’s place, you bet your ass I’d be right there with her.  Then we’d have a female candidate that I can root for without being a complete sellout.  Or hell, how about Tulsi Gabbard?  I was hoping that she would have been Sanders VP pick.  He could have set her up to replace him.  Maybe started a trend for this country.  But nope.  Because the system is so utterly corrupt and the electorate is stupid, Sanders lost.

To anyone who wants to come on here and say that I’m sexist because I will never, EVER support the likes of Shilary Clinton, you go right ahead.  Hell, I’ll call you idiots and then the women who think that way can say that they have the smoking gun.  Fuck it.  But I refuse to throw my support behind a corporate hand-puppet.  Sanders, I’m sorry it went this way.  Here’s just another instance where we have a chance to make things better, but we don’t.  Nice work, ‘Murica.

Until next time, a quote,

“There’s a nice campaign slogan – the public sucks.  Fuck hope.  Fuck hope!”  – George Carlin

Peace out,



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