Another Top 10 Swords in Video Games

When I was playing the last big fight in Uncharted 4 (which I won’t spoil here), I was thinking about just how many cool swords there are in gaming.  I already made a list of cool swords that I love in video games (linked here), but then I realized that that wasn’t enough.  I need to make another list where I talk about even more of the awesome swords in video games, that I desperately wish I was able to have.  I hope you enjoy.

Beam Katana10. Beam Katana
No More Heroes
Perhaps it’s only fitting that such a cool weapon end up in the hands of a bumbling idiot who just so happened to get it by sheer chance.  Now, this death-dealing monster is helping him climb the ladder of killers, in his goal to get to the top.  A weapon that you use to dismember the living shit out of your enemies, the sad truth is that if most any of us had it, we would likely end up accidentally cutting an arm off or something.  Let’s all be honest and just admit that.

Lightning's Gunblade9. Lightning’s Gunblade
Final Fantasy XIII
Even though this game is not particularly good, the fact is that it does have Lightning.  I can almost forgive the game’s flaws for this character.  Well, at least until those sequels milked all of her cool factor for all it was worth.  That was unfortunate.  In any case, Lightning has a gunblade that is worthy of the term.  It goes from blade to gun form rather seamlessly.  Pity you couldn’t actually use Squall’s gunblade that way.  In any case, this shape-shifting weapon comes in all sorts of neat looks.  And if you cross this woman, you better hope that you aren’t on either end of it.

Water Sword8. Water Sword
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
When you have a giant, nigh-unkillable monster hunting you, what do you use to attack him with?  Why, a weapon made of water, of course!  This is a secret weapon that you have to go through a lot of hoops to get.  But it’s totally worth it.  Once you finally have this sword, you put it to work against the Dhaka.  Once you finally put that beast in its place, you get to take the Empress of Time back home with you.  That leads to some…sexy time for the Prince.  After all the shit he’s been through, I’d say he’s earned it.  Wouldn’t you?

Material Blades7. Material Blade
Tales of Symphonia
This pick is a little cheating, considering that it is actually two blades.  Alas, I couldn’t pick.  Lloyd dual-wields blades, so I guess it works.  These two weapons are specially-forged by his father, Dirk.  At least one of them is.  The Vorpal Sword.  It is the first part of the weapon.  The second is Flamberge, which is the weapon his father uses.  Together, they are the ultimate weapons that Lloyd can wield, which you then use to go and kill yourself some angels.  What more could you ask for?  And I bet they would look SO cool in something other than that cutesy little cel shading.

Beam Sword6. Beam Sword
I remember the first time that this blade debuted in the Halo franchise.  People who played multiplayer called it the “noob stick.”  A weapon that can basically kill anyone in one hit.  Way I see it, if someone is close enough to use it, then you either didn’t see them coming or couldn’t kill them before they closed the distance.  You lost fair and square.  I love this weapon.  Especially against the Flood.  The worst part of all the Halo games was the Flood.  It was annoying.  Any level with it had the stuff everyone.  But this weapon could cut those infected down to size in one hit, and it barely took up any energy against them.  I hear that Chief learned how to block bullets with this weapon.  Why wasn’t that in the games?!  At least in the Campaign, anyway.

HF Blade5. HF Blade
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
For a title as dumb as this, this game was actually loads of fun.  Part of it was getting to use this specialized blade of Raiden’s.  It has high-frequency waves that enable it to cut through almost anything.  This is especially useful when you are taking on the likes of Metal Gear Rex.  When you get to carving enemies up with this blade, you feel like a complete badass.  Katanas in video games are awesome, but I think this is one of my favorites.  It will never have the sheer elegance of the Zanmatto from Final Fantasy X, but this is a high-tech piece of badassery that makes Raiden very frightening when he goes by his old name, Jack the Ripper.

Rebellion4. Rebellion
Devil May Cry
Whether he is a wise-cracking goofball, or a punk with a heart of gold (yes, I like DmC.  Bite me), whenever Dante enters battle, you won’t find his trusty blade Rebellion far behind.  The former weapon of his demon father, Dante puts it to work carving the spawn of Hell, along with some awesome bosses to bits.  It’s a weapon that Dante can use with such efficiency that during his battle with Virgil in Devil May Cry 3, he is moving so fast that he is cutting through raindrops to the point that a bubble of rain builds around him and his brother.  One part of a huge arsenal, but a fun one.  Even if that part can occasionally get some butthurt fans when its rebooted.

Holy Moonlight Sword3. Holy Moonlight Sword
You all probably saw this game coming to the list..  But it was such a hard pick!  There are so many weapons in that game that I love.  It’s such a great game.  I have recently discovered this powerful weapon.  One that has a nigh-limitless amount of power that you can give it.  Strength, Skill, and Arcane stats level this weapon up.  At full power, this thing is the weapon used by a god!  Makes sense that the first Hunter used it.  I do owe Ludwig one for giving me the use of this trusty weapon.  Thanks, buddy.  Both forms of it are fun.  There is the smaller form, for faster strikes that use less stamina.  But when you need to put the hurt on an enemy, you put some arcane energy into it.  The glowing blade will carve through anything.  You can even charge the energy up and throw it at your foes.  Yeah, this weapon is ridiculously powerful.  I love it so.

Blades of Chaos2. Blades of Chaos
God of War
These weapons are not just cool to use, but they also have a REALLY grim story attaching to them.  When Kratos is leading his army against the barbarian horde, they prove too powerful.  His men are getting cut to pieces, and Kratos is about to die.  In a last bid of desperation, he reaches out to Aries to get his help in killing his foe.  The God gives him the weapons, with chains that are seared on to his arm.  A permanent part of him.  The weapons become his tool doing the god’s work, until he ends up accidentally using them to kills his wife and child.  That is when his time serving Aries is over, and he makes a vow to kill him.  Eventually, the weapons are ripped off his arms, but Kratos gets a new version that he attaches to his gauntlets.  Still, badass weapons for the angriest, most badass swordsman in all of gaming.

And the greatest of this second list of swords in games is…

Vorpal Sword1. Vorpal Sword
American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns
I love this weapon for all kinds of reasons.  First, there’s something so visceral about the fact that you an slice enemies up with a weapon that is basically a giant kitchen knife.  It feels more visceral.  It helps that the enemies you kill are often twisted versions of everyday stuff.  Which is the other reason I love this weapon.  In the world of American McGee’s Alice and the sequel, it turns out that Wonderland is part of Alice’s twisted psyche.  The things and people there are all twisted versions of everyday life.  Naturally, the weapon that you wield is also that.  All of the weapons in these games are, actually.  It’s especially prominent in the sequel.  The Cheshire Cat gives you this blade, so you can go to work killing the minions of the Queen of Hearts, or the evil Train.  One way or another, this blade gets tons of use.

What are your favorite swords in gaming?  If you didn’t see one you thought should be on here, check the link at the top to see if the sword is there.

Until next time, a quote,

“I’ve not come back here looking for a fight.” – Alice
“That’s a pity, because one’s certainly looking for you.”  – Cheshire Cat, Alice: Madness Returns

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “Another Top 10 Swords in Video Games

  1. Nice wide spread of a list!! Good stuff. Although, I liked Lightning’s character. Reblogging, with my honorable mentions.

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