Lucien’s Unpopular Opinion: That Kid Should have Died, not the Gorilla

I’m sure all of you have heard the story by now.  A kid was climbing on the edge of an enclosure to a gorilla exhibit at a zoo.  The kid slips, falls in, and the gorilla goes to confront the kid, with various statements about its intent.  In turn, the zookeepers then decided to shoot this animal that was just confronting an intruder in its territory.  This is a gorilla.  Part of a species that is critically endangered.  I am not even a fan of zoos, but at least this one was working to help keep a species that is heading towards extinction alive.  If we can say nothing else about this place, it’s that.  Now, this animal is dead because it was doing what a gorilla in the wild would do and attack an intruder in its territory.

Here is my unpopular opinion – that kid should have been left to get beaten to death by that gorilla, not that animal getting shot.  Here are a few reasons why.  First, where was this kid’s dumb-fuck parent?  Why weren’t they saying not to fuck around with a gorilla enclosure?  I would think that would have come up with you teach your kid how to not be an idiot.  Second, how is that gorilla in the wrong for defending its territory from an unknown intruder?  I honestly want to know.  How is it the bad guy?  What did that animal do wrong here?  How was it to know that this was the child of some vapid parent who clearly can’t parent very well?  Finally, there are seven billion people on this planet.  Way I figure it (and this is going to come off as more than a little cruel, so if that bothers you, best leave now), we could stand to let some of the dumb go flowing down the river and out of the gene pool.  Know what I mean?

This reminds me of an incident back when I was a little kid.  I mean REALLY little.  There was an Australian woman who was trying to get into a polar bear enclosure at the zoo in the city I live in.  Her idea was to get a picture.  There were two fences that were there, with the obvious intent of telling her not to get too close.  But common sense isn’t something all people are born with.  The bear, naturally, saw this woman as an intruder and grabbed the leg that was within reach and bit down.  It ripped her leg up something fierce.  Way I figure it, fuck that girl.  Neat story – six weeks later, that bear attacked another bunch of intruders.  This time, it was some dumb-fuck kids who were wasted and wanted to go swimming.  It tore one of them’s leg the fuck apart.  The zoo decided to do the smart thing and not blame and hurt the animal for these attacks.  You know who was blamed?  The fucking idiots who decided that common sense is too hard and should be ignored!

That gorilla did nothing wrong.  At all.  It is the victim because some parent can’t nut-up and do their fucking job right and watch their dumbass kid.  Way I see it, that gorilla have every right to beat the fucking kid to death!  Oh, I’m sorry.  Is my lack of sympathy not nice?  I’m just so damn tired of all these people whose stupidity is rewarded.  An innocent animal just protecting its habitat paid the ultimate price for this.  That’s disgusting.

If this were my kid, and they were so stupid as to do this, and that gorilla didn’t kill them, as soon as they are out of the hospital I’m going to beat their ass!  And they are losing all their privileges for the rest of their time in my home.  As far as I’m concerned, they get to live like a monk as penance for the death of an innocent victim to save their worthless life.  And before those who know that I eat meat call me a hypocrite, the chicken, fish, and moose that I consume aren’t endangered.  The moose is stuff that my family hunts.  Do I have an issue with factory farming?  Sure.  If I could, I’d make sure these animals lived in an open-range environment and got to enjoy some of their time before being slaughtered.  But this gorilla is part of a critically-endangered species.  That zoo was helping keep that population alive.  If I had the talents of the Jurassic Park team (I realize this is fiction, but if the concept existed), I’d be resurrecting all sorts of species that we’ve driven to extinction.  But since that doesn’t exist, we have zoos doing the best they can.

I guess this post was just a rant, but I feel like it needed to be said.  This kid should be fined.  I guess the nice thing is the fact that what has happened here will follow him the rest of his life.  His family too.  Fuck these people.  I feel no sympathy for them.  The fact that I am sure the parents are going to sue the zoo as a way to make a quick buck (because America is all about that) just adds to how much this pisses me off.

That’s my unpopular opinion of the day.

Until next time, a quote,

“Common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden.”  – Unknown

Peace out,



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