There Are No Sad Moments in AAA Games? (A response to Jonathan McIntosh)

You know what I hate – uninformed opinions.  Modern feminism is full of them.  Especially when it comes to their opinions on video games.  If I had a nickel for every time a feminist said something demonstrably untrue about gaming, I’d be rich as fuck!  But I don’t.  Because life isn’t fair like that.  I suppose I shouldn’t let it get to me when the likes of Johnny McIntosh gets his panties in a bunch of something REALLY retarded.  But the level of stupid this man can show sometimes just boggles the mind.  As always, since him and his ilk can’t communicate outside Twitter, it comes in the form of a Tweet.  The day that these people go to a longer medium that allows comments is a frigid day in Hell.  Let’s take a look at the stupidity.

Johnny McIntosh AAA GamingI am going to try and write my response to this without getting angry.  It is very, very difficult.  Why?  Because there are people (stupid people) who actually take this man seriously.  They actually believe what comes out of his ignorant mouth.  And these people want to affect gaming culture in what they believe to be a positive way.  Since they are very, very stupid, we know that this isn’t going to happen.  But the likes of Uncharted 4’s director take what these people say seriously.  Dude, why?  I genuinely wish I could sit down and have a frank conversation about why he believes that people like this have a point.  Especially when Johnny has shit on a game he made.

There are no emotional, sad, or introspective experiences in AAA games?  Let me look at my gaming shelf in front of me.  This isn’t all my games, of course.  But it has a large chunk.  Let’s see if maybe I can put this bitch in his place.  I’m about to get into insane spoilers for several games.  You’ve been warned.

Are you talking like in Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch?  A game where the main goal is to bring the main character’s mother back to life?  A goal that you find out is impossible, due to the fact that she chose to go Ollie’s world from this other world.  So there was no soulmate.  Meaning that all of Ollie’s quest is a complete waste of time.  What’s more, destroying the Dark Djinn is likely to kill Ollie too.  He has to accept that, and it hurts him in an extreme way.  The scene where we learn the truth is pretty damn heart-wrenching.  I was tearing up a little.

Maybe you’re talking about inFAMOUS: Second Son?  Where you have that scene with Augustine using her talent to kill his brother?  While not the biggest tear-jerker in the scene, I was totally with Delsin in his anger toward her.  What follows is a battle of fury between the two.  That fight was one of the most intense that I’ve ever gotten to be a part of.  Plus, he smacks down on her pretty hard.  I felt his pain.  And I helped him get revenge, short-lived as it was.

As for nothing introspective, perhaps you’re talking about Batman: Arkham City.  Where you have that insanely introspective ending when Batman is leaving the theater.  The woman he loved more than anyone was laying dead in there.  But did he bring her out?  No.  He brought out the Joker.  A man that he has every reason to hate.  A man that has done more evil than anyone else.  Yet not only does he take him out of the theater, but he is gentle when he sets the clown down.  If it were any of us, we’d throw his corpse on the ground and spit on it.  But not the Bat.  Why?  It’s been the subject of all sorts of cool debates on message boards.  Which I got in on.  No introspection there.  Ignorant dumbass.

Oh, and while it’s in front of me, you are NOT talking about The Last of Us, are you?  Hey, Uncharted 4 director, a person whose opinion matters to you is saying that your last project has no sad moment.  You know, like that moment where Joel’s daughter is dying in his arms.  Like that?  This guy says that that isn’t sad at all.  It’s delightful and whimsical.  Hey Johnny – fuck you!  Fuck your dumb opinions!  Fuck your mistress, Anita!  Groj! This man is so stupid!  How can anyone be this stupid?!  Since he isn’t a gamer, we’ll never know.  I can’t even have sympathy for him like Steve Shives, where he’s under the thumb of a succubus.  Johnny is all over this stupidity.  And it pisses me off, every time.

In short, this guy’s an idiot.  Anyone who listens to him is dumb.  Naughty Dog, you need to have a frank moment where you acknowledge that someone whose opinion matters to you just shit on your company.  For real.

Until next time, a quote,

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

Peace out,



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